The corridors were full of Arkaam's soldiers; it wasn't easy for the turtles and the dragon girls to avoid them. Each corridor had a "surprise" waiting for them.

Arkaam's soldiers were mostly earth and fire dragons, Raven and Miley had to take care of them with the guys' help.

The Hamatos' ninja skills were really useful when they had to take down the soldiers in the towers; Don and Mikey silently grabbed the soldier and dragged the soldiers into the darkness, Leo and Raph knocked them off, Raven and Miley restrained the soldiers and Dana had a portal ready that lead them to the dungeon directly.

Arkaam had noticed their presence and sent a bunch of his most skilled soldiers and his son Cedric to ambush the team. The team was surrounded now; they hoped Althor and the others released Lee-Onara's Royal army from their cells soon… because they were so going need reinforcements.

Leena's sleep was abruptly interrupted by the sound of blades meeting blades, the shouting and yelling coming from outside.

"What's all that noise?" Leena rubbed her eyes and got up her bed. The door opened slightly.

"Your Majesty?" Aldarnius (Arkaam) called.

"Aldarnius? What are you doing here?" Leena asked with a puzzled expression on her face.

"I came to escort you out of the palace" Aldarnius said stepping in.

"It's 1:30 am. I'm supposed to be exiled tomorrow at 7:00 am according to the law" Leena stated.

"Just follow me!" Aldarnius leaned in the grab Leena's arm but she stepped back.

"No till you explain me what's going on here" Leena demanded.

Meanwhile, Leo avoided the soldiers' swords while Don hit their heads with his bo staff. Dana used her tessens to create powerful hurricanes while Raph was a little more radical; he sliced the dragons' wings so they couldn't be able to fly, Mikey knocked them off with his nunchacks. Raven protected the others by blocking the fire balls the other dragons were throwing at them using a fire barrier; Miley used her new skills to summon trees and big roots to tie up some guards… even Kirk was barking and biting some dragons that came too close to his owner. The team was wining but they were getting tired.

"How many of those guys we have to take down?" Mikey panted.

"Leave it to me" Miley smirked. Four bulky dragons ran to their direction. When the dragons were three steps close to them; a big, thick root wrapped the dragons' feet making them fall to ground. The roots kept climbing and tightening around the guards' bodies.

"And that's how Mother Nature saves the day" Miley snickered. Althor and the others had released the Royal army already; they joined the battle and got rid of the last dark guards.

"Well, now to find one last scoundrel" Raph hissed. Cedric had a bad feeling; somehow, he knew the turtles were after his father and escaped in order to prevent him.

"Guys, you must hurry…" Jada announced. The vision of the young monarch laying in a pool of blood was still there.

Althor and Leo ran as fast as they could to the Queen's room. Leo hoped they weren't too late; he was not going to let that vision come true.

Inside her room, Leena and Aldarnius (Arkaam)'s discussion had gotten pretty serious.

"I'm taking you out until I find a solution" Aldarnius lied.

"I won't run away from my duties" Leena turned around ignoring him.

"You're coming with me anyways!" Aldarnius grabbed the Queen's arm tightly and tried to drag her outside.

"Aldarnius, let me go!" Leena struggled.

"I'm trying to save you!" Aldarnius tried to sound convincing but he wanted desperately to end with Leena's life once and for all.

"I don't want your help!" Leena kicked Aldarnius and grabbed her swords.

Aldarnius and the Queen started battling, blades clashing against each other. Leena took advantage of a moment of distraction and slashed Aldarnius' eye patch. She recognized the scar on his face.

"Arkaam?" The old dragon grinned evilly.

"Well, well… the cat is out of the bag" Arkaam started pacing.

"But… I thought you were…" Leena couldn't snap out of the shock.

"Dead? Yes… and so did your father" Arkaam laughed.

"What do you want!" Leena demanded; swords ready for anything.

"To take what is mine: Genso Ryuu!" Arkaam said and charged; he kicked her leg making her fall flat on her back.

"Pathetic and weak… just like Ryoga" Arkaam hissed.

"MY FATHER WAS NOT WEAK!" Leena yelled angrily.

"And yet he succumbed before me… and your mother too. They deserved to die before they're could ruin this kingdom" Arkaam chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Leena asked in confusion.

"Your father was planning to reveal our existence to every dimension possible! And I was not going to see this dimension to go to its doom! I had to get rid of the problem… starting with Ryoga" Flashbacks on Arkaam's mind showed a young Arkaam adding a few drops of poison into the king's wine.

"Once I had destroyed him, I knew your mother would follow. But then… you had to appear and ruin everything!" Another flashback showed Queen Anika telling her husband she was pregnant; Arkaam listened in the shadows and growled. Months later, baby Lee-Onara was introduced to Genso Ryuu as the new heir of the crown and future Queen. The memories continued; the night when Stella was murdered appeared on Arkaam's mind.

"If it wasn't for that girl, Stella, I would have killed you that night! But Althor captured me and your father exiled me… what a fool" More memories came to the old dragon's mind: his trial, his exile. The day he got married, the day Cedric was born; his wife's death, his return as Aldarnius.

"When I returned, your sisters were born. No matter what I had to continue with my plan" Another flashback showed Aldarnius adding poison to the king and queen's tea everyday "Oh, I remember how pale Ryoga and Anika were when they died… that poison did its job well"

"You killed my parents?" Leena's eyes started to get glassy while listening to the whole confession.

"I gave you the chance to marry my son so you could save yourself and your sisters… but you refused. Too bad. Now, I'll do what I was supposed to do years ago!" Arkaam kicked Leena hard in the stomach and made her lose her swords. The old dragon prepared her sword for the last hit but another pair of blades stopped him.

"Leave her alone!" Leo charged pushing Arkaam away making him hit himself in the head.

"You ok?" Leo helped Leena to get up.

"Leo!" Leena hugged her ninja friend. Leo smiled and hugged her back. "I'm so glad you're here"

"I wasn't going to miss the action" he chuckled.

Arkaam had woken up and aimed his sword in Leo's direction. Everything moved in slow motion in that moment. The blue masked ninja didn't know how it had happened but he found himself being pushed to ground abruptly, he heard Althor's voice calling the Queen's name as he opened the door. The next thing Leo saw when he lifted his head was a sword stuck in Leena's body.

"My work here is done" Arkaam laughed evilly and flew out of the Queen's room. Leena was badly injured but she still breathed. Leo grabbed his katanas a jumped out of the window.

"Leonardo, come back here!" Althor's request was in vain. Leo was already after Arkaam. Voices came from outside.

"Althor, Leo! Where are…" Dana called. She screamed at the sight of her sister bleeding in the floor "LEENA!"

Don checked the wounded dragon's vitals. "Her pulse is really weak and the bleeding is getting worse"

"Take her to the infirmary" Althor suggested.

"We'd lose time. I'll work here" Don said "Dana, hand me some clean towels and find something we can use as bandages" he commanded. Dana complied.

"Anything we can do?" Raven asked.

"Jada, princesses: you stay here and help Donatello. Jayden, Riven, turtles: we'll help Leonardo" Althor and the others left the room while Don and the girls tried to stop Leena's bleeding.

Leo jumped from tower to tower, trying to catch Arkaam and make him pay for what he had done to Leena. Cedric observed the persecution and flew to the blue masked ninja's direction but he was blocked by three angry Guardians and two ninja turtles. Meanwhile, Leo had managed to throw a shuriken to Arkaam's wings; no he wouldn't be able to escape by air. Both of them landed in a high tower and started battling.

"And this is the reason why I never wanted Ryoga to be king… now creatures like you invade this dimension" Arkaam growled and attacked.

"What's your problem with people different from you?" Leo blocked the dragon's sword with his katanas.

"It is not natural! Dragons' blood has been uncorrupted for centuries! And I will make things stay that way!" Arkaam sent a kick to Leo making him fall on his side.

"Kid, you're wasting your energy and time for a dead girl. It's so sad you're trying to avenge such a heartless Queen" Arkaam approached to him.

"I'm not avenging a Queen…" Leo hissed. In a blink, the blue masked ninja grabbed his katanas and slashed the dragon's legs. Arkaam jumped back.

"I'm avenging all the things you killed in her!" Leo continued sending punches and kicks to Arkaam. The latter lost his sword and now was at Leo's mercy.

"…I'm avenging a sister…" A slash.

"… a daughter…" another slash.

"… a great girl…" a kick and a long cut. "And most importantly…" Leo stood in front of Arkaam.

"I'm avenging a friend" One last slash and Arkaam was history. Leo stared coldly at the lifeless body.

"Leo!" His brothers called him. Raph was the first one arriving and noticed the corpse.

"You ok, bro?" Raph asked; he knew his eldest brother never killed. He hated killing. Leo just nodded.

"Nice job… Guardians" Althor bowed. Leo did the same.

"Whoa… that sounded weird and nice at the same time" Mikey chuckled.

"We captured Cedric, Althor" Riven announced.

"What do we do with him?" Jayden asked.

"Take him to the dungeon. We'll deal things with him later" Althor ordered.

"Where's Don?" Leo asked.

"He's with your dragon friend. Though I don't know if she will make it" Raph said.

"She must. Let's go" Leo and the others made their way to the Queen's room.

The next day, the Royal family, the turtles and the former Guardians waited outside the young monarch's room. In Leena's mind, something strange was happening. The girl saw two figures walking towards her.

"Mom? Dad?" She recognized the figures "No way! Mom, dad!" Leena ran and hugged her parents.

"My precious girl" Anika said with a soft voice.

"Mom… I missed you so much! Both of you!" Leena said with little tears in her eyes.

"The perfect Queen… just as I thought you would be. You've done a great job" Ryoga said proudly.

"But dad … I'm a mess in the most important things. I lied to the first true friend I've had, I left my sisters alone all these years… I wish I could turn back the clock and fix everything" Leena said with a sigh.

"And you can. When you wake up you will be a brand new girl, my little queen" Anika smiled.

"Wait! I don't wanna wake up! I don't wanna lose you!" Leena tightened the hug.

"You will not lose us, my daughter" Ryoga caressed her daughter's long dark hair.

"Dad, if I wake up… how can I be sure I won't mess up again?" Leena asked.

"You have friends and sisters that love you, my daughter. They will help you" Ryoga answered.

"And us… you can always count of us. We will be always with you…" Anika said breaking the embrace and slowly walking backwards Anika and Ryoga started vanishing leaving Leena alone.

"Mom? Dad!"

Leena's eyes twitched as they tried to open slowly; she started to stir and blinked a few times to adjust her eyes to the light. She could distinguish some familiar silhouettes: her former Guardians, her sisters but there were also 3 extra figures… the turtles? She tried to sit up, wincing because of the wound and found the 4th turtle beside her, the blue masked ninja's head resting in the bed where Leena laid. Kirk was the first one noticing Leena was awake; the dog jumped to her lap carefully and started licking her face.

"I'm happy to see you, too" Leena petted the dog. People in Leena's room started to wake up.

"Is it breakfast ready?" Mikey yawned, stretching his arms.

Leena chuckled. "Hey everyone"

"Leena!" Raven and the others ran to the dark haired dragon's side.

"Welcome to life, sis" The red haired dragon smiled. Dragons and turtles hugged Leena and let her know how happy they were with comforting words.

"Looks like someone is a heavy sleeper huh?" Miley teased the sleeping form of Leo, who was the only one who hadn't wake up yet.

"Well, it was normal. Poor boy didn't sleep for three days" Dana said.

"I was out for three days?" Leena yelled in surprise. At the loud yell, Leo woke up in a blink.

"What? Where? … huh?" Leo looked at his surroundings and noticed Leena was fine.

"Morning, sleepy head" Leena smiled.

"I'm glad you could make it" Leo smiled back.

"I had to. I couldn't leave without apologizing for everything" Leena said.

"It's ok. No harm done" Don shrugged.

"As long as you don't lie to us again…" Mikey added.

"Promise" Leena chuckled.

Two days later…

"Miley, you're crushing my ribs here!" Mikey tried to breathe through Miley's bear hug.

"I don't want you to go!" Miley said with a dramatic-fake crying fit.

"Neither do I!" Mikey seconded her.

"Knock it off, you drama queens" Raph rolled eyes.

"See ya, tough guy" Raven punched Raph's shoulder teasingly.

"Yeah, see ya too. You better get your own bike, I'm gonna race ya next time" Raph smirked.

"Yeh, whatever" Raven tksed.

"So, what now?" Leo asked.

"Well, there are lots of things I have to fix here. Arkaam's body was already buried; Cedric will be exiled and…" Leena said.

"And you're staying here" Leo ended her statement.

"I wish I could go with you, guys" Leena sighed.

"You can always come back" Don said.

"Maybe, someday, we will. I expect you'll be here for the ceremony, Guardians" Leena said bowing her head.

"Of course we'll be there! I just love parties!" Mikey said cheerfully.

"Question, do we have to wear tuxes? Cuz I can't stand them… and ties. Hate them!" Raph commented.

"No, Raph. No tuxes needed" Leena chuckled.

"Hey Don, here's a little something I believe you'll find interesting" Dana handed Don a small device.

"A modem USB?"

"With that you'll be able to chat with me and it'll give you access to Genso Ryuu's web sites so you can continue investigating" Dana explained.

"Thanks a lot, Dana" Don smiled in gratitude.

"Guys! White Collar is about to begin! Hurry up!" Mikey yelled as he walked into the portal. The other followed.

"Your Highness" Leo bowed respectfully before Leena and started walking away.

"Leo?" Leena called. Leo stopped on his tracks smiling knowingly.


"Just Leena… I hate protocol" Leena said with a smile.

Leo chuckled and disappeared with his brothers inside the portal that would lead them home. The princesses stared at the place where the portal was before retiring one by one to the Palace. Leena followed her sisters with a thought on her mind.

"We'll meet again, my friend. I know we will"


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