The Grand Finale

"Konan, he couldn't have been raped! Deidara is not that type to…to just allow that to happen! He's stronger than that!" Sasori was at the apartment right now after seeing his blonde for the final time before the wedding and had told Konan everything.

"Sasori, I'm glad you view him as strong, but in case if you hadn't noticed, Kazuhiko is taller than Deidara and way more buffed.. You know he was raped, you just can't accept it." she countered back at the disbelieving redhead.

"Look, everything I saw pointed to rape, but you can't just jump to conclusions.." His mind was screaming at him, telling him he was wrong but Sasori just ignored it. He had to ignore it. He could not let himself even so much as think about something so horrifying happening to Deidara.. His blonde brat, the one whom he had worked so hard to win over.

Konan sighed, then left the room. No use in fighting with him now, not when there was a good chance that Deidara was raped.

Sasori had a mental fight with himself for a few hours and it was starting to rip him apart. No, this could not have happened to his blonde bomber brat! He was too strong! Then there was the inner part of his mind (he had no clue if it was his common sense or that special part of the brain that allowed him to know when things were wrong) that kept on nagging him. Nagging him with the same sentence over and over..

'Deidara was raped! You know, I know it, Konan knows it..'

Maybe it was true. Maybe it was right. But he would wait till tomorrow to hear his blonde tell him.. 'Waiting.. Why must I wait?' he thought in frustration.

As for Deidara, he had just gotten back to the palace and was heading for his room. He was contemplating on whether to tell Dai or not when he finally reached his room. The moment he opened the door and entered the room, the blonde had made up his mind. No way in hell would he tell Dai! Not when his room was still like this! The sheets had not been changed nor even cleaned, so they still had his blood and Kazuhiko's semen on it. The blankets were thrown around on the floor and the room was a mess. It was mostly due to the bed and the blankets, but it was still a mess.

"No way. No way in hell am I telling, un. That bastard is going to die by my hand and my hand alone." the artist promised himself.

He grinned at the clay that was still in a package, sticking out slightly from underneath his bed. "Wouldn't hurt to make Tsuchikage Dai and Hinata something to keep as a reminder of me, un."

The artist began sculpting the couple a little sculpture that would not detonate nor explode on them if they touched it in the wrong way. Working on the little sculpture distracted the young blonde from everything bad.. Everything including Kazuhiko.

The narcissist had came back in the artist's room, all ready for round two, when he saw what he was doing.

'CLAY! He's working with that…horrid, messy, slippery…disgustingly vile clay? Now this will not do, he will give up on that pathetic art right this instant even if I have to beat him out of it!' the narcissist was thinking in fury as he approached the artist.

"Dei-Dei kun, lovely, what on earth are you doing with that horrendous clay?" came the sickly sweet voice that could only belong to a narcissist..

Deidara was not afraid of Kazuhiko after what he did. No, he hated him even more. What he did only made him want to kill him more.

"Making a sculpture for Dai and Hinata, un. It's called 'art' Kazu, maybe you should learn to embrace it like an intelligent person would." the artist calmly responded to the narcissist.

"Dei-Dei, what did I tell you about art?"

"You said to never do it, but you don't fucking own me, so I can do it, un."

Kazuhiko was starting to slowly shake with rage. No way was this happening to him. There was no way his artist would go so far as to defy him.

"Deidara, put down the damn clay this instant." he growled at the honey blonde as he only continued to work on the little sculpture.

"No, I'm allowed to make my art." the artist snapped at him, still working on the dove sculpture for the king and his wife.

Now Kazuhiko was starting to become furious. No one told him 'no'. No one disobeyed him like this. No one ever bluntly rebelled against him.

"Deidara, I command you to put it down this instant." the towhead prince said through gritting teeth as he tried to control his temper.

"You can't command me because you don't fucking own me, un!" the blue eyed artist shouted at him, becoming annoyed with the prince's attitude.

Yes, this was all it took for Kazuhiko to crack.

"DROP IT NOW!" he screamed as he roughly grabbed the blonde's arm and pulled him off of the bed, "Or should I teach you how to please your future husband again?"

Deidara used his free arm to try to pry himself out of the pastel eyed man's grasp. Sadly for him, it was to no success.

"Let me go! If you really loved me, Kazuhiko, you would embrace my art and learn to love it, un! Why do you hate art so much!" the blonde shouted in response to this sudden rough handling. The last time Kazuhiko lost it with him, he got whipped several times. There was no way in hell that was happening to him again.

Kazuhiko sneered at the blonde, "No, Deidara; if you loved me you would give up this hideous art and love me. Not this disgusting thing you call art!"

He threw the blonde on the ground and straddled his waist. Deidara only had one chance to look into the towhead's pastel blue eyes and all he saw was fury. That one chance soon led into Kazuhiko hitting him. Not just once on the face, but over and over again on his face, arms.. Anywhere he could get minus the neck.

"No, Deidara you have no right to ask me questions! I'm the one who should be asking you them!" the prince screamed as he hit the blonde.

"Why do you love art, Dei-Dei?"


"Is your art saving you now?"


"Where is your precious friend Hachiro, Dei-Dei?"

Hit. Hit.

"Is he coming over to save you now? Is your guys pathetic little 'art' saving you now?"

Hit. Hit. Hit.

"Why do you love your art more than me! Why the art! Why not me! Why, why, why, why!"

Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit.

Kazuhiko's eyes were blank now as he finally stopped. He looked down at his blonde and saw red marks forming on his face and arms. He saw the hatred in his sapphire eye as he heard the blonde breathing heavily. Yet his face read shock. What could have shocked him ever so much?

"..You hate art, because…I love it more than you, un?" the artist half asked, half stated to the narcissist.

Kazuhiko was silent. Had he said too much? Will his blonde understand? Is this the beating that will make Deidara finally love him? Is this the chance he had been begging for?

"I…hate it because you do love it more than me.. I mean, I saved you from the orphanage and the beatings there! I fucking saved you from your hell hole at a young age and what the fuck do I get in return? You. Loving that damned art over me! No one is supposed to love anything else before me! I'm the prince, the future king, not that fucking art! Oh and then to make your damn ungratefulness known even further, you fall for that hideously average Hachiro! Really, Deidara? This is how you repay me? THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME FOR SAVING YOU! Yes, I do hate art but not as much as I hate you not loving me!"

The narcissist snapped. He had just revealed everything to his blonde. He could only hope he would understand him, forgive him, and love him wholly. That was how it was supposed to work in Kazuhiko's mind, at least.

"Do you…love me now, Deidara? Please.. Love me. I've always loved you, why can't you love me back?" Things never worked out in reality for Kazuhiko. In his mind what he thought would work, didn't work at all. Here, the narcissist was near tears and ready for the artist to proclaim he forgave him and loved him with all of his heart.

Deidara was pissed. Not only did Kazuhiko expect Deidara to forgive him for raping him, he also expected Deidara to love him? What kind of absurdity is that! No way in hell would he ever love that narcissist! No way would he ever forgive him! No way could he ever pity the man!

"You are saying I'm ungrateful? Really, un? You didn't save me from the orphanage for the right reasons, you only saved me so you could marry me and become Tsuchikage! It was all about you and your selfish reasoning, not about giving me a better life or a chance to have a decent childhood, un! It was all about you! Everything is always all about you, even your reasoning for hating art and supposedly 'loving' me are all about you, un! It has nothing to do with me, it all has to do with you and your fucking ego being hurt because someone finally realized that you're not above the whole damn world! You're not a fucking king, you're not fucking perfect, and you will never, ever, ever have my love, un!"

After screaming this at the man who had assaulted him, Deidara punched him in the jaw as hard as he could to get him off of him. Kazuhiko was now on the ground and Deidara was the one standing up.

"You fucking rape me and beat the shit out of me, then you have the damn nerve to ask me to love you? You act like as if I should because you're 'oh-so-deserving' and so far above everyone else who is not rich or living in a mansion, un! Guess what, Kazuhiko? Rape and abuse are not ways to win over someone's love, un! No, it only made me reconfirm my thoughts about you all along: you never changed over these three years. You are still the same self-absorbed, egotistical, cold-hearted, spoiled brat, un. You have no fucking right to act like as if I scorned you and am acting ungrateful. You have no fucking right to sit there and demand me to love you, un. Because you don't fucking deserve it. Because you never even tried to fucking earn it."

The artist said this to narcissist in a cold, dark tone that shivers throughout his bones. Kazuhiko was afraid for a moment, but the moment the blonde began to walk away from him, he was furious once more. "Earn it! I don't need to earn your worthless love! You should just give it to me because you're my property and I fucking own you!" the narcissist yelled.

Deidara stopped walking to where his sculpture was and snarled.

"Kazuhiko, in the real world, love from another person is earned, un. Also, if my love is so below you, so damn worthless, then why marry me? Hm? Why?"

The narcissist was taken aback and once again enraged. How dare his artist attempt to say such things about him! How dare he take his love for him for granted! This was wrong on a whole new level and Kazuhiko had just hit his limit on what to do to the blonde artist standing before him.

He was about to tackle the young honey haired artist and strangle him for what he said.. No, he was not going to kill him. He was just going to leave him unconscious but still alive. The pastel blue eyed man's plan backfired on him, though. Why? Because a certain someone was able to use their chakra strings to force the prince to leave the room. This certain someone wanted him dead right now. He held off from killing him though, just for the sake of his blonde's sanity.

"Fucking asshole, un.. Why did he have to choose me, of all people here, to supposedly fall in love with?" the young artist thought aloud in disgust when he heard the prince leave.

Sasori slowly got down from his position in the window sill and walked over to the unsuspecting blonde. He did not want to surprise him too much, but he had to see him at least one more time before the sun arose and the prince would be proclaimed dead.

"Deidara." was all he needed to say to grab the young blonde's attention.

Turning around from his spot on the bed, he saw the one person he needed to see right now.

"Hachiro! What are you doing here, un? You'll get in trouble if you're here right now.." the blonde thought out loud as he hugged the older man.

Sasori looked down at the head of honey hair and sighed mentally. If only his blonde knew who it was he holding right now. If only his blonde understood his predicament. If only his blonde knew Hachiro would not last forever.

"I'm here to ask where you want to meet me when you get done killing the prick of a prince." Lie. He was there because he couldn't stand waiting to see his blonde again.

"Oh.. Well, how about we'll meet at the gates near Konoha." Great. A two day long walk.

'This exactly what I had in mind. Not.' he thought in a bit of irritation.

"Can't we meet somewhere a bit closer?" the auburn haired man asked in an attempt to get Deidara to change his mind on this one, "I injured my ankle and I can't walk on it for too long. How about the forest five miles from here?"

He didn't care if he had to lie the sapphire eyed man to get his way. There was no way in hell he was waiting two days just to see him again!

"Oh, I didn't know about your ankle, un! The forest five miles from here will work just fine, we'll meet underneath the biggest tree near the cliff. Okay, un?"

Sasori nodded, then replied with a, "That works. Don't leave me waiting for too long. Got it?"

"I won't, I won't be able to stay long though; they'll be sending the ANBU on my ass as fast as they can once it happens. Please understand, un." Deidara tried to explain now so he wouldn't have to the next day. Sasori understood perfectly though. It made all the more sense to him. The faster they made their little visit together, the faster Sasori could drop the Hachiro act for good and meet up with his blonde partner without him ever knowing the truth.

How was he going to rid himself of Hachiro for good? He was going to stop responding to Deidara's letters and lead him on to believe Hachiro either ran off with someone else or died. He was still working on which one would work better as well as which one the blonde would believe the best.

"I understand, Deidara." Sasori gave him a small (fake) sad smile to hide his annoyance at waiting, "I have to be leaving now. Goodbye, for now, love."

Deidara's heart stopped beating for a few seconds there. Hachiro just called him 'love'! This had to be the best moment of his life! The blonde artist was so entranced by his words and the moment, all he could say was a just simple:

"Goodbye and goodnight, for now.."

Within seconds, Hachiro was gone and the blonde went back to working on the little dove sculpture. When he finished with it's wings and the olive branch in it's mouth, he was done. Satisfied with his work and worn out. That's the only way to describe his mood before he fell asleep on his bed and excitedly awaited for the wedding.

Morning could not have come at a better time. Well, in Deidara's mind at least. As everyone was rushing about, he was put in his wedding kimono and the last minute changes were being made to the guest list by none other than Kazuhiko himself.

"Dai, you and your annoying bitch are not allowed at my haute couture wedding." the pastel blue eyed man told the Tsuchikage (his cousin) and his wife, who was now steaming with rage.

"What?" she said in a dark, low growl.

"I said: You're not allowed at my haute couture wedding. Dai, you and your bitch are the most hideously dressed people of all time! Your celebrity status amongst us famous and wealthy is low, I believe the Haruno's are above you right now! Do you not know how...horrid that is? Do you not care about what the limelight thinks of you?" the platinum blonde said to the silent seafoam green haired man in pure disgust and slight annoyance at pointing out the obvious. Well, what was obvious to him, at least.

Dai rolled his eyes. Kazuhiko did this all the time whenever there was any media event. Not only did he insult his cousin, he also insulted his cousin's wife in the process because she was not in vogue like the rest of the socialites.

"Fine. I have more important things to attend to than your mockery of a wedding. You're just using this to get attention and keep your fifteen minutes up. Not because you love Deidara. You know this, I know this, Hinata knows this, and even Deidara does. The only people oblivious to it are the villagers themselves." the Tsuchikage stated simply as he left the prince's room, wife in tow as she did not want to be near the prince at the moment.

"Pig." Hinata uttered her breath when she was out of the room. She walked over a few doors down to where Deidara was and smiled warmly as he exited the room.

"Hinata, just the person I've been wanting to see right now.. Here is a gift from me for you and Dai, un." the artist told the queen as he handed over a sculpture of a realistic looking dove with an olive branch in it's mouth.

Pastel lavender eyes gaped in awe of the beauty of the little sculpture. It had to be the single most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

"I-I.." she was at a loss for words; she didn't know whether to shriek in joy over the finely detailed dove or cry in pain knowing that Kazuhiko would kill his artistic spirit in no time, "I.. It's too much, but I love it too much. Thank you, Deidara."

He grinned and replied with a gentle, "No problem."

She was about to cry. The very thought of Deidara's artistic spirit being butchered by the man he was about to marry in only a matter of minutes was too depressing. She knew Kazuhiko viewed art as 'boring', 'worthless', and 'disgustingly messy'. The blue raven was about to cry out loud: there was no greater tragedy than watching someone with a beautiful spirit have that said spirit be broken.

"Go.. I have to go now." with that, the young queen was gone and the tears were slipping out of her eyes.

'It's so beautiful! Yet, it'll be the last thing he'll ever make! Deidara, turn Kazuhiko down, please. Your art is too beautiful to be gone forever. Don't do it!'

Deidara shrugged. She was acting like as if it was the last sculpture he would ever make and to him, it was pretty funny. Even if he did marry Kazuhiko for real, he would not let him stop him from making his art. No, the artist was much smarter than that. He would not let the narcissist win that one. He would never allow it to happen.

He then went over to the palace garden and sat down on the grass a foot away from the door. The honey haired man needed to think right now. He needed his space from everyone as they rushed Prince Kazuhiko over to the temple and got the carriage ready for him. Touching a tiger lily, Deidara let out a small, yet sinister, smile. One that could almost hint at what he had planned this entire time.

"Deidara, you need to be leaving now." came the voice from the Tsuchikage.

He turned around in slight shock at the presence of the Tsuchikage and gave him a ready response, "Dai, I want you to walk me down the aisle, un. I..need you to. You're the only thing I have left to sort of watch out for me ever since sensei died, un."

"I'm no longer invited, though. Kazuhiko uninvited Hinata and I this morning." the pink red eyed man explained to the blonde artist.

"Just come, please!" pleading eyes were enough to convince the king as he sighed. Maybe going would not be that bad? Maybe Kazuhiko would not be too mad? Okay, so the second question was an easy answer: yes, Kazuhiko would be too mad at him and possibly never speak to him ever again. The first question was a fifty-fifty chance of things not being that bad or things being too bad.

Deciding to go with his gut on this one, the Tsuchikage answered with a, "I will walk you down the aisle, but don't expect me to stay too long."

Deidara's sapphire eye glowed in delight as he hugged the Tsuchikage and exclaimed, "Thank you, Dai, un! I promise you won't regret it at all! I promise, un!"

"Yeah, yeah whatever.. C'mon let's go. You and I need to be getting in the carriage right now." Dai told the excited artist. Deidara nodded, then let go of the taller man as he led him outside the garden. They were then back in the palace and in a matter of a few minutes, were outside the palace enterance right by the carriages. The carraige driver looking flustered as he approached them.

"Deidara, Tsuchikage Dai! We need to leave now if you still want us to be on time! Get in, get in!" he yelled at them as he opened the carriage door for them.

Deidara got inside the carriage and Dai soon followed after apologizing for their tardiness to the carriage driver. The ride was relatively silent, the only sound in the carriage being of the two men breathing. Dai gave Deidara a grim smile. He knew living with Kazuhiko 'till death do you part' basically meant commit suicide in a year or two in order to escape the hell.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Kazuhiko won't break me, un. Not now or ever."

Dai could only give a slightly shocked look at the honey blonde as he said that sentence. Something about it made him question things all over again.. Not in a particularily good way either. The rest of the ride went on in silence. Back to the only sound being their breathing. When the carriage stopped, it all felt like a crash back to reality after being in a light day dream world for what felt like hours. In all reality, it had only been thirty minutes.

"You ready?" the pink red eyed man asked the honey blonde as the carriage door opened.

"Hell yeah." the sapphire eyed man stated calmly as they exited the carriage door.

There were no citizens near the area as Kazuhiko did not want them around, he only wanted the media there. To capture every moment and to take a picture of every movement made.

'No guards either! What a stupid, narcissistic, elitist dumbass!' the blonde thought in surprise and slight bitterness. Why would the towhead not have any guards even near the outside of the temple? Why would he only allow the media to be there and no one else? Was he really that image obsessed?

Is it possible for anyone to be so obsessed with their image that they would willingly endanger themselves to preserve a perfect image?

Yes, it was no wonder Deidara was surprised. Dai, on the other hand, was not so much. Kazuhiko loved his elitist image too much to allow someone as lowly and hideous as a guard there at such a 'high society' event.

Deidara glanced over to Dai, an insanely wide smile on his face, as he asked, "What would you say if this was all a sick plot, un? A sick, funny, twisted plot by an kill a narcissist?"

Dai was taken aback as Deidara pushed him to the ground, and shouted, "KATSU!"

All Dai remebered hearing before everything went black was a loud, sounding blast that could have made him go deaf at the second it went off.

Deidara, meanwhile, was running for his life and manically laughing as he made his way out of the village through the backstreets and alleys. His dream had finally came true: Kazuhiko was dead! Everything right now made so much sense to him. Oh how his danna would be proud of him! Oh how Hachiro would praise him! Hachiro, his beloved Hachiro, was going to be so proud of him!

"Hachiro-I DID IT!" he shrieked out in victory as another laugh escaped from his lips. Never before had he seen such a great testimony to his art! Never before had he been more confident, more assured that his view was the correct view and not his partners!

The high, the elation of his self esteem and ego was enough to send him to cloud nine and back again. The blonde artist was excitedly running as fast as he could to the biggest tree in the forest near the cliff. Hoping his Hachiro would be there. Hoping he would runaway with him. How he would love it if he did. If he did, at least. Hachiro was a successful artist; he would not want to be bothered with running away and living a new life. Didn't mean Deidara could not try to convince him, right? He was thinking over his arguements as he approached the tree and waited for his Hachiro to show.

Dai had just awoken to the sounds of screaming, and people everywhere surrounding the now fallen temple. His vision was a bit blurry and his ears were ringing. He glanced around, trying to focus his eyes, all he saw was the media's bright lights as the people surrounded him and the local Iwagakure nins arrival to the horrific scene.

"Tsuchikage Dai! Tsuchikage Dai! What was the last thing you heard before the blast?"

"Tsuchikage Dai, how are you going to handle this tragedy?"

"Tsuchikage Dai, why did Deidara do this?"

That one question made him freeze. His vision was no longer blurry and his ears were still ringing but not as badly as before. The last question seemed to trigger back everything. All from Deidara's final words to him, to the debate between Kazuhiko and himself about Deidara's innocence, and to the tragedy that occured three years ago. In that instant, all he could feel was wrath. Not at Deidara, but at himself for letting this happen all over again.

"Deidara did it because he didn't want to marry Kazuhiko. He did not wished to be married to a rude, cruel, cold-blooded, distant, self-absorbed, and narcissistic man with a superiority complex. He did not wished to be tamed nor have his passion forcefully stripped away from him. He did not wish to be subjected to a life as hollow as the prince himself! I, for one, do not blame him! I, for one, am pissed at him, but not as much as at myself for allowing this to happen." the seafoam green haired man responded to the final question which had gripped him so hard.

Right when another question was about to be asked, a local Iwagakure medic nin pulled the king away from his wondering media. Dai silently remained in the medic nin's grasp as he led the king over to the temple in silence.

Dai's heart broke at the sight. The once strong, beautiful pure marble temple was now nothing but rubbish. It was reduced to nothing but simple broken stone. The area where wedding was being held when it went off had some stones covered in blood, other stones had flecks of blood on them. Not enough to cover them, but enough to leave pretty large, bloody marks.

The medic nin led him along the rubble to where a group of Iwagakure nin and civilians were all gathered round in a large circle. Stillness filled the air as despair was the only aura that radiated off the frozen people. The medic nin led him further in to the point where he was now alone in the center of the circle.

He gazed over at the faces of the people. Tears were threatening to pour from their eyes at any moment, they were not moving, nor did it seem like breathing. He looked down and saw a rather large and heavy piece of marble had been moved from the area. He walked down some stones before finally seeing what it was on the ground.

Kazuhiko. Dead. His death white skin looking far whiter now than when he was alive. His face barely recognizable, the only part of him recognizable being his pure white hand. Blood tainted his wedding outfit and the stone cut it in random areas, almost leaving it to pieces.

His final cousin. Dead.

Tears did not shed from his pink red eyes as he gazed upon the sight. Tears did not fall, yet the people in the circle now breathed and when they breathed, they finally cried rivers of agony. Their beloved prince was gone. He was never coming back.

Dai was frozen, so much up to the point where the medic nin who led him there asked him this one question that had been on everyone's mind, "Who was Kazuhiko Iwa?"

Everyone stopped breathing again, the rivers of agony still flowing strong. They needed to know who he was! They needed to know and hear the reassurance of him being a good man, a wonderful human being.

The king contemplated this answer carefully. He himself did not truly know who Kazuhiko was. All he could say was just a simple speculation of whom he believed the towhead prince to be.

"Kazuhiko was...not a saint, yet not a sinner by choice. He sold his soul to perfection in a mirror, he was a narcissist by nature, an elitist in heart, inconsiderate in life and death through his actions. He thought he could have the world and make it perfect. He believed himself to be perfection till he hit ten, then he attempted to save his perfection but only wound up being a hollow of who he once was.." then, it all made sense. He knew who Kazuhiko was now, he just never thought it would be this point and blank.

"He was a narcissist...trying to find himself in an artist."

Kazuhiko's behavior and soul having been described perfectly by Dai in that moment, made the rivers of agony flow more. They would not stop flowing till the king had been sent back to the palace to tell the village of the news of the greatest tragedy in Iwagakure history: Prince Kazuhiko, the beloved son of the great Isamu Iwa, died.

Whilst this tragic event was unfolding, Deidara was still awaiting Hachiro's presence. He was too excited and jittery. He needed to see the auburn haired man he loved so much right now. He could not wait another moment, he simply couldn't!

The moment he felt a hand on his shoulder, he snapped from his position and turned around to see who it was. A smile made it's way on his lips as he shouted excitedly: "HACHIRO!"

The hazel eyed man grinned at the excited and jittery honey blonde man as he walked closer to him.

"I heard of what happened.."

"Aren't you proud of me, un! I did it, I finally did it after all of these years!"

Hazel eyes shined in the sunlight, auburn hair glistened in the rays of light, and Deidara could not hold himself back anymore when his long time crush told him, "I am proud of you, Deidara."

Deidara couldn't contain it anymore! All of the love and feeling he had for Hachiro made him do the one thing he had been wanting to do for years: kiss him.

He instantly pulled on the auburn locks to bring the older man closer and kissed him right on the lips.

Sapphire eye closed in delight. Finally, he was kissing the one he loved the most! To make things better, Hachiro was not struggling, nor running off. Yes, this was the perfect moment in his life. This was officially the perfect day.

'Hachiro.. This is everything my first kiss should have been! This is perfection, this is beauty, this is art! I need to see your face, I need to pull away and see that look in your eyes! Like all masterpieces, this must come to an end.' he was thinking as he broke off the passionate kiss and looked his love in the eyes.

What he saw made him gape in shock.

No longer was his hand entangled in aurburn locks. No longer were those hazel eyes staring back at him. No longer was this man his Hachiro! No, it was someone else.. Someone he had never expected in his short lifetime.


'Fuck.' was all Sasori could think as he quickly realized the disguise had worn off at the worst moment. Deidara's face read nothing but shock. He mentally groaned. How was he going to explain this one?

"Deidara, I am Hachiro. I have been him for three years now."

Deidara's eye twitched. No, this could not be true. This could not be right! His Hachiro had auburn hair, not crimson! His Hachiro had hazel eyes, not golden brown! His Hachiro was not impatient nor so negative towards his art! It had to be a sick joke of some sort. It had to be a sick joke.

"No, y-you're not, un. You can't be-is this some sick joke to you, danna? Is it, un! I can't believe you would go this far to mock me and demean my art! I cannot believe you and the lengths you would go to do this to me, un! Where is my Hachiro?" the blonde screamed as rage took over his eye and face. How could this be? His danna being Hachiro? This had to be a sick joke.. It had to be!

"Deidara, it was all a disguise.. Look, I had to make it up for a mission to assassinate a rival criminal organization leader in Iwagakure at the time and I happened to see you working on a clay spider sculpture when I was observing the palace garden.. That was when Kazuhiko yelled at you about your art. Brat, believe me. I am Hachiro." the crimson haired man told the young honey blonde artist. He hoped it would convince him. He hoped it would work.

Yet, Deidara still had many doubts. Hachiro and Sasori were two completely different people. This could not be right! His danna was just being cruel again for no reason.

"Danna, you can't be him! You...can't, un! He didn't agree with me on my art, but he never fought over it with me. He never spoke bad about it, he was accepting, un. He was kind to me in all of my worst times.. He was the only one I could I trust for years and he still is-danna, you can't be him, un!"

Sasori sighed. He knew this was going to be a hard one to explain to the stubborn blonde.

"Brat, I had to contain myself for years from snapping at you just to keep my cover up! Also, I was kind to you because seeing you in your worst times.. I couldn't take the sight of it. Most importantly, you do trust me; you told me about the Akihiko thing and the Sasuke thing, not Hachiro." yes, he had to point that out as well as one more thing that he felt was the most important of all.

"Oh and on another note, you and I both know I am more attractive than Hachiro. I had to dull down my looks so no one would notice me. You even said I was more attractive than Akihiko, so don't give me the whole 'Hachiro-is-beautiful' shit!" the crimson haired man from Suna snapped at the doubtful blonde.

Oddly enough, it wasn't so much as Deidara being in love with Hachiro that made Sasori say this. No, it was the fact that Deidara had said in the first letter he sent three years ago to the crimson haired man that read, (and I quote from the letter Sasori memorized): Always remember Hachiro, you're the most beautiful redhead in the world. No one can compare with your beauty.

Yes, having his plain, average Iwagakure-looking man disguise being called the 'most beautiful redhead in the world' was a more than a huge slap in the face to the Suna man: it was a huge slap in the face, with a kick to the groin, and a spit in the eye. It wasn't so much as vanity as it was the fact he viewed himself to be living art: eternal beauty, perfectly carved with the perfect features. Hachiro was just a temporary disguise that would fade and only return when meeting in person with Deidara. So one could see how this would deeply offend him.

"You know what danna, if you are Hachiro, then tell me two deeply personal things I told Hachiro that I never said to you or any of the Akatsuki." the sapphire eyed artist challenged the deep golden brown eyed man in front of him.

Sasori smirked. This would be easy for him.

"You were beaten, whipped, locked in the closet all night long, and burned with cigarettes by Lady Hiyame growing up in the orphanage and you were picked on by the other orphan children. Kazuhiko violated you in the shower by making you suck him off with your hand mouth and your regular mouth." the golden brown eyed man replied with a sense of victory in his voice. He knew Deidara never, ever told anyone about those two things because he was too ashamed to speak of them.

His sapphire blue eye widened. Deidara was in shock: his danna was telling the truth on this. Those were the two things he said to Hachiro and Hachiro only. No one else ever knew. Why would he lie to him for all of these years? Was it to fuck him? Or was it all a joke? He didn't know anymore.

" are Hachiro, un. You were right on that one."

Sasori chuckled to himself quietly. Finally his blonde admitted it!

"Just tell me lied to me all of these years, leading me on to believe Hachiro cared about me and loved me, un. Were you only just using me so you could fuck me and never speak to me again? Was it just a joke to you, un? Why, danna, did you lie?" the blonde bomber asked somewhat gently.

Sasori let out a small sigh as he explained his reasoning as to why he did lie, "Deidara.. You adored Hachiro so much, I knew you would only be happy with him not me.. Brat, you never fell in something you never felt in years over one person through a disguise, knowing they didn't know who you truly are. You never felt like as if you needed an act to keep that someone you feel for close to you, even if it is just through something as small as a letter! You never had to go through what I did. I felt something for you, you pyromaniac, insane brat, over the course of writing to you for three years. Yet, you loved Hachiro.."

He was silent, then closed his eyes as he ran a hand through his crimson hair.

"If you want Hachiro, you can't have him anymore. He's gone for good, brat. I'm done with it. If you don't understand where I am coming from, which you don't, and if you don't want to speak to me ever again, which you do, then don't bother. Hachiro is never coming back. You'll have to learn to live with it."

Deidara approached his danna; finally noticing the little similarities between Hachiro and Sasori were not so little after all. They both viewed art to be eternal, they both disagreed with him on his view of art, they both were redheads from Suna, and they both hated rebellion and waiting. He now realized they were not so different at all. They only had small differences.

"Danna, I'm fine with Hachiro not being here, un. I'm also shocked you fell in something over me over these three years.. Sasori-no-danna, it'd only be fair of me to give you the chance I gave to Hachiro, un. You felt something for me, just like Hachiro did. Besides, you're my danna. I can't say no to you because you'll make me do it with your chakra strings, un." the young artist replied to him as nicely as he could.. Okay, so the last part was not that nice, but he was an S-ranked criminal who just killed god knows how many people today. Nice is just one of those things that is harder to come by.

"That's great and all, but don't expect Hachiro niceness and cheesy, puke inducing cuddliness shit. I'm not a PDA person, I'm not all that romantic, and just so you know, I do get very jealous." at that part Deidara had to hold down a laugh, "No brat, it's not funny. I will literally kill a person this time around if I think they are getting too close to you. Also, don't expect me to not argue with you on your view of art. I am not going to be Hachiro nice and this was the one thing that almost made me snap too many times when I was in the disguise. If I deem a mission too dangerous for you, don't expect me to be all supportive and shit. I will chain you to a tree if I have to, just to stop you from going. Don't expect me to be jumping in your arms and serenading you with a song when you come back from a long solo mission. Do you understand, brat?"

Deidara nodded and said a 'yes danna'.

"So you're willing to put up with it and give me a fair chance?"

"Yes, it's not that bad, un!"

Sasori smirked; right when the blonde was about to walk over to the tree to sit down, he used his chakra strings to force him over to his side.

"Oh and I only use the chakra strings on you to get you to obey me. Because brat, I'm usually right and you're usually wrong." the redhead stated simply, like as if it was normal to say such things.

Deidara looked him in his deep golden brown eyes and let out a huff. Yeah, sure he was. Sure he was..

"Which brings me back to my question I have in mind.. Did Kazuhiko rape you?" Deidara froze at this. How did he know? How was he able to guess? Was the stench of weak whore really that strong on him?

"I.. Well.." deciding to not bullshit the truth, Deidara only told him this, "He raped me the day before the wedding, danna. He kept calling me lovely, he made me think he was going to stop and no matter how much I tried to get him to stop, he wouldn't stop and danna, it fucking burned, un!" Deidara was now on the verge of a mental breakdown; he was hyperventilating as the terrifying memories came back to him, "He never stopped! I begged him to stop, I tried to get him off me before he could do it, but he wouldn't, un.. I couldn't get him off me.. Then at the end of it, he had the fucking nerve to try to make me tell him I loved him, tell him I wanted him, tell him I fucking needed him to survive, un! Sasori-no-danna, I don't know why he wanted to fucking break me! I don't...understand, un! I don't fucking get it!"

The tears he didn't cry were now coming down as the breakdown continued, "Go ahead, danna, un! Tell me I'm a fucking weak, pathetic, shame-of-a-partner whore! Tell me I was pathetic to accept tea from a maid with sleeping pills in it because I could not fucking sleep the night before, un! Tell me I was a fucking weak, embarrassment for even falling asleep at eight in the morning and failing to prevent Kazuhiko from raping me! Tell me I'm worthless because I couldn't stop him, so I begged for him to stop because I stupidly thought he had a shred of humanity in him, un!"

Now Sasori was glad he had his chakra strings on Deidara still. The young blonde would have gone insane and more than likely would have tried to jump off the cliff by now.

True, the thought of his suspicions being right about Deidara being raped pissed him off to no end.. Yet it was the fact that Deidara thought he would think that way of him which truly troubled him. Did Deidara really view him as that cruel? True, he was an S-ranked criminal who killed nations of people, but he wasn't totally heartless.

"Deidara, you are not weak. Don't you ever dare call yourself that or even think that way! You were raped because his desires were strong enough to take a still-half asleep you down. You are not at fault here; he is. You did nothing wrong, Deidara, nothing!" the redhead said this to the blonde as he stared him right in his visible blue eye, "You were not stupid to think he had a shred of humanity in him to stop. Everyone who is raped begs for the rapist to stop, Deidara. You are no different. Deidara, I would never, ever view you as weak, worthless, embarrassing, nor stupid for being raped or forced into other sexual acts. Do you understand me?"


"Deidara, I'm not totally heartless. If I would have known he raped you.. I would have butchered him." Deidara gave him a sad look before asking the one thing Sasori never wanted to hear again.

"Do you hate me, danna, for not being being a virgin?"

Sasori frowned. Now he was enraged at Kazuhiko. How dare that towhead bastard make his blonde this way! How dare he break him in this cruel, viscious manner!

He grabbed the blonde's small wrist and kissed him on the lips.

"Does it fucking look like I do?" he asked the young honey haired man as he broke off the kiss.

"No, un.."

"Good. Now, we have to be heading back to the hideout. If you're still too sore from what Kazuhiko did, then I will carry you back. Understand?" the redhead from Suna stated to the blonde.

"I do." he replied simply, before being asked that dreaded question..

"Are you still too sore or not?" Sasori could tell by the way it had become almost impossible for him to walk that he was still too sore.

'Brat! All that running and extra walking won't make it better, it'll make it worse.' he thought in frustration.

"Well.." at that, Sasori picked up his blonde and began to carry him bridal style all the way back to the hideout.

"Hey, un! I could have walked!" the honey blonde shouted defiantely.

"No you couldn't have, brat. You and I both know that." the golden brown eyed artist countered back. Deidara then shut his mouth. His physical pain had increased ten fold from running too much and walking a lot right after he was raped.. So, yeah, he was going to shut his mouth and give Sasori that same chance he had given Hachiro. He was going to give his danna that chance to make him fall head over heels for him.

"Thank you, danna, un."

"Don't mention it."

When they did get back to the hideout, they were greeted by a joyous Konan who informed them of Kazuhiko's death. Deidara was never more proud of himself in his entire life. She would later on find out what happened from Sasori. The bluenette was very pleased, to say the least. When Itachi heard of Deidara and Sasori giving dating each other a shot, he would break his traditional silences to give the puppet master hell for dating his little brother's soulmate. ('You know Sasori, this is just like rape.. Just because Deidara is older now and finally knows who you are, doesn't change a thing. You're still taking advantage of him like any other perverted old man would.') Hidan, upon hearing this from Itachi, would laugh and tell Deidara of how the puppeteer had a crush on him ever since he was fifteen.. This ended up with his head being cut off and locked in a cage, not that anyone minded. ('WOOD FUCKER! Get the me fuck out of this Jashin damn cage, dammit!') As for Dai, he still has ANBU on the hunt for Deidara for all the people he killed in Iwagakure at the wedding for Kazuhiko and for the wedding rehearsal from three years ago. Needless to say, they haven't been successful. All in all, the story remains clear and true: the narcissist was trying to break an artist. The artist caught on and rejected him. The narcissist raped the artist in an attempt to break him for good. The artist stayed strong and killed the narcissist; breaking him for good.

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