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Two months had passed and at the Black family residence, a young man was wearing a silver suit with a white traditional robe on that had flames embroided into the sleeves and edges of it. Today was a big day for this young man. Today, he got married.

Across town, another young man was dressing, but him in a black suit with a black robe that had flames embroided into it. He looked into the mirror then smiled. Today he felt would be the best day of his life. Today he would be marrying the love of his life and consummating their bond, making a child to raise. He just prayed he would be a good husband and father.

An hour later found Edward at the alter in the flower garden at the Black residence. He was waiting anxiously for his fiance to come out the door so he could see his beautiful self.

Ian slowly walked out the double doors of the back door and towards the alter, his father holding his arm as he did. He blushed darkly when he saw Edward but smiled lovingly. When they got to the alter, Sirius gently kissed Ian's cheek and gave him to Edward, who took both his hands.

Lucius smiled and tied a silver and black ribbon around their hands. "Today is a day of joy for these two young men. Today they bond together in magic, love, and body. Ian, do you accept Edward to be your husband, to protect and love, to bond with and cherish, to spoil and take care of when sick, till death do you part?" He asked seriously.

Ian smiled lovingly at Edward. "I do. With all my heart." he said softly.

Edward smiled fully, his heart full of love with the young man who's hands he gently squeezed.

Lucius smiled softly. "Edward, do you accept Ian to be your husband, to protect and love, to guard and cherish, to bond and spoil, to take care of when sick or pregnant, till death do you part?" he asked seriously.

Edward smiled lovingly back at Ian. "I do, with all of my heart and love." he answered.

Lucius smiled and tapped the ribbon with his wand, making magic swirl around them and bond them together, the souls of the two, holding hands and heading for the heavens then looking back and falling into the bodies of the two young men. A minute later, flames erupted around the two, bonding them together in love an peace. Once they died down, Lucius slowly let the ribbon disintegrate.

"You may kiss your husband now." Lucius said with a playful smile.

Edward pulled Ian close then kissed him passionately, giving him all the love he felt in his heart.

Ian smiled and kissed him back with just as much love and slowly slipped his tongue out to lick Edward's bottom lip, begging entrance.

Edward gently opened his mouth and took Ian's tongue into his mouth, sucking it lightly before delving his own tongue into Ian's mouth and dueling with it. It took a moment before they finally finished, both now unable to wait till their honeymoon in Italy at the family winery.

Luna giggled, now two months pregnant. "Congratulations." she called and walked over and hugged them both.

Alice came up with her, a month pregnant herself then hugged the two of them tight. "I see a long happy life for both of you." she said softly.

In the past two months, they had ended the war and put the weasleys, save for the twins, in Azkaban. Tom Riddle had come forth with the truth of what happened to him and the rat plus Bellatrix were both dead. They had elected Tom Riddle as minister, not by his force, but by their own choice. The minister had then put up laws protecting, vampires, werewolves, veela, nymphs, shifters, harpies,elves,fay and many other creatures, letting them get jobs and brought the muggleborn into the wizarding world with their families at the age of three, when they first had their accidental magic. There was a spell out that tracked the accidental magic and then an officer of the ministry would go to the family, explain what had happened and move them into the magic world. There hadn't been this much peace since the founders time and it was all thanks to four people. A fay, a veela, an elf and a harpy, who had helped make the laws for creatures.

Ian smiled on the plane, they were on their way to their chateau in Italy. He gently squeezed Edward's hand then kissed him. "I love you my husband." he said softly.

Edward grinned and kissed him back, then again. "I love you too my husband. Are we really going to be able to have children with out a potion?" he asked softly.

Ian laughed his beautiful laugh and nodded. "Males in the wizarding world have magic that makes a womb in their body that carries the child. Only some males have it because not all males are bottoms. But those who are and are with the one they are meant to be with will get pregnant. And magic has accepted us as a pair and will bless us." he promised.

As they landed Ian held Edward's hand tight. He hated muggle flying when it came to take off and landing. It just didn't feel safe. Edward gently rubbed Ian's back with his other hand. "It will be okay love, we are almost down." he promised.

Once the small plane landed and had drove to the port the only two passengers got out then were led to a limo that had been set up to take them to their chateau. "Do you think we could go horse back riding through the grapes?" Ian asked as he cuddled close to Edward.

Edward grinned. "I think I'd like that. But if we race, I'm going to win." he teased.

Ian grinned. "Want to bet on it?" he asked playfully.

Edward smirked. "If I win, you have to give me a strip tease." he said playfully.

Ian smirked. "And if I win, you tie me down an impregnate me." he said just as playfully.

Edward grinned and kissed Ian firmly, sealing the bet.

Once they arrived at the chateau, Ian and Edward got out, only to have Ian swept up into Edward's arms and carried in the front door and up to the bedroom. "It is our honeymoon after all. The husband is supposed to carry his spouse through the front door." he teased.

Ian laughed then squirmed till he was on the bed. "Now that we are up here, what are we going to do?" he asked with lust filled eyes. (warning, sex scene)

Edward smirked and took off his jacket and shirt, then kissed Ian firmly and slowly started to unbutton his shirt. "I plan to make you my own, as passionately and gentle as I can." he promised.

Ian blushed and gently trailed his fingers up and down Edward's sides then over his abs and up to his pecs. "I've never seen you with out a shirt on." he whispered honestly.

Edward chuckled and got Ian's shirt off then gently started to kiss and nip at Ian's neck, down to his shoulder, then gently caught one of his nipples in his mouth and started to suck and lick it while his hand played with the other one.

Ian moaned loudly and pulled Edward closer, leaving scratch marks on his back. "Edward please." he begged softly.

Edward smirked an let the nipple go then gently kissed Ian and undid his pants then took them off and smirked. "Comando I see. And just why is that?" he asked playfully, while gently touching Ian's member.

Ian moaned loudly. "I don't like boxers they don't support and the underwear that does isn't comfortable." he complained then undid Edward's pants and spelled them off while he took off his shoes and socks. "Edward I need you." he whined.

Edward just kept his smirk in place and started to gently lick Ian's member, up and down.

Ian leaned back and thrust up, precum leaking out of his member.

Once Edward saw this, he gently took Ian into his mouth and started to suck till he felt Ian tighten up about to cum, then slowly licked him from bottom to tip and let him go. He grabbed the lube from the bedside table and gently squirted it onto Ian's hole, then gently stuck a finger in, getting the lube inside and making Ian wince. "Shh love I know it hurts but it will get better." he promised and added more lube.

Ian whimpered. "Take it slow please." he whispered.

Edward nodded and slowly added another finger, scissoring them to stretch Ian out. When it started to make Ian moan Edward gently lubed his member and slowly entered Ian with a moan and stopped once he was at the hilt.

Ian whimpered in pain and pleasure. "It feels weird Edward, it hurts but it feels good." he whispered.

Edward nodded an gently kissed Ian. "You want me to stay still?" he asked softly, doing his best to stay as still as he could.

Ian shook his head. "it feels good now. I want more." he whispered and kissed Edward's neck.

Edward moaned and gently started to thrust into Ian, hitting his prostate in the process.

Ian moaned loudly and bit Edward's shoulder in response, making Edward speed up.

"That feel good baby?" Edward asked Ian, starting to rub his member as he thrust.

Ian moaned loudly an nodded. "I'm close." he whispered with a blush.

Edward groaned and rubbed faster, keeping pace with his thrusting, before he shouted in pleasure and filled Ian's hole with cum, it hitting Ian's prostate as well, causing Ian to shout in pleasure and climax as well.

Edward slowly pulled out of Ian and went to the bathroom to clean off, then came back with a wet wash cloth and cleaned Ian up before he kissed his chest then his lips. "You were amazing Ian." he whispered lovingly as he put the cloth in the laundry bin.

(end sex scene)

Ian blushed and pulled Edward down with him, then cuddled close. "I've never felt so good in my life." he said shyly.

Edward smiled and held the sleepy teen close, humming softly. "I love you my Ian." he said softly.

Ian smiled softly and kissed Edward's lips. "I love you too my Edward." he replied then slowly fell asleep on Edward's chest.

Edward chuckled and just watched him sleep, humming clair de lune softly. Two hours later, Ian woke up and his stomach growled, making Edward chuckle. "Did you know you know you snuggle when you sleep?" he asked playfully.

Ian laughed and blushed shyly. "Can we get food?" he asked softly, only to have a house elf pop in with finger foods such as cheese and grapes from the vineyard and rare lamb and wine with blood in it. "I love house elves." he said softly.

Edward stared at the food then where the house elf was. "That was a house elf?" he asked curiously.

Ian laughed an nodded."I forgot you'd seen one before. Yes that was a house elf. Their a type of elf that gets their magic from their master as they serve the family willingly. Dobby, the one you saw, is a free elf who has natural magic and likes to work for me. He used to be a Malfoy house elf, but I freed him when I was in second year. That was before Lucius started to treat others kindly." he said honestly.

Edward nodded then took a piece of cheese and bit into it, it being feta with blood mixed in. 'This is really good. Dobby knows how to make all this?" he asked curiously.

Ian smiled. "House elves instinctively know what their master or family needs and how to make it. We keep animals here on the vineyard for food and dairy products as well as for furtilizer for the vineyard." he said softly then took a bite of grape. These were made special and grown in blood rich fertilizer in a different part of the vineyard so vampires, harpies and even other species such as werewolves could eat and drink wine.

Edward smiled and took a sip of his wine then kissed Ian's lips and offered him some cheese. "I love you. Do you think that first time will get you pregnant?" he asked softly.

Ian blushed. "I don't know. It could or we could do it again. But right now I wanna eat then take a bath with you." he teased.

Edward laughed. "With lavender bath salts and jasmine body wash?" he asked softly.

Ian smiled happily and nodded. "I love both scents." he said then giggled when he heard the water going. "Sounds like Dobby wants to do everything for us. I wonder where Winky is." he said softly.

Winky popped in, carrying a baby house elf. "Masters Ian, Winky be having a requests for yous." she said shyly.

Ian slowly moved forward with a slight wince, his lower back was hurting from the sex.

"Yes Winky?" he asked softly and gently slid his hand down the baby's face, getting the baby house elf to giggle.

Winky smiled. "Is and Dobby be having a babys masters Ian. Wes want yous to name it." she said softly.

Edward smiled and slid forward, seeing the house elf was male. "He is beautiful, Winky." he praised, making the house elf blush and the baby coo.

Ian smiled. "I would be honored to name him. How about Feris?" He asked with a smile.

Winky smiled. "Is be loving it sirs." she said honestly then kissed the baby's cheek.

Feris, the baby, giggled then raised its arms to Ian. "May I?" he asked Winky.

Winky nodded and gently moved the baby into Ian's arms. "Hes be liking you sirs. And Is know yous little one will bes good play mate for Feris." she said softly.

Ian looked at Winky surprised. "I'm pregnant?" he asked hopeful.

Winky nodded. "Is just happening sirs. Just new." she said, then took Feris back when he started to chew on his fist and popped away to feed him.

Ian looked to Edward nervously. "Are you ready to be a father?" he asked softly.

Edward nodded and smiled. "I've been wanting a child for a long time." he said softly.

Ian smiled and kissed Edward then gave him his wine. "I'm not going to drink, it might harm the baby." he said softly and took a bite of the lamb.

Edward nodded his head again and kissed Ian's cheek. "I'm glad your thinking about our little one's health."

Ian smiled. "Male pregnancies only last six months." he warned.

Edward chuckled. "We should have a house built with a nursery and playground out back ready for him or her by then." he promised.

Ian smiled. "I was kind of hoping we could live in a potter home that was already made. It's in America near forks. Its two story with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a huge kitchen and living room with soft carpet, a dining room with cherry wood table and chairs and a crystal chandelier. A big back yard that has a pool with a cover, a tree house and a swing under the huge oak tree. And the tree house his like a house built into a tree, it has magic built into it so it has lights and beds and all sorts of stuff inside. It's perfect for sleep overs. The master bedroom has a walk in closet and a huge bathroom and big canopy bed with wrap around black curtains to keep the sun out. It has a library and music room slash art room and three guest rooms two of which we can turn into a nursery and a play room. It also has a garden and a green house where I can grow veggies and fruit and potions ingredients. It has a barn for horses but I believe a herd of wild unicorns lives in the forest behind us and the house elves leave treats out for them. I also have a hippogriff which is a creature that has wings, a beak, claws and eats meat. If you bow to it, and it bows back it will let you ride it. We can get some horses too or Pegasus." he offered excited.

Edward laughed. "Slow down love, is this what you really want?" he asked softly and took a sip of wine then a bite of lamb.

Ian nodded. "It is." he said honestly. "I want our child to grow up learning about creatures and being their friends, learning about magic and how to use it, learning about all sorts of things and then I want them to go to Hogwarts now that Professor Snape is the teacher and married to my father Remus." he said honestly.

Edward smiled. "But wont you miss them."

Ian nodded. "Yes I will but they need to make friends and choices and all other stuff on their own. We will get them a bird to send letters home to and a companion they can take with them." he promised. "And one of the house elves will go with them to cook their meals and keep them safe."

Edward smiled softly. "Then we will move into this house and ride the hippogriff. What's its name?" he asked.

Ian smiled. "Buckbeak. I want to get him a mate but he never leaves our yard. He isn't chained up or anything but he never leaves. He goes into the forest to hunt but leaves everything else on his own." he said honestly.

Edward smiled ."Are you sure Buckbeak is old enough to have a mate?" he asked curiously.

Ian frowned. "You know I never thought about it. I'll have to ask Hagrid." he said honestly.

Edward chuckled. "That's a fine idea my love. Now who do you want as god parents?" he asked curiously.

"I want Luna as the god mother and Jasper as the godfather on one side, then my cousin Tom as godfather and his lover Sarah as the godmother."

Edward grinned. "Sounds perfect. Now how about we go for that ride. I want that strip tease." he teased.


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