I Do, I Think.

So, this dance from So You Think You Can Dance inspired this story: youtu .be / qzLqy3kNdfs (Start at 1:08). BEAUTIFUL dance!

Summary: Blaine gets left at the altar. His best friend Kurt wants to be there for him, but the same day of the almost-wedding is the day he gets engaged.

"I do," Kurt vowed without thinking, and before the thought even reached his mind, he added, "I think." Immediately realizing what he'd just said, Kurt whipped his head up, but not to look at his shocked fiance - to look at his best friend Blaine. AU.

Go ahead and say goodbye. I'll be alright.
Go ahead and make me cry. I'll be alright.
And when you need a place to run to, for better for worse, I got you.

-Leona Lewis


Chapter One

"Only if you say yes."

0 Days until Blaine's Wedding


So much went wrong in the time lapse of ten minutes.

Softly, the piano to Blaine's left began to play the traditional wedding march. He couldn't decide whether to shove his hands in his pocket or keep them folded. Losing all of his breath, he shuffled at the altar, doing a jittery dance with his indecisive hands.

He looked towards the doors. In a matter of seconds, his fiancé would be walking through them, ready to become his husband. Blaine gulped away a lump in his throat. He couldn't start crying yet!


Blaine could have been the one to walk down the aisle, but Eddie swore he always dreamed of walking down the aisle to his waiting fiancé.

"That's when I first realized I wasn't straight," Blaine remembered Eddie joking.

To prevent an argument, Blaine agreed to be the waiting fiancé. So, here he was, waiting. He continued to wait.

Hurry up, Eddie, or I'm going to have an arrhythmia and die, Blaine thought, frustrated.


The doors remained untouched. Blaine's heart began to beat double-time. There were only two sets of eyes that'd comfort him in this moment. The first weren't coming through the doors. The second were in the middle of small church.

Kurt was already looking at Blaine. When they locked eyes, Kurt smiled. Quickly, he looked towards the closed doors. He then turned back to the groom, tilting his head to one side, a smirk on his face.

Kurt has been Blaine's best friend for years. Sometime during their relationship, the two created a sort of unspoken language that came in handy during their college classes where seats were assigned based on last names. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson were never next to each other.

The messages they sent silently back and forth weren't 100% accurate, but both boys caught the gist.

Late as always, Kurt messaged across the other guests' heads.

You aren't supposed to be late for your own wedding! Blaine returned.

Are you worried? Kurt joked.

Of course not. Should I be? Blaine threw.

Kurt smiled. No, you idiot. He'd never leave you. He loves you.

Blaine breathed a sigh of relief, casting his eyes downward.

He'd be a fool if he did, Kurt thought to himself, and he's no fool.


The doors opened. Every head in the church spun to look at Eddie. Blaine lifted his eyes. He caught Kurt's stare.

I told you, Kurt's face read.

Blaine grinned and shot his gaze to the back of the church. His smile immediately dropped. Eddie's mother walked through the double doors, quite alone. She ignored the looks of the other guests and stared straight at Blaine.

Blaine was stumbling forward like a robot. She stopped in the middle of the church, as if getting any closer to Blaine would ruin them both.

"Honey, I'm so sorry," he heard her mumble.

Blaine lost all feeling in his legs and tumbled onto the steps that lead to the altar.

"There's not going to be a wedding today," Blaine said mechanically. "Go. Just leave…"


As people moved towards Blaine, he motioned for them to go away, even his family. He sat on the steps, looking at the floor, emotionless.

Kurt sat in his seat. He found his boyfriend Alek's hand. Kurt couldn't take his eyes off of Blaine. He stared as people blocked and passed by his view. He was joking before. He never thought that this would happen.

Eddie was a fool after all.

"Kurt, are we going to go, or…" Alek began but stopped when Kurt let his hand go.

"You go. I'm going to wait until everyone leaves so I can talk to Blaine," Kurt said, still not looking at his boyfriend.

Alek only moved in closer.


In his peripheral vision, Blaine noticed that the church was emptying. There were a few stragglers. People were persistent in not leaving, in trying to help him.

He only had one thought, Kurt, don't you leave. He didn't look up to check if his friend was still in his seat though. He couldn't be let down again.

"What do you think happened?" Alek whispered.

"Nerves? Eddie realized he proposed way too early? Maybe he wasn't in love with Blaine after all," Kurt whispered back.

"Do you think Blaine's going to be okay?"

"No," Kurt said simply.

"I'm sorry all of your work went to waste. The church really is beautiful," Alek said, glancing around.

"The reception hall is ten times more extravagant. Eddie wanted a simple ceremony, but Blaine and I fought for an amazing reception. God, look at him."


Blaine hugged his knees. He stopped responding to his guests' and family's attempts at comforting him. He just sat there, completely broken.

"Those people need to shove off!" Alek said softly but harshly. "Leave the poor kid alone."

"You really don't have to stay, Alek," Kurt mumbled.

"No, I-I wanted to ask you something," he whispered.


Kurt never took his eyes off Blaine, and thought, look at me, Blaine; look at me. I'm right here.

"What if someone wanted to propose at another person's wedding?" Alek said.

Kurt groaned. "That's awful. You never, ever, ever take attention away from the newlyweds."

"Oh. I didn't know that."

Kurt furrowed his brow and finally looked at his boyfriend.

"Why?" he extended the word out.

Alek looked panicked. "Nothing. Nothing."


Kurt turned completely in his seat.

"Alek Haber, you tell me why you just brought that up," Kurt whispered sternly.

Alek cast his eyes down. Fumbling with his hands, he reached for Kurt's to stop his movements. He gazed into Kurt's eyes.

"It's nothing. I'm sorry for saying anything at all. Really. I just thought it'd be romantic, but no, nothing, never mind."

Kurt cupped Alek's cheek. His boyfriend calmed immediately. "What did you think would be romantic?"

Alek's breath got caught in his throat. With a shaky hand, he reached into his pocket.

His hand reminded in his pocket as he whispered, "Kurt, I love you. I've loved you from the second you sat down next to me in our Modern Art class – sophomore year. Seeing how much Blaine's wedding meant to you, seeing how happy you were with just the thought of marriage, I realized that I never want to see you marrying any other man. I want you to marry me."

Kurt went numb. If he wasn't already sitting, he'd be on the floor like Blaine.


Alek's hand slipped from his pocket. He was grasping a small, velvet ring box.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, marry me?"

When he opened the box, it was empty. Kurt smiled.

"No, ring, Alek?" he laughed, hiding all other emotions.

"Guys don't really wear engagement rings, I don't think. If you want, every single guy that looks at you, I can tell them to back off because you're engaged. But only if you say yes."

Kurt stared into Alek's eyes with grin that brighten his blue-green ones. Not breaking the look, Kurt reached up and snapped the box shut.

"Proposing at another person's wedding is tacky."

"Is that a no?" Alek said, slightly playful, slightly serious.

"No. I mean, yes. I mean, I say yes, but we're going to pretend you didn't ask me a thing. For right now, I'm going to help Blaine, but when I get home, we'll celebrate," Kurt said with a sly smile and equally sly eyes.

They both stood up.

"You're my fiancé.That's so strange," Alek muttered.

"If by strange you mean, perfect, then yes, being your fiancé is really strange."


With only a little clasp of their hands, Alek left Kurt to tend to Blaine in an incredibly empty church. Kurt stood in the middle of the long aisle, his best friend on the floor directly in front of him.

Kurt walked towards him. When he sat next to Blaine, the almost-newlywed didn't motion for his friend to go away. Kurt reached for Blaine's blue delphinium boutonniere, pulling it off. Blaine's eyes pulled up as Kurt chucked it across the church. It hit one of the two open doors with a soft bang. Kurt glanced over at Blaine. He was smiling. It was small but present.

Let's do some damage, Blaine thought silently to Kurt.

Kurt leaped to his feet and extended his hand to Blaine. Pulling his friend up, Kurt immediately tore the first ribbon off the first pew. A shower of flower peddles hit Kurt as he tore another ribbon down, throwing it into the air. Spinning around, Blaine was ripping apart a flower arrangement. Kurt laughed. Blaine's eyes glossed with tears, but he laughed too.

It almost became a race to see who could do more damage to all the flowers and decorations they'd spent all morning pulling up together.


Kurt and Blaine collapsed in the center of the church, sitting on top of the remains of Blaine's blue and white flowers and the yards of ripped navy ribbon. Both were short on breath. They laughed, gasping for air.

Suddenly, Blaine's laughs turned to sobs.

Rushing to close the distance, Kurt grabbed Blaine's body. They held tight. Blaine cried, and Kurt shushed.

Kurt knew he'd be spending more time fixing his broken best friend than planning his own wedding. Priorities. Blaine was most important.