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Aro growled when he couldn't get close or find the place that had the little girl. He sniffed some more then smirked. He smelt the mutts running around the forest in a circle around a house. That must be them inside.

Caius was next to appear and walked towards Aro. "I do not smell them here." he said softly.

Aro smiled. "But you smell the mutts running circles around this house. They are in there. we just need to find the entrance around these bonds that refuse to let us in."

Caius frowned and took his fist and slammed it through the ward, causing it to break and for them to be encountered by the pack of la push. "Oh hello mutts." Aro said sweetly then bared his teeth at them. "Have you come to die?"

Jacob changed back and narrowed his eyes. "We protect our own. you won't harm anyone here."

Caius smiled with his teeth showing. "We always take what we want and we want the brewer that made young Mrs. Cullen pregnant." he said sweetly.

From the top of the house, Hadrian had take his bow and charmed the arrows to explode and catch the pieces of body to ignite.

Hadrian positioned himself and slowly adjusted and strung his bow, then let an arrow loose, catching Sulpicia in the chest and causing her to explode and catch on fire.

Aro looked livid and heartbroken at the same time. "The person who shot that arrow will die." he shouted.

Aurora whimpered and hid in the basement hearing the shouting of the enemy outside and started crying in the corner.

As the elders and fighting started, a man sniffed his way through the back door and followed his nose to the basement and took the girl before she could scream. He ran through the back wards and towards itali knowing they would come after the girl.

As arrows were loosed more vampires were killed and two were wounded. Rosalie had a bad cut in her leg and Carlyle had taken a bite to the arm.

Finally after three hours of fighting, Ian smelled something wrong. He quickly flew downstairs and shot two more people then walked in, smelling for Aurora and going wide eyed.

"Rosalie!" Ian shouted in worry. He started looking for the scent of the vampire that took her.

Rosalie quickly ran through then sniffed the air and growled. "Come with me to get her?" she begged.

Ian nodded and took off into the air, seeing the voltori retreating.

As he flew over the land he found the scent stronger then jumped in front of the man who had a sobbing Aurora who was trying to kick and punch him.

Ian quickly descended and smacked the back of his head with a rock. "Aurora run!"

Aurora nodded and ran back to the way she remembered but got lost and started to try and find where her mommy and daddy were but her scent was covered in vampire.

Ian broke the neck of the vampire that took Aurora then started to look around for Aurora then frowned when Marcus found the little girl and ran into the direction of Italy, showing his brothers the score he had gotten.

Ian growled and followed the vampires in the air, trying to keep track of who had her and where they were going. He was surprised when they went into a boat and started to go into open water then followed them to the water and put a glamour on himself. He slowly flew down to see the sobbing girl in the boat then motioned to her that he was there.

Half way through the ride to the Italy, Ian landed on the bed with his wings still out and fire in both his hands. "You'll let her go or I'll kill you here and now." he said angrily.

Aro raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think you would get close to us, we have many more vampires following us ready to eat that sweet little child." he said in a sickly sweet voice.

Ian growled then put himself in between the edge and Aurora. "Take me. I'm the brewer you wanted." he said angrily. "but I will not brew if you kill any of my family. And you have to find where I get ingredients."

Aro frowned then nodded and crossed his arms. "It's a deal. But you will brew whatever we tell you too. I know you can do it." he said then picked up the little girl and dropped her into the water. Ian quickly dove in after her and slowly dried them both off with flames that didn't hurt her. "Shh shh Uncle Ian has you." he whispered to her and flew to the shore. "Rosalie! Emmett! I have her." He shouted and kept the sobbing girl close.

Rosalie quickly came from out of the water then hugged Ian and Aurora at the same time. "Oh my baby I was so worried." she said and lifted her into her arms. "I gotcha, daddy will be here soon." she promised only to be pulled close with Emmitt taking both his loves into his arms. "I was so worried. I never want you out of my sight again." he said, crying tears of blood. "Are you okay?" he asked and gently released them, only to have Aurora whimper. "Don't go daddy."

Ian smiled softly at the little family and sighed ."Tell Edward I need him to come save me." he said sadly, then took off and flew into the direction of Italy praying that his family did come and save him. He didn't want to brew but he didn't want them to hurt his family. He couldn't handle it if one of them died because him. It was the same way he felt when his so called friends betrayed him.

Back home, Lucius was forming a letter quickly to the dark lord and told him, his cousin was in danger by the vampire leader. He sent it with Fawks, who just flashed into Tom's office and offered him the letter.

Tom took it then went wide eyed. "SEVERUS. REMUS. FENRIR!" he shouted and quickly moved out of his office for a moment.

All three came running knowing it was trouble if Tom shouted.

Once all of them were in his office he took a shot of fire whiskey then looked at him. "The Voltaire have taken Hadrian hostage to make potions for them but he is only doing it to keep his family safe. I think we need to team up and go help our cousin." he said sweetly.

Fenrir smiled. "I can offer my best soldiers but not for long, they have families here now." he said softly

Severus smiled. "And I have a bag full of different harmful potions that would make them beg to be left alone in their little palace in Italy.

Remus smiled sickly sweet. "And it's a fully moon tonight and Fenrir taught me how to embrace my werewolf gene." he said with a look of evil in his eyes. No one messed with his cub.

Severus smiled and kissed Remus. "Shall we all port there now?" he asked.

Across the pond, Draco had told Edward to find Hadrian before they masked his scent.

Edward nodded and stood up. "I'll follow now, you and Neville come after and keep Alice and Luna home as well as Esme and Rosalie and Aurora home." he said sturnly.

Edward turned and took off into the forest, following the scent of Hadrian or the elders and frowned as it fainted. Edward didn't give up however he ran so fast that he was running on water. "Voltori here I come." he growled out.


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