BA scowled as he heard two sets of footsteps thump down the stairs and head towards the lounge room where he was TRYING to watch the game. Idiots never kept track of the sports seasons. Too many years in the Army or mental hospitals had made them forget about the important things in life. BA didn't see why he should have to suffer because his teammates didn't know the Superbowl from Wimbledon.

As soon as he looked at the doorway, he groaned. There was not enough bourbon in the world. "Aw man. Why? Why you gotta be like that? I don't need to see that, man."

Face and Murdock were flushed, clearly hastily dressed with unzipped jeans and shirts buttoned into the wrong holes. They were sweaty and their lips were swollen. Murdock had several prominent bite marks on his neck. No prizes for guessing what they'd been doing.

Undeterred by his reaction, they bounded over way too happily. BA raised his hands up in warning. They were NOT about to hug him, not covered in sweat and god knows what…

"You!" announced Murdock as he and Face stopped in front of BA (blocking the TV because they couldn't be annoying by halves). "Are the worst matchmaker EVER."

"Ever," agreed Face. "Never try to do that again. Promise me."

"Yeah, well." BA shifted, uncomfortable with the attention. He'd wanted them to get a clue, but couldn't they do it without ever talking to him about it or making him think about their weird, annoying love life? "Worked, didn't it?"

Face and Murdock grinned giant grins at each other, then at BA. Darting in before he could react, Murdock pecked Bosco on the cheek.

"Yup!" he chirped as Face raped BA with a fist bump (bumping his hand without consent while BA was not actually making a fist). "Thanks, Bosco."

Face was beaming too. Aw, dammit. They were so freaking contagious when they were like this. BA found himself smiling back against his will. "No problem."

The two of them skipped off back upstairs like demented elves. BA watched them go, shaking his head.

He gave it one week before he'd have to toss them out the window, but it was worth it.