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"The 4:10 flight to Seattle is now boarding. First class passengers, please make your way forward." A perky young flight attendant with blond hair said into the loud speaker.

A group of young men and a young lady made their way forward and handed in their tickets. They were leaving the country to make a new start. The first had long dark midnight black hair with natural red lowlights that covered his forehead and almost his eyes and high aristocratic cheek bones with full lips, a sweet smile and flawless golden tan skin. He was wearing a green vest over a black shirt with white skinny jeans and green high-tops, making his beautiful emerald green eyes pop. He was about 5'8 and had a skinny body but was well toned.

The next young man had light platinum blond hair and silky white skin. His hair was to the middle of his back, tied up with a black band with his bangs framing his face. He was about 6'1 and had beautiful mercury colored eyes filled with sadness, high cheekbones and a small cupids bow in his lips. He was wearing a white shirt with a black vest and black pants with white high tops, he was also wearing the Malfoy lordship ring, as his father had given him everything, wanting his son to be safe and wanting to Malfoy name to continue.

The young lady was next, though standing nervously behind what looked to be her twin brother. She had beautiful sapphire eyes with full lips, but her skin was pale and almost like the moon. Her hair was midnight black and to the middle of her back with deep red highlights in it. She was wearing a black tank top with a picture of her skeleton on it, a small heart inside, black spider web gloves, a red short skirt with fishnet stockings and combat boots on. She had a beautiful red chocker with a small locket on it and a satchel slung over her shoulder. She had slight curves at her chest and waist but was only about 5'6 and was wearing black lipstick on her lush full lips, high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes.

Last but not least of the little group of teenagers, was probably the most colorful. He had on white skinny jeans with a blue Shane Dawson t-shirt with long sideswiped chocolate brown hair. He was wearing a white beanie and light blue high tops as well as bracelets on both his wrists ranging from beads to I 3 Boobies! He was about 6'1 and had a runners build, with broad shoulders. His skin was a pretty peach and he had beautiful hazel eyes.

Then there was the older gentlemen standing behind all four, handing the boys each of their satchels and making sure everyone had everything. He was the tallest at 6'4 wearing black dragon hide biker boots, worn out blue jeans, a white t-shirt under a black leather jacket. His black hair was about shoulder length in a low pony tail and his eyes hidden by sunglasses. He gently pushed the kids towards the lady in front and gave a small smile.

"I and my children are flying first class. Here are our tickets." He said in a low voice that shouted hardships.

The flight attendant nodded and took their tickets, letting them on first with a bit of a flirtatious smile, which in turn had all the teens rolling their eyes.

On board the young twins sat next to each other, with the blond and brunette behind them and their father off to the side.

"Hadrian make sure you have your notebook okay? Luna you as well. Draco, check and make sure you brought your IPod, we don't need another car ride. Neville, you sure you have enough books to read, we aren't going to go running through the airport again to check the book kiosk." Sirius said, indicating each of his children.

Ian nodded and pulled out his notebook, before showing Siri he had it. Draco indicated his IPod by putting his headphones in and sticking his tongue out at Sirius. Neville just nodded and buried his nose into a book about the different plants around the world.

An hour into the flight, Luna had fallen asleep with Draco and Neville and Siri was tuned out to the world. Ian, however, was just staring at his family with a smile. He had never thought that he would be finally going somewhere where he could be himself. Two months ago, if someone had told him he was going to be going to America with Draco Malfoy, he would have checked them into St. Mungo's himself, but now he couldn't imagine his life better and it was all thanks to a real prophecy, lady Magic and an inheritance. He smiled and sat back remembering the transformation and seeing the full truth for the first time.


It was a stormy night and Harry was lying in bed staring at the digital alarm clock on the wall, it was only two minutes to midnight, two minutes to finally being 17 and able to leave this world. He had wanted to leave in fifth year, but with the age limits on being able to do magic and having to play Dumbledore's whipping boy, he didn't have anywhere to turn. By dumb luck he had stumbled on a spell that had brought back Sirius. He smiled and stared over at the clock.











The clock flashed midnight and harry sighed, there was no pain, nothing. Then pain shot through his back and down his body. He quickly threw up a silencing spell and thanked god he had remembered his wand. He screamed in pain as his bones were readjusted and he felt like his spine was being pushed out of his body and his shoulders were being pushed out. With a lurch he leaned forward and threw up into his trash can, filling it with blood, then with another scream he passed out.

4 hours later he slowly started to wake. He whimpered when he felt something heavy on his back and prayed his uncle hadn't woken up early. He peeked nervously over his shoulder and sighed in relief, it was just a set of wings.

Then it hit his tired mind and his eyes went wide. He had wings on his back. "Oh Shit!" he thought and quickly started turning around and around trying to catch one of his wings before stopping and standing still dizzily. He groaned and sighed, was he really this stupid some times?

He blushed slightly at his own stupidity, then waved his hand and transfigured a piece of trash into a full length mirror wandlessly and wordlessly. He then closed his eyes and focused on moving his wings. He smiled when he could easily move them and gently stretched them out and flapped them a little bit. He grinned, with a little work he could probably fly. He then gently moved one of his wings forward and started feeling it. The outside of his wings were lined red, while the inside was black on each wing was a small mark of what looked like fire. Next he moved his wings out as far as he could and wandlessly transfigured a piece of string into a tape measure and measured his wing span. Grinning bigger when he realized he had a 20ft wing span.

Then it hit him. Harry was 17. He could finally leave and get away from everything. He grinned happily and pulled his wand out, then cast "Occurit". He smiled when everything he owned and needed was packed into his truck, then shrunken. Next he looked back at his wings and sighed. How was he gonna hide this? He wondered if by some small chance he could pull his wings back into his body. He winced, when as soon as he thought it, his wings slowly moved back into his body, shrunken and kept between his shoulder blades.

Next he locked down at his clothes and grimaced. He closed his eyes and slowly ran his wand over his head first, making his hair longer and styled differently. Next his shirt turned into a button down and a vest was added, then his pants turned into a pair of skinny jeans. Lastly he got a pair of plain white high tops and smiled. "Now comes Gringotts." Harry thought with a bit of a wince. This was the part he was worried about.

He quietly cast a spell on the locks making them silently unlock and let him out, then tip toed down the stairs to the front door and stepped out. Once he was out, he ran to the curb and stuck his wand out, calling the knight bus and put on his black cloak, putting the hood up and smiling. He was finally getting out of here.

The bus arrived and the doors opened, to reveal Ernie. "Where ya be headed?" Asked the young driver.

"Leaky Cauldron please." Harry said quietly, putting in his two Galleons and sitting on a bed in the back. He held on tight the entire time he was on the bus, closing his eyes tight when they started heading for a building and wincing when they were lurched to the side. He stood up and smiled thankfully when they finally reached it.

"Leaky Cauldron!" shouted Ernie, the driver and opened the door. Harry nodded to the male on his way out and slowly made his way through the pub and into the alley, tapping the bricks in order.

He had a list of things he wanted to do before he met with the others at Sirius. At the end of the school year, when Harry had pulled Ron off of Luna and found out his friends were paid for, he had shown his true colors. He, Draco, Neville and Luna had been friends since they met and kept it secret, thinking something like this would happen.

He made his way into the bank and walked up to the nearest goblin, pulling his hood back just enough for the goblin to see who he was.

"I have an appointment with Ragnoc and Griphook." He said softly, making sure no one around could hear. The goblin nodded his head, then jumped off his stool and grabbed Harry's hand, pulling him towards a small office in the back.

"We have been waiting for you," Griphook said, once the door was closed. Harry smiled and pulled his hood back, showing off his now darker hair and smiling face.

"It's good to see you old friend." Harry said, bowing slightly to the two goblins, in a formal greeting. Once both the goblins sat down, Harry knew it was alright to speak freely.

"Before we get to it, do you think you could help me? I think I came into a creature inheritance and I'm not really sure what I am." Harry said, a slight blush making its way to his face.

Both the goblins smiled a knowing smile and nodded their heads, telling Harry slightly to show them. Harry pulled off his cloak, then his vest and shirt and thought about his wings. He imagined the color and size, how they felt on his back, and the texture of his feathers. He bit his lip hard when his wings pushed through the skin and ever so slowly expanded till they were at their former glory.

Griphook and Ragnoc stared at the wings wide eyed. It couldn't be possible. It just couldn't. There hadn't been a harpy since the founder's time. Both of their eyes widened more and they turned to each other.

"Harry we need to have you do a blood test, to see who you are related to and if you have any other inheritances." Ragnoc said softly, still not believing Harry could be one of the rarest magical creatures around.

Harry stared at the two goblins confused. Were his wings really a bad thing? He figured everyone at 17 got wings. But then it hit him. Nothing about him was normal. There was no way the bloody Boy-with-too-many-hyphens-in-his-bloody-name, could be normal. He sighed and nodded his consent.

"What do I have to do?" he asked, still a bit angry at himself for allowing himself to believe he was normal.

Ragnoc pulled out a potion and handed it over. "Just prick your finger and add a few drops of your blood to this, then shake it till its pink." The goblin said, offering a small dagger as well.

Harry took the potion and uncorked it, then sliced his finger and added his blood. Once the blood was in, he licked his finger and smiled when the blood stopped. He blushed slightly when he realized it tasted far better than any sweet he had ever had. Unfortunately for Harry, the goblins noticed and each let out a silent groan.

Harry smiled weakly and started to shake the potion, shaking it gently till it turned pink. Once done, he handed it back to Ragnoc. Ragnoc smiled weakly and took the potion, then poured it onto a piece of parchment. All three watched as names started to appear. First it was Harry's, then his parents, then it started to go further and further back, till it hit three names. Myrddin, Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor.

Both the goblins groaned once again and their heads dropped onto the parchment. "You're a harpy Harry. And a very strong one at that. Salazar Slytherin is the only known other Harpy in existence. Each harpy is born with a special gift over an element. Judging by yours, I'd say not to piss you off or things will start to burn." Ragnoc said quietly. He went over the wall of his office and started to chant in gobbledygook.

Harry watched in surprise as the illusion of a wall faded and in its place was a case with three swords and wands, as well as a few books and three wills. Harry stared at Ragnoc and Griphook. How was this possible?
"So my parseltongue abilities are mine?" asked Harry, surprised at all of this. He sat down on the chair, trying to take it all in, with his wings wrapped around him.

"Yes . Your more entitled to the Slytherin name then Riddle ever was." Griphook said, finally coming out of his daze.

Ragnoc pulled out the wills, journals, swords and wands. He waved his hand and the desk cleared, then placed each in front of Harry on the desk. Next he picked up each will and handed them to Harry.

"They entrusted these to us. There was a prophecy many years ago written by Rowana Ravenclaw. When the one with the three bloods came forth after his inheritance, we were to give him these." Griphook said softly.

Harry took the wills and looked up at the goblins, expecting them to shout April fools, or psych at any second. When each of the nodded towards the papers, he groaned. Couldn't he be normal for once! He looked down at the wills and started to read.

This is the last will and testament of Salazar Slytherin. I am leaving nothing to my immediate family. One day in about a thousand years, a young boy much like myself will be used and abused but it will all go unnoticed. The expectations of the world will be put onto this poor boy when all he really wants is a family. I leave everything to one Harry J. Potter. Harry had I had the choice I would have invented a way to go through time and save you myself, but there was nothing I could do. Rowana said once you finally get away you will be safe and have a happy life. Alas I hate to have to say this, but you must know. The prophecy that has been told to you as of now, is utter bull. But there is one that pertains to you and three other people. A harpy an elf a fairy a veela. Of water of earth of fire of air. Four will come together as a family and the world they shall change, but alas many shall stand in their way. These four will the world they shall change, these four of water of earth of fir of air. Rowana herself made the prophecy but we thought it best not to let anyone know. You know the three others and I know you are a smart lad. Oh and do not worry my grandson, your mate will treat you well.

Harry looked up at the Goblins. "This can't be real." He said softly.

Ragnoc looked down and sighed. "I am sorry my friend, but a will can not be forged. These are as real as they get." He said looking sad that he had to be the one saying it.

Harry quickly read through the other two and sighed, They were pretty much telling him the same thing, with the exception of Myrddin who said that he should "Have some fun for an old coot that never got to be himself."

Harry looked at the swards and wands. He moved to pick up Myrddin's wand when a bright light stopped him. The three swards and wands slowly rose up and Harry's wand followed and the four wands fused together to make one, while the three swords did the same. Once they were back down on the desk, he picked up his wand and stared at it in awe. It was now an ivory white at about 16 inches long. On it was the carvings of a bassalisk, a gryphon, and a phoenix. Harry smiled a tad as he waved it and out of the end shot a rainbow of colored sparks.

"Wicked!" he said with a grin, putting the wand in his wand hollister, then strapping on the sword that was designed the same way.

"Now the thing I really came here for. I want to know if I have any manors in a small town in America." He said softly looking at the goblins with hopeful eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for our decent into Seattle." The flight attendant said on the over head, pulling Ian out of his flash back.

Ian gently shook his sister's arm, waking her up, before checking to see that Neville and Draco were already awake. He chuckled when he saw Draco reading a Potions book while Neville read a book on flowers.

Ian pulled his shoulder bag up and put away his sketch book, before handing a matching one in a different one to his sister.

"Did you sleep well Luna?" he asked softly, knowing through all of this, she needed them the most.

"Yeah, thank you Ian." She said softly, knowing he had slipped her just a little bit of a dreamless sleep potion. Ian nodded and kissed her forehead.

Once they were finally off the plane, Siri checking to make sure they all had their luggage shrunken in their shoulder bags, then herding them out to the sidewalk. He grinned and gestured to five cars lined up perfectly in front of the airport.

First was a blue 1967 Chevy Impala that just screamed Sirius. Next there was a Silver Lotus Elise, which had Draco drooling. Thirdly, was a 1969 forest green dodge challenger that Neville immediately ran up to. Fourth was a dark purple a 1930 ford Coupe that made Luna squeal and run over to it, immediately getting in the driver's seat. Lastly was a black 1977 mustang cobra II, that made Ian grin like a mad man.

Ian ran over to Sirius and glomped the man, while grinning from ear to ear. "You got the perfect choices Padfoot." He said with a smile, then ran over to his own car and turned it on. The house had already been furnished and most of their things moved in. Ian knew they were going to be the talk of this little town.

When each had started their car, Sirius led the way out of the airport and onto the little town they were moving into. Look out Forks, here comes the Blacks.

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