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Saiyans at the Supermarket

"Boys, could you come here for a second?" Chichi yelled. Trunks was at Goten's house ready for one of their infamous saiyan sleepovers. A saiyan sleepover consisted of whipped cream, 2000+ cookies, and balloons; many, many balloons.

"COMING MOMMY!" Goten yelled.

"Goten, why do you still call your mom 'mommy?'"

"Well…uh…why are you such a meaner butt?" Goten whined.

"Nice comeback, buddy." Trunks said. "Anyways, where's your dad, oh and Gohan for that matter? I REALLY wanted to pick on him! I had this whole plan set up with a bucket of glue and some gummy—"

"BOYS, WOULD YOU HURRY UP?" Chichi yelled, getting impatient.

"COMING MOMMY!" Goten yelled again. Trunks just snickered, and Goten punched him on the arm.

"My dad is at Dende's lookout eating lots of yummy food. He didn't take me because he said I hog it all. That made me sad."

"Goten, focus."

"Oh yeah. Gohan's with Videl doing some mushy stuff. I don't know where they are but mommy says not to disturb the process because she wants grandchildren really bad."

"Um Goten you do know that—"


"I'm sorry mommy we're coming mommy please don't bring out the frying pan of severe torture and pain that never goes away ever no matter how hard you try to get rid of it! I love you!" They arrived right in front of Chichi just before she finished her countdown.

"Good, you're finally here. Boys, I need to go to the supermarket to get groceries, but, unfortunately, you both will have to come with me. I am NOT leaving you home alone. You DO remember what happened last time I left you too home alone, right?"

"Not the flashback, please not the flashback, ANYTHING but the flashback, please!" Trunks whispered to himself as he rocked back in forth in his chair. Chichi and Goten looked at him.

"FLASHBACK!" Goten yelled. Trunks glared at him.


"Hey, Goten! I found a secret stash of gummy bears in this closet in your dad's room!" Trunks shouted to Goten.

"Really?" Goten asked excitedly poking his head in the doorway. He walked in and stood next to his friend.

"Yeah look it says, 'PROPERTY OF GOHAN. Not Goku's…hehe...Yeah...Definitely not GOKU'S…hehe...Go away now…'"

"LET'S EAT IT!" They yelled at the same time.

*20 minutes later*

The two sugar high saiyans ran around the house that was now covered in gummy bears, whipped cream, and unrolled toilet paper rolls. Chichi walked in to find the house a total mess.

"GOTEN! TRUNKS!" She yelled, whipping out her deadly frying pan.


"AAAAAAHHHHH! I HATE FLASHBACKS!" Trunks yelled. Now Goten was the one to snicker.

"Come on, boys! It's time to go." Chichi said walking out the door.

"Oh well, an hour, maybe two will be taken out of our sleepover time, but I guess we can make the most of it." Trunks said.

"An hour?" Goten exclaimed. "We'll be lucky if we're not stuck there for the rest of the day!" He soon followed his mother. Trunks groaned and followed Goten out the door.

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