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Anna was shocked, but she didn't let it play her facial features. Anna didn't even notice that Jesse was gone. So when she leaned over the edged she wasn't surprised to see Jesse coming up from the water.

"Coming in, or are ya just gonna watch?" He said rubbing his eyes, and pushing his hair back. He looked, dare she say, cuddly in a way. Looking into the water, it looked refreshing. Great, Cuddly and refreshing, just what she needed.

When Jesse looked back up, but he didn't find her peering over the edge. Only a few seconds later, he looked up when he heard a scream and laughter, followed by a splash.

"Is that good for you?" She said smiling, pushing the hair out of her face.

"Perfect for me" Jesse said laughing. It was so quiet, that you could hear birds all around...

"AHHH!" Jesse screamed as Anna pushed him under water. It all starts out un-meaningfulness flirting, but you can't flirt with this. Immortality, secrets, memories, and feeling will be rose to the surface. They had only just met eachother, but might be meant for eachother...

Anna sat on a rock, wringing her long hair of water. Listening to everthing around her. Intently watching Jesse, she knew who he was now. she was suprised it took her so long.

"How long have you been immortal?" She asked him, looking him in the eyes. His facial expression was priceless, suprised. Before he could say something else, Anna hurriedly spoke again.

"You don't have to lie, I know who you are. I've read about you, I think everyone has read about the Tuck family." She throwing her hair back behind her shoulders. Anna's dress had turned a darker colored white, but she still looked beautiful.

Jesse proped his foot on a rock, putting his shoes on. "Read about me? I'm still not sure who your talking bout, must have the wrong Jesse." With his signature smile, his southern accent still there.

Anna laughed, "It's alright, I know what it's like. To be alive forever, to not die. Sometimes you just feel like a rock stuck in the river of life." She said standing behind him, tracing her finger over his shoulders while he looked back out of the corner of his eyes.

Then she got behind, right next to his ear. Jesse almost shivered because of her hot breath, "Becuase I'm immortal too." She said with a small laguh at the end. But when Jesse turned around, she was gone? She was really there, right? That really just happened right? Jesse didn't even know what to think of all this. Where had she gone? Jesse wanted to talk to her more... He was planning on leaving and going to Seattle, when he was at Winnie's grave. Changing his mind, there was someone like himself out there other than his family, and Jesse wasn't letting this go.

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