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Chapter 1: The Girl.

This was the worst day of Jesse's life, by a long shot. His love that had lasted quite awhile, was slowly starting to die. He knew that he couldn't forget her, but she was too easily disappearing. Oh Winnie, do you know that a part of him died that day? A big part of him actually, that will be extremely hard to ever gain back. If you would have only drunk that water, it would have been only so much easier.

Jesse was on his knees, staring at her gave until the sun started to go down. Off in his own world, couldn't care a bit about the world around him. Winnie was the only girl he loved, that he looked at, and that he thought of. Tuck didn't know how he was going to live with himself, but he couldn't end his life, because of the misfortunate lack of being able to die.

That's when Jesse heard it, he heard the music box. It was the music box that played the tune he would never be able to forget, that once belonged to his mother. But she lost it on the dirt road on the way out of town, and he hadn't seen or heard it since. Looking around again, he didn't hear it anymore. Jesse quickly, made his way to his feet.

Suddenly, Jesse also heard a laugh. It was a girl laughing, as she cranked the handle around and it began to play again. Her laugh, it was soft, and he wished he could only see her. Jesse's wish came true, and she appeared the entrance into the forest.

This girl was beautiful. She had the lightest blonde hair Jesse had ever seen in his life, and it came past her shoulders. Take in consideration that Jesse has been living for a very, very long time. This girl happened to be wearing a white sundress with lace at the hems; the dress complimented her body ran through the forest, and Jesse could see the light seeping through the trees, as it hit her perfectly.

Jesse's breath had been taken away,and he began to notice that his feet were moving. Tuck became suspicious, who was she? Why did she have his mother's music box, after she had lost it all those years ago? Jesse soon found himself following the toddler, and it soon became this screwed up game of follow the leader.

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