The blonde ninja stood near the gate that would lead her out into the wide expand of desert that seperated the Hidden sand from Konoha.

She pushed her sandle deep into the heated sand, enjoying the feeling it send through her body she forced her eyes closed for a moment adjusting the bag over her shoulder.

She smiled, and without turning to take a single glance back at her village.. the place she had called home for so long she began to walk. Thankfully Temari had chosen a fine day to travel.

The sun was burning hot on the sand but the winds were calmer than usual, with a nod to herself she began the long three day trip towards Konoha.

Sitting outside of Ichiraku was the Lazy Ninja, his eyes closed "Such a Drag" he commented with a yawn, the missions had been on an all time low latly giving Shikamaru more then enough time to laze around.

He wasnt complaining but it did get boring after a while, but then.. what didnt bore him.

Other than her.. the sand ninja.. with the blonde hair. He found himself infatuated by her. Every part of her, every detail made every hair on his skin stand on end.

Heh love? prehaps thats what it was, he wasnt sure not, and he wasnt, expecting the visit she was about to pay him.