The next day found the blacks home sick, well Luna sick and the boys catering to her instead of leaving her for school. Ian smiled and softly sketched her then pinned it above Luna's bed. "So you'll always see just how beautiful you are." he said softly.

After school, the Cullen family arrived with the days homework and Alice and Jasper climbed into bed with Luna, each cuddling her from either side. "How was your day my little love?" Jasper asked and kissed her temple then winced. "Your forehead is burning."

Luna smiled softly. "Fever reducer?" she asked not knowing exactly what it was.

Sirius nodded and summoned it from the pantry. "Now love I know it tastes bad but you have to drink it all." he said softly.

Luna nodded and slowly downed it then winced. "That's disgusting." she whined.

Siri nodded. 'I know love, I can't help it." he said softly.

Draco came in with tea and toast with Luna's favorite tea in the pot and her favorite jelly for the toast. "here love, give your tummy something to digest." he said and set the tray on the nightstand and offered Luna her tea.

Luna eagerly took it and sipped it before she smiled. "Only you know how to make my favorite tea perfect." she said softly, her throat very hoarse.

Draco leaned down and kissed her forehead. "It's because I make it special for you." he said softly.

Alice smiled and kissed Luna's cheek while Jasper kissed the other one then cuddled her close between them." we were worried about you today." she said sadly.

Luna smiled. "I'm fine, I just got a bad cold." she promised.

Jasper smiled. "Well your mood is happy right now." he teased.

Luna blushed. "I can't help it." she whispered.

Jasper smiled softly. "It's alright. It's sweet. We brought your homework for you and your brothers by the way."

Luna groaned. "I hate that school. They act like they've never seen a girl in a skirt before" she said softly.

Alice smiled. "Well we did get the prettiest girl in school, their probably all jealous." she teased.

Luna giggled and cuddled close to Jasper while wrapping her arms around Alice. "I love you both." she whispered.

Alice smiled. 'And we love you." she promised, the room filling with Joy as Jasper lost control of the happiness he felt. "I love you both." he said and kissed Luna's lips gently.

Luna blushed dark red then smiled shyly as she kissed him back then hid her face in Alice's neck. "He's making me blush." she whined.

Alice pulled a blood pop out and put it into Jasper's mouth just in case then gently started to play with Luna's long beautiful hair. "I wish you'd let me play with your hair more." Alice said and smiled.

Luna smiled softly. "Well if I'm better tomorrow, then I'll let you dress me." she promised.

Alice grinned and kissed Luna's lips softly. "I would love that, just if it meant you were healthy." she said softly.

Draco came up again with tea for Jasper and Alice. "here loves, it's got blood in it so you can drink it." he promised.

Alice took hers and smiled. "Thank you Draco." she said softly then passed the other to jasper who looked ready to eat a bear. "Thanks Dray." Jasper said with a smile and sipped his tea. "Luna's right, this is delicious." he said excitedly.

Draco smiled. "I'm glad you think so. Haller if you need something." he said softly.

Alice smiled and sipped her tea then offered Luna some toast. "Here love, eat something."

Luna nodded and munched on the bread. "thank you." she said softly.

The rest of the day found Luna in bed being catered to and cuddling with her mates. By morning her fever broke and by mid afternoon, she was all better.

Luna smiled as she headed to school in her car with Alice and Jasper in her back seat. She parked just next to her mate's family then got out. Rosalie walked over and gently hugged Luna. "Do you feel better my little fay?" she asked softly.

Luna nodded and returned the hug. "Yes thank you. How's being a mother coming?" she asked softly.

Rosy smiled. "I love it. My baby girl is so smart. She gets to spend today painting and baking cookies with grandma." she said proudly.

Emmett smiled and walked over to Neville. "I got a killer system at home, would you like to come over and run a match with me?" he asked with a grin.

Neville grinned. "Wouldn't miss it for the world." he promised.

Edward grinned and pulled Ian down and spun him around with a grin. "I missed you last night. I was tempted to break into your house so I could sleep with you." he teased.

Ian laughed and smiled at Edward. "I left my window open so you could come in." he said softly.

Edward stared surprised. "you'd let me sleep with you?" he asked softly.

Ian blushed and nodded. "I like your cuddles and the way you hum to me when I'm sleepy." he admitted.

Edward grinned and kissed Ian's lips gently. "I love you." he said softly.

Ian blushed and kissed Edward more passionately back. "I love you too." he said with a happy smile on his face.

Edward smiled as Luna was walked to class by Jasper and Alice and Draco was with Rosy, talking about getting toys special for Aurora for christmas and her birthday as both were coming up.

Ian grinned. "I love our families. It's like someone took a glue stick and stuck us together." he said softly.

Edward laughed. "I love our family too." he said softly. "But rosy would get really upset if you said she was a glue stick."

Ian laughed. "But we are all glue sticks." he said playfully.

The day went by slowly till finally they got out of school. Edward insisted on driving Ian home and smiled when Ian gave him the extra helmet. "Just don't go to fast."

Across the pond, Dumbledore was pacing and grumbling about not being able to find funds and a place for them to meet. He debated using the school funds as they were his to use mostly for the school and to pay the teachers. He frowned when Severus came in and sat down. "Voldemort is just as angry as you are, he doesn't know where they are and it bugs him."

Dumbledore growled and in his angry fit he hit the base of the rack over, cutting off Fawkes from flying away. He quickly popped away from the old coot and reappeared in Forks where the owls had come through and landed on a small tree near the door, freezing his tush off but happy to be back to freedom.

Dumbledore shouted in anger and quickly tried to detect Fawkes but nothing appeared, he grabbed the perch and threw it out the window with a shout.

Severus watched in amusement before he floo'd out, worried the headmaster might throw him next.

Tom smiled when he saw Severus. "how mad is the old coot?" he asked.

Severus grinned. "He knocked over Fawkes' perch and freed the bird in the process. He ended up throwing the perch through the window." he said with a laugh.

Tom grinned. "Have you heard from your love?" he asked.

Sev nodded. "Remus is working really hard to keep the werewolves safe." he said softly. "I miss him to bits though."

Tom smiled. "Then invite him to dinner and we can talk about keeping the werewolves beyond protected." he promised.