Hi guys! I am making my first crossover, and if you guessed, then this is it!(Duh xD) Anywho, Fruits Basket doesn't belong to me, nor does Sonic the hedgehog. Enjoy!P.S., this is in normal POV :PI know Yuki is MUCH nicer in the show, but this isn't Tohruki xD

"What do you mean, I can't stay here anymore!" Kyo snapped, facing Yuki with a burning flare of rage in his eyes.

"Listen to me. Haru and I have been talking, and-"

"Haru doesn't know a damn thing! He doesn't even live here! What does Shigure have to say about this, huh?" Kyo interrupted Yuki leaned in, so he was face to face with him.

"What does Tohru have to say?" He spat through gritted looked at him, a cold fire in his eyes.

"We didn't tell her, you stupid cat." He said angrily.

"Why the hell not! She deserves to know!" Kyo hissed. Yuki narrowed his violet eyes."No, she doesn't. She's worthless." He said, voice as icy as snow.

Kyo looked past Yuki, making the purple haired boy turn as well. He saw Tohru, her eyes welling with tears.

"Tohru-" Kyo said, taking a step towards her. She smiled, her nice nature never leaving her."It's okay if you don't want me or Kyo to live here…..we'll be okay, right Kyo?" She said, looking at him.

Kyo didn't have time to respond."No, no, , you're welcome to stay. We'd much appreciate your company."Yuki said smoothly. Poor Tohru didn't have a chance to respond.

"I'm sure Kyo will go rather quickly. Right, Kyo?" Yuki said, glaring at the short tempered just glared at him, storming upstairs.

He came back down with his clothes in his arms, and kicked the sliding door open, tearing the white paper on it. He stopped and turned around, looking at Tohru.

"Aren't you going to try and stop him?" He demanded. Tohru hesitated, and Kyo frowned in a twisted expression of fury.

"You're as much of a coward as he is, then." He snarled, storming out. Yuki looked at Tohru, and said,"Please, Ms. Honda, go to your room." Without waiting for an answer, Yuki went into Shigure's room.


Kyo stopped at a river, looking into it. He let go of his belongings into the water, and walked away. He went deeper and deeper into the forest, until he came upon something…..pink. Wearing a red dress with white trim, sobbing into her gloved hands.

A….hedgehog? He thought, frowning. Walking closer to her, he saw she wore red boots, and a large hammer lay next to her.

The hedgehog looked up, her emerald green eyes shining with sorrow."Who are you?" She asked, looking scared.

"I could ask you the same thing!" He snapped, unable to handle his anger. The hedgehog frowned, and stood up."I'm Amy Rose. Now tell me who you are." She said firmly.

"Kyo." He said, although his eyes were flashing with anger. Amy grabbed his hand and forcefully shook it, then let go.

"Why are you so mad, Kyo?" Amy asked after her tears went away.

"That damn rat Yuki kicked me out of Shigure's house, and Tohru didn't even do anything. I thought she was my friend." Kyo muttered bitterly. Amy tilted her head, not knowing who they were.

"Whoever Yuki is seems like a jerk. I think Tohru just felt…powerless, Kyo. She probably wanted to protect you, but she just couldn't." Amy said. Kyo snorted.

"Humph….. Whatever. She probably agrees with that damn rat." He muttered.

"You sound like Shadow…" Amy started, and after Kyo looked at her strangely she said," Shadow's an immortal hedgehog from where I live, and he acts just like you. Why do you call Yuki a rat, anyway?" She tilted her head in curiosity.

Kyo faced her, sitting on a boulder nearby."The Sohma family has been cursed for years, with the power to change into their Zodiac animal when in a great deal of stress, exhaustion, or hugged by a member of the opposite gender. So if you hugged me, I'd turn into my zodiac animal, since you're female. The story starts with…"

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