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Chief of police: Mr. Holmes Thanks for coming to your performance review

Sherlock: No problem

Chief of police: So you're in charge around here, is that fair to say?

Sherlock: Absolutely, I'm the boss

Chief of police: Okay, so take us through a day in the life of the boss

Sherlock: Well the first thing I do is...

Talk to Mycroft (like a boss)

Approve Cases (like a boss)

Lead the police (like a boss)

Remember facts (like a boss)

Direct Lestrade (like a boss)

My own violin (like a boss)

Website manage (like a boss)

Promote Deducting (like a boss)

Hit on John (like a boss)

Get rejected (like a boss)

Swallow sadness (like a boss)

Send some texts (like a boss)

Text Lestrade's phone (like a boss)

Sulk deeply (like a boss)

Demand a new case (like a boss)

Drink some tea (like a boss)

Harassment lawsuit (like a boss)

No more cases (like a boss)

Fifth bullet hole (like a boss)

Shit on John's desk (like a boss)

Buy a phone (like a boss)

In my hand (like a boss)

Oh fuck man I can't confess my love to John... shit!

Pussy out (like a boss)

Puke on John's desk (like a boss)

Jump on the rooftops (like a boss)

Think about John's dick (like a boss)

Score some coke (like a boss)

Shoot John's gun (like a boss)

Think about my own dick (like a boss)

Forget to eat some food (like a boss)

Chop criminal's balls off (like a boss)

Blackout from exhaustion (like a boss)

Meet Moriarty (like a boss)

Shoot his brains out (like a boss)

Turn into a human (like a boss)

Trick the Russians (like a boss)

Crash into John's girl (like a boss)

Now she's dead (like a boss)

Chief of police: Uh huh. So that's an average day for you then?

Sherlock: No doubt

Chief of police: You chop criminal's balls off and kill?

Sherlock: Hell yeah

Chief of police: And I think at one point there you said something about thinking about your own dick

Sherlock: Nope!

Chief of police: Actually I'm pretty sure you did

Sherlock: Nah, that ain't me

Chief of police: Okay, well this has been eye opening for me

Sherlock: I'm the boss

Chief of police: Yeah, no I got that. You said it about four-hundred times

Sherlock: I'm the boss

Chief of police: Yeah yeah I got it!

Sherlock: I'm the boss

Chief of police: No I heard you, see ya later


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