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Sammi POV

Jeremy, the love of my life was stuck at Hogwarts. One thing I'd like to know is how the hell Andy got them into this shit. Seriously! I want to go to Hogwarts!

Right now, I'm flying over London, about to land.

~-~-~- Time Lapse.

I was now being sorted. THANK YOU, ANDY FUCKING BIERSACK. Normally, I'd be excited about this, but now I'm a Hufflepoof (Bryan Stars interview refference with Matt and Andy) I can't even be in Slytherin with my man! I'm stuck with a hyperactive Christian. Yay me.

Jinxx POV

I'm in a pissy mood to say the least. My poor Sammi! I can't sleep with her, or anything. It saddens me, deeply. It's like I'm Sweeney, and I have this hope that my poor Lucy is okay and alright, but I'm told differently by Draco, our Mrs. Lovett. Fuck. My. Life.

Right now, I am sneaking out of the dungeons to meet up with my Sammi. She's been texting me non stop. I'm kind of glad, but it's upsets me, because she can't be with her Pumpkin King.

I ran into the library, where I saw her. My darling, my life, my soon to be bride. My gorgeous Sammi.

"Sammi," I breathed.

"Jeremy, I've missed you." She said, barely above a whisper.

I ran, closing the space between us in three strides, placing my hands on her dainty waist, I leaned down to kiss her.

Her lips parted, and I snaked my tongue in. We fought for dominance, I won. She broke off the kiss for merely a second. Sammi leaned up, attacking my lips hungrily, like she needed the touch of my lips to survive.

I picked her up, wrapping her legs around my hips. I stumbled back, almost running into a bookcase. Something told me this was going to be a good night.

Ashley's POV

Sammi was stuck here like the rest of us. Shit.

I was extremely pissed at Andy, but everytime I thought of the six foot two, blue eyed man my heart melted. He was breathtaking. I hoped I really wasn't crushing on my best friend.

"Ash?" His deep, booming voice asked.

"Yes, Andrew?" I said, rather coldly. Keeping the angry facade up.

"Are you still mad with me?"

I sighed, I wanted to tell him the truth, both of them. Like how I had this feeling for him that was purely unexplainable.

I decided with one.

"Not as much as I was." I sounded rather harsh. I hope he didn't take it wrong.

"Oh...Hey Ash," He mumbled, I don't think I was supposed to hear that. So, I didn't answer.

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