Word Prompt: Airport

Warnings: Wincest, schmoop


Two boys left the terminal, the shorter shaking as the plane had done during the immeasurable amount of turbulence, clutching so tightly at this brother's hand that Sam was sure it would bruise later. But Sam did not even wince at Dean's actions, instead, lightly running his thumb along the length of the back of Dean's hand.

As the brothers stumbled through the waiting area, Sam was tempted to take his brother into one of the seats, wrap his arms around his almost fearless brother until the warmth of his body acted as a reminder that he was alive, that Sam was alive, that the hunt had been taken care of and that the floor below them was once again safe and stable.

Instead, Sam let Dean grab at him like a lifeline, ignoring the looks of empathy or disgust from the strangers around them, and led him through the airport, lightly humming "Some Kind of Monster" into his brother's ear to take his mind off of the horror of the plane.

Sadly, it was not that easy to take Dean's mind off of the plane trip with the hustle and bustle and claustrophobia involved with an overly crowed, tiny airport.

People continued to bump into both Sam and Dean like they did during turbulence on the plane, causing Dean to clench his hands so hard that even Dean's bitten-short nails were able to dig into his and Sam's palms deep enough to draw blood.

Sam tried to draw Dean in closer to himself to allow them both to maneuver safely, untouched through the throngs of people that had overtaken the small space. While this helped slightly to decrease the jarring of his already claustrophobic brother; the trek out of the airport still took longer than Sam wanted, and an eternity longer than Dean wished.

But eventually, the brothers managed to escape the horror of the crowd and the reminder of Dean's greatest, non-Sam related fear and find relief in the comfort and home of the Impala, which waited loyally for the boys in the parking lot.

Once in the Impala, Sam pulled Dean to his side, laid an arm around his shoulder and placed Dean's head on his shoulder and his right hand on Sam's heart before Sam turned the ignition of the Impala.

The familiar rumble of his baby surrounding him and the familiar beating of his brother's heart thumping beneath his fingertips were enough to lull Dean into the most relaxed sleep since hearing about the plane ghost.

Sam smiled slightly at his brother, silently sending him comforting vibes and dreams before laying a soft kiss on the top of his head and pulling out of the parking lot; putting as much distance as possible between his brother and his fear.