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"Music? What the hell do you mean by that?" asked the glowing 18 year old. Her lime green hair stood out in in a choppy layered fashion. She stood with her hands on her hips, making her black tank top crinkle slightly, while her scarlet biker jacket hung on her slim figure.

Her matching mini-skirt laid flat against her legs and the black flats cradled her dainty feet. Her crimson red eyes that usually held boredom and non-interest were enlightened by irritation and confusion. Never had she heard of something so farfetched in her short human life or agonizingly long ghostly one.

"Oh c'mon." The equally radiate pop star argued. Her bright cobalt flamed hair twitched along with her irritation at Kitty's ignorance. "You've never heard of people having a song with their relationships? Everyone gets that extra kick from the empowerment of music!" She explained. "It's not like they get it from being depressed, eating ice cream and watching bullshit teen movies." Ember seethed.

The brightly colored purple, pink and green guitar keeping her hands from mauling the girl in front of her. Her skilled hands ran along the ghostly strings creating a sort of eerie melody that sounded sweet to them, but menacing to any human that happened to be around. Her black one shouldered shirt was held together by a dark butterfly in the back.

Her pale flat stomach was exposed and was engulfed in a thick silver belt around her hips and tight black jeans with boots shaped like crossbones. Her gleaming emerald eyes were locked with the door they were both standing on and her face held a half sneer and half bored combination.

"No! The best way is to make him jealous. When Johnny and I had a fight and he saw me making out with that ghost from the Greek realm, he was begging on his knees." Kitty laughed. Ember shrugged, remembering the event as well. It took Johnny months to make it up to the teen.

"All I know is that music has never let me down before." Ember laughed, remembering some wild memories from her human years. Somewhere between both of the teen's daydreams, an ageless psychiatrist flew and landed in curiosity. Her eccentric orange hair stood up in two sharp points above her head. Her normally dry and worn out black suit was now shined and pressed.

Her red blouse accenting her pale skin underneath. Her black heels was looked new and classic. A recent visit to the Amity Park Suicidal Center had her looking and feeling amazing. The glow that surrounded her was wide and vigilant. Her smoldering eyes seemed to be in a tennis match, looking between the two girls interested. It seemed that Ember was the one to break out of her daydream first.

"Well it doesn't matter, music is how shit gets done."

"Bullshit, jealousy is!"

"Ladies, if I could just ask what it is you are disagreeing about, maybe we could get to the bottom of this?" Spectra intervened. Kitty sighed and Ember rolled her eyes, sometimes the elderly woman was more like a psychiatrist then she realized.

"We just talking about the best way to attract a guy. Ember says its through music and I said its jealousy." Kitty summarized. Spectra stood thoughtfully.

"I think it would be to explain your feelings and hope for the best. And if not then to go to therapy until your over it, which wont be for a while so ill stay young!" She clasped her hands in excitement, grinning wildly. Kitty and Ember moaned, shaking their heads.

"Whatever. You two don't know what the hell your talking about." Ember spat and turned to float away.

"Yeah Ember, like you in your virginal one-hit wonder days know what's its like to really keep a man." Kitty laughed. Ember growled and turned a dial on her guitar.

In one swift motion she turned and brought her trained fingers down and slammed the keys on an F sharp, bringing a wave of fists towards the source of the snooty comment. The unexpecting eighteen year old was hit in the ribs and chest and went flying back, roughly hitting a billboard that was a couple of feet away.

"Suck on that bitch." She laughed. Kitty rubbed her ribs and stood up, her jade eyes blazed with fury. She took off of the rubble that was once a billboard, aiming straight for the fiery teen who held her guitar, ready to strike. Spectra gazed on, and stood awaiting for this girl fight to begin.

Kitty used the momentum to grab the edge of the door and swung herself upwards, landing in a squatting position. She slowly stood, her hands blazing with energy matching Ember's glowing scarlet guitar.

However no teen turned to strike. Spectra then paid close attention and saw that the girl's eyes were not on each other, but on a figure quickly approaching them all.

When it was a few feet away, the rock he was riding stopped abruptly. He was wearing a long khaki trench coat with a matching long pointy hat, hiding his face. When he stood, his attention was to the ground. Hands in his pockets, the only visible part was dark brown boots.

"You ladies willing to put your money on that?" he wagered. When he spoke the voice was deep and masculine, almost in a jokingly I-know-something-you-don't way.

"You were spying on us?" Kitty rang out. Her hands twitching to prepare for any kind of attack, Ember and Spectra stood awaiting an answer. They all prepared themselves for any kind of attack from the mysterious figure.

"I just heard a little here and there. Bits and pieces." He played turning his head slightly as to say he wasn't really interested in the conversation.

"Then tell us what you want and get lost punk!" Ember spat. The mysterious figure turned away slightly away from them, looking up at a forty-five degree angle above them all, as if looking to the faraway stars. The three females saw that he was wearing a white jabberwockies mask.

It was quiet for a moment and Ember contemplated slaughtering the fool and to continue whooping Kitty's ass. But before she had time to take action the man spoke again.

"I have two people that I know are in need of some….encouragement. So how about we make a bet? All three of you against me." He faced each one of them. Spectra spoke first.

"And if we refuse?"

"Then spend the rest of eternity wondering I guess. Besides, you're all girls. Who doesn't love a little sappy love story every once in a while?" He shrugged. The three of them stood looking at each other. The man continued. "And bragging rights for the rest of eternity. Who doesn't love that?"

Ember smirked, Kitty grinned and looked at Spectra, who put a finger on her lip in a thoughtful position.

"So who are the soon-to-be couple?" Ember asked, her previous fighting position relaxed.

"And what are you wagering?" Kitty added, her arms now crossed in front of her chest, her hands relaxed as well. He searched in his pocket for a moment before pulling out a PDA, after clicking a few buttons with his gloved fingers, a hologram photo of Sam Manson and Danny Fenton appeared in the middle of them all.

A chorus of 'whats?', 'no ways' and 'you've gotta be kidding' erupted from the females.

"I presumed you've met?" He laughed.

"We've been trying to get those two together for years!" Ember sighed. Spectra nodded in agreement.

"Being in that child's head for only a day and I knew he was in love with the girl. And just one look from her and she had to have felt the same. It seems the only ones that are oblivious are each other."

The trenched coated man nodded. "So are you ready to test all of your theories? All of you against me. You have two weeks to get them together. I say you can't. House rules. No over shadowing them or ghost powers can be involved. They have to ask on their own. Winner get bragging rights and whatever they want for a day." After looks of a temporary truce from Kitty and Ember, the three females agreed.

"When do we start?" Kitty asked eager to start. She'd show him.

"Seven tonight, to give you time to prepare." he said and turned to leave. Remembering something he went into his large pockets and pulled out three black and silver walkie-talkies, tossing them to each person. He looked up and the Fenton hover ship suddenly appeared and hovered above him. An ectoplasmic rope came down and the man grabbed it, looking at the girls before being pulled up into the vehicle.

"Let the games begin."


As the last bell rang at Casper High, the school poured out students, running to get as far away from the learning house as possible. The students chattered excitedly about what they were planning for the weekend. Among the chaos were the trio of seniors walking towards Danny's house. Unlike all the other walks home, this particular one was a little awkward.

As one teen had a very large scowl on his face. His usually happy and silly demeanor was diminished by his apparent irritation. His large, electric blue eyes were darkened. His black, messy locks often covering his eyes. His height stood at 6' 1", which towered over his pixie friend, but almost stood toe to toe with his best friend, walking calmly beside him, seemingly oblivious to his friends aggravation.

Danny was wearing a light grey tee and baggy dark wash jeans. He paired them with white and gray adidas. The teens muscles were lean but not bulky, from much experience in fighting ghosts. He had definitely grown from the scrawny freshman he used to be.

"Danny, please say something." Sam Manson sighed. Her usual gloomy demeanor was repressed with concern for the male next to her. Her height was 5' 5', so the males beside her clearly towered over her. Her dark raven hair was in choppy layers going down to her mid back.

She wore a light purple eye shadow to contrast her amethyst eyes with eyeliner and mascara. She finished her face with lightly berry colored lip gloss. She wore a deep purple one shouldered crop top with a black locket necklace that she had received for her sixteenth birthday from her friends.

With her pale, flat stomach exposed, her jet black, baggy, skateboarder pants with various chains hanging around the pockets that hugged her waist and flared, wide legged to her black combat boots, hidden underneath. She wore chunky, spiked and studded black bracelets.

She had blossomed since her freshman year, her hips developing and her breast size from an A to a C. Though she was currently hiding them behind her books, not wanting to further upset her best friend.

"I'm sorry Sam." Danny sighed putting his arms behind his head as they walked, giving Sam an excellent view at his arms and chest. She smiled to herself as he continued. "I shouldn't have freaked out like that." He looked at her with his puppy dog eyes and lopsided smile that he knew would make her melt. "Forgive me?"

After a few moments of fighting within herself, she gave in to the childish methods, sighing and nodding her head. At this Danny gleamed and hugged his pixie friend around her waist, causing her stiffen slightly at the sudden affection.

Danny nudged his head into her hair on her shoulder and inhaled. For some reason she always smelled of strawberries. He liked strawberries. He was also undoubtedly in love with his best friend. He let her go and grinned widely, his light demeanor returning.

"Lovebirds." Tucker laughed when the two of them flushed red and looked away from each other. The Afro-American teen was without his red beret today. A rare decacy in itself. His eyes held square black frames. His height shot up at 6" 2', barely taller than Danny beside him.

He wore a green and white muscle tee, which complimented his green eyes nicely with lightly colored jeans and white Nikes. From assisting Danny in his ghost fights often, both he and Sam have gotten toned and in shape, but he has been working out on his own since his Sophomore year, so he had built triceps to impress a certain ghost hunter.

"Seriously Sam, you're growing soft." The techno geek laughed, ironically pulling his hidden PDA into view that snapped a shot of the two.

"Shut it Tucker." Sam quipped, still flushed from the comment before. She grew huge butterflies in their stomach since he knew that she had been in love with her best friend since freshman year. However for the purpose of keeping their very close friendship in tact, she kept her feelings to herself.

With this being the only thing that they didn't know about each other, it would be quite an understatement to say that they were very close.

"I'm not the one that cussed out and glared down a poor freshman." Tucker shot back, giving a sideways knowing glance at his best bud beside him. Danny looked at him and they both seemed to pass some unknown message. Being friends with the male next to him as well, he knew that Danny was hopelessly in love with Sam and has conspired to get these two together for years.

"Perverted Freshmen." Danny corrected quietly, which unfortunately Sam heard.

"What? What the hell is he talking about?" Sam asked. Using every ounce of willpower, she tore her gaze off of Danny's body to lean forward so she could see Tucker's face around Danny. Danny gave Tucker a deadly look. If he revealed something, so would Danny. Unfortunately Tucker didn't get the memo till after.

"It seems that Danny wasn't the only one who liked your outfit today Sam." Tucker laughed, wiggling his eyebrows at her. Sam blushed and looked straight ahead, recalling the says events. It seemed that the constant catcalls and whistles she's been getting lately has tilted her friend's mood, glaring at whoever came within five feet of her.

At lunch Sam got up to throw her salad container away and when she turned she saw Danny roughly get up from the table and grab a kid by his collar, effectively pulling him about half a foot off the ground; and threatened to rip the boys dick off and shove it in his mouth.

You could say that it, in the least, took Sam off guard. She had to basically pull them apart and the kid ran off, terrified. However Danny refused to tell what had happened and threatened to knock Tucker out cold if he revealed any information.

Danny smiled lopsidedly at his female companion, nudging her repeatedly until she looked at him and smiled. Which in turn allowed him to grin wider, exposing his gleaming white teeth and boyish glint in his deeply colored eyes.

"Can you guys just make out and jump each other already? I mean honestly.." Tucker shook his head. Danny and Sam burned red and looked away from each other. There had been a few close-calls and fake-out make-outs that they had never talked about to Tucker, but somehow he always knew when something was up.

"Shut up Tucker!" They repeated simultaneously for about the umpteenth time that day. You didn't think that he would let them go unscathed with such an event happening did you? Multiple off the color comments had Danny at nearly at Tucker's throat. But of course, not after blushing madly.

"So….Danny did you catch who was haunting the suicidal center?" Sam inquired, effectively changing the subject but continuing her gaze on the ground. Danny growled and shook his head roughly. After his ghost sense went haywire he tried to get a pass from Lancer to go after the ghost.

The English teacher wouldn't let him go so easily and after a few answers from Sam that Danny couldn't answer, he let Danny go to the "restroom". Of course not after a fluffy moment when Danny grinned at Sam when she answered for him and she would look away, blushing furiously.

Love bird comments.



No eye contact.

However when shooting off toward the center in his alter-ego, the ghost was long gone and the kids looked as miserable as he remembered.

"Nope. Damn Lancer. If it wasn't for you Sam he would have never let me outta there." Danny sighed. Suddenly, cries of help and screams came roaring at the teen, causing them to abruptly stop walking and watch cars being flipped over and multiple explosions.

"Oh shit!" Tucker exclaimed turning his attention towards the source of the panicked screams and chaos.

Danny wordlessly transformed, a beam of light echoing off his body. He dropped the battle cry in the middle of his junior year. His raven locks now turning a snowy white and his ocean deep eyes now a radiate emerald.

His muscle tee and jeans were now replaced with a black and silver jumpsuit and snow white boots. A 'DP' label was apparent across his chest. He grabbed Sam and Tucker by the arm and exploded into the air, going towards the source of the mass hysteria.

They got to downtown Amity park to see multiple cars flipped over, most of which were on fire, The roads were blocked off by abandoned cars and lots of scattering people. Multiple ecto beams were being fired upon unlucky people resulting in pools of blood from frozen bodies scattered about. However, it was only men that lay dead on the ground.

"Danny! Look!" following Sam's pointed finger he saw Spectra, Kitty and Ember all firing upon the innocent men of Amity park, laughing menacingly. Danny narrowed his vision on them and began formulating a plan of attack. He lowered himself to the ground, a few feet away from the attackers, letting go of Tucker and Sam. He mouthed "On my mark" and took off with the nods of his friends.

Immediately after Danny taking off, the two frantically searched for the ecto guns stashed in their backpacks. When their fingers came across something cold and metal they pulled it out and aimed for a ghost.

Danny looked to see his friends in fighting stance, Sam aimed at Kitty and Tucker at Ember, ready to fire. Faster than humanly possible, he swooped down and tackled Spectra head on to the street, distracting her plenty enough for him to yell.


The colors of the ecto guns exploded out, hitting the targets directly in the back and sending them both flying forward. Though too late for Danny, Spectra recovered more quickly than he expected and delivered an uppercut to his jaw sending him soaring into the sky and a drop-kick that had him in a crater when he blinked his eyes open.

He ignored his aching sides and shot up to face his opponent. Danny fired from his hand a ball of swirling ectoplasmic energy at the raged woman. She was shot directly in the chest, sending her flying back a couple of hundred feet.

Danny turned his attention right in time to see a smug Ember swing her guitar at him and hit right in the head, once again helping him become acquainted with the ground. Danny groaned. These multiple attacks were getting tougher and tougher to handle.

He sat up to see Ember flying towards a billboard from a blast by Fenton Bazooka Sam was holding, looking smug. Though she didn't see Kitty sneaking up on her from behind.

"Sam! Look out!" Danny shouted, shooting towards her and tackling Kitty as Sam turned. After tumbling a couple of feet Danny landed on top of the angry ghost teen, who shot him in the chest, sending him flying backwards into a nearby tree, knocking it down from the roots.

Danny sighed, frustrated with himself. He was getting his ass handed to him. He sat up slowly to see Tucker fly past him, hitting the ground roughly. Danny forced himself on his feet to check and make sure his friend was okay.

"Hey Tuck, you good?" he shook his friend and was greeted with an aspirated moan before opening his green orbs. Danny helped Tucker sit up before scanning the area for Sam.

"Danny!" The sound of Sam's cries for help whipped his head behind him, where he was met with the horrible vision of his friend struggling against Spectra who held her left arm and Kitty who had her right. They held her at least twenty feet off the ground.

Danny took off towards them, but was met with Ember face to face as she swung her arm down on a B flat, which made a tidal wave of energy drown Danny a few feet backwards. That distraction gave her enough time click her guitar two dials on a C, to play a ear splitting note, engulfing Danny in a vortex which cut, scraped and beat him mercilessly. When the vortex disappeared he fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

"Later dipshit!" Ember laughed and struck an A flat, making them all disappear in a vortex of smoke. The last thing he remembered was Sam's terrified eyes when she disappeared from his view.

"Sam…." he croaked out before fading to unconsciousness.


When he awoke he was in Tucker's bed. Looking around the spacious, dark room his eyes glazed across the various posters of playboy bunnies and bikini models. The walls were crème, but in the darkness look almost black, which were complimented nicely against the hardwood floors.

The room was simple with a desk, chair and laptop, which he could see a shadow sitting in; and a dark wood nightstand on either side of his king sized bed. And alarm clock on the left nightstand and a red lamp on the right. Shaking his head Danny called out for his female friend, remembering her disappearance. Tucker swiveled around in his chair, looking grimly at his friend.

"We're in some deep shit."

Danny sat up, ignoring how much his head swam at the sudden motion. "Do you have an ecto-tracker on them, or Sam?"

"Nope, they must have found it and gotten rid of it. I didn't have time to place one on either of them." Tucker sighed, putting his head in his hands.

"I've spent the past couple of hours seeing if I could get a lead but none of the cameras placed in the ghost zone have shown anything that I could use as leeway." Danny's gaze shifted towards Tucker's alarm clock located on the nightstand. It read 5:23 in bright red letters.

"We need to find one. Fast."


In an unknown location, sat an annoyed seventeen year old Goth tied up in glowing green rope on a chair that was placed on a rock. She sat still trying not to think about how much her forearms ached. When she awoke she struggled, trying to wiggle free.

But she didn't realize that knot got tighter when moved, so she slowly but surely glued herself to the chair, sitting up rigidly. She sighed loudly. Looking up she squinted her eyes to see that she was in a small room with a desk in front of her and another chair, as if she were in a questioning room at a county jail. The cube of a room held plain, stale white walls; the one directly in front of her had a medium sized black door.

'Future interior decorators here' she thought wryly. Sam inhaled as much as she could with the ropes crushing her ribcage, 'here goes nothing'.

"Get me out of here!" She wailed. The echo bouncing off the multiple walls as if taunting her. Sam sighed. Hoping she wouldn't sit here for too much longer. Being tortured and almost killed would suck, but nothing tops absolute boredom, that is a killer in itself. As if her silent prayers were answered, the door swung open and her kidnappers came into view, each wearing a knowing smile.

"What do you want?" Sam sneered. Looking each one of them in the face and glaring.

"Just a little negotiating." Ember smiled and leaned back on her heels to play more with her guitar as Spectra sat down in the chair, Kitty, smirking and arms crossed, to her left.

"I'm not doing anything for you. Untie me and piss off." Sam deadpanned. She leaned back in her chair to take pressure off of her arms. Spectra leaned forward, her chin on top of her intertwined hands.

"We don't want anything. We just need you to cooperate." Sam shook her head.

"I don't care what you do to me, I would never do anything to hurt Danny."

"How noble of you." Spectra snorted. "You've misunderstood. There's no plot or anything against the ghost boy. We just want to have a little talk, you know? Girls to girls?" Spectra smiled at Sam's shock-struckened face and continued. "We just want to help."

"Help what?" Sam inquired. Spectra smiled. Curiousity is good. However, Kitty heavily sighed, aggravated.

"Cut the shit already. Everyone knows that you've been in love with that boy for years. Now we just want to move things along." Sam paled. Unbelievable. This has got to be some kind of horrible nightmare.

"I-I don't know what you're t-talking about." She stuttered, avoided thier gaze, her face reddening of that equal to a tomato. Shaking her head vigorously. She had to be dreaming.

"Look, either you deny it and die alone living in regret, or listen to this proposition we got to offer and act on it." Ember finished. Sam didn't move, but not denying anything allowed them to continue.

"We all give you tips and tricks that we think will work, but its your job to choose between what you want to use." Kitty shrugged. Sam thought very hard. Even if she was crazy enough to say yes, could she pull this off? Would she always regret not admitting her feelings for Danny?

Shit, the ghosts in the ghost zone are trying to hook them up! If thats not a sign then nothing is. Shes not blind. Wouldn't he be mad afterwards? So many questions are left unanswered. However, the mother of them all came to haunt her the most. What if he doesn't feel the same way?

"And theres the fact that we could leave you tied up here until you agree." Ember laughed. Sam rolled her eyes. Yep, shes in whether she liked it or not. And who knows, maybe she could learn a thing or two. She just prayed that it didn't come back to bite her in the ass.

Was she out of her mind? Hell yes. But hey, love makes you to do the craziest things. She's got nothing to lose. Right? She sighed, alright no more hiding. Time to grab this shit by the horns and get ready for one hell of a ride.

"I'm in."

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