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The streets of Genso Ryuu were empty; it was a moonless, cold night. People in their homes slept peacefully and safe at the protective shadow of Genso Ryuu's palace. But inside the majestic building, things were not so peaceful. Hurried steps sounded in the large corridor, the tails of the golden belt flickered behind the grey haired dragon as he ran as fast as he could. He finally arrived to a beautiful garden where a young dragon girl was sitting in meditation pose.

"Your majesty. It's an emergency… Guardian Jada…" Althor said. The young monarch frowned.

"Let's go"

A few minutes later, the young queen and Althor arrived to a room illuminated by candles. The other guardians kneeled as soon as the queen entered. One of the guardians approached to the queen but kneeled again.

"Your highness… my sister… she…" the young dragon stuttered nervously. The queen raised her hand and the young dragon stopped talking.

"Leave us alone, please" the queen ordered. The other guardians bowed before leaving the queen and the young guardian alone.

"Jayden, you know I hate formalities. Don't kneel" the queen smiled softly and helped the young dragon to stand up.

"Sorry. Stupid protocol" the dragon called Jayden chuckled.

"Never mind. What's wrong with Jada?" the queen asked in a worried tone. Jayden took the queen into a room where the dragon called Jada laid in her bed; her eyes wide opened and glowing.

"Jada? It's me…L-" the queen started.

"I know who you are, my queen…" Jada whispered.

"New guardians will protect you and your kingdom" she continued as she sat in the bed facing the young monarch.

"They are not what you expect to see but do not despise them" Jada said.

"Are they here?" the queen asked.

"The portal must be opened to receive them" Jada said. Jayden and the queen looked at each other in puzzlement.

"Beware, my queen. Dark days are coming to Genso Ryuu. Betrayal, lies, enemies from a forgotten past" Jada continued, still in trance. The queen was in shock after hearing this. Which enemies?

"Bring the guardians and be strong... for the days to come will be dark" Jada whispered before closing her grey glowing eyes and slumping heavily in the bed.

"Jada?" Jayden hurried to his sister's side. Jada's eyes opened slowly; her eyes were green again.

"How are you feeling, sis?" Jayden helped his sister to sit up again.

"Dizzy. What happened?" Jada asked.

"Jayden, call the counselors and the other guardians" the queen ordered and left the room.

Moments later in the Council's Hall…


"A reunion in the middle of the night? I demand to know who is the fool responsible of this stupid midnight chit chat!" Counselor Aldarnius asked angrily.

"That would be me" the queen appeared behind him.

"Your highness!" Aldarnius bowed, still shocked by the sudden appearance.

"My apologizes, my queen. I thought…" Aldarnius started.

"Enough. We have serious things to discuss right now. Guardian Jada has had the vision we were waiting for. It is time to choose new guardians for Genso Ryuu" the queen announced.

"Excellent, your highness. I'll prepare the ceremony and tomorrow we'll announce…" Aldarnius offered.

"Not so fast, Aldarnius. According to the vision, these new guardians could not be dragons" the queen added. The counselors started whispering and mumbling words to each other.

"Impossible! Genso Ryuu's guardians are always dragons!" the guardian called Riven replied.

"Not this time… but I could be wrong, so we can't be sure of that. For that reason I've decided to open the portal to our dimension" the queen said.

"My queen, the portal has not been opened since King Ryoga exiled Arkaam! We can't risk your and your family's safety!" Althor said.

"We'll have to take that risk, Guardian Althor"

"My queen, how could we know who and where the new guardians are? They are a lot of dimensions and planets… it'll take us a life time to find them!" a member of the Council said.

"Not exactly" Althor interfered.

"Althor?" the queen raised a brow.

"My queen, as you know… your father had some friends in different dimensions" Althor started.

"So, what is your plan?" the queen asked in curiosity.

"I think I might have found the solution to your problem" Althor smiled.

Weeks later…


"Boring… boring… nah, already seen it… no… nuh-uh… Wait!... … nah…" Mikey said while zapping channels. None of them seemed to be good enough.

"Mikey, could you please pick a channel for shell's sake?" Don yelled form the lab.

"What! You're not even watching it, so don't complain!" Mikey yelled back.

"Well, at least keep your mouth closed! I'm trying to work here!" Don said leaving his "sanctuary" for a moment in order to get a cup of coffee.

"You know what, Don? You're stressed" Mikey said.

"Stressed?" Don raised a brow.

"Yeah! That's why you're all so cranky" Mikey snickered.

"I'm not cranky" Don folded arms.

"Yep, you are" Mikey teased.

"Am not"

"You are"

"Am not!"

"SHUT UP, YOU TWO! I'm trying to read here!" Raph yelled as he got out of his room.

"Uhhhh… Raphie-boy, reading?" Mikey mocked his red masked brother.

"Don't call me that, knucklehead!" Raph growled.

"What? Raphie?" Mikey kept teasing.

"I'm warning you, Mikey" Raph narrowed eyes.

"Could you guys please keep it down? Master Splinter and I are trying to meditate" Leo said coming out from his sensei's room.

"Tell that to him. He started everything" Don sighed looking at his younger brother.

"Hey! I didn't start anything!" Mikey defended himself.

"I don't care who started! Just, please… keep it down!" Leo ended and made his way back to his sensei's room.

"Sorry, Master Splinter. The guys were… well… being themselves again" Leo apologized.

"It is alright, my son. Now, let us continue" Splinter smiled and closed his eyes again. Leo followed his sensei and joined him on his meditation. A few second later, a blinding light filled the room.

"What the…" Leo jumped and pulled out his katanas. A well known figure came out from the light.

"The Daimyo?" Leo exclaimed as he lowered his katanas.

"Splinter-san! It is been awhile since we last met, old friend" The Daimyo greeted a bowed respectfully. Splinter and Leo did the same.

"Indeed. What brings you here to my humble home, your highness?" Splinter asked.

"I have come to announce you that your sons will be participating in the next Battle Nexus Tournament… that is if you accept, of course" The Daimyo said.

"My sons will be there, old friend. But… I feel there is something more you wish to tell me" Splinter said.

"Your perception is as sharp as your moves in battle, Splinter-san" the Daimyo laughed.

"But yes, there is another thing: the tournament will take place in another dimension" he added.

"Another dimension?" Leo asked in curiosity.

"Genso Ryuu, the dragon's dimension. Back in time; Genso Ryuu's king, Ryoga, and I were good friends. Matters of national security made him close the portal to his dimension for a long time… until now" the Daimyo started.

"I have received a message from Ryoga's daughter, the new queen. She has opened the portal and allowed me to take the Battle Nexus Tournament to her dimension for the first time on the history of Genso Ryuu. It is quite an honor for me" he ended.

"And so it is for us, Daimyo" Splinter smiled.

"When will it be the tournament, Daimyo?" Leo asked.

"Tomorrow morning, Leonardo-san. Now, I must leave. I still have lots of dimensions to inform about this" the Daimyo opened a portal.

"Thank you, my friend. We will be there" Splinter bowed.

"And do not worry about the symbols. Just add the kanji for "dragon" at the top of the old ones" the Daimyo said before disappearing.

"Whoa! A new dimension! Donnie will be psyched when I tell him about it" Leo grinned.

"Perhaps you should wait after your brothers have trained, my son. Or else Donatello could start asking endless questions that we are not able to answer yet" Splinter chuckled.

"Right. I'll take the guys to the dojo, then" Leo said and after a respectful bow, he left the room making his way to the dojo.

Late that night and after an intense workout session, Splinter decided to tell the others about their participation in the Battle Nexus Tournament.

"SWEET! Ladies and gentlemen! Turtles and rats! Here comes Michelangelo: the Battle Nexus Cham-" Mikey cheered.

"You say that one more time and I swear you'll regret it" Raph threatened.

"I still can't believe it! A new dimension?" Don was psyched about the news… just as Leo predicted.

"It was also a surprise for me, Donatello. But the Daimyo said the former king was a great friend of his and now his daughter and new queen kindly offered her kingdom for this event. We should feel grateful and honored" Splinter commented.

"And we are, sensei. Though I think I'm not gonna participate in the Arena" Don said.

"Why not?" Leo asked.

"Hello? A whole new civilization with who knows which kind of technology advances and scientific progress?" Don explained.

"Nerd" Raph and Mikey said in unison.

"Seriously, guys. We'll be there only for one day and maybe we won't be able to go back. I rather take the tournament as an advantage to make some… tourism" Don added.

"It is your decision, my son. You are all free to choose what is better. Now, I will start packing and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day. Night, my sons" Splinter waved and moved to his room.

"Night sensei!" the turtles waved back.

"So? Who's with me?" Don turned to his brothers.

"Let's see: Awesome tournament… boring sightseeing. Awesome tournament… boring sightseeing…"

"I got it, Mikey. Just go to your tournament" Don rolled eyes.

"I'll tell you what… we're all gonna participate and during the half time we can go sightseeing" Leo suggested.

"Sounds good for me" Raph accepted.

"Same here. I better start packing my things" Don said and ran upstairs.

"Yeah, like a baseball cap and a T-shirt with "I LOVE THE NEW DIMENSION" stamped on it" Mikey teased him making himself and Raph laugh at the comment.

"Morons" Don mumbled.

"Well, I'll take a shower and off to bed! I need my beauty sleep; after all, the Battle Nex-ACK!" Mikey started but Raph grabbed him and pulled him into a headlock.

"I warned you" Raph smirked darkly. Leo laughed and shook his head.