I knew Gippal was depressed, but I never expected this.

We sat in one of the side rooms in the Djose Temple, on one of the couches, his head in my lap. No, it's nothing romantic. That was lost a long time ago. Actually, I don't think either of us has had much luck with love at all…

"Rikku…" He starts, his arm covering his eyes, "So raynd ylrac."

I lace my fingers in his hair and stroke his head, hoping to sooth him a bit. "This isn't like you, Gippal… Who is it?" I've been asking him over and over again, but he won't answer me. It's making me upset, but I know that now isn't the time to scorn him. Paine's been telling me to work on my timing. 'Learn to hold your tongue.' She's told me.

"I have this feeling. It's like… When I see him, I can't imagine that I had ever cared. I can't imagine that what we used to have… who we used to be… meant anything to me. He's so dark and cold and controlling…" He lowers his arm and sets it by his waist. I move my hands from his hair to his cheek.

"It's Baralai… Isn't it?" It made my stomach flutter to think that they were once… more than friends… But again, I hold my tongue.

"Oac." He closes his eye when my thumb starts making circles on his cheek. "But I go through my life and machines blow up in my face, my workers throw fits, I get yelled at by Nhadala and Rin and your father and I just… I get tired. All I can think about… is cold nights in a thin tent… after a long day of training. Just being with Baralai, seeing him smile at me and tell me we're friends, no matter our race and…"

He sighs and looks up at me.


"And I consider running to Bevelle and just watching him work." Watching him work…

"Have you considered that maybe… you could just go back to him?"

"Yht dnah fryd?"

And now it's my heart that aches. "E tuh'd ghuf, Gippal. Tell him you love him?"

I don't know if there are any fans of this pairing out there anymore... But if even one person wants me to continue, I will. xD I love this couple. c: