Darkness everywhere. Then…was that…Yuki? Kyo peered out into the darkness, and suddenly he was in front of his enemy .But something seemed off. Instead of his normal purple eyes, Yuki had a dark, blood red piercing gaze. Taking a step back, Kyo saw that he had a knife. Yuki lunged forward with it, stabbing it into his heart…..

Kyo gasped, sitting up. Walking outside, he saw Amy already awake.

"Hey, Kyo! I made us breakfast!" She said, giving him a makeshift bowl of food. Kyo ate quickly, then put the bowl down, walked in the tent, and changed. When he walked out, he spotted something rustling in the bushes, and someone whisper," Quit shoving, Faker!" Amy got up, her eyes shining."I know that voice anywhere!" She said quietly to Kyo, sounding excited.

Kyo rolled his eyes and opened the bushes, revealing two male hedgehogs. One was black and red, with weird- shaped quills, and the other was cobalt blue, his quills windswept. The blue hedgehog looked up at Kyo. "Hi!" He said.

"AAHH!" Kyo shouted, jumping back and then relaxed. "Let me guess, Amy, these two are damn friends of yours?" He muttered. Amy didn't listen to him at all, her eyes were all for Sonic.

"SONIC!" She exclaimed, tackle- hugging him. Sonic tried to run, but was pinned. The second hedgehog stepped out, dusting his black and red fur off, glaring coldly at Kyo.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" He asked through narrowed crimson eyes. Kyo bared his teeth."I should ask you the same damn thing." He hissed.

Shadow nearly lunged forward, but Sonic had escaped Amy's grasp and stopped him."Hey, hey….He said something to Amy, so he must know her." He said, trying to reason with his ruthless friend.

Amy nodded."Yeah! Guys, this is Kyo! He has a really long story to tell, so you understand. But, look!" She ran forward to him. Kyo backed up."Amy, no-!" He said, but Amyhugged him, makng him turn into a cat.

Shadow looked at Sonic, then Kyo, and looked extremely confused. Sonic laughed nervously, pointing at Kyo, then fainting. Shadow looked seconds from doing the same, but looked at Amy.

"What..?" He muttered. Amy looked at Sonic and laughed a little."It's okay. He's in a cursed family where if a member is hugged by the opposite gender, they transform into a zodiac animal." She explained.

Shadow still looked uneasy, but nodded."I still think he's not trustworthy.." Kyo and the black hedgehog said at the same time.

Amy smiled."You guys will get along well, I'm sure of it!"

"Now help me drag Faker over here." Shadow muttered. Amy walked over, while Kyo ran into the tent, and coming out in his clothes in his normal form. Shadow still looked at him suspiciously, but shook his head and dragged Sonic to where the tent was pitched.

"So, explain this story to me." Shadow said, looking at Kyo."Well, it goes like this…."

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