Disney's Robin Hood: Ireland Forever


It's been only one month since Robin Hood and Maid Marian were married. While they are enjoying their new life together, King Richard receives news of a meeting in Ireland, to which he is summoned. He sends Robin Hood and Marian in his stead. In Ireland, Robin and Marian meet an old friend of their childhood, named Eamon Kavanagh, who is now the king of the region of Connacht. While at the meeting, they learn that a strange brotherhood now threatens to destroy Ireland.

Chapter 1: Robin's Dream/Journey to Ireland

"Marian!" called King Richard. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes Uncle Richard, I'm ready!" replied the young vixen. Out of the door of the castle came a very young fox. She was eleven years old and was dressed in her lilac dress and veil. The king was taking Marian, his niece, with him to Ireland. He was to meet with the king of the region of Connacht. Marian kept pleading with her uncle to let her go with him, and he finally conceded.

Suddenly there was a loud crack as the carriage suddenly jolted.

"Sire, one of the wheels has just buckled!" shouted one of the guards.

"Oh, dear. Well, have it replaced." the king replied. "Marian, dear, we're going to be here for a little while longer. If you wish you can run off and play."

"Thank you, Uncle Richard." Marian replied as she ran off into town. In the town of Nottingham, she literally ran into her friend, Robin Hood. He was a year older than Marian. The two of them had been friends since birth, or rather Marian's birth. They ran into each other and fell to the ground, laughing as they saw who it was that they ran into.

"Hi, Robin."

"Hi, Marian." Robin looked over at the carriage. "What going on?" he asked

"Oh, uncle and I are going to Ireland for a while, but one of the wheels broke."

"Really, you're going to Ireland?" Marian nodded her head.

"Have you ever been there, Robin?" she asked.

"Yes. I even have a friend there. It's been a long time since we met."

"What is Ireland like?" Marian asked.

Robin started telling her about his first time in Ireland. He spoke of rolling green fields, beautiful forests, Irish music, the Irishman's unmistakable accent, and, of course, his friend. Apparently, he was the prince of the region of Connacht that Richard and Marian were going to. He and Robin met when they were both about eight years old. Robin's parents were dead and Robin was living on his own. He decided to do some travelling and found a spot on a vessel headed for Ireland. While he was there, he was met by the prince. From then on they had been friends. They would get into pretend battles where Robin would always be the English and the prince would always be the Irish.

While Robin and Marian were talking, Richard looked over at the two children and smiled. One of the guards saw them as well.

"Is that young Robin Hood, sire." he asked.

"It is."

"My, how that boy has grown."

Richard took a good look at Robin. "He has, hasn't he?"

"How long have those two been friends?"

"Since birth at least."

"Well, from such children come other children."

Richard smiled and looked over at his guard with a raised eyebrow. The guard shrugged his shoulders. Richard looked back over at the two children trying to imagine what it would be like if those two did get married. It wasn't too hard to picture.

Soon the carriage was repaired and they were ready to go.

"Marian! It's time for us to leave!" Richard called out. Robin and Marian walked back to the carriage. Robin said goodbye and wished her a good time. As they were about to leave, Marian called out to Richard.

"Uncle, can Robin go with us?"

Richard thought about it for a while. "Oh, I don't see any reason why he can't." Marian gave her uncle a tight hug as Robin climbed into the carriage. As they rode on, the king asked Robin some questions.

"So, young Robin Hood, have you ever been to Ireland?"

"Yes, I have your majesty."

"Is that so? What part?"

"I've been to the regions of Leinster and Connacht."

"Well, we are going to the capital of Connacht, Galway, to the royal palace."

"Really? I am friends with the prince there."

"Really? I believe I met the prince once, although he was just a small child at the time. What was his name? It was something like Eoghan."

"Eamon, sire?"

"That's right! Young Eamon Kavanagh. You are friends with him?"

"Yes, sir. He and I met a long time ago."

"Well, I suppose now I give you an opportunity to see him again." the king said with a laugh in his voice. Robin smiled at the kings bellowing laugh.

The sun began to sink, but it was still a long way from the city of Liverpool from where they would be departing for Ireland.

"You two should get some sleep. We'll be in Dublin tomorrow morning." the king said to the two young foxes. Marian shut her eyes and rested her head on Robin's shoulder. Richard smiled at this sight. Robin then closed his eyes and fell asleep. Richard woke them up as they reached Liverpool. Robin woke Marian up and he helped her to the boat. The next morning they woke up in the docks of the city of Dublin, Ireland. They began to make their way to Galway the minute they got off the boat.

They arrived at the palace that afternoon. When they entered, the three of them bowed to the king of the region.

"Welcome to Galway, King Richard. I am Rory Kavanagh, king of Connacht." Suddenly, the king saw Robin as the three of them stood up. "Ah, young master Robin Hood, welcome back to Ireland. I'm sure my son, Eamon, will be pleased to see you."

"Thank you, my lord. Do you know where I may find him?"

"I believe he is in his chamber. The guard will lead you and your friend to him." he said as he looked at Marian.

The guard led them down the hall as they heard an Irish penny whistle coming from one of the rooms. Robin recognized the tune as the song, Rising of the Moon. It was one of the songs that Eamon had taught him years ago.

"That is Prince Eamon's chamber. I'm sure he'll be glad to see you again. Welcome back to Ireland." said the guard.

"Thank you." Robin replied. He and Marian opened the door to see a young fox, the same age as Robin, at his desk with an Irish penny whistle in his hand. He turned around and saw Robin and Marian standing there.

"Well, I never thought I'd ever see you again!" Eamon said with his unmistakable Irish accent. The two friends hugged each other as Eamon saw Marian.

"Oh, is this a friend of yours?" asked Eamon.

"Yes. This is Marian. She and I have been friends for as long as we can remember." Robin replied.

"Is this her first time in this country?"

"Yes, it is."

"Well then, welcome to Ireland." Eamon said as he took a bow. "Allow me to introduce meself. I am Eamon Kavanagh, son of Rory Kavanagh of Ireland, Prince of Connacht."

Robin laughed as Eamon took his bow. "Eamon, do you know what this meeting is about?" asked Robin.

"I'm afraid that I don't know too much about it. I've heard some rumors but I don't know everything."

"Well what were the rumors?"

"Apparently, it's about this brotherhood that was born during the reign of the Romans. Their original intent was to 'purify' Rome, but then they turned their attention to Ireland. Their intention was to overthrow the king and replace him with a king who would 'properly' rule the country of their origin. However, their king was a ruthless tyrant who wished to enslave the people."

Robin and Marian looked at each other, eyes wide open.

"Do you think that it's true?" asked Marian.

"No, of course not." Eamon replied with a laugh in his voice. "This brotherhood that they're talking about died off after the fall of the Roman Empire. It may be just a group of rebels under that title, but I don't think it's the true brotherhood."

At that moment, one of the palace guards entered the chamber.

"Pardon the intrusion, my prince, but your father needs you."

"Very well, I'm on my way."

In the main hall, Eamon's father was sitting in the throne before a large council. All heads turned toward the three foxes as they entered.

"Ah, son, we have something here that we want you to take a look at." Rory said. He motioned for one of the council members to step forward. He carried a strange flag. It was a red cross, with a poorly sewn shield emblazoned on it. In the center of the shield was a poorly sewn red hand, clenched in a fist.

"This flag was captured in Athenry. We would like you to tell us what it is."

Eamon studied the flag as Robin and Marian watched intently. A strange flag, unfamiliar to the Irish people yet captured on their land. This concerned everyone

Eamon then spoke up. "This is the flag of the Brotherhood of the Red Hand." Suddenly, the entire council began to talk among themselves. They were all amazed. This was the brotherhood that the rumors were about and now they had proof that the rumors were true. Robin felt Marian's hand grasp his. He looked at her, seeing how frightened she was when she heard this.

"However," Eamon said as the council looked back to him, "I don't believe that this is the true flag. It is too poorly sewn and though it is the same basic design, it is not exact. I believe that it was made by a group of brigands hoping to frighten us."

"How do we know this?" asked on to the council members. Eamon ordered a Brotherhood flag from the Roman Empire to be brought out. There were several distinct differences in the flags. The cross on the Athenry flag was a darker shade of red than the original, rather than being displayed horizontally, the Athenry flag was vertical and the red hand on the original was an open palm rather than a closed fist.

The council let out a breath of relief. They all trusted Eamon, as he knew so much about foreign powers and flags. The meeting was soon adjourned and Eamon and Robin took Marian on a tour of the area. They visited the forest where Robin and Eamon first met, the beaches outside the city and a large hill that overlooked the city and most of the land surrounding it. They also gave Marian the story of how they met.

Robin was wandering Ireland alone when he was caught by Eamon. He was wandering through the woods that belonged to the royal family. Eamon saw him and mistook him for a spy, until he knocked Robin to the ground and saw that they were the same age. From then on they had been friends.

That evening, Robin challenged Eamon to a duel. Eamon accepted stating that he hoped Robin learned a few techniques in England. Marian sat on a stump as she watched the two friends take up well-crafted wooden swords. They began to fight and Marian cheered Robin on during the whole fight.

The two twelve-year-old boys fought for nearly fifteen minutes, until Eamon knocked Robin to the ground and held the tip of his sword up to Robin's chest.

"So, will ya give up, boyo?" Eamon said. As he said this, Robin moved his left foot behind Eamon and knocked him to the ground. As Eamon was about to get up, Robin held his sword up to him. Eamon smiled and dropped his sword.

"How many times have you done that? I never see it comin'." Eamon said. Robin laughed as he pulled Eamon off the ground. Marian got up and hugged Robin for winning the battle. A smile came across Eamon's face and Robin's too. They walked back to the city where King Richard was waiting for them. Eamon bid them a final farewell.

"Perhaps we'll be able to meet again." he said as the two young foxes climbed into the carriage.

"Maybe we will." Robin replied. The two friends shook hands as the carriage departed. Once again, Marian began to fall asleep and rested her head on Robin's shoulder. Robin smiled and fell asleep too.

Suddenly, Robin saw himself standing on a battlefield. He was now his current age. It was as though fourteen years had gone by in an instant. He saw a face. It was the face of Eamon Kavanagh. He too had aged fourteen years. Instead of an innocent twelve-year-old boy, he was now a twenty-six-year-old man.

He stood on the battlefield, sword in hand, facing a large wolf.

"So the Brotherhood does live." Eamon said. "I should have heeded the warning I received those fourteen years ago."

"Perhaps you should have." the wolf replied. "Now you shall feel the consequence of your mistake. Ireland will be ours."

"Not while I'm still breathing. Don't you think for one moment that victory is yours. Trying to resurrect an ancient army would is like trying to forge a sword but first having to dig for your own materials." Eamon raised his sword and prepared to strike. The wolf laughed and drew his sword.

"Yes. But we've had fourteen years to dig, and now we have many swords at our disposal. Le haghaidh leis an Bráithreachas!" cried the wolf.

"Éireann go brách!" Eamon shouted as the two adversaries swung at each other.

As the swords collided, Robin woke up in the castle of Nottingham, next to his wife, Marian. The two had been married for a month now. Beads of sweat were running down Robin's forehead and he was breathing heavily. Marian woke up and looked at her husband.

"Robin, what's wrong?" she said.

"Oh, it's nothing Marian. It was just a dream."

"What was the dream?"

Robin smiled at the vixen and began to tell her what he saw in the dream. He told her about how he saw that day when they left for Ireland together, the day Marian was introduced to Eamon Kavanagh, and finally, of his vision at the end.

"What could it mean?" Robin said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"I'm sure it was just a dream. I don't think there's anything to worry about." Marian smiled and kissed Robin tenderly on the lips.

"I love you, Marian."

"I love you too, Robin."

The two foxes began to fall into a peaceful sleep in each other's company.

(To hear the song mentioned, Rising of the Moon, go to Youtube)