Word Prompt: Ancient

Warnings: Wincest, smchoop, light hints at sexual themes


A groan escaped from Dean's lips as he sat, twiddling his thumbs waiting for his brother to finish the research in some no-name library in a no-name town for a random hunt.

He lovingly, though he would never admit it, rolled his eyes as he watched Sam rocket from aisle to aisle, greedily taking in the array of books before him. Dean even let out a quiet chuckle of adoration when he caught Sam's eyes dancing merrily over the words of ancient texts that seldom make their way into their hunt research reservoir.

An hour of book rummaging later, even watching his brother's grace and excitement was beginning to be outweighed by boredom and the stuffiness of the small library and jade eyes were beginning to drop closed of their own regard.

Refusing to fall asleep and leave his brother unguarded in the one place outside of Dean's arms that he could truly lose himself, Dean struggled to sit up straighter and tried to coax Sam, "Hey, college boy, you ready yet?"

Truly startled at a voice interrupting his heaven-on-earth, Sam's minutely jumped. If it had not been for his ingrained hunter reflexes, the pile of books that the younger brother in question was holding would have dropped to the ground. Instead, his hunched shoulders furthered in on themselves and he turned around in the direction of the voice, prepared to attack, before recognizing that the voice had belonged to a trustworthy source.

"Whoa, kid, calm down," Dean stuttered, making the chair squeak as he pushed it away from the table in preparation to get up.

Sam chuckled and lightly blushed, embarrassed at losing himself so easily before nodding in affirmation, "Sorry Dean."

Knowing that his brother was worried about boring his brother, Dean walked up to Sam, clapped him on the back and whispered, "No worries, bro', you can make it up to me later," jokingly before winking and grabbing half of the stack of books in Sam's arms.

"Jeez, Sammy, you been working out? These books are massive!" Dean exclaimed.

Sam laughed, embarrassed, before nodding slightly.

A look of appreciation crossed the older brother's face as he took in the muscle bulk on his brother that he seemed to have missed before another look, one of contemplation and what the younger brother recognized as Dean being his perverted self, took hold of the elder's face.

"Dean. No," Sam said, unsure of what perverted idea Dean even had in mind, but sure that he did not want to know.

"But Sammy," Dean moaned.




"Humph," Sam knew that Dean would be crossing his arms like a child had it not been for the gigantic pile of books in his arms that started the whole conversation.

"Besides, Dean," Sam teasingly leaned in closer before whispering, "We have research to do."

Sam pulled away, laughing at the indignant look on his brother's face.

"Come on, Dean, we have some ancient texts to translate," before walking towards to the front desk, not looking back, knowing that Dean would follow.

Dean did follow, but on his way to the front, he smirked and grabbed for a book sitting, slightly hidden in the aisle of ancient references, Karma Sutra.

"You want ancient, college boy, you'll get it," Dean whispered, laughing to himself before jogging to catch up to his brother.