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Author's Notes: I know the fic is a bit popular and by no means do I plan on denying it from readers. Nuff said.

Disclaimer: This story isn't for the faint hearted. It's very much PWP, though with a slight twist of plot cohesion and it deals with explicit relations between men. (though, it's technically And if you're not jarred yet, its of poly-amorous relations. Read at your own discretion and perversion.


I guess the perfect place to start would actually be at the beginning. I knew of the Cullens' true "faces" for about two years going strong. It was one of those interesting quirks to being part of the Quileute pack. One quirk I didn't expect was actually becoming their ally. It all started with a weird murder just outside Forks. The little pixie one was shitting kittens, really going crazy, so I'm guessing something had to be done. War knows no boundaries, so of course, out of the goodness of his heart - and this is not sarcasm I'm using - Carlisle Cullen met up with Sam about two months ago and told him that a new killer was on the loose. A vampire. He gave the warning and it was this that started the weird temporary friendship between pack and leeches. Ever since then, we've been getting what Edward Cullen called "Wanderers", small groups of vamps curious as to why other vampires have lost their non-existent lives in such a small ass, nobody town. You think after decades of living, they'd know to avoid Forks, not run towards it. It could just be human curiosity. Human. Huh.
Perhaps it was human curiosity that had me use out my welcome that day, but initially I was there for one thing; providing a message. On what would have been a dark and stormy night anywhere else, was pretty good weather for the residents of Forks. I had ran my way across the ever fading border between the Quileute tribe and The Cullen family, jeans tied to my hind legs as I sped through damp earth. Just a mile away from the familiar mansion, I dressed myself and walked the final distance. I knew about half the family was out doing their hunting thing. The idea still irked the hell out of me, but gladly I understood that bears and mountain lions were better than big bosomed school girls and new born babies. It was Edward that I knew for sure would be present considering that he told me he was sticking around for the next Wandering Coven, but I was surprised to see his brother's big ass truck. The Jock was there also. I assumed he was usually down for animal pouncing action. If there was no pouncing involved, he wasn't interested.

Irony never fails to amuse.
I was used to the over-zealous welcome of Esme, so it may have just been my fault when I stepped through the unlocked doors of the looming, open house. I inhaled that familiar sweet burn, nearly choking. Something else hung in the air. Something more sweet than just the smell of 7 vamps. This was an aroma I never tasted before. My sensitive ears perked up to a new sound. A moan. A vampire moan. An Edward vampire moan. That was no vocal expression of pain or insolence. That, my friends, was an expression of pleasure. I bit my tongue, holding in a laugh. I just knew Edward was too pompous for his own good. He had a dark side, a horny side. And if I was quiet enough- physically and mentally - I'd catch him in the act! Nothing like catching Edward Cullen cock-handed.

I inhaled deeply, lifting my foot slowly before starting an agonizing pace up the stairs. The moans were long and drawn out. He was really giving it to himself. Half way up to his room I paused hearing a thud. It was followed by two more. Then, a series of smaller rhythmic bumps against the wall. What was he doing? Humping his couch? I bit my tongue harder, tempted to catch him. I could imagine that bronze shining hair, messy from all that work, his hard chest rising and falling in mere imitation of a human out of breath. I wanted to see those golden eyes roll to the back of his head as he arched that perfectly sculpted body into his fist. Oh God! Was I getting turned on? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I paused thinking it over. Is this something I actually wanted to see? With little time, my face set in determination. I was getting that fucker if it was the last thing I'd do. It was no fair that he got to stomp obnoxiously around my brain, quoting things only I knew just to be a pain in my ass. He knew every secret thought I had, especially the ones about him. It was easier with the pack. We didn't need to phase as much unless we were patrolling and that was usually alone. But with him, it was every time we met, which was more often than I initially wanted. So hell, I figured I'd invade his privacy for a change.

I was finally at the top step, hands frozen on the banister, eyes wide with anticipation. I only went up three flights of stairs, but it felt more like 30. I was suddenly out of breath, with clammy hands. What was wrong with me, I wasn't about to do a stage performance in front of 3000 people, I was going to catch Edward in his private moment. It was him that should have been nervous, not me. I huffed out a brave breath of motivation and continued forward. The noises were ridiculously loud and the smell was so heavy in the air I could taste it and feel it swim down my throat like warm milk. I shuddered, getting closer. I could see the ajar door, quick shadows playing against it like some one man puppet show. I could feel the smirk creep up on my cheeks. Oh Eddy, you naughty boy, this is what happens when you're not careful. I was close now. My hands twitched in anticipation. I stepped just a little closer, palms flattening against the door, giving me room to peek. My jaw dropped open at the sight.


It was Alice that felt that a stormy Sunday morning was a perfect day for family hunting. Her petite form danced around the house, rounding us about. My thirst, still a forever etched burn in my throat was more at ease than it should have been for hunting so I was pleasantly relieved as in mid-skip Alice's face blanked. I smiled seeing the ruined pout. One of us would have to stay back. Jacob, the second in command in the Quileute pack was stopping by for a visit. It could only be meant for importance.

"He can't just call?" She grumbled.
"A face-to-face conversation might work better for him." Emmett shrugged catching my eye. Treading carefully, Emmett and I had a quiet agreement. He was very much aware of my presence in his mind, so it wasn't a surprise that he occasionally caught me enjoying small sex scenarios in his head. Recently during the continuous visits from the family's "favorite" wolf, a small imagery sneaked in. If there was anything Emmett liked, it was a challenge. Going "balls in" in any situation was like giving a kid candy. Emmett took in Jacob's fit form. He admired his towering frame and aggressive snappy attitude, but he wanted more than anything to throw him down and dominate. Unbeknownst to Emmett, I was very much aware of who Jacob sexually wanted; Me. He was the typical teenage male, hating what he didn't understand. It was very much easy to pick up the vibes physically, but his mind screamed thoughts at me and he knew I knew.
So we found an advantage.
The family continued with their plans with me willingly staying behind to meet the teen dog. It wasn't until Emmett thought it best to "keep me company" did I get a raised eyebrow from my compacted annoyance of a sister.
"You boys are up to trouble." She said knowingly, biting her lip. I felt Emmett's eyes on me, but I kept my expression innocent, "You're going to give that dog trouble, aren't you?"
"Something like that." Emmett answered honestly.
"We don't need tensions to grow when things are getting better..." Alice complained.
I sighed, faking irritation "Alice, that's childish," She jutted a lip out at my feigned disappointment and with a huff walked out of sight. There was not much she would be able to see, not when our plans now involved Jacob Black.


Emmett remained relaxed and unfazed even after the family had left for hunting. His eyes were on a game, but his mind elsewhere. I didn't have to guess. I knew. Obviously.
"About an hour," I answered a question that had been pressing on him for the last 20 minutes, "That's when things got hazy for Alice." He smirked quietly to himself.
"How long have you known?" He asked. That was an easy question to answer.
"About as long as you have known yourself." I settled next to him on the couch. Despite the stumbling of teen boy thoughts in his head, he kept his physical responses very tame. It made his attempts at self-control more amusing and yet so appealing.
He bravely met my eyes, his lips turned up in a devious smirk, "Did that turn you on?" I thought a moment. I wasn't going to lie and said it didn't, but I never intended anything to happen at first because of two factors; Rosalie and Alice. I knew what he was really asking. Was I turned on enough to want it also.
"I thought of consequences." I said, surely ruining the moment for him. He rolled his eyes and turned his face back towards the television.
"Not surprising," He shrugged, "Very Edward-like." He was taking it as a shot-down reply. His thoughts soured at the rejection.
His response had a tickling annoying tone to it.
"And that turns you off?" I asked with true curiosity. His head snapped in my direction.
"I can always force you." The gears in his head turned as he set up strategic moves to throw my body off balance, "You are weaker after all."
He was like a puppy. I did my best to hold in a smile, "I'm pretty sure I have the advantage here."

I knew it was coming, but I decided the element of surprise was always a nice touch with Emmett. He pounced up, pulling my body against his, before pushing me backwards against the carpeted floor. I was quick enough to soften the fall even with his bigger frame on me.
I hadn't had this type of close encounter with anyone in decades. The close touching of body against body was too comforting for words and it surprisingly sent a jolt to my groin.
"Oh!" He shouted out in shock, "I knew you saw that coming, bro! You had to."
"I thought I'd let you win...this time."
He scoffed, "Yeah, whatever," I felt him press himself against me absentmindedly, "I was taking it easy on you." He held his face inches away from mine, breathing evenly against my skin. It made me envious of Rosalie. She had this just about every moment she wanted it.
"What are you thinking, Edward?" His voice was surprisingly husky. I knew that tone. I heard it often when he thought no one was close enough to listen. I took in a sharp breath, feeling like a school girl.
"What do you think about Jacob?"


I have to admit that took me off guard. The hot ass stared back up at me waiting for a response. He had such a serious expression. We were speaking about a potential threesome not politics!
"I'd fuck him til' he howled." Why deny it? For Edward to randomly bring it up, to stay behind alone with Jacob coming, I knew he had something planned. And I needed to be there.
"What do you think of Jacob?" I asked back. Unlike him, I honestly had no idea what he wanted...or who.

"He's had some interesting...thoughts."
"Like..?" I pressed, feeling his legs bow out under me, so I could fall into him more. I felt a twitch in my pants. He was asking for it.
"Jacob has an interesting dynamic playing on his mind," Edward snickered to himself. I never seen him look so...naughty. God, Edward, you must be a freak in the bed. He raised an amused eyebrow, but went on, "He has had some sexual thoughts about me."
No fair. What was it with Edward getting all the attention?
"None about me, I take it." He laughed out, catching on to my tone. So what if I was jealous? He knew what I wanted to do with that wolf boy, but it is no fun if he fights it...well...

"That's not what we're going to do, Em." Edward sighed under me, causing me to scowl. Yeah, of course. We needed consent and all that shit. Whatever. It's not rape if you like it.

"Em." Edward warned.
"I never said I was going to hold him down and make him take it," I grumbled, "It would just take him a minute to realize that what we're doing feels good."
"He's got to want it first." Edward did that sugar dipped in honey tone. It worked a lot on the faculty at school, but I was immune...sort of. I just wanted to have fun, but thinking responsibly is a pain in the ass.
"You can still have fun and be responsible." He cooed, moving his hips under me. I came to realize that he was grinding against me. The hot ass, "Come here." He whispered. My face was but inches away from his, but I gave in, growling as I did when I kissed him roughly. I had pictured doing this often in so many ways, but it didn't take out the impression it had as our first kiss. He let me dominate like a good boy, giving in when I tongued my way in his mouth, searching feverishly.

"Emmett," He moaned under me, already giving in. Whoa was I that good or was he just horny? "Both." He answered sheepishly.
"Why Edward, I didn't figure you for the prepubescent type." I teased, kissing along his jawline. He whimpered pathetically.
"I have to admit, I'm a novice at this." He managed to get out calmly between pants, "I don't screw around every chance I get." I cackled at that comment.
"Yeah, I can get a bit physical often."

"That's an understatement, Em." Yeah, yeah, I know. I fuck like a dog.
Speaking of...

"How much longer?" I asked.

"45 minutes." He replied, snaking from under me.

"That's enough time for me to get to know you better," I laughed. Maybe less, he was melting like ice cream in the Sahara under my touch, "And what do we need to do to get his permission?"
"Simple." Edward replied, "I have an idea."


"This sounds too easy." Emmett sat comfortably on my couch, gazing across the room towards the trees as if he expected Jacob's wolf form to appear from the distance. His big frame settled comfortably against the arm rest and he parted his knees surprising and distracting me altogether. He rubbed against the fabric of his jeans and grunted. The bulge there was evident. I didn't know my idea turned him on so much.

"I don't know," He mumbled, not noticing the new attention he was attracting, "I think it would work better if I held him down and you sucked him off." He began forming a fantasy, still unaware that I was obsessed what was contracted by the jeans fabric. I was quick. It wasn't until after his jeans were ripped from his body that he protested.
"What the hell?" He yelled, snapping out of his daydream, "Edward, you could have asked kindly." I didn't respond right away, gripping him through his boxers and inhaling his scent. "Whoa!" He gasped, not expecting that, I'm sure. My hand began working in motion, stroking him teasingly.

"You're so big, Em." I licked my lips, thinking obsessively if he would fit in my mouth, "I never imagined it this thick."
"God, you thought about it?" He asked, twitching in my grip. I nodded and he let out a deep, chuckle, "That's fucking hot."

I hooked my finger under the brim of his boxers and pulled gingerly, moving the fabric behind his length. I always had glimpses and flashes of it from Rosalie the night after. It was an advantage and luckily the reason why I was in no need of porn. It was looking and holding it close up that made it as stimulating as ever. I had the opportunity to taste him. And that I did. I kissed the head, snaking my tongue out to lick the slit getting a guttural growl in response.
"How do you like it?" I asked. I wasn't quite sure if I was doing this right even if I could call back unwanted tutorials.

"You already know." He sighed, raking his thick fingers through my hair and applying pressure. I took the hint and parted my lips, taking him in all the way. Thankfully the gag reflex doesn't function as it does when alive. It wasn't much of a difficult task, but he hissed in satisfaction nonetheless.

Damn Edward, suck me off.

I hummed in reply around his cock. He responded well, using both hands to keep my head down on him. I didn't mind. In fact, I loved it. His hips jerked under me erratically before he began building a rhythm against my throat. He was rough and dominant, whispering my name in pants, his grip loosening as he attempted to hold his will. I enjoyed the way he writhed under me, trying his best to keep himself under control, but I needed to keep the teasing going. I pulled away, licking my lips to catch any of his pre juices.

"Fuck, Edward!" He laughed out in pleasure.

"How was it?" I panted, feeling myself strain against my jeans.

"You suck like a pro." He answered huskily, watching me with heavy lidded eyes.

"Appreciate the comment." I replied grateful that I was able to satisfy someone with such experience. I leaned in, kissing his parted lips. He moaned in reply, not hesitating to force his tongue into my mouth, searching fervently. A tingle shot up my spine, shocking my entire lower abdomen.

"Em," I whined, voice muffled against his lips. He responded, leaning his body towards me, planting me against the lush, clean carpet and himself. In a flash, he linked both arms under each of my thighs, spreading me so he could fall into me better. I gasped into the kiss, feeling his hard-on against mine. I couldn't comprehend what was going on. My mind was racing, attempting to keep some form of logic as he took control, thrusting his hips against mine so I could succumb to his own personal torture.

"Don't beat around the bush, Em." I moaned, snaking under him, "Just fuck me."

He continued pecking my lips as if I said nothing, but his hips picked up speed. He needed more encouragement. I knew what Emmett wanted to hear.

"I need it." I whined. It wasn't much of an act. My cock throbbed, the consumed blood in my body rushing there. I heard a long rip and felt each pant leg slide down my thigh. He ripped my jeans apart my simply tucking at each end.

"Mmm, Edward." he spoke in quiet shock, staring down at my bare skin, "Well I guess we don't really need boxers." He smirked. I bowed my leg, whimpering. Time was closing in. He'd be here soon.

"Don't like being teased, huh?" He said smugly, "Now you know how it feels." He positioned himself against me. With a final chuckle, He pressed into me, sighing out when I closed in on the invader. Another electric shock shot through me. It took me awhile to realize it was pain. His hard body pressing into me, stretching me out. I bit on my tongue, completely overwhelmed with this new feeling. Emmett was unaware and fell into me completely. His lips brushed against my neck, tickling the exposed skin there. It relaxed me and I adjusted just as he began a steady motion. I began writhing under his weight when I felt a pressure against what could only be explained as a trigger. I spoke Emmett's name, fisting his curly locks.

"I guess I found something." He whispered against my neck before his hips picked up speed. I couldn't contain my vocal responses and it only fueled him to go harder and faster, touching my trigger. I shook violently, losing measure in time. It felt like a fast second, but it could have been an half hour of his skin collided against mine.

"God, I'm going to lose it." Emmett bucked against me.

I could hear a loud heartbeat, a familiar strong smell filling the air in the room.

"Not yet." I whispered.

Emmett's hips jerked to a stop at a quiet gasp.


My heart hammered against my chest like a violent, angry drum. I couldn't' have seen that. My back was now to the room, my hands over my heart as if to keep it in place. I got more than what I bargained for. I wanted to catch him in the act, just him. Not his big, muscle-bound brother too. I felt light headed surprisingly, looking down and nearly choking on a gasp. I had a raging, painful boner. What the hell? I leaned over, doing my best to walk down the stairs in my condition. I got to the second floor and rested doing my best not to think of the look they gave me when they heard me gasp. Both golden eyes were like liquid gold on fire. My cock jumped at the thought. No, I had to leave while I had the chance.

I waited, hesitating, hoping. Yet, I heard the loud buzz of nothing.

They had to be surprised, because they did nothing.

I was wrong.

"Like what you see?" I jumped, turning at the voice. It was the bigger brother Emmett. He stood before me naked as hell and still turned on. I bit my tongue, turning immediately.

"I came at the wrong time." I stammered, "Just pretend I wasn't here."
"What's that there?" He asked lightly, "Banana in your pocket?" He strolled towards me nonchalantly. I froze, my eyes narrowing on impulse.

"Get back, leech." I growled. Despite my arousal, a heat burned through me, threatening to pop and form me into something more violent.

"If it is a fight you're looking for, pup..." He said seductively, licking his lips.

I took a half step back, a growl ripping from my chest.

"Jacob." The voice was gentle and whispery. My head jerked away from the buff leech landing on what made me breathless. Fuck.

I suddenly felt sick, "I'm just going to go."
"Wait." His voice was soft.

My cock throbbed again. "Shit." I mumbled. The heat in my body rose. I panted, feeling the nausea reel in me. This wasn't anger I was feeling. I was overwhelmed. My knees buckled under me.

"Uh oh, he's tipping." His brother spoke. I felt arms wrap around my waist, keeping me from hitting the floor under me.

"Heh. He's so turned on, his blood rushed to his cock too fast."

Was that it?

"You're going to need to relax if you want to leave, Jacob." Edward spoke politely, "I'm going to take you to my room-" My body froze as I immediately thought about making a run for it. "If there was any time to trust me, it would be now."
From the corner of my eye, I could see his brother staring at me intensely.

"Do you trust me?"

Say no, say no! My mind screamed at me, but I knew it was an aversion from something. What it was, I wasn't sure. If I was to say no, I would be lying. I trusted him. Why else would I come see him alone even if there was a possible chance his very vampiric family was around?

"Yes." He smiled at my reply. The smile looked almost...grateful. Using his strong hold around my waist, he guided me upstairs to his room, leading me to his very comfy looking sofa. I sat on it, suddenly feeling loads better, yet my cock was still hard and it only looked more evident sitting there. Ugh, I felt dizzy again.

"Is there anything I can get you?"
"A mouthful of cock." His brother joked from behind.

"Em," He warned lightly.

I couldn't help agreeing with Emmett. My cock twitched in agreement. I knew he heard this. And he knew I knew. He didn't say anything else. Well, not until I looked up.

"Are you sure?" He asked as if I just offered him to borrow my most prized possession. Well, I guess I kinda was.

My throat was dry and my stomach was doing Olympic style tumbles, but I still answered, "Yes." A cool hand rested on my cheek in what I guess was an act of assuring me that this was okay.

This was fucking ridiculous. How did I get into this? My eyes fell, too embarrassed to look up. Edward took this as a sign to sit next to me. I was going to lose it - and soon. I couldn't help thinking back to what went on not even 5 minutes ago inches away from my feet. The way Emmett dominated him like that...and how he liked it. I always figured Edward for the freak...but never a bottom.

"You can do whatever you want to me." He whispered, his breath fanning out against my skin. How did he know to say that? How did he know that's what I wanted to hear?

Of course. Brain tours are always handy.


Man, was I fucking impatient. I stood, watching the hot ass show, show that got stuck in slow-mo and I couldn't find the damn remote to speed it up. It was hot, don't get me wrong, just too slow for my taste. I needed action, damnit! Edward, you can hear me! HELLO?

Edward tucked a finger under Jacob's face, lifting his head so their eyes could meet. Oh, come on! I watched anyway, hoping something would happen. The heavens parted for me when Jacob aggressively pulled Edward's head to his by wrapping his huge ass paws around the nape of his neck. He kissed him like he only had a second to live. It was too hot for words. My once bored-to-shit cock sprang up at the site of opportunity.

I'm not sure if this boy had experience, but the way he kissed Edward was...professional? It looked legit and by the way Edward moaned freely into his mouth, it was good. I watched the show, unaware of what I was doing to myself. Jacob pulled away every minute or so to kiss along Edward's jaw and neck. While he did this, Edward would stare in my direction. What? Did he want me to come over?

"Em," Shit, the way he said my name could have been an instant jeans creamer if it wasn't for my focused attention on getting Jacob ass. Jacob pulled out of his sex daze temporarily to look at me. To my pleasant surprise he gasped out an astonished "Whoa!"

I looked down at the sight. My cock and stomach was coated in my juices, yet my cock was still as hard as ever. I was too distracted to know I was rubbing myself out. I looked up meeting two suddenly very hungry pairs of eyes. Yes! Now this is what I'm talking about.

I was the first to move, using my speed to get to them. Jacob jumped back but didn't flinch when I mirrored his moves, pulling him in for a violent kiss, bruising his neck with my hand, I'm sure. My other hand hadn't forgotten Edward. It blindly roamed his chest, tweaking him in the right places as I tongued his wolfy friend.

I could feel Jacob hesitating in the kiss. The sexy boy was completely unaware of what his physical and snarky attitude did to me on a daily basis. Just thinking about throwing him down with a fight until he finally gave in, was enough for a lifetime of happy jizzed filled endings. I felt pressure against my chest, realizing it was his hand attempting to push me away. Our lips parted.

"Come on, Black, you know you like it." I teased, watching his skin redden. He licked his swollen lips, his eyes flickering back and forth between me and Edward. Ah, He was unsure of what to do next. time to take initiative.

I thought of my next move, knowing my brother got it.

"Edward, give wolf boy a little kiss." I said as I lowered myself to my knees. Okay, Emmett, time to work your magic.


My plan worked. The only way for Jacob to want to have any experience with us was to see the action first hand and come to terms to what it did to him. He was attracted to me yet he didn't admit it to himself. Such a simple thing as a hard-on made him realize.

Emmett would be happy to know that the site of his naked body gave Jacob ideas, a lot due to curiosity of who would top if they were to wrestle dominance over the other. I already knew.

My patience waning, but with much restraint I leaned in, taking his lips with my own, expressing all that was possible through a simple kiss. He got the picture immediately and deepened our connection unaware of why Emmett had slipped to his knees in front of his lap.

Jacob yelped out, finally noticing the cold hands parting his legs, "Unngh!"

I cupped my hand around his burning skin, holding his face to mine in reassurance, "It's okay." I spoke slowly in hope to calm him down. His warm breath panted against my cold skin, heating it like a furnace.

I don't know what to do! What if this leech does something-! I can't-

He fought with himself. I shook my head, disagreeing.

"He wants you." I spoke with a tinge of excitement in my tone, "So bad you have no idea." Jacob's eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. It was obvious he didn't. It was hard to suppress my laugh.

"You're kidding me, right?" The thought to him wasn't even comprehensible.

Emmett appeared to be in his own world, paying us no mind as he examined the creature before him. He had already undone Jacob's pants and exposed him. The sight before him was a surprise. He was big. His fingers closed around Jacob's arousal, causing the young boy to jump in my hands.

"I'm serious as is he." I laughed again, "Hence the hilarity."

Emmett had less patience than I for teasing and build up. He licked along Jacob's head, kissing it with a smack before his head disappeared from site.

"Unghh! Oh my-!" Jacob screamed out. He loved it. I still held his chin in my hands, watching as he bit his lips suppressing any moans or screams to keep from embarrassing himself.

"We love it when you're vocal, Jacob." I spoke against his mouth, swiping my tongue along the part in his lips, teasing for access, "It turns us on." Emmett's voice hummed in agreement from below.

He shuddered in pleasure, moaning out finally.

"Good." I encouraged, before pulling away to check the show. Emmett's head bobbed with speed no human could attempt to do. The sight thrilled me. Without second thought, my hand shot out, tightening around the short, baby curls and applied pressure, making sure all of Jacob's length was in his mouth.

"Swallow around it." I instructed. He complied and Jacob's voice rung out high and tight, "Again." I ordered Emmett. This time a small whimper rumbled through the young boy's chest.

He's coming! Emmett screamed in excitement. It was quick for us, but considering the overwhelming situation, I wasn't surprised.

Not a drop leaked past his lips onto the brown skin. I pouted thinking about what I was missing out on. "Save some for me." Emmett immediately pulled away, leaning up towards me, before pressing his lips against mine, giving me a taste. My hardness throbbed at the tangy taste.

My eyes locked on Emmett's as I pulled away, but my words were for Jacob, "You taste so good."

"Oh God." He moaned from beside us. His body was slack against the couch, his legs parted and limp as was his arousal. Emmett grinned smugly. He definitely wasn't done. He already had another idea.

"Want a ride?" He winked at me. I laughed out, despite the situation. What a romantic.


I wasn't sure I could breath. That was the hardest I ever came in my entire life. Not saying I had much experience save for me, my hand and Dirty Backdoor Sluts Volume 9, but I didn't expect it to be so quick and by two vamp- men I thought I hated so much. Was this it? Were they going to laugh about it later, calling me a minute man? Would the Littlest Leech see this as well and have a laugh. Did they just want me as a little virgin fuck buddy? Ouch. That would hurt.

"Want a ride?" I heard Emmett, the one who blew me into another galaxy, tell Edward. Suddenly I could breathe better. I sat up watching Edward as he laughed hotly. If sex took the form of laughter, it would have been Edward's. Our eyes meant briefly and I turned away. I needed to go before I showed any feelings about what just happened.

"Hey," I heard someone call. I turned, surprised to see Emmett's eyes boring into mine like I was some big breasted blonde. He was splayed out on the carpet, cock up like a flag pole, a finger pointing to his face, "Have a seat." He offered.


"Come here." Edward motioned with a finger. As if under a hypnotic spell, I did as I was told. He pecked my lips sweetly guiding me toward Emmett's head. I was positioned with each leg on either side of his head. Edward instructed me to lower myself onto my knees. This was strange. How was he going to blow me in this position..? Oh shit, wait a minute.

"N-no." I stammered, getting what was going on, "I can't. Not there." Edward nodded in understanding as if speaking to a child.

"I know, love," He said softly, "It's an intimate area, but-"

"I just want to tongue fuck you, dude." His brother's voice boomed from under me, "You'll love it and it'll be so hot. Promise." Glad someone was nonchalant about this. With one brief look at Edward's face, I nodded. The things he made me do. I felt like some sort of slave, yet the thought turned me on. Sitting on his face like this. My hands rested on a cold, toned, hard chest as I positioned myself.

"Mmmm." Emmett hummed against my skin, flickering his tongue around it. My body convulsed. Wow, that felt new. He wasn't shy, lifting his hands to knead me. His tongued poked around obnoxiously, only feeling satisfied when it had rimmed me about a dozen times in remarkable speed. I panted out, doing my best not to lose it so soon again, but what caught my eye as I looked up nearly had be on overload. Edward sat just inches away from me, positioned on Emmett where his cock was once standing proud and tall. It took me half a second to realize that it still was, just inside him. Whether it was my thought or guttural moan that got his attention, Edward noticed I was watching. And boy, was I. His hips rocked against Emmett's in almost a trance-like way, locking and picking up speed at random moments, before he found a rhythmic pattern that had his brother wildly tonguing me as he moaned against my skin. My lap twitched in excitement. I was feeling a reaction already?

Something Edward did this time had Emmett's hands spreading me impatiently so he could have better access to my entrance, penetrating it into me as far as he could, his wet muscle worked its magic.

"Em-!" I bucked against it, literally riding his tongue. The distance between me and Edward wasn't much considering my height. I took advantage, leaning over to kiss his cool chest. It felt good against my burning lips. Like ice to a stinging burn. I kissed up until my lips feathered across his nipple. I nipped it lightly before moving to the next for the same treatment. I felt a hand tightening around my short hair, encouraging me to go on. I moved up his chest slowly as I grinded my body against Emmett. I kissed and nibbled Edward's neck, pausing to where a pulse would have been pounding against my lips were he as I was. I preferred the sighing moan I got in response. I ended the journey with my lips to his. The sound of our lips smacking was loud enough to alert Emmett what was going on. Edward was thinking the same.

"He is enjoying this." He spoke into the kiss. As confirmation. Emmett's tongue wiggled wildly in me and his hips jerked up under Edward.
"Emmett!" we both yelled out in unison. His chuckle reply was muffled by my ass.

It was time to switch. With one last smack of the lips, I lifted myself off of Emmett turning my body at a 180. Emmett stared, a pout on his boyish face. This wasn't all about Edward and I needed him to know that.

"Thank you." was all I knew to say. After all, he did eat me out.

"Oh, baby you have no idea how much of a pleasure that was." He spoke huskily. I felt my entrance throb in response, then a surge of affection and gratitude guiding me. I kissed him with enough passion to sell that, getting a shocked gasp.

"Fuck yeah," He groaned, tonguing my mouth as a reminder to where it was. He pulled away smirking, "Ass to mouth, my favorite."

"Charming." Edward spoke from behind. I pulled away from Emmett allowing him to sit up and watch us with eager eyes. My head turned to catch what Edward was doing. I didn't catch much due to me being tackled from behind. There was no surprise as to who did it.

"Emmett, wait." I wasn't sure what he was trying to do. My body froze and spasmed under the cold lips along my spine, tracing up to my neck. I felt something hard hitting my thigh and whined in anticipation. Okay now I knew what was coming.

"Emmett, please be careful with him." I heard Edward plead.

"Don't worry," Emmett chuckled, cupping his arms around my waist, "I got it."

Okay, it was time to hold up the T for time out, "Wait!" I protested. I was surprised to feel Emmett's hands pull away from me. For a split second, I felt disappointed. I turned onto my back, knees up. My cheeks were burning hot, my body felt drenched and my cock hurt like hell. "I'm not some fuck doll that you just fling around!" I belted out, "What the hell? I'd like to have some say in this."

I was met with a concerned expression and an amused one. Not hard to guess which belonged to whom.

"Jake," My heart shot up to my throat at that word, "I've known for a while that..." He didn't finish. What? Known what for a while?

"Look, bro, he can read your mind. He can read mine. We all have been jonesing for the other but never admitted it to ourselves. Just think of this as everyone getting a treat." Emmett had an interesting way of putting things.

"So you guys are not just trying to get your rocks off?" I asked.

"I just want you to feel good." Edward answered honestly. I heard a cough from behind me, "So does Emmett."

This was just...awesome.

"Does that make you uncomfortable?"

I shook my head, "No," my voice came out strong, "I just never thought you'd give me- give this the time of day."

"Mmm, well." He smirked, wrapping an arm around my waist pulling me close to him for a kiss. I didn't fight it.


I saw Emmett move from behind me, taking a seat on the sofa. He didn't rush me this time, watching with horny eyes as our kiss became more intense. I held the heated body to me, grinding against him eagerly, until his legs nearly gave in under him.

Ready any time. I heard Emmett from over Jacob's shoulders. He was absently stroking himself and watching. I guided Jacob backwards until his knees hit the couch. His heart picked up with speed knowing where we were going, yet he didn't stop thinking about it. He anticipated the feeling of Emmett. He wanted this, but I needed to ask anyway.

"Are you sure?" He nodded eagerly.

"But it'll be my turn to give you the ride." He suggested. I couldn't turn that down. Ever.

Jacob's hands shook as they rested on the thighs under him. Emmett, being the gentleman he truly is, held the slim waist above him, making sure to position him just right. I was anxious for him. For humans, the sexual act could be painful. Jacob choked on his breath, feeling the tip slip in.


"I'm fine." He said through gritted teeth. I was quick, getting on my knees. I kissed his arousal, hoping this would take his mind off of the pain. I puckered my lips around it, lifting my hands to grip him as well. I could feel the blood flow. My mouth watered automatically. He had already taken Emmett in halfway without a whimper of pain. I knew he could feel it.

"Mmmm" I hummed around him drawing out a high moan.

"Oh God, Edward." He bucked against my mouth before fully taking all of Emmett in. The sight suddenly gave me an idea. After all, this was the what Jacob originally wanted.


I had to show patience. Edward could, so could I. But God was he tight. The young body above me shook. I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure. I held him to me, waiting until he lifted his hips. I heard a hiss of pleasure. Edward had positioned himself on top of Jacob straddling both our hips, his ass already slapping against Jacob's thighs, causing the bounce on mine.

Holy Shit.

I was kind of doing two men at once you look at it. Awesome.

Arms wrapped around the young teen body and mine, gripping my weak spot; my hair.

"Fuck us, Em." Edward moaned.

"You bet I will." I held Jake's waist tight enough to guide his hips into Edward's. I bucked up to test it. Both boys moaned. Test successful. I jerked my hips up again, this time taking into account that the wolf boy in the middle was too fragile to handle the intensity I could go. Not saying I wouldn't be rough.

Edward decided to fight back, grinding against Jake, leaning over his shoulder to lock lips with me. Jacob panted between us. I hoped he could breathe okay. This was just too hot to breathe evenly. Edward noticed, pulling away to make matters worse, I'm sure. He lifted himself nearly all the way before falling back onto that big cock. I took this as my chance to lift Jacob just a little fast, pulling back down on my lap. The combining sensations got quite the response from the pup.

"Emm- Edwa-" He panted incoherently, "I can't-"

Yes, please! "Come for me, Jacob."


Emmett hit something. I don't know what it was, but my body suddenly had a mind of its own. My eyes rolled back and my torso rocked into Edward who tightened around me so hard I thought I'd explode.

My shoulder tingled at the touch of cool lips. "Go on." Emmett's breath fanned into my ear.

"It's okay." Edward encouraged, pecking me repeatedly, tightening around me again. It didn't help that they were egging me on. My body wracked violently. An explosion of heat erupted from me, causing me to convulse against the intruder in me and release all I had in Edward.

"Mmm," Edward moaned, tonguing my mouth in gratitude, The last of my convulsions ended. My throat moaned out in satisfaction. That was too intense. I guess Emmett felt the same way. He arched his back under me, lifting both Edward and I up. With a guttural growl, I felt him twitch in me.

I panted, waiting for the next move. Edward was the first to get up. His eyes locked with Emmett's behind me, who chuckled, lifting me from his lap until he was fully out of me. I whined, feeling a little empty without that ridiculous thickness in there. I was surprised he didn't kill me from his size. Thank God, I dealt with worse pain. Both his arms hooked undermine, bringing them above our heads. He used the hand closest to my face to turn my head in his direction. His tongue snaked out, wiggling sloppily between my lips before I greedily suckled it into my mouth. His hard lips felt oddly soft against mine, though he applied pressured between us. Was he trying to get me hard again?

Or distract me?

I suddenly felt exposed.


You're still hard. Should I distract him? It would hurt less for him. Emmett offered. I nodded quickly. Jacob was too out of breath to notice what was going on even with Emmett chuckling like a child who just stole candy and got away with it. I got up to reposition myself. Emmett took advantage, sexily maneuvering his arms around the warm body before devouring him in an arousing kiss. I used this free time to coat my length in my own juices. I wasn't as thick as Emmett, but I was sure to inflict some pain if I wasn't lubricated, although I'm sure Emmett's cum would be lube enough. Always nice to be safe.

Jacob didn't jump at the contact of my knees spreading him, neither did he fight against me slipping in. Instead I had a rush of exclamations-happy ones- when I entered.

I was almost at climax when I fell into his body. Having his warmness in me was exhilarating and yet I had no chance to reach my high as quick as he did given the situation. He was after all feeling two extreme pleasures at once. But now that it was me invading him, I had my opportunity to feel the high he and Emmett felt.

Emmett continued his tongue play enjoying the sounds that was emitting from his kissing partner. I leaned in, taking advantage of the exposed, fiery flesh, kissing from his collar bone to his neck as I grinded my hips against his.

He broke free from the vice-like kiss Emmett had on him and moaned out my name. That was it for me. My teeth clamped lightly on his neck as my body relaxed and my mind took a euphoric trip.


Emmett hadn't moved from his spot on my couch. He had been replaying our playtime for the last 10 minutes.

"Em, the rest of them will be home soon." I sighed, knowing he could be sitting like that for hours, "Don't you want to wash off the smell of cum and wolf and put some clothes on?" He scoffed at my suggestion. He loved the smell immensely.

There should be a cologne for it. He had thought earlier in his recent playpack of events.

"Yeah, like that's going to work." He laughed, patting the wet cushions under him, "May as well throw out the couch." He was right. I sighed, running a towel through my wet hair. Jacob was still in the shower. It really wasn't a good idea to wash together. It took way too long and it kept from actual washing.

Emmett turned his head out towards the window, grinning, "Well it is drizzling a bit. We may be able to get the soapy smell off of us if we run through it for a few hours." I nodded in reply. Soap smell was just as suspicious as the cum smell.

"I like it when you use your head, Em." I teased.

He merely licked his lips.

"I like it when you use your mouth - Eddy"


I heard the shower faucet turn off down the hall.

"Shall we?" I motioned towards the bathroom.

"We shall." Emmett pouted. He didn't like the idea of taking Jake home.


He already had plans.

In the next room, Jake plotted too.

This surely wasn't the end.