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Extra Juicy Part II


Oh, this is absolute bullshit.

And the most unbelievable thing about it is that I wasn't sure whether to be fucking pissed or relieved.

I was on my way back to the Cullens', because frankly, I didn't know where else to go. My problem here was not that I was banished from my pack, it's that I was now on the outskirts of it - whatever that meant.

I had to admit, that Sam took it all in stride.

After leaving Edward and Emmett in that small cottage a few miles from their house, my mind was whirling with Edward's plan. It didn't sound too impossible, but it did sound tough, seeing how we were to all come out, so to speak. But the problem was, I was already out.

The pack greeted me that night, still revved up from the hunt of the leeches and a bit irritated that they didn't get to do any damage to any of them. They were already reading what I experienced, and sure enough I was met with appalled reactions - and to my surprise - Sam's disappointment. He dismissed the pack, leaving only me and him.

Jacob, phase into your human form. We're going to need to talk.

And that we did, right where Sam had so stubbornly tried to get me to out myself to him days before.

"There are some legends the Elders chose to keep from telling." He started, sitting on the edge of the patio steps in front of my house, "Some are irrelevant to us now and serve no purpose," He started slowly, giving me a stern look as if demanding that I listen to his next words, "And others are too taboo to even plant in young minds."

I lifted my eyebrows in curiosity.

"It appears that you've crossed one of them."

"Let me guess," I rolled my neck, arms secured in front of my chest. I was on the offense, "Fucking leeches?"

Without a word, he gave me his affirmative response, before continuing, "Jacob, it has never been in the Tribe's intentions to forge peaceful ties with the Cullens, so it was a subject never discussed, but you must know the consequences of your actions."

I felt my body steel then, "Consequences?"

He sighed, "The Elders don't know of your relations to the Cullen boys," He started, a sense of discomfort lingering in his words, "But if they were to know, they'd be deeply enraged."

"Because I'm fucking leeches or leeches with dicks?" He winced at the words.

"It because you unknowingly terminated any possibility of becoming an Elder." At my confused expression he went on, "As part of who we became years ago, our tribe, - our people - have a natural genetic response to vampires - some have been bold enough to call it a connection, but either way, our genetics only are triggered by the proximity and physical intimacy with a vampire."

Here we go, "Intimacy?"

"As you know, the presence of the Cullens spurred the change within us," Things I knew, "A physical relationship with them can spur something else."

I prepared myself, "What?"

"You lose the possibility of imprinting and you void participation as elder." Didn't really sound like a bad thing and this he seemed to notice, "Which isn't all bad since you seem to have a distain for being Alpha and there's also your attraction to males."

"And what does being attracted to males have to do with this?"

"Imprinting is nothing more but a nudge to procreate," He said frankly, "Amongst other things." And with an uncharacteristic shrug he added, "And considering your...orientation." Well, I wouldn't go as far as to say I was gay, but the only beings that ever turned me on were Edward and Emmett...and Jasper a little, last encounter considered.

...Yeah, so what, I was gay then, but what was the point?

"So where does this put me with folks like...oh say my dad?" I asked, feeling a big gulp come to mind.

He nervously scratched the back of his neck, "I'll have to speak with him first. They need to know, Jake."

"You're not going to use details, are you?"

"No, but I'd have to tell him that you're active relationship with a vampire."

"And where am I when this all happens?" And with that, I got a frown.

"I think you need to get some air, Jake. I know your father will need it."

"You're kicking me out of La Push for the next few days, aren't you?"

"Just a day or two."


"Stay away from me. You smell like that mutt still." She hissed, lunging ahead of me. If I didn't know better, I could have sworn she knew. The last week had not been easy with her. Not to mention, the round ass and ample tits hadn't been giving me the occasional woody like usual. Rose, as fucking hot and desirable as she was, appeared to do nothing for my libido. In fact, I had been choosing to keep my distance from Edward and occasionally Jasper because somehow my sexual interests had taken to a 180.

"You haven't seen him in the last two days. Have you and Edward been meeting up with him on some pack updates?" Alice, too observant for her own good, asked. I chanced a side glance at Edward, who seemed so interested in starting a conversation with Carlisle.

"No." I was able to make out, getting a hum of thought from Alice. Fuck, I was surprised she hadn't figured it out by now. Jacob's scent had been nearly scrubbed into our skin and there seemed to be no way of getting rid of it (not that I was complaining) so of course we were getting the occasional look and question, from Alice mostly.

Not to mention, Jasper had been acting funky since that night.

His black eyes clearly stated that he was starving, but the topic of blood sent a wave of disgust through all of us if he was around. Something had clearly strayed him off the crimson honey. Jacob's ass, I bet.

There was a snort in front of me and I couldn't bite back my grin. At least Eddy boy was on the same page with me there. I was ready to get back to our little niche in the world and fuck him like an animal, but keeping up airs was something he suggested until we came back home from our hunting trip. That wasn't something I was looking forward to. While I would say the last few days were an anticipation to see Jacob again, it was fucking confusing trying to figure out just what this meant for the relationship I had been in the last few decades. Rose was pretty much everything I wanted and yearned for before I had my first taste of Edward and Jake. Where she was sweet, they were savory and addicting. Sure, sex was what I wanted originally, but somewhere from having my dick in mouths and eating ass, I realized I cared more than I intended to.

That day when I fucked up, causing Jacob to split and eventually cry in the car, I couldn't fathom exactly why it bothered me. Of course, I've never been the type to enjoy seeing someone upset, but even Rose at her most classic tantrums didn't stir the discomfort and just sheer guilt I felt when seeing the tear streaked cheeks with a hint of blush. Fuck, he was hot even when angry and crying.

I wasn't the type to think about consequences, but shit, did I have it in me to drop the babe and go for the dudes I found myself thinking about more often? Was I just obsessed with this new sexual chapter in the usual boy-girl monotony? My thoughts were at a stand-still when I realized that I was naturally being overheard. My eyes met Edward's and I bit back a gasp. When the hell did that look have an effect on me? His eyes, now a fresh shade of gold held my gaze. Even through his cool demeanor, I could see the anxiety. Was I doing that?

Does it bother you that I'm thinking about this?

As expected, Edward lowered his eyes and looked away, jaw tightening in what seemed to be self-restraint.

Do you want me, Edward? The intention was to tease, but I couldn't hide that I was truly curious. This wasn't the question of sexual attraction. This question was about... well, if he wanted me around longer than Rose had me.

Edward's look was subtle, even as we ghosted over land, keeping an ear out for the familiar heartbeat thundering of hooves on ground. We met in eye contact and I was truly surprised to see his eyes swim in want, something I've only seen directed at Jacob. Yeah, our feelings were mutual for the kid, but I never considered if we were just tolerating each other. I mean, if we both shared the same ass, we were bound to lose our patience, right?

I hadn't considered that there was a possibility of actually needing the both of them around. Hell, I'm no romantic, but there was something about holding that overheated body as he slept that stirred more than just my cock and consoling Edward when he nearly lost himself in worry like a damn mother...Was it weird to feel all gooey inside when thinking of that?

I didn't have time to really think on that, because at that instant, Alice stopped.

"Alice..." Carlisle knew what was up, but kindly prodded her patiently for the story. Edward was a safe distance away, but I did feel him tense at my side.

"Jasper disappeared." She looked panicked. It was a shame we had to leave him alone at the house. The boy was truly fucked up. His aversion to blood pretty much kept him away from hunting with us. Alice, already worried to insanity, seemed to have uped the ante on freak-out.

And it appeared so did Edward.

Which could only mean Jake was in the picture now.

And if he was in the picture, at the house with just Jasper then...

Well, fuck.


There was really no use avoiding the place. It wasn't like I was a pariah to the family, yet I wasn't ready for the potential tackling of two very powerful female vampires. Afterall, things happened that I couldn't take back now, not that I wanted to.

I had been avoiding the house for about two days, enough time to come back home, but I was more afraid to go there. I'd take two vampires over an entire pack and my father. It was pretty much me lurking outside the reach of pack's minds for the last 48 hours and now that I was on Cullen territory, it was time to face the music, well half of it.

I knew something was different when I arrived. There were two cars less in the drive-way, no voices in the house and lacking the two distinct smells I had become oh-so- enamored with. I wasn't sure what to do then. Was it alright to wait for them back at that cottage, or perhaps just knock anyway? There were times before sexcapades when I'd visit with information and Esme in all her welcoming glory would be waiting for me, a smile on her face and pie in her hand like a McCarthy era mother.

I was hoping to catch her and maybe have a chat...or something. Maybe she was taking this all in stride as she did pretty much everything else. With my mind made up, I approached the massive house and rang the doorbell, unlike the last time I was over, which...I shouldn't have been thinking of then.

I barely had a moment to myself when I saw the door open. My heart caught in my throat, realizing just what was staring back at me. A black eyed, hungry looking Jasper.



Her mind was just about everywhere it shouldn't have been the moment we left Jasper alone. She was noticing the changes amongst us, the biggest being a future she couldn't see with either me or Emmett in it. It had been troubling her almost as much as Jasper's behavior.

I couldn't accurately describe how I felt about Jasper. Something about his gift had him susceptible to a desire for Jacob. It was primal, and appeared more uncontrollable than his desire for blood. It scared him, but over any other feeling, it had him insatiable and constantly thinking about Jacob. It was infuriatingly hard to refrain from inflicting some harm upon him, even if I partially understood his pain. I couldn't deny that Jasper's actions were sexually stimulating, but where it came wasn't affection or a desire to make Jacob feel good. It was to only satisfy a hunger.

That thought had me hesitating. Was that Emmett and I not a few weeks before? Was there a desire to satiate a beast within rather than fulfill what we were aware he wanted? Were we slaves to just another carnal hunger?

Admittedly, yes, we were. I couldn't shake the difference now. The Wandering Coven the days before brought it to light - we cared about him. How much, was left up to speculation. Emmett still had Rose, and it was fair to remember the danger that came with associating with Jacob when he had a pack to keep allegiance with. I was almost certain there would be permanent consequences for our interactions, perhaps even something irreversible. I wasn't quite sure if it was worth the risk, considering our particular odd circumstance and no matter how much I dug for an answer, I couldn't be certain if Jacob's were reciprocated. I heard his reference to us as 'benefits', but if it meant anything, I wasn't sure. I recalled that he was easily jealous, but his jealousy could very well stem from sharing our attentions with another, rather than our affections. I was leading myself in circles trying to decipher the code that was his mind. And it didn't seem Emmett was doing any better keeping Jacob out his thoughts either.

The perfect distraction to my thoughts was the loud and vivid pictures of Alice's. She was trying her best to focus on Jasper so much that it took her by surprise when he disappeared almost instantly.

Something changed. And I was almost certain I knew what it was. As Alice alerted us what she saw, I tensed. No one knew the true opportune danger this could bring. No one but Emmett and me.

Oh fuck.

My thoughts exactly.

"Do you think perhaps Jacob stopped by?" Esme spoke calmly, attempting to ease down the panic that seemed very much tangible around Alice.

"He might be bringing news of new Wanderers." Carlisle added.

"They might need one of us there, do you think?" Emmett spoke up almost instantly. He was nearly hopping on the tips of his toes.

"Perhaps." It didn't take Carlisle long to consider, "we should have someone make sure-"

"We'll go." I spoke up, "Emmett and I fed already."

"I'm going too." Alice's usual slight chirp of a tone was now demanding and rough. Her company would prove to be troublesome. As if reading my thoughts, Emmett's eyes met mine.

"Alice, we're sure he's fine-" I tried to persuade, knowing already it was a pointless attempt.

"He's been acting weird, Edward!" She snapped, "Or can't you see that?"

My silence was answer enough.

"Okay, then. Let's go." She huffed, already directing Emmett and I in the direction back to the parked cars miles away.

"Great," Rosalie growled in annoyance behind our retreating backs, "Just what we need, more mongrel trouble and stench."

"You have no idea." Emmett replied regretfully at my side. Rosalie, at her distance, chose not to hear him.


So what do you say to man that ate your ass out without a proper introduction? Hello? How's it going?

I went for "Uhh, are Edward and Emmett...around?"

I was taken aback by his raw and very feral growl, "You're not supposed to be here." So much for hospitality.

"I'll just come back later." I couldn't help that the sight of him unnerved me for a very valid reason. His eyes were dark and violent as if he was straining himself to hold back. He held the doorframe in tight fists, causing it to crack and crumble under his grip. I needed to go. I backed slowly, unsure if I should turn my back to him. He didn't move, rather, he stood there and glared viscously at me as if expecting me to do something, "I'm sorry I-" I tried for friendly, but it didn't appear to be working. He still looked put off by me there. I couldn't deny it though, he was a beautiful specimen , nothing like Emmett or Edward, but there was an air about him that was...edgy.

This coming from the guy that felt his tongue in his ass, "Right." I gulped, licking my lips nervously. His black eyes darted to them and I knew I fucked up. Taking another cautious step back, I watched as he finally moved...towards me, "Jasper," I tried to reason, "I know it's hard-" A growl seemed to expel from his chest and I silently cursed myself, realizing I should choose my words wisely. He moved with a grace that Edward and Emmett didn't have. In his fluid movements, he had me by the arms, pulling me back in the confines of the house. I gasped out, fearful of what he had planned. I never knew what to expect with Jasper. He was like a damn M. Night Shyamalan movie - you had no idea when or what the twist to him was.

I was once taken by surprise, when I felt my body collide with the wall of the house, before he followed, pressing his hard chest against mine. The coolness of his skin was easy to feel through his casual shirt, but it did put aside some level of intimacy. I found myself retracting that statement when he grabbed my thighs, lifting them to wrap around his waist. In an attempt to find balance, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Jasper, you don't have to do this." I whispered. Do what, I wasn't sure. Would this be rape? It wasn't like I didn't find him attractive or that I could easily stop thinking about that day he did what he did. If there was anything going on right now, it was purely physical, but that would mean I had no attachments to Edward or Emmett. I wanted to scoff at the idea. Emmett - married - would have a problem with me physically with someone else? What about Edward though? He had every intention of seeing me again and he did say that day that the best thing to do was tell everyone? We were supposed to 'come out' to those involved with the treaty. It was the only way to make things easier. How, I had no fucking idea.

I felt the wetness of Jasper's tongue as he tasted my skin. I couldn't move to accept or deny his touch. I was on the fence with this. Part of me really wanted something to come of what I had with Edward and Emmett. The way we worked so effortlessly together, was...I just couldn't put a finger on it. I cared about them. Yes, I had some off, but, real feelings for them. Yet, what was the fucking point? In this world, nothing would work so easily. Emmett would go back to his woman, the elders would attempt to force me off Cullen grounds and Edward would admit what this really was; a tryst, a fling, an experiment. As honest as I was being, that didn't sit well with me.

I was startled out of thought, feeling cool fingers on my chest, pressing and pinching the curves and bumps along my torso, before teasing my nipple. I cried out at the sensation. Why hadn't any of the boys utilized that yet? "Jasper-"

"I can't feed." He panted against my neck, "There's something about your scent, the taste. It's insatiable."

"You need blood." Logically he need. I had never seen their eyes get that dark before.

"I know what I need." He barked dangerously.

"No-" I heard the tear in my jeans. Fuck, now the next few days I would need to spend phased. There was no use walking around naked. Moving a hand down my side, I felt him cup an ass cheek, before spreading.

Jesus, he wasn't going to do this now, was he?

"Jasper, please." I begged, "You'll regret-" He was panting, glaring at me hungrily. For a second, I actually thought he'd feed on me. Yet, foolishly I had no intention to phase or defend myself. What was I to do? He was horny as hell and wanted to tongue fuck me and I was going to resort to violence? Call me a male, but the proper response should be a heartful 'Thank you.'

I wasn't allowed the moral dilemma of choosing what and what-not to do. The aggressive growl at the doorway did it for me. Jasper and I both turned to see a very different kind of Edward Cullen. His eyes were bright and gold, but if I didn't know any better, I would have assumed he was in for the kill.

"Edward, its fine-"

"Back away." Edward ignored me. He only had eyes for Jasper. There was an internal battle in the blonde's black eyes. His hands were like vices on me as he considered Edward's order. I felt a rush of air at my side before big hands fell on Jasper's shoulders gently.

"It's alright, man. Come on." Emmett's deep voice spoke softly.

Something seemed to snap into Jasper and instantly he let me down, backing away with a guilty look, "I couldn't..." he seemed unable to finish his words as he turned to Emmett in a last ditch effort to understand what was going on, "I don't know what's happening to me."

"We'll get you to Alice." Emmett assured him, "She's on the way." Emmett walked him to the front door, bypassing a still Edward who appeared to be glaring at the area Jasper had stood.

I let out a breath of relief. That was a close call, one hell of a close call, "Where were you guys?" I asked, totally forgetting the torn jeans still in piece over one thigh. Edward's eyes moved to that general area, a wrinkle between his brows marring his perfect, flawless face. He seemed to have cooled down, but still looked upset, "Edward." I said his name, hoping to get his attention, but he didn't meet my eyes.

"Hunting." He finally spoke, "Why are you here?" I gaped at his question. It was just as accusing as his brother's. Fuck, it even sounded unwelcome.

"I-" I stammered, caught off guard by his tone, "I needed to speak with you two." I finished, suddenly reconsidering if I should at all. Was I really right all this time? I didn't have time to ask. Emmett was back in the doorway, looking between us as if trying to piece together what he missed.

"Everyone's back. You might want to-" He eyed me, "Fuck, boy, he really planned to do a number on you." A flicker of a grin was on his face, before he met Edward's eyes, "I guess now's the time to tell them."

"No." I spoke up, getting their attention. They both watched me curiously, "This never happened." Even despite my nudity, I held my chin out defiantly, "Jasper and I had a confrontation. I almost phased, but was able to control myself in time." The words came out effortlessly. I was actually proud to have a back-up for the situation. God knows, it was a hard situation to cover.

Edward's frown deepened, but he didn't say anything. It was Emmett that spoke instead, "Nothing's going to happen to you, kid. We'll be fine."

"No." I shook my head. Emmett wasn't getting it, "We aren't doing this anymore."

"What?" Emmett growled, closing any space there was between us, "You want this, don't you?"

I looked to Edward, noticing his lack of a reaction. This apparently wasn't worth it. Jasper's freak-out, Emmett's relationship, the whole fucking Pack, and the Cullen drama. If this wasn't a relationship, then there was no reason to risk so much. I had already lost privileges, "That's not what matters."

"None of the fucking dramatics." Emmett took my shoulders in his hands, turning me to face him, "Babe, the only way this can work for us is if we tell everyone. If you're scared-"

I shook my head, "I'm not." wiggling out his grip, I tried to explain, "What is this? All we've been doing is fucking. It's hot and it's great and all, but fuck, look at Jasper. Look at my pack. You're not my imprints - not like I have the right to that anymore anyway - there is no true peace between our families. None of us are even in love. What we have here is unconventional and-" It was hard to say this, but as I looked between them, I knew this was for the fucking best, "-it needs to end."

Emmett looked to Edward for back-up, but once again, we were getting nothing. Shaking my head, I walked between them and out the door only to step into a semi-circle of vampires who were watching from the front yard of the house. Looks of confusion and disgust (from Rosalie) were directed at me and my very naked body. Emmett followed me, protesting my departure until he met eyes with his wife.

Fucking fantastic.

"Jacob, would you mind explaining what is going on here?" Carlisle, the head of the coven and family asked me. I groaned.


I was through the line of trees, the house in view. I prayed I wasn't too late. Jasper was unstable; there was no telling what he could do. Checking the outside for any signs of struggle, I cursed seeing that the front door was open and indeed, there was some sort of resistance occurring inside.

"Jasper, please-" That was all I needed. I ran to the entry of the house, but was frozen in the doorway at the sight. Jacob, his beautiful muscular body hugging Jasper's lithe form, hands secured around his neck, head thrown back as if in a blissful ecstasy. I found myself speechless, hearing his mind race through what to do. He wasn't putting up much of a fight and clearly wasn't against being touched, even as Jasper's hands spread him for some form of entry.

A fury took over me. One I had never known. Green as the scenic forest behind me, I was with jealousy. Both sensed me there, turning to meet my gaze. My eyes met with Jasper's, "Back away." I ordered. I knew he was incapable of controlling this desire he had, but it was hard to understand just what was fueling this thirst for Jacob's desire.

Forgive me. I can't help this.

I spoke no other words even as I knew that Jasper was regretting his actions like he had just a few nights before. We had spoken then as I walked him home. He expressed everything through his empathic power. Our sex was different, more tangible and held more weight than a simple emotion. Our sex was..overwhelming.

But perhaps that that burns most brightly dies sooner, because before me Jacob was taking back every touch, kiss or caress we ever shared. That look in his eyes when he reached that utopic place; I wasn't sure I'd ever see it again. Whatever this was, he was giving it up, throwing it away, perhaps to try a taste at his choices.

I knew Jasper could feel my contempt.

It was an uncomfortable company and an awkward silence. Jacob sat away from us, uncomfortable on the ottoman. He refused a seat next to anyone, his thoughts flickering between space and discomfort. He refused to meet my gaze and part of me burned furiously for it. His tone, copper colored leg was sheathed in an old pair of Emmett's jeans that was easily ripped to supply leg room for him. His head was bowed, his eyes on his twitching fingers. It didn't take an empath to see and feel his tension. It had been brought to his attention that they heard our conversation and despite it coming to an end by his hands, it was the remaining members of the household that wanted to know the entire truth from the three of us.

I had spoken for us mostly, giving them the simple story - I knew there was an attraction between three of us and with a confrontation, we all acted on it. I explained that it was a short affair, but somehow the intensity of it affected Jasper's emotional stability and gave him a...hunger.

"That's intriguing." Carlisle leaned in towards the center of the loose circle we unintentionally made. Before uttering any words, he looked to Esme, getting a stern look. It was best to keep the conversation on one topic at a time. For this moment the attention was strictly on our affair. He cleared his throat, "So we're to understand this will not happen again. We overheard Jacob-"

"It won't." He spoke up, voice tight, "It wasn't supposed to happen."

"So we're to believe this was a physical relationship."

No noise was made from Rosalie, but I could hear her screaming words of fury. She had kept her stone position, standing on the outskirts of the circle. No words were uttered from her yet, but her calculating mind wasn't planning on letting the night end without a plan to action. I had to watch her. I felt two sets of eyes on me at once. I didn't have to meet them to know from whom they were from. They were asking me silently, pleadingly if this was all this was. If Jacob was ending this, then that's all it could have ever been.

"Yes." I added flatly, getting a dangerous growl from Emmett and a whimpering sigh from Jacob. I could hear Rosalie's jaw clench from the power of keeping her words to herself. She was doing a miraculous job.

"So," Alice spoke up, her eyes distant and mind whirring, "This is it? You create this whirlpool of emotions, get Jasper involved and now that's its over we can just forget?" The anger in her voice was far from the exasperated annoyance I had grown accustomed to. She was hurt and it was because of us, "You've cheated and hid from us!"

"Alice, honey," Esme gently chided, "No one said that this would go without consequence."

Alice turned her head towards Rosalie before looking between Emmett and I, "Maybe it should," And with a sad sigh, she elaborated, "I'm sorry, Edward, but Jasper won't feed. He's-"

"I'll survive, Alice." Jasper, eyes still obsidian in color, gave her a reassuring smile.

"But it's their fault you disappear. I can't see you anymore, Jasper!" She gasped out fearfully.

"What do you mean?" Carlisle was alert, his mind rushing through the worst case scenario. I, on the other hand, had to contain a growl of rage. Death was one way to go, but another -

I looked towards Jacob, only to see his head cocked in confusion and his moutha jaw. He was already coming to the same conclusion.

"That's not going to happen." Emmett's deep voice cut off any thought out of my muddled, fuzzing mind.

"How can you be so sure?" Alice protested, "He's gone. You really think this won't happen again? Jasper can't control-"

"Alice," Jasper's tone was much sharper, "I'll be fine. If we go away for a while, I can-"

"But I've already thought of that!" She was near frantic, "I thought of taking you with me out of state, but your future is never clear."

"Alice, get a grip." Emmett was sure of his words, even with the evidence Alice presented, "Nothing will happen with them."

"How can you be so sure?" Rosalie's icy tone seemed to stutter any winds in the sails of Emmett's argument. It was hard to defend a lover in front of his wife.

"Because I won't." Jacob spoke up. The tension in the room seemed to become more dense and heavy. As Jacob lifted his eyes to meet Rosalie's, he spoke again, "I'm too sorry for what I've done, I really am." He was genuine in his apology and I couldn't understand why it hurt, "It'll never happen. I wouldn't do that again." He promised. I felt my spirit crush. The only comfort that would have kept me together was the touch of Emmett and his light words, but the space between us was too wide and no matter how tempted he looked to come to my side, it wasn't his place.

"You're right," Rosalie spoke and before I could lose myself into speaking out against Jacob's words, I saw the vision, her long fingers around his neck, tightening and pinching flesh until she- "You're right. It won't happen again."


There was nothing I could do. Rosalie was right across from me. She had been like a caged hungry lion. There was nothing but hate in her eyes and even as beautiful as she was, the bitch looked quite intimating. It was as if she wasn't there for a minute. She hadn't spoken at all and I was assuming too soon that perhaps I would leave the house without her or Alice's claws in my back. Jasper looked frustrated and upset even as he tried to assuage some of Alice's fears. I couldn't take it any longer.

"Because I won't." I sighed, then daring a look at Rosalie, I expressed my regret, "I'm too sorry for what I've done, I really am." I knew it sucked being in her situation. Finding out your husband was fucking around with the enemy who also had a dick, "It'll never happen. I wouldn't do that again."

"You're right." I didn't know what to expect from the answer. Was she being sarcastic, snide or was that some way she was letting me know that she believed me, "You're right. It won't happen again." And there was a breath of silence – a calm before a storm – and I felt it. That whoosh of air and a room of angry fucking vampires growling.

I blinked in surprise at the shattering of glass and shot up on my feet. Edward's back blocked me from the view, but I could make out the whipping of blonde locks outside the living room window. How the hell did Rosalie fly out the window?

"Keep her away from him!" Edward barked in rage at Emmett. Stepping from behind Edward, I could see the look of an internal fight on Emmett's face, before he turned to what I could now see as Rosalie on her feet outside, hair in disarray and a look of shock and fury in her eyes directed at me. What a minute? What just happened?

"Rose," Emmett spoke softly, "Fuck." I couldn't control the way my gut dropped at the sight of Emmett in distress. He turned his back to the hole in the glass wall, walking towards the back of the house. I looked to everyone else, everyone on their feet, alert and prepared for something else.

The Doc finally turned in our direction, sighing as if his last nerve had been struck, "Take him home, Edward."

I stared back at the broken glass, trying to piece together what just happened. And it finally hit it – Emmett pushed Rosalie out the window.

But why?



It was too fast for his eyes.

Hell, it was too fast for anyone else's. But I knew Rose. She didn't take blows without throwing a few of her own. I could understand her anger with me and I would have gladly stood there as she reigned in every punch in my gut, but looking at the hate in her eyes and seeing them directed at Jacob was unnerving and I found myself suddenly protective of the little pup.

Edward could read her mind I'm sure, so his reaction was as quick as mine.

I didn't mean to, but when the words left her mouth, I knew it was coming. I moved before she could take a step forward and in a blind need to protect him, I pushed her.

I fucking pushed her.

I guess that is what happens when a man never thinks of his consequences.

I chose him. It wasn't how tight his ass was or how fucking hot he looked whining my name. It was his defiance, his ease, his humor.

This wasn't ending at all. That fucking boy was ours.


I felt his heat at my side and I quietly listened to the questions that rambled through his brain. I knew the question was coming. It took a mile or two before he asked it.

"Why'd he push her?"

"She was going to attack you." I answered silently. It didn't matter now what he felt. He said he didn't want this. Emmett found his feelings too late.

"Is he upset that he pushed her?"

"He's upset that he feels guilty."

"Maybe we should-"

"I need to take you home."

Jacob growled in irritation, "I can't fucking go home, why do you think I was over in the first place? To fuck Jasper?"

A stirring burn of flames licked the inside of my gut. I couldn't contain the jealousy or anger that coursed through me. He didn't need an answer.

"You asshole!" Jacob snapped, "Is that why you were treating me like shit?" The warmth of his hand pushed against my shoulder, "Answer me!"

"I heard you. You didn't want to fight him."

"Did you ever think about his fucking gift? I can't help that it works with me!" He argued. And it's not like we have any type of relationship for you to be jealous anyway. He finished silently to himself.

"Is that what you want?"

"What does it matter?"

"Because I do."

I couldn't hear his footsteps, so there was no sign that he stopped walking. I felt it though -the stiff disbelief.

"Why should I believe you?" He whispered, "All we've ever done is fuck around. We barely talk…and what about Emmett? Do you really believe all parties are willing here?" He huffed angrily. It didn't take a mind reader to tell he was skeptical.

"You forget I have access to everyone's thoughts." At that he scoffed.

"Yeah, because you definitely could see how much I wanted Jasper, right?" It was a comforting relief to see his childish attitude, "You're quite the mind reader."

"I apologize for how I behaved. I had been worried about you when we learned you were with Jasper. I thought he might have lost control. I didn't expect to see what I did."

"Not after he ate my ass out, of course." Jacob shrugged. There was no hiding his sarcasm.

He was right to be angry, just as I was right to assume Jacob would possibly be giving in to his hormones and desire. He was young after all, "Is that what you want?" I repeated

"I-" He licked his full lips, "I don't know what I want exactly. I want you, I want Emmett, but I know I can't. I want things like they were, but at the same time-" He stammered, "We already fucked things up, you know? So is it worth it to continue?" His earth colored eyes met mine, demanding a just answer. I had none, but the desire for him burned in me like a flame. His moistened lips were drawn in a frown, his russet skin glowing and burning in heat. He didn't know his effect on Emmett and I, both physically and emotionally. He couldn't see it when it was transferred in a primal untamed want from Jasper, he couldn't see it when Emmett pushed Rosalie through the window and he couldn't see it as I stood before him. I watched in want as his bare chest rose and fell. I heard the steady strumming of his heart and the flow of his blood. I heard the panic, confusion and concern in his thoughts. His alpha knew, there was some fleeting thought about imprinting and becoming an outsider to his pack. He didn't know what our future –his especially –would be.

I needed to show him.

I used my speed as an advantage, closing the gap between us. Jacob, in his trusting manner, didn't expect this. He flinched, following my movements, but didn't stop me when my hands gripped his narrow waist. His eyes followed in curiosity, widening when I lowered myself to my knees, taking the last of his jeans with me. He was as ever a perfect vision, his member hanging heavily between his thighs, soft hairs cradling the impressive member. It was a second of admiration –all I needed. Using my lips only, I took him quick and deep, suckling softly and humming in satisfaction when I was rewarded with the low, guttural moan from above. My hands curled around his warm, strong thighs, caressing the pliable skin before moving to his round backside. I kneaded, using my grip to take him deeper than before. It didn't surprise me when the tips of his fingers dug into my scalp.

"Edward…wait-" He gasped. I lifted my eyes, offering him my attention, but didn't relent in my task. He was growing on my tongue and that made the flames in me roar in greedy satisfaction. Despite his protests, his hips bucked in rhythm. I suckled and he kept pace as our eyes remained locked, "Ed-" He bit his full lip. The beautiful sight resulted in me moaning. This was something new entirely. Without Emmett, there was a sense of newness and as much as I still ached to have the big, aggressive lover present and participating, I appreciated getting to be intimate alone with the young wolf. Intimacy was something we practiced very little of and it was intimacy that Jacob feared we didn't have with him. I needed to show him it was exactly what I could give him.

He was so warm in my mouth. I expected him to melt.

The pad of his thumb stroked the jutting of my cheekbone. There was a sincere moment shared, something Jacob never allowed, but it always echoed under his consciousness while asleep. My eyes remained on him, watching the pink of his tongue tease his lips, his brows wrinkle in concentration as he kept himself from going over the edge. I pulled away, allowing my tongue more freedom to explore him as I wished, playing with the crown of his arousal before allowing him to hit the back of my throat once again.

"Ungh!" He was gasping, nearly close. I wouldn't allow him to avoid his high any longer. I bobbed in an unnatural speed, humming and moaning around his thickness. He filled my mouth so right, my body needed for him to fill it in every other way possible, "I'm-" He panted, as his bucking became erratic and short. I gladly waited for his hot juices to coat my throat and as it did, his scent, his arousal invaded my senses as he warmed me from the inside. He pulled back, stumbling a few feet before catching his footing.

"Fuck!" He exclaimed, "Edward, why'd-?"

"Because I wanted you to see." I had risen to my feet, still clothed, but my need for him evident. He watched as I adjusted myself, his Adam's apple bobbing as he gulped.

"See what?" He whispered weakly.

"It's not just sex."

As if the cloud of lust lifted, his eyes snapped to mine, "So what if it isn't." He scowled, "Just because we care enough to tolerate each other, doesn't mean we're all in love or some shit. All we ever do is fuck each other."

"We don't always have to, Jacob." I reasoned, "We're never given time to not worry and see what could happen."

"And you really believe me, you and Emmett can have a happily ever after? Your head is in the clouds, Edward." He growled. His mind flitted around between our words, hope ebbing and rising every few seconds. All he needed was a reason to give it a chance and his words sparked an idea, "Like we could stay in that little cottage your mother made and live as some poly-amorous couple. Fuck that."

"Maybe we could try." I started, "Jacob, it was only a matter of time before everyone knew, thus why I advised that we come out."

"Come out?" He exclaimed in agitation, "Jesus, don't make it sound as if-"

"We've been having a relationship?" I finished for him, "Whether it was sexual or otherwise, our affair was going to be found out." I took hesitant steps toward him, gauging for a response. When he didn't protest, I stepped closer until I could feel his body heat fan me in warmth, "We could try. We care about each other."

"We care about each other's' dicks. That's different." I smirked, despite disagreeing with his retort. Leaning in, I pressed my lips along the column of his neck, tasting him on my tongue as I breathed in earth and salt water.

"After you left us at the mall, we followed behind you. I could hear that you were upset."

"Ugh," He snorted in disgust. He still couldn't get over just how emotional he had become on the drive back from Port Angeles.

"When I shared with Emmett that you were crying, he-"

"Why did you do that, by the way?" Jacob whined. I couldn't help my laughter. Applying pressure to his neck, I sighed.

"I knew if he realized how hurt you were, he'd take it upon himself to fix it." As if on cue, I was awarded with memory of Emmett's boyish face, expressing his apology in the cab of the truck. I chuckled as Jacob relived climbing onto his lap in a searing kiss.

"He seemed upset." Jacob mumbled.

"He was." I answered, "Do you think he would have been that way if he didn't care about you?"

I could sense Jacob rolling his eyes, "I never said we hated each other."

"Emmett doesn't apologize to just anyone, love."

The response I received was a low grumble.

"Come back with me."


"We'll go to the cottage." Taking his warm fingers between mine, I brought his knuckles to my lips, "You can tell me about what happened back at home as we wait for Emmett."

His brows furrowed in confusion, "What makes you think Emmett will meet us?"

I couldn't contain the smile on my face, "Because he clearly wouldn't go back home where an enraged wife would be waiting for him.


I knew I was going to get my ass handed to me.

But, fuck, for once I needed to face the music after running off like a little bitch.

When I arrived at the house, there was an eerie silence. I couldn't hear or smell Jacob. An unusual sense of fear chilled me, but before I could run in head first, ready to rip heads, Jasper was in the doorway, using his gift to calm my fucking nerves, "Everyone left."

"Where are they?" I couldn't contain the growl. I knew Jasper wouldn't take it personally, but if Rose did something to the pup-

"Edward took Jacob home," Jasper answered with a skillfully blank face, though it was easy to tell he was upset about something, "and Carlisle and Esme accompanied Alice and Rosalie."

Rosalie and Alice went somewhere?


"We both know there would be no civilities with the current situation. Carlisle is taking a pre-caution and sending the girls with the Denali coven." At those words, his dark eyes shimmered with an odd sadness. Why was Alice going, for moral support? She had a very hungry and horny husband to cater to.

"Why did Alice leave, Jas?"

"She couldn't see me anymore."

Weren't vampires supposed to be open-minded, "That's fucked man, you couldn't control it. Whatever had you humping our legs-"

"She couldn't see me in her visions, Emmett." He reiterated for me.

"Oh." I answered, getting the problem a little too well. I automatically felt my eyes narrow.

"I have no intentions to harm or touch the dog again. As long as he's not in my sight-"

"He won't be." I finished. I didn't want to make a fucking problem of it, so I took my fucking leave, "I'll meet up with them."

"You know the treaty doesn't permit-"

"They're not going back to the reservation, buddy." I smirked, turning my back and walking in the direction of a lingering sweet and earthy scent. I knew Edward a little too well. The boy was weaving quite a tapestry of an argument to change Jacob's mind.

Even after being such a little bitch.


I couldn't allow myself to be optimistic. Edward nearly raped me with his throat and it fucking changed something. Entering the comfort of the little cottage in the woods, Edward finally released my hand, closing the door behind us.

Fuck, the house still smelled like sex.

"When our scent mixes with yours, it lingers." Edward hummed in agreement, "We had to figure that out pretty quick." Edward pecked my shoulder affectionately.

"I literally had to swim in the ocean for a few hours before going back on the rez." I snorted, "But it didn't matter. Sam found out because I fucking smelled like cum."

"You couldn't get our scent off?"

"I was able to. It was the jerking off that gave me away." When all I received was a curious look, I continued, "Sam could smell me in it. I was wanking every fucking minute I could get." I rolled my eyes, getting a smug smirk.

"We could smell you too."

I felt my jaw drop, "What?" Was everyone aware that I was abusing my dick for a week?

"We became attuned to you, Jacob. Also, your scent is more distinguishable, especially when you're aroused." I felt my body responding immediately, but I attempted to shake it off, "Take now for example. It's as if I smell the sea and earth. It's natural and enrapturing and I naturally respond in kind." He wasn't helping.

"E-Edward, I thought we were going to figure this out."

Cupping my cheek tenderly, he whispered gently, "We are." Our lips met in a chaste kiss. I was a bit surprised that we were capable of doing such a thing. Everything about Edward and Emmett screamed sex. That's all we ever really knew about each other, but the kiss…

Edward's pink lips curved into a gentle smile, "Did you think we were incapable?"

"No." I argued, but I wasn't sure if that was true. Not days before, I assumed they'd only be able to function as benefits. But their family had mates, Emmett had a mate. I sighed. We were fucking our way into circles. Where would we go from here? What about the pack? What if I couldn't go back and Emmett and Edward decided-

"Jacob," The cool tip of his fingers were grazing my jaw, "breathe for me and listen," I waited patiently, "I've already told you, this is what I want and it is clear that Emmett does as well. As for everything else, we're taking it one problem and one day at a time."

"This is fucking-" and I was silenced again, this time with his fingers actually pressing gently against my mouth to shut me up.

"Allow me to show you." Edward gracefully escorted me to that familiar room where the scent of our sex still hung in the air.

"Has no one been in here?" I asked. I assumed Esme built the place for the couples to have private time.

"With the Wandering coven and Jasper's previous behavior, everyone has been too distracted to spend any extended time here, let alone this room." Edward cocked his head towards the bed, but didn't say anything. I wondered like hell what the vampire was thinking. We both knew he walked me in the room for one reason, but I was the only one who wasn't sure why.

I waited in anticipation as he took my hand in his and guided it along the chill of his cheek, "Jacob, I want you to take me." He pressed his lips against my palm, "Do whatever you want. From now on, I want you to see that I belong to you."

I've been the one to fuck Edward before. I could remember each time vividly. Edward was oddly sensual and nurturing whenever he let me own him and this time was no different, yet something wasn't as it used to be. It wasn't just Emmett's absence, it was his words. There was no way he could mean that.

"You belong to me?" I asked, skeptically.

"Our problem here, love, is that you will not allow yourself to accept that you just may have an effect on us as we have on you." He walked me back to the bed, stopping only when my knees knocked against the mattress, "I want to show you that we do. And we're starting with me." He didn't allow me time to comprehend. He was already lowering himself to his knees.

"Fuck." I groaned, just at the sensation of that skillful tongue touching the tip of my cock, "Edward."


My mouth watered and I damn there felt my cock spring up. That taste at the back of my throat that damn good burn was of sex. And not what I had become so used to over the decades. It was that delicious pup and Edward.

I didn't need to let him know I was there. I was pretty sure he could see the movie that was playing in my mind. I knew it from the moment I first fucked him, that there was no way I could hide those thoughts again.

I was pretty bummed to find I had missed the party. Even in his size, Jacob looked a bit vulnerable and…cute cuddled against Edward as if what had just occurred was lovemaking not a good romp.

Edward's body melded against the brown, shimmering skin, a hand over his waist and another cradling Jacob's head. His long fingers were stroking him as if it was the one thing keeping the tired pup asleep.

"You exhausted him before I even got here?" I teased, raising a questioning eyebrow for effect.

If he was capable of being playful, I'm sure he would have rolled his eyes, "You know well enough that it wasn't sex that drained him." And of course, those eyes pierced through my mind, bringing his point home.

Yeah, of course. All that shit with the family….and Rose.

"She's not home." He stated. It was a rare occasion when I was thankful for him reading my mind. This was one of them.

"Yeah, Jasper said something about Alice, Esme and Carlisle taking her to the Denali's." Edward sighed at the news, his eyebrows pinched in thought.

"Why did Alice go?"

"You're asking the wrong person." I scoffed, but I did have some information that he was reading right then and there. His frown deepened into that sexy, concerned worry.


"It's not going to happen." I didn't mean to sound as serious as I did, but I couldn't help it. No one was touching our boy, but us.

"But if he disappears like that, it could only mean one thing." Edward moved from Jacob, pouting when a tan arm reached for him in sleep. I smiled at the sight. Standing to his feet, Edward reached over the bed to grab some discarded clothes. I couldn't have that.

"Uh-uh." I disapproved. Grabbing his wrist, I pulled his hand away from his slacks, holding it at his side, before slipping both of my arms around his waist to get a handful of ass. I appreciated the throaty moan he gave me, but that wasn't what I was fishing for. He knew what I wanted, leaning in so our lips could meet in a rough, devouring kiss. Holding a cheek in each hand, I kneaded and spread him as I pleased, pressing his lower body against mine. He gave me another moan when he felt my dick press into his stomach.

Feeling the urge to throw him down and fuck him over Jacob's sleeping body, I began teasing, slipping a finger along his crack, teasing his quivering hole. To my surprise, I felt a wetness on the tip of my finger just as I breached the tightness.

"You let him fuck you without me being here?" It was fucking unfair.

"Emmett," He whispered. I guess he didn't want to wake our sleeping boy, "I don't want you to think that-"

I knew what he was worried about. That wasn't what bothered me. I just wanted to see it. Shit like that, I never wanted to miss, "Take pictures next time or something. Fuck, it's hot when he fills your ass."

He pulled away far enough to look me in the eye, "I needed to assure him." I sighed, understanding what he was getting at. I counted on Edward to take care of Jacob and his second-thoughts. I wasn't exactly good at being sentimental and shit. I had a hard enough time enough apologizing to him for opening my mouth and speaking without thinking.

"You need to show him."

"Show him what?"

"He doesn't understand, Em. He still has some doubts." Doubts? Shit, I could fix that, "Em, this isn't about sex." He sighed.

"You have cum in your ass and you're telling me this isn't about sex?" I was surprised to hear the low rumblings of a growl erupt from his chest. Fuck, it was such a turn on when he got angry.

"I can't promise I'm not going to want to fuck him in the future." It seriously was hard not to when he eagerly took me down his throat or in his ass. Fuck, the thought of it.

"That's not what I'm asking." And I was holding air as Edward pulled away. He wasn't pissed, was he? "No, I'm not. I just know this will be hard for you." He was gathering clothes in his hands at inhuman speed while simultaneously putting them on. I'd never seen a vampire get dressed so fast. Shit, he was pissed, "I'm not." He argued.

"Then what's with attire?" By that, I meant why the fuck was he dressed, "This does nothing to my ego. I hope you know that." I joked.

"I'm going to go check on Jasper."

"Not a good idea, sport." I remembered quite clearly the look Edward gave him when he caught his ass with Jacob. Fuck, if no one had been there, I didn't think I could guarantee nothing would happen. And now, it was just the perfect time for something to happen, "We already have two in the family reeling and pissed. Do we really need another?"

"I'm not going back for a confrontation, Emmett."

If I had caught the action like Edward did, I wasn't sure I'd be able to back Jasper even though I was aware of what the effects of our relationship had on him. I really couldn't stand there and believe that Edward would leave a naked, sleeping Jacob for a civil conversation with Jasper.

"I'm not going to fight him." I watched silently as Edward finished assembling his clothes, "It's important that I talk to him."

"About what? About keeping his hands off of Jacob? I know you're more than a little concerned about his future not existing."

"In fact, I am." Edward sighed, "But not in the way you think." Like that wasn't fucking confusing.

"What way then?"

"Stay with Jacob?" He asked, walking towards the bedroom door, "I shouldn't be too long."

I followed behind, grabbing him by the elbow, pulling him toward me, "I can't believe I'm saying this but promise me you're not going to do anything."

"I promise." He let out a sigh and fuck if he didn't smell like sex just then. Cupping the nape of his neck, I brought him close for a rough kiss. His lips parted with a whimpering moan and we made out rather heavily in the doorway of the room. Now, if only Jacob was up-

Edward pulled away, "Please, Em." Was all he said and he was gone.

Please what?


There was nowhere I preferred to be, even if it was odd to be laying on a bed with no sleep or sex involved. I would have felt out of place, I would have been compelled to actually get up and go somewhere, but the damn kid was too cute to leave alone. As if he sensed me, the moment I got in with him, an arm was thrown around my waist and his nose was nuzzling my shoulder. A wolf snuggling a damn vampire. I snickered knowing he'd want to hear none of his sleeping habits from me.

An hour passed of his earthy breath on my skin. An hour passed of him cuddling close. An hour passed and I was fucking hard. He still smelled of that odd mixture of Edward and his scent. His body felt so fucking warm and inviting and I couldn't forget the boner pressing up against my thigh.

But I was met with a dilemma.

No sex.

No sex?


Jacob hummed in delight, fingers too close to my dick. I didn't know what to do. Move or remain there with throbbing wood. And shit, he wasn't helping, rubbing his meat on me, almost bucking against my thigh in his sleep.

I had very little self-control.

And it was cracking…

He bucked.

And it was cracking…

He moaned.

And it was cracking…

He whimpered my name.

With a growl, I held him to me, rolling him on to his back at a quickened pace, pinning him on the bed. He was coming to, mumbling softly under his breath and I was there to bring him back, touching every patch of fiery skin with my tongue and lips, tasting the searing heat of his body.

He gasped, finally awake, "Em?"

"That's right, baby." I answered, dipping my tongue into his collarbone.

"Oh God…" He was still a bit out of it, but hell his eyes few open.

I trailed and grazed his skin with my hands, stopping only when I reached those full lips. Closing my fist, I lifted up two fingers, pressing them against his mouth, "Open up for me, babe." His lips parted and my fingers were touching his wet tongue and feeling the insides of his cheeks as he sucked hungrily on my digits. A jolt went straight to my dick.

"Fuck." I couldn't refrain from jerking my hips against him. Like the little horny boy he was, he moaned around my fingers, pressing and flicking the tip of his tongue along the underside of them.

It wasn't sex if I didn't fuck him with my dick, right?

I slipped my fingers from the wet warmth, groaning at the trail of saliva from my tips and his tongue which was so deliciously peeking out from his mouth. I leaned over, pressing my cock against him and kissed him greedily. I pulled back only to whisper how much I wanted to feel how tight he was, to wiggle my fingers around in him, find that special spot and make him see spots from coming so hard.

I slipped one slickened finger in him. I needed to watch. I pulled away from his swollen, pouty lips and sat back on my heels, taking in the site of fucking art. His eyes were lidded, the tendons in his neck taut as if to hold back from moaning. For me, he bowed his leg, holding his knees with each hand.

He was open and willing.

And no sex?

I added the second finger once he couldn't contain the small thrusts. He stretched so nicely for me. I watched in awe as the tight hole literally engulfed my digits as if starving for them.

"Fuck!" He cried out. And his hands were no longer holding his knees up, but grasping my wrist, pulling me in deeper as he took advantage and was literally grinding on my hand.

"Well, fuck me sideways." I growled under my breath. He was fucking himself on my fingers and I sat there slack jawed watching the show. Unbelievable.

I curled my fingers from inside of him and got delicious responses. I wiggled in and he shook violently in front of me. God, the things I wanted to do to him.

I really didn't understand the request Edward had. I couldn't fuck Jacob-

And I replayed the conversation again. He never said I couldn't fuck him. He just said it wasn't about sex. And what was that supposed mean? What wasn't about sex? The last time I checked, fucking was pretty much about sex. And right then, I couldn't help but recall the sight I caught when I walked in earlier.

Jacob looked a bit vulnerable and…cute cuddled against Edward as if what had just occurred was lovemaking not a good romp.

Was that lovemaking? Is that why they didn't wait for me? Because I didn't have it in me? I did admit it earlier to myself. I wasn't into the sentimental.

Shit, was this the assurance Jacob needed?


Waking up, I knew it was Emmett. It was the scent, the heavier weight on the bed, the lips on me. In under a minute of being awake, fingers were in my mouth and I was sucking greedily, knowing exactly what he'd do with them. And when he was finally in me, I had temporarily forgotten about our dilemma. All I could focus on was the fingers in me and ghost of the ass around my cock, still closing in, though that must have been hours before.

I didn't think I would ever forget Edward asking me how I wanted him, sitting on my cock, riding me while I was on my back. It was so different from before. The way he threw his head back, rolled his neck and hips. It was in the way he stared at me, bright, gold eyes more expressive than I had ever remembered. And when we kissed…

I hadn't realized my mind had traveled or that I was gripping Emmett's wrists, riding the wiggling fingers in me.

And I hadn't realized there was a far-away look in Emmett's eyes. Were we both distracted? Were we both thinking about something else other than each other? Were we both thinking about Edward?

Edward's words still echoed in my mind. I believed him…to an extent. I knew they both wanted me around and I knew they cared, but it was different for both of them, wasn't it? Emmett was married and was all about fucking –not that it was a problem –and I knew that eventually we were going to reach conflict with the pack and I'd have to face that it wouldn't be worth it for him.

I was kind of scared that right then and there, he was thinking the same thing; Thinking that I'd be fine with just Edward that he wouldn't need to stick around.

Talk about a complete 180 from weeks before. When the hell did I get so wrapped up into what they felt about me, when days before, it was just about what they thought?

"Babe?" He asked softly, "What are you thinking about?" I was surprised to hear such concern laced in his deep voice. But it was exactly what I needed him to ask, because I had a few questions.

"Why'd you push her?"

If there was any way to soften both of our cocks, it was mentioning Rosalie. Emmett sighed, slipping his fingers from me. I suddenly felt exposed. I turned on my side, hiding my shrinking cock, curling on the bed. He wasn't having any of it. He laid his body next to me. We were face to face. It was odd watching the slight flicker of concentration and upset on his face.

I didn't mean to, but my fingers were already tracing the small, almost invisible creases between his brows. It was odd how beautiful Edward and Emmett were. I remembered I used to despise their beauty and grace. Hell, I didn't like their scents all that much either, but facing him now, I couldn't quite believe I ever found him unappealing.

"She was going to hurt you."

"I would have been able to protect myself." I spoke up. We both knew that. I was made to fight his kind and apparently handle being fucked by them as well.

"You didn't see it coming."

That was true, "How did you?" We both knew the only one that could have was Edward.

There was a small grimace on his face, "I've been with Rose for a long time. I know when she is about to strike."

I suddenly felt guilty, seeing him talk about the very woman he cheated on, "I'm sorry." At that, his frown was evident.

"Sorry for what, sexy?" He seriously looked confused.

"When I said it would never happen again, I meant it. I didn't want to make your marriage worse. I didn't want to make it any shittier than what it was."

"That's not for you to worry about, babe. I'm a big boy. I make the choice." He was silent for a moment as if considering something, "And it's you."


I didn't want to think about what waited for us once we left the small cottage Esme built with her own hands. I didn't want to think about the present danger we'd be putting Jacob in with his pack. I knew this would come, but I just didn't want to think about it now. What I wanted to focus on was the scent wafting my way as I came within the territory of where they were.

I got more than what I expected when I traveled back to the house to speak with Jasper. I didn't want to think of that either. It had taken longer than I expected to control the situation. I was concerned for his future as well as our own.

But we had to focus on one thing at a time.

And right now, I was happy to hear their voices and the scent of their arousal heavy on my tongue. Their murmured conversation was clear from my distance. I could see in Emmett's mind's eye, Jacob's eyes widen in surprise.

"Emmett, I-" He stammered, looking lost, yet filled with gratitude. I heard his relief, his exclamation of joy that Emmett had no problem sticking by us even after being outed to both families. As much as it was a shock to Jacob, it was expected of Emmett. I knew his mind due to my advantage. I was aware of his limits, his personal peeves and when he cared. Pushing Rosalie was perhaps the hardest choice he ever had to think about after. He still cared for her, but something changed.

"What is this?" Emmett chuckled when Jacob's body collided with his in a side hug, "Rubbing your junk against me is going to cost you being held down and taken advantage of, wolf boy." I winced, hearing the resounding slap of Emmett's hand on Jacob's backside. With a sigh, I knew their private conversation was over. I ran the rest of the way to the house, opening the door without losing momentum in speed.

"Right on time!" Emmett rejoiced, "I'm hard, he's naked, you're here. Let's fuck!" It had only been an hour of my absence, yet I could see Emmett's patience wearing thin. He stuck by my request and spoke to Jacob first before satisfying any carnal desire and I really appreciated it, but it didn't mean he was a completely changed man. Moving onto his back, I could see the thick flesh bobbing along with his change in position. I suddenly felt like a hypocrite, focusing too long on his engorged manhood.

But the extra male body on the bed had my eyes refocusing again. Jacob's eyes met mine and he bit back a groan noticing my physical reaction to the both of them. I advanced towards the bed, noticing the ripped garments of Emmett's jeans and shirt –I hadn't heard Jacob rip them off. Unable to contain a smirk, I halted right at the end of the mattress. Both pairs of eyes watched me, but no one spoke. The silence was tense with sexual arousal, but I couldn't deny the undercurrent of emotion bubbling to the surface. We were all concerned about the world outside our little cottage.

Finally, unable to contain himself, Jacob spoke, "How do we do this?"

"Easy." Emmett answered without pause, "Edward fucks you while I fuck Edward." He leaned over, cupping Jacob's impressive manhood, getting the desired reaction of uncontainable shudders.

"You can stay with us." I replied. I knew the plethora of questions circling his mind. There was a high chance that he would be ostracized from his tribe due to the contamination of his bloodline. This imprinting he lost the right of was intriguing and questionable, but now wasn't the time to explore the why's and how's. As much as the world outside our bubble was pressing in, it would just have to wait a few hours.

"Stay?" Jacob moaned. Emmett's hands hadn't ceased its teasing.

"Mmm," Emmett leaned over; capturing Jacob's searing flesh between his teeth in gentle nips, "Yeah. Right here. This'll be our little home."

"Home?" Jacob babbled incoherently. I watched mesmerized as Jacob hips followed the pace of Emmett's hand. The small, graceful winding of his hips was enough to make my mouth water with venom. Throwing his hand over his shoulder, Jacob grabbed a fistful of Emmett's short, black curls.

"Yes." Emmett hissed at the strong tug of Jacob's fist, "Right here." I watched as his grip closed around Jacob's already leaking arousal. My body hummed to life as the scent of sex wafted to my nose like the scent of a home-made meal to a human. Only I didn't desire a bite, I desired to drown in the moment, take in the essence and sheer bliss of feeling those two bodies writhing and releasing. I unconsciously had been undressing myself while watching. By the time Jacob was gasping and crying Emmett's name, I was already climbing onto the bed completely without clothes. Emmett's attention was briefly on me as I lowered myself onto my chest, right between our boy's thighs. Jacob cried out, feeling my hands force his legs apart. He hadn't noticed me climbing into bed with them. He was clearly lost in Emmett's touch.

I pressed against the soft mounds of flesh, separating them for proper viewing of the puckering hole before me. Already at heightened arousal, Jacob whimpered my name under his breath. I didn't let him go any farther. Massaging and kneading his cheeks, I peppered kisses along the inside of the separated skin, only sneaking out my tongue when I couldn't contain my need to taste him. Jacob was strong, so it took a bit of effort from Emmett and I to restrain him. His bucks and cries progressed from growls to pleas, but we were both agonizingly slow. Emmett had loosened his tight grip, only now stroking Jacob in a slow rhythm. Every so often I'd hear the smack of lips closing and pulling apart or a sigh of content when a caress or extra touch was given, but it wasn't enough to get Jacob there yet.

Not until I tongued the tight ring of muscle. I really couldn't help myself any longer. Emmett's hand moved from the throbbing need between Jacob's legs and moved to spread his knees out wider, keeping him open for me.

As expected, Jacob bucked against my tongue. I allowed him this one request. My tongue slipped in the warmth, earnestly looking for the solace of the caverns of his insides.

"You love getting that ass eaten out, don't you?" Emmett was delirious in his arousal. He watched me with hungry eyes as I kept up my ministrations, sloppily enjoying the meal laid out before me. His eyes flickered between my tongue and Jacob's quivering muscle, "Fuck." He growled.

He had an idea.

Without moving his hands from Jacob's thighs, he took to straddling Jacob's torso, facing my way.

"Let's see if you learned anything from our good friend, Jasper." He chuckled. With that, he lifted himself, crawling backwards up Jacob's chest. I watched, momentarily distracted from where I was, as he positioned his backside over Jacob, "Fuck my ass with that hot tongue of yours, babe."


I still couldn't understand how a day like this could end so fucking hot. I never expected when Emmett threw Rosalie out the window, that he'd be riding my face only a few hours after. The tongue in my ass was cool, wet and…it felt like home. Something about a mouth there was…sublime.

But having a very eager and horny Emmett order me to eat his ass out at the same time was heaven. I was sure that Emmett wasn't ever really into being fucked or having anything put near his ass, but he seemed okay with the brief explorations we did have. And I wasn't going to pass this opportunity up whenever it arose.

There was finally something I could do with my hands. Spreading his tight ass apart, I flicked my tongue against him, just as he applied pressure on my face. There was a deep growl and a muttered "Fuck" right as I did it. I had help with his weight on me. All I really had to do was wiggle and work my tongue. Pressing it into him and feeling the strength of his muscles damn near suck my tongue in was quite an experience.

I really was in heaven.

Well, I thought I was, until Emmett's fist was gripping me again.

"Nngh!" It was really hard to talk while I was being smothered. But I think they got the idea.

"Em," Edward's voice was quiet. I whimpered feeling a rush of cool air to my exposed, wet ass. Emmett had me nice and splayed, legs apart and ass open for the world to see. I whimpered again when the pleasant pressure against my mouth and chin was gone, but I had a nice view of Emmett rising off of me as he climbed out of the bed. I wanted to protest, whine and pretty much be a baby about being denied a very strong and earth shattering orgasm. My dick was hard, painfully so, and the tingle in my abdomen, that pleasurable fire was right around the corner until they evacuated the mission to get me off.

But before I could utter a "What the fuck?" strong hands scooped under me and I was flipped over like a flapjack with my ass in the air. As if that wasn't enough, hands wrapped around my waist, turning me so I was facing the edge of the bed. I felt like a rag doll.

"Is this what you want?" Edward spoke softly, climbing in bed behind me. I didn't know what they had planned, but they had my full trust and consent. Looking over my shoulder, I nodded. Edward studied my expression –and my mind too, I assumed –before continuing his movements behind me. Emmett took advantage of my permission, pressing his fingers underneath my chin before turning my head towards him. He was standing at the foot of the bed, dick hard, and body tense with the need for release and a look of complete and utter primal want. I think I literally shrunk under him. I had never seen such an intense look about him before even at his horniest.

"You're going to suck my dick as he fucks you." He barked in that sexy, deep rumble of a voice. It was ridiculous how all things changed in the bedroom. I would have had someone tackled to the ground if they had ever used that tone with me. As much as I wasn't an alpha, I rarely ever buckled as a submissive to anyone.

But of course, that all changed when I started fucking Edward and Emmett.

I nodded eagerly and watched as Emmett gripped himself and stroked almost in a teasing manner before thrusting it towards me. I gasped, feeling the cool cock slap my cheek. Emmett chuckled from above, "Suck that shit, baby." He groaned. It was impossible to hold back. I lifted my right hand, covering his fingers with my own and followed his stroke, pulling the excess skin back over his rod. I leaned in without hesitation, seeking the special taste of his cum. Something about the way the dangerous liquid numbed my tongue slightly and caused a sensation of prickling needles, was unique, but on top of that was the sickly sweet flavor. Both Emmett and Edward tasted like molasses. I suckled his tip between my lips, gathering the pre-cum that was eager to make an escape from his slit.

"That's right." He encouraged with a growl. There was a slurping noise from above, but I paid no notice, my mind fully on the task of my lips following the movement of my hands. I wanted to take him as deep as I could. I was hoping I could have that numbing, sweet sensation coating my throat. Maybe then I could-

"Mnngh!" I cried out around his cock. There was a slickened finger in me, wiggling and pressing against the walls in me. And like that, I was gasping around the cock in my mouth. He found that sweet spot in me and took no shame using that finger to stimulate it. I pulled my mouth away from his dick, in fear my teeth would graze or clench around it, "Emmett!" I panted, getting a devious snicker in response, before he added another finger. I angled my ass higher, hoping to swallow all of his fingers, he pulled them out to the second knuckle scissoring inside of me. There were no thrusts or pressing along that sweet spot anymore. He was merely stretching me out now.

Desperate to get what I wanted, I suckled his dick in my mouth again, my mouth air tight around him before taking his rod to the back of my throat. The control of my gag reflex wasn't spectacular, but I was able to hold back the sudden need to cough or pull away. In fact, I found it the perfect time to swallow like so-

"God fucking-!" Emmett roared, pulling his fingers out of me, "Edward, baby, fuck him until he can't stand." I could feel my cheeks heat up at the thought as my cheeks were being spread by Emmett's big paws. The pressure of something bigger in girth pressed against my hole. I did my best to relax, but I couldn't help the excitement that was building in me. I was sure I'd never have this again, being sandwiched in-between the both of them, tasting their cum, being filled. It was happening again and according to the two it wouldn't be the last time.

I could get fucked this good for a long time.

My cock was happy to hear of it.

Edward entered me slow, stretching me nicely, but mindful of my comfort. His hands were around my waist, using my body as leverage and control and once he was fully in, I heard the sound of kissing from up above. I whined pathetically around Emmett's cock feeling that it was unfair that I didn't get to watch or join.

But I soon forgot just what I was being a spoiled brat for when just as Edward pulled out, a palm hit my ass in a sharp sting. I swallowed around Emmett's cock in surprise while simultaneously clenching around Edward. There was a harmony of moans from up above.

I was beginning to understand the control I had.

"Uh oh." Edward giggled.

"Uh oh is right." Emmett replied, moving his hands from my cheeks. I grunted around him as his fists tugged at my hair, guiding me along his length, "You're about to get done, boy."

I moaned extra-long and loud around him and was fully satisfied when he grit his teeth and growled. I wanted him to lose control and cum right in my mouth.


It was frustrating keeping the pace with Edward. He pulled out, I pushed in, he pushed in, I pulled out. It was excruciatingly slow and too gentle to get Jacob off. What this boy needed was to get done so hard he forgot his name. I wanted him passing out again, whimpering and whining like a little, lost puppy. All this was doing now was encouraging him to egg us on to go farther. The little tease clearly understood that that mouth was lethal. I observed his full lips, suckling me in before I pulled my hips away. It was a delicious sight, but what was driving me mad were those dark eyes watching me, wide and innocent as if there was no cock in his mouth.

He wanted it bad.

I believe I said 'fuck him until he can't stand', babe. I directed at Edward. He merely smirked. Fine, let me help you. I responded in agitation. Edward's eyes widened at the display of what I planned to do. I could have sworn the gold in his irises got darker as he nearly stopped fucking Jacob altogether. Pulling my cock away from that delectable mouth with a satisfying pop, I walked around the bed and climbed on behind Edward. I noticed the shudder that ran threw him at the anticipation. I grabbed a fistful of his soft hair and pushed him over until his chest met Jacob's back. I wasn't gentle about it either.

Holding my dick with one hand, I spoke, "It seems I have two teases I need to fuck into submission." And with that I guided my wet cock into Edward's giving ass. It was easier to fuck him without much preparation, given the advantages of his body. Reaching over for Jacob's waist, I held them and swiftly pulled out until the tip of my dick was breaching Edward's hungry hole. He followed my movements as well and with a thrust that could crush human bones I entered Edward who simultaneously entered Jacob. Both boys howled in delight.

That's what I'm talking about.

And the moment went on as that, giving them the rightful treatment of a real crippling fuck. But sooner than I expected, my body was giving in. I held Jacob's waist a bit tighter and picked the pace up. Edward was unable to hold out any longer. With a weak cry, I felt his ass convulse around me. He dug his head into the crook of Jacob's shoulder, whispering to him about how good he felt before finally relaxing around me. I kept my pace until I was sure he was completely spent and pulled out, my cock ready to explode. And I had just the place to launch it on. I rounded the bed quickly, surprising the trembling Quileute boy under Edward.

I held my cock at the base, hoping to hold off just for a few more seconds, "Open up." I ordered. Jacob greedily opened his mouth just as I aimed and fired. His face was painted in my spunk, though a fair amount of it made it in his mouth. I watched, still completely hard and horny as Jacob closed his mouth to swallow and after, darted his tongue out to collect what was left on his chin and cheek. What he didn't get, dripped like melted ice cream along his russet face. It was fucking art.

"Edward…" I called. I really didn't have to elaborate on the order.

"Turn around, love." Edward said in that gentle, melodic voice of his. He really was the water to my fire; complete opposite.

Jacob rolled onto his back, still shaking, still hard. Edward straddled his waist gracefully. He leaned over, placing his palms on either side of Jacob's head and leaned in. He surprised me when he tenderly kissed Jacob first, suckling and nibbling his bottom lip. He fucking knew I was watching. The world ending wouldn't have distracted me. As if on cue, his eyes met mine and he pulled slightly away, the pink of his tongue showing as he scooped up my cum and fed it to Jacob. His eyes never left mine when their lips met for another kiss and when Edward fed him seconds. It was until Jacob's face was clean and rid of my jizz, did Edward bring his attention back to the wolf.

"You look so beautiful." He whispered. He flattened his body against Jacob's and from there, they proceeded to have one hell of a make-out session. I watched the show while stroking my dick. I was ready to blow another load and this time I wanted it in that tight, warm ass.

I gave them a moment to enjoy each other, but Edward knew the limit of my patience. He pulled back, looking right at me.

It was time to get our boy off.


My blood was rushing to my cock, to my lips, through me, everywhere. When Edward pulled away, his eyes were soft and held something I really couldn't decipher. I caught the gaze he gave Emmett as if giving him permission to do something, but he didn't say what. I missed his weight when he climbed off of me and there was something else. But again, I wasn't sure.

Emmett was instantly between my legs, holding my thighs apart, but this time with less force. He used his handle on my legs to lift my ass off the bed and level it with his cock. I bit back a grunt of pain when he entered me. I was still sore from the epic fuck earlier, even if I was healing. It was a bit unnerving for Emmett to be watching me so closely. He had never done that before. Sure, there was the hungry stares and licking of his lips, but Emmett wasn't watching me with a desire to fuck me out of my mind, he was watching me for something else entirely. As if he was coding to his memory every response I had with each inch he put in my body.

"Em, fuck me." I pleaded, my throat hoarse from the vocal excitement. He complied with my request, smoothly filling me before pulling out until just the tip of his cock was pressing against my ass. My heart jumped in my throat when Emmett did the unexpected; he kissed me. And not one of those raunchy porn kisses either. It was gentle and soft and…similar to Edward's kiss from earlier. I gave in, allowing his tongue to guide my own, following and mimicking his every flicker and thrust. He kept our lips locked as he continued to fuck me. It was new and felt…I really couldn't put a word to it. But he had me. By the time he moved his lips to my neck, the heels of my feet were digging in his ass and my nails were clawing into his back. I thanked God for Emmett's cool body, because I feared my skin was going to burn right off my muscle and bones from the heat building in me. When the hell did these guys get so…intimate?

It wasn't brought to my attention until I felt Edward next to me that he had left the room. I was then instantly being lifted in the air, my ass still impaled by Emmett. There was movement behind me, before lips pressed against my neck. They belonged to Edward. Another pair pressed my along my shoulder. They belonged to Emmett. They continued their torture as I wiggled and attempted to ride Emmett's cock whilst in the air. There was a deep chuckle in his chest.

"I think our little pup is getting impatient." He spoke to Edward, "Do you want to be fucked?" He whispered in my ear.

"Yes!" I hissed, finally relieved to hear that they were going to do something about my needs.

"Do you want the both of us?" Emmett asked.


"Love, do you want us in you together?" Edward asked from behind me.

My gut dropped and I'm sure my eyes must have widened. The idea was hot, but I wasn't sure if I could…do it. Edward took it like a champ, but there were obvious differences to our bodies.

"We don't have to-"Edward tried to convince me otherwise, but I really wouldn't have it. They had wound me up all night and promised to stick by me even after the possibility of being disowned by both our families. I want this. I was selfish and greedy and I wanted them for myself.

"I want you both in me." My voice shook, but it was only because I wanted it so damn bad. I trembled when I felt the kiss at the base of my neck.

"Alright, love." Edward whispered, "I going to lubricate myself. I want to make this as painless as possible. I heard a cap opening and the sounds of a bottle squirting out its contents. As I waited with Emmett's cock still in me, I couldn't help but wonder just when they had decided to buy a bottle of lube and where they hid it in the house.

"It was already supplied." Edward answered.

"And just what would vampires need with lube?" I asked.

Emmett snickered, "We like to fuck in asses too." Obviously. I rolled my eyes at that comment, "And you forget what this place was built for. The ultimate fuck shack." Well, at least we were putting it to the right use.

Emmett lifted me off of his dick, ordering me to walk over to Edward. I dropped my legs first, then my arms and walked over to a prepared Edward, who was laying on his back, cock glistening in sex oil.

"I want you to sit on his dick for me, babe." I did as he ordered, straddling Edward's waist. He held his cock steady for me and I lined myself along the tip of his prick. It was rather easy getting him in me. Emmett was a bit thicker, so I was stretched out nicely. When my ass met his thighs, I couldn't help grinding my hips in circles. Edward's hand shot out, holding my hips in place.

"Love, I'm already on the verge." He panted.

"Really?" I teased.

"Watching you and Emmett…" He gave me a crooked smile. I got the idea.

There was the sound of squirting again, before I heard Emmett approaching us. The palm of his hand pressed against the middle of my back, a silent order for me to bend over a bit. I gasped out when a wet finger separated my insides from Edward's cock. It was invasive and the stretch was already a bit too much. I but back a painful whimper, digging my head into Edward's shoulder.

"Em, stop." Edward gently requested.

Before Emmett could pull his finger out, I cried, "No! Keep going." My voice was muffled by Edward's neck, "I want this." I whispered against Edward's ear, "I want you both so fucking bad." I couldn't help that I sounded like a fucking slut, but I was so far gone and eager to get off by the both of them that I just couldn't bring myself to care. Emmett had already eased a second finger in me just as Edward rocked his hips up. The feeling was indescribable and overwhelming. Just as one would pull out, the other would push in. It was nothing like having my mouth and ass fucked, yet the simultaneous sensations were there. And of course, there was the pain of it. They had obviously both fucked me before, I had adjusted, especially considering Emmett's girth. My body gave another tremor at the thought of his cock invading my ass.

Sensing my discomfort, Edward distracted me with a kiss, a rather hungry one at that. The distraction worked. It didn't take long until I was writhing and moaning, riding Emmett's fingers and Edward's dick. The pain had ebbed and I was able to enjoy the way my ass quivered around the stretch, the dynamic of Emmett's scissoring digits against Edward's thrusting. I was enjoying it. A bit too much, because the sudden absence of Emmett's three fingers had me whining in defeat.

Well that's until his thickness was opening up my ass. I bit my tongue, hoping Edward wouldn't notice the brimming ache. I could take it, as I was used to pain , but still…fuck, it hurt.

"Emmett." Edward warned from below.

"It's okay." I encouraged. I still wanted him in me as well. Emmett was slow. And the worst of it was over when the head of his dick was nestled nicely against Edward's cock. Testing the elasticity of my ass, Emmett pulled out a bit before pressing in again. He did it over and over until that pain was shadowed by the new sensations I was observing. I could feel my blood pulse through me and against them, I could feel every ridge and vein press against my walls. They both heaved a sigh when Emmett was in me completely. I was now stretched to maximum capacity. I let out a breath, I had no idea I was holding the entire time and waited until Emmett began to lead us in with a few short thrusts.

And like that, the world was tilting.

A gaspy cry left my lips as I braced my weight on my hands at Edward's sides. Already my arms were trembling as a jolt of some sort shot to my dick.

What the fuck was that?

And Emmett moved again, "Unnghh!" I wasn't coherent enough to explain just how fantastic that felt. By Emmett's third or fourth thrust, my arms gave out and collapsed on Edward. I was mumbling words that never existed; I was trembling like a human naked in a blizzard storm. I could barely make out Edward's form through the tears blanketing my vision. My cock screamed for release. I wasn't going to last any longer.

I lost track of time. I was barely there, but I did feel them both inside me and out, covering me in cool temperatures, bringing me back to life with open mouthed kisses on my exposed perspiring skin. Emmett was fucking me good now. There wasn't much movement Edward had optional to him, but judging by his light gasps and curses; he could feel the intensity all the same.

"You love this hole being filled up, don't you?" Emmett whispered harshly against my right ear as Edward's moans filled my left.

"Yes!" I answered enthusiastically.

"You couldn't have it any other way." And he was right in more ways than one. I couldn't have one without the other. I would never be happy if one of them decided they couldn't do this anymore. It was fucking stressful questioning which one would end this first. I needed it like this. This was…perfect.

And I was coming. A string of words –none that made sense together, I'm sure –rolled off my tongue as I literally became a sack of weight against Edward. My vision tunneled, the sounds of skin slapping along with the pants and moans drifted away and suddenly I was suspended in air.

The world was black for a short period of time.

When I finally came to, I was on my back, facing Emmett. I was still stretched to my limit and the wet trail from my shoulder to my neck let me know Edward was still in the game.

"Thought you could pass out?" Emmett growled. He apparently didn't approve, "You're not done until we say you're done. You got that, Black?" Oh hell. It couldn't be so. My cock couldn't be waking up again, not after an orgasm that rendered me unconscious.

But as I looked down my torso, I realized that yes, I was sporting wood.

"Now would you look at that?" Emmett chuckled, "Hard again?" He thrusted in me rather roughly causing both Edward and I to moan.

"Emmett.." I reached for his torso. It was cool and smooth, like a statue, but I could feel his chest expand as he breathed in. I wondered why he needed to do such a thing when he didn't need air.

"What's that?" Emmett teased, "Two cocks not enough for you, Black?"

"Oh God!" My cock twitched against my stomach. It was the name, the way he said it that fucking had me rock hard again.

"I'm close." Edward grunted from under me.

"Are you, baby?" Emmett seemed so fucking smug, "How about we fix that?"

I wasn't sure what Emmett could possibly do to 'fix that', and I didn't have the time to figure it out due to the impossible –Emmett's mouth around my cock as he fucked me. I watched flabbergasted and completely mute at the way Emmett curled his body effortlessly, still moving his hips as he suckled me deep in his throat. Unable to take the visual anymore, I threw my head back, shutting my eyes. This was unbelievable! My hands were thrown over my head. I was suddenly eager to feel Edward. It felt like I hadn't seen him in hours.

"Edward.." I whined.

"I'm here, love." And he was, sending feverish kisses along my neck, before he reached my cheek and finally my lips. Our kiss was more heated than I expected, but fuck if it didn't fit the circumstance –Two cocks in me, a mouth sucking me off and another sucking my tongue. My gut was already tingling from the sensory overload.

I couldn't last long.

And I didn't.

It took only Emmett swallowing around me and Edward's hum of affirmation and my vision was tunneling again. I was only brought back by the whimpering cries of Edward under me. I felt his cock pulse and twitch before he came. Emmett followed not two thrusts later with a roar, pulling his mouth away from my cock so he could hold my hips up to thrust into. It took a good while for anyone to speak. I think we were just too far gone with the experience, bathing in the last of our highs. I mean, fuck, who could find something to say after that?

"You think Jasper would have loved this?" Emmett grinned broadly.

I took my question back.

Emmett lifted himself up, pulling me along with him. I was glad for the support, because my legs were too wobbly to balance on.

"Emmett, I appreciate if you didn't bring him up again." Edward scolded. I silently agreed. I couldn't help feeling a bit of anger boil at the idea of Edward and him together. I looked to Edward, smiling only when I could make out the scowl on his face. He was probably thinking the same thing. He sat up and our eyes met. I silently confirmed that the chances of me doing anything with Jasper were the same chances of me fucking a human girl.

"I'm just saying." Emmett shrugged, "But who's to know? Alice did say she couldn't see him anymore."

Something in Edward's expression changed. I frowned, ready to ask what he was thinking, but Emmett momentarily distracted me with his arms around our waist.

"Let's see him try to get to our boy here." He whispered in a husky tone, kissing just under my ear. My eyes fluttered closed despite my efforts to focus on Edward.

"And what about the pack?" I suggested, "I'm sure they'd want to tear me limb from limb now that they know we've continued this."

"The same could be said about Rose." Emmett muttered.

"What's done is done. No one is going to get to you. We won't let it happen." Emmett hummed in agreement from behind. Edward's hand was cupping my face, directing me to look at him. He then stepped closer, pressing his chest to mine. Leaning in, he watched me with suggestive eyes, telling me something I wasn't sure I was ready to understand, but when our lips met, I could feel every word he wanted to say but refrained from using. Angling my head, I silently asked for Emmett to join. And he did. All three of our tongues worked together effortlessly, sweeping over the other, massaging and battling. I didn't know what would come or how long we'd last, but I knew I couldn't give this up. World be damned, between these boys was where I wanted to be.