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The weeks passed quickly for school and Rosalie took Draco to the muggle mall to get things for his family. "What about this?" he asked and held up a snuggy.

Rosalie grinned. 'Looks perfect, you can sleep in it without any clothes on." she teased playfully.

Draco laughed and put it back. "Don't need that then. Have any of your family members consummated the bond?" he asked curiously.

Rosalie smiled. "Edward and Ian are waiting till after their married, I don't know about Jasper and Alice and Luna." she admitted.

Draco smiled. "Did Ian tell you what he got you for an early Christmas present?" he asked.

Rosalie smiled. "No, I wanted it to be a surprise but at the same time I want to know." she said softly.

Draco grinned and walked to the baby section. "I wonder if I should get blue or pink." he said with playful grin.

Rosalie went wide eyed. "He's brewing that potion?" she asked hopeful.

Draco smiled sweetly then put the baby clothes back. "I won't say. Come on let's find something for Aurora next."

Rosalie nodded then went to a little girls store and grinned when she found a few princess dresses then cute kitty pajamas and kitty ears for her hair. "we should get her a play house, something with a small slide and things to climb on. Oh and a bike." she said excitedly.

Draco chuckled. "How about a jungle gym?" he asked.

Rosalie grinned and nodded. "sounds perfect." she said happily, then found a princess bike with training wheels on it. "I have to get it for her."

Draco smiled. "How about you get that and I'll get the play ground." he said softly.

Rosalie nodded her head. "alright. I'll tell Mama we need to expand the house for a nursery." she said happily.

Draco smiled. "You know the dangers right?" he asked worried.

Rosalie nodded. "I read the book on it. I have to have a love session with my husband then I'll be pregnant for 9 months and out will come the little one." she said softly.

Draco nodded and smiled. "Your little one will be strong as a new born and you'll find out a new power if he has one when he's born. We will know when you're giving birth."

Rosalie smiled and wheeled the bike towards then stopped and found a toy jeep that went over all terrain an traded it for the bike. She easily carried it to the register while Draco paid for the jungle gym and had a promise to send someone out to set it up.

Rosalie smiled and paid for all the gifts she got and asked them to be wrapped.

Once they finished shopping, Rosalie smiled and headed to the bedroom to hide the presents while Draco just shrunk his and put them in a little chest for Christmas.

Aurora heard her mommy come in then grabbed the tray of cookies she and grandma had made and headed up the stairs a little clumsily.

"Momma!" she called, getting scared she was going to fall.

Ian quickly walked up behind her and lifted her into his arms bridal style so she wouldn't drop her cookies. "What's princess doing carrying so many yummy things?" he asked playfully.

Aurora smiled. "I made them, I want mamma to try." she said excitedly.

Ian smiled and carried her up to the bedroom her mother was in. "Mommy!" she said excitedly and squirmed to get down.

Ian chuckled and set her down on her feet, only to have the little girl run over to her mother.

Rosalie grinned and lifted her little girl into her arms gently. "Well what do we have here?
she asked and playfully kissed Aurora's cheek. "Smells yummy."

Aurora giggled and picked one up and offered it to her mother. "I made them with grandma." she said excitedly.

Rosalie smiled and took a bite of one then smiled fully. "Delicious. My baby girl is an excellent cook." she teased.

Aurora smiled happily then squirmed again. "I wanna give one to Daddy." she said excitedly.

Emmett came out from the garage and was wiping his hands. "And what is my beautiful daughter wanting to give daddy?" he asked playfully.

Aurora squealed and ran over to her daddy, getting a little oil on her dress but offered the cookie up to her daddy.

Emmett smiled and ate it from her hand then grinned. "Delicious. Did you make these yourself?" he asked and snuggled her close.

Aurora nodded and smiled happily. "Granma let me stir it and make balls of the cookies too." she said happily.

Emmett smiled proudly. "Well we might just have to make another batch of these. There yummy." he teased playfully.

Aurora smiled and nodded her head. "Daddy can we go watch the stars tonight?" she asked hopefully.

Emmett smiled. "I think we can do that. We can even color in your tree house too if you want."

Aurora smiled fully and squealed. "Really?" she asked hopeful.

Emmett nodded his head and smiled then kissed her forehead. "Just let daddy get washed up and you go get on your pjs."

Aurora ran to her bedroom, only to be stopped by her mommy. "Good lord little one did daddy hug you covered in oil?" she asked with a kind smile.

Aurora nodded and kept her head down, thinking she was in trouble.

Rosalie gently lifted her chin and kissed her forehead. "It's okay, lets just get you cleaned up. I got new bubble bath for you, wanna try it?" she asked.

Aurora smiled. "what's it smell like?" she asked curiously.

Rosalie smiled and carried Aurora to the bathtub. "it smells like flowers." she said softly.

"Like mommy?" she asked hopeful.

Rosalie laughed. "Yes just like mommy." she said softly.

After the tub was filled and Aurora was thoroughly cleaned and dressed in footsy pajamas, she went running through the hall and slid to a halt just before the stairs, going wide eyed as she started to fall, then screamed for help as she fell down the first few stairs.

Ian heard the scream then quickly pulled out his wings and flew in, catching Aurora before she could go any further down the stairs, the little girl crying in pain and terror. "Shh shh Aurora its okay, uncle Ian has you." he said softly and held her close.

Rosalie was there in seconds then looked at Ian worriedly. "She may have broken her arm, but she's alright, she fell down the first flight of stairs before I could catch her." he said softly.

Carlisle was immediately called at work and asked to make time to set Aurora's arm in a cast.

Rosalie gently took Aurora from Ian then held the crying little girl as she ran full speed to one of the cars and sat in the back while Emmett drove to the hospital.

Aurora looked up nervously. "Are you taking me back?" she asked, still in tears.

Rosalie shook her head. "Never. We are going to see Grandpa at the hospital, so he can fix your arm." she promised.

Aurora cuddled close to her mother, cradling her broken arm and still crying, though sniffling now instead of sobbing.

Rosalie smiled softly and kissed Aurora's cheek. "I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough to catch you." she whispered.

Aurora looked up and shook her head. "It's okay mommy. It's like you said, I have uncle Ian and uncle Edward and uncle Jasper and aunt luna and aunt Alice to take care of me too." she said softly.

Rosalie smiled with watery eyes. "That's exactly right little love." she said proudly.

Once they got to the hospital, Rosalie gently carried Aurora in and was seen immediately to a room.

Carlisle smiled and walked in. "What's this I hear about my little girl getting hurt?" he asked and nuzzled Aurora playfully.

Aurora giggled a little bit then held up her arm. "I fell down the stairs." she said softly.

Carlisle went wide eyed at that then smiled. "well your a brave girl to let me come look at it. I'm gonna have to take some pictures of the inside of your arm okay?"

Aurora looked at him curiously. "How do you do that?"

Carlisle smiled and lifted her up, carrying her to the xray machine they had and laid her down on a table and set a large metal cape like thing on her body to keep her safe then set the arm just over it.

After a few xrays, Carlisle looked t them and frowned, it was healed. nothing was wrong with the arm.

Aurora looked at her arm and slowly lifted it and moved her fingers.

Carlisle walked over and smiled softly. "You healed yourself. How did you do that little one?" he asked curiously.

Aurora shook her head. "I'm not allowed to say. It's secret between elves." she said softly.

Rosalie smiled when Carlisle came back. "Little one is all healed up. All by herself." he said proudly.

Rosalie frowned. "How did that happen?" she asked confused.

Carlisle shook his head. "I haven't the faintest Idea but she said it's a secret between elves so it might be a good idea to ask Neville." he said softly.

Neville smiled as he won yet another match against Edward, worried about the little girl in the hospital right now. He knew that by the time they got there, she would be healed but didn't want to say anything as it was supposed to be an elvin secret.

Carlisle smiled and gave his little granddaughter a kiss on the forehead. "well you were very brave to let me look at it. You'll be all right completely by the time mummy takes you home." he said softly.

Rosalie smiled and pulled Aurora into her arms. "I'm very proud of you." she said softly.

Aurora sniffled a bit then hid her face in her mommy's shoulder. "I didn't mean to fall." she whispered, feeling like she was in trouble.

Emmett smiled softly and ran a hand over her back soothingly. "It's alright. Wanna know a secret?" he asked playfully.

Aurora turned her head to him, her ear still to her mommy's chest. "What papa?" she asked curiously.

Emmett chuckled. "I fell down those stairs quite a few times." he said honestly.

Rosalie smiled. "He's telling the truth. he even broke his leg trying to go down them to quickly." she said with a giggle.

Aurora looked up at her mommy. "So I didn't do bad?" she asked nervously.

Rosalie shook her head. "Not at all. Aurora we will never send you back. I promise." she said softly then kissed Aurora's forehead.

Aurora nodded and kissed her mommy's cheek. "I love you mommy." she said softly.

Rosalie smiled. "Would you want a little brother or sister?" she asked softly.

Aurora grinned fully. "I want a little sister to play dress up with!" she said excitedly.

Rosalie smiled again and kissed Aurora's for head. "I'll have to try and make it a girl then." she teased.

Aurora smiled happily then yawned. "Mommy I'm tired." she said softly.

Rosalie smiled and walked out to the car, Emmett decided to drive while Rosalie held Aurora, the seat belt around both her and Aurora.

Emmett smiled and started to sing a goofy song from the radio for kids and made Aurora laugh but blush when her tummy growled.

Rosalie smiled as they parked then carried Aurora to the kitchen and set her on the counter. "How about we get you some veggies and fish?" she asked softly.

Aurora nodded her head, knowing she needed to eat her greens. "That sounds yummy mommy." she said softly.

Rosalie heated it up then set it into a booster seat at the table and got her a glass of soy milk to keep her healthy.

Across the ocean, Voldemort was talking to the alpha of the pack that was trying to stay out of the war.

"We will protect the wolves and you in this home. you can hunt in the forest to the back and we won't force you to fight. you can just be safe in my home and my forests." he promised with a kind smile.

The alpha nodded and bowed with a hand over his heart. "I thank you for the protection you offer us. We have cubs who can't fight and a few injured who need to heal." he said with honesty in his voice. "I also believe one of my pack has a love named Severus. He can go to him now." he teased Remus as he quickly left the meeting and found Severus in the hall pacing.

As soon as Severus saw Remus he pulled him into a tight hug and started kissing him, having missed him so much. He put all the love he had into the kiss then pulled away slightly. "I love you. I've missed you to death."

Remus nodded and kissed Severus one more time. "I've missed you too. How did you get Voldemort to offer protection?" he asked confused.

Severus smiled. "all the things we thought about him, aren't true. He's a good man just needed to take a few things from people. Ian no longer is a threat to him, their cousins."

Remus stared surprised. "How did that happen?" he asked confused.

Severus shook his head. "I don't know."

Far from the man who had been bad mouthed, Dumbledore was trying to calm every one down as they were looking for their money and the grimhold place. "I don't have access to it now. If I could, I'd find Sirius. But he kidnapped the boy and had him emancipated. I have no access to the money any more." he said with a grandfatherly twinkle in his eyes. he had tea brought up and made sure everyone had some before he said. "now all of you will wait till the brat shows up to get your money." he said firmly, getting a nod from the now potioned group.

Back in America, Neville was in the forest looking for roots and leaves for potions. He startled when Fawks landed on his shoulder. "Aw love how long have you been out here. You're freezing."

Neville put the last of his potions ingredients into his pouch then gently lifted Fawkes off his shoulder and hugged him close, taking him home.

"Ian!" Neville shouted soon as he got into the house.

Ian frowned and moved away from Edward, not admitting they were snogging in his room. He headed downstairs then went wide eyed. "How long has he been out in the cold?" he asked, recognizing the bird immediately.

Neville shook his head. "He's freezing though. will you make a fire while i heat up some mice for him?"

Ian nodded and started a fire, then wrapped a warm towel around Fawkes who trilled in pleasure at the warmth.

Neville came back in with warmed mice and water as well as a few owl treats. "Here you go." he said softly, staring surprised when the beautiful bird attacked the meal in hunger. "he must have been out there for days." he said sadly.

Fawkes finished the meal then drank the water like a mad man.

Edward came down with just his jeans on then stared surprised at the Phoenix. "Wow." he said softly and sat behind Ian with a smile. "He's beautiful." he said softly.

Fawkes trilled a sweet song to Edward and Ian then walked over and sat in Ian's lap. "He was forced to be with Dumblebut. now he is free to find his own man or woman to be his familiar." he said sadly.

Ian heated up his body to be warm to the touch and held Fawkes close to him, making sure he got the heat he needed. "Fawkes, do you want to have a burning day today?" he asked curiously.

Fawkes trilled then moved from the blanket into the fire, much to the surprise of both Edward and Ian. "I guess it was much to cold for a burn day." he said and chuckled with the pheonix curled up and fell asleep on the fire. "Let's let him rest." he said softly and left food out for Fawkes for when he woke up.

Ian looked to the bird. "I think it's close to time to go against Dumbledore." he said honestly.

Edward smiled. "I will go with you."

Ian nodded and smiled. "i'm glad you will." he said softly.

Edward smiled softly. "come on, you need your rest too." he said and lifted Ian into his arms then headed back up stairs. "He will be fine for now and youll see him in the morning."

~~end of chapter~~

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