Saiyans at the Supermarket

WARNING: This chapter contains content that may make small children feel uncomfortable, or be confused, or both, considering how this chapter deals heavily with a certain female's time of the month, and the products that go with it, and MOOOORE. We hope that the teen readers will find this enjoyable, but this warning is for our younger audience.


Videl cursed under her breath, picking up her keys and her phone. Gohan looked at her confused, from his comfortable position on her bed.

"Videl, where are you going?" Gohan asked, holding his arms out for her to return to. Videl sighed.

"I have to…take care of something…" she said angrily.

"Did I do something wrong…again?" Gohan asked, keeping in mind her huge temper.

"No, you didn't do something wrong…this time." Videl muttered. She thought for a second. "Hey, toss me your sweatshirt."

"What, why, I'm cold—"

"GIVE ME THE DAMN SWEATSHIRT!" she roared, holding her hand out. Gohan followed her orders, pulling it off and giving it to her. He looked at her for a second.

"Wait," he told her, standing up. He took his sweatshirt and pulled it over her shoulders, smiling softly. She grinned up at him. Gohan smiled, and kissed her gently on the lips. Videl smiled, and then sighed.

"I'll be back." She said, heading for the door to her room.

"Wait, Videl!"

"What?" she asked, turning around.


"Shut up."


"Okay, yeah, so I'll be back in a few."

"But where are you going?"

"….to the damn supermarket."


"Because I need to get something."

"Get what?"


"But what if your dad comes back while you're gone?" he whined.

"Just lie. Make something up."

"You know I'm a terrible liar!"

"Bye Gohan." She said, as she slammed the door closed behind her.

"I'm screwed…"

"TRUNKS, I ACCIDENTALLY SPILLED SOMETHING!" Goten cried out from his position by the soap bottles.

"Then clean it up!" Trunks shouted, making a tower out of bars of soap, and then knocking it down.


"Um…pour something else on it to cover it up!"

"Oh…okay!" Goten replied cheerily, "But…what do I clean it up with?"


"Sure!" Goten grabbed a soap bottle, and squirted it all over the puddle of soap that he had previously caused, making a bigger mess. He stared at it, and then turned around to look at his friend.


"Yes, Goten?"

"The puddle got bigger." Trunks sighed.

"Just leave it, Goten…just leave it." He murmured warily.


Videl cursed under her breath, pushing the shopping cart into her least favorite aisle.

Aisle 2: Feminine Hygiene.

She pulled the hood of her, or should we say Gohan's sweatshirt up over her head, in an effort to conceal herself from anyone who might happen to catch THE Videl Satan at the supermarket, buying none other than…stuff for that time of the month. Videl sighed, and, hunched over the shopping cart, she made her way into the aisle, to see none other than Chichi Son, humming merrily to herself while choosing between pads and tampons. Videl looked at her boyfriend's mother in shock, wondering two things.

Why, why on this merciful earth did she have to run into CHICHI, of ALLLLL people, in an aisle that happened to carry pregnancy tests, which would make the grandbaby obsessed Chichi go insane?

How on EARTH was she so happy about buying pads?

"Oh shit…" Videl muttered to herself, ducking her head down and pulling her hood up as far over his face as it could go. When looking down, however, she noticed a certain word, printed boldly on the front of her dear Gohan's sweatshirt.

That word happened to say "MATHLETES", clear as day. Her eyes widened in shock, and she clutched at her stomach, trying to cover up the embarrassing word. She grimaced, and Chichi, seemingly done shopping in this aisle began to walk past her. Videl held her breath, waiting for Chichi to finally leave, but unfortunately, the mother of two noticed Videl clutching her stomach by a shopping, near some tampons. Chichi walked up to her, and Videl cursed, thinking that she was found out. However, Chichi merely patted her back comfortingly.

"You've got it bad this time of the month, don't you?" Videl nodded, a bit confused, still keeping her face hidden, because thankfully Chichi hadn't recognized her yet, and was just trying to be helpful. "Advil will do the trick." She smiled warmly, and pushed her shopping cart away, humming.

Videl sighed in absolute relief, and straightened up. She pulled the hood off of her head, and looked up, only to see two young half-saiyans waving around toothbrushes like wands and shouting nonsense words at each other.

"EXPELLI- Hey Trunks, look, that's my brother's sweatshirt!"

Videl froze, eyes wide.

"What? How do you know that that's his?"

"Because it has the ketchup stain that I accidentally made on it yesterday!"

"…and you're proud of that?"


Videl immediately looked down at her sweatshirt.

"GODDAMNIT!" she cried out.

"But Goten, how did you get that stain on there." Goten smirked.

"Well, if you must know…"



Gohan and Goten laughed, eating dinner, occasionally flinging food at each other while their parents were out having dinner. Goten giggled, and threw a portion of his corndog at his older brother, hitting him in the face. Gohan smirked, and took the piece of food, dipped it in ketchup, and threw it back at him, laughing. Goten frowned.

"NO! NOW I'M ALL STICKY!" Goten, in a rage, grabbed the ketchup bottle, and squirted it all over Gohan's Mathlete sweatshirt.

Let's just say Gohan was not the happiest mathlete.


Trunks shivered, shutting his eyes closed.

"I hate you, Goten."

"But, Trunks, if that's not Gohan in the sweatshirt, then who is it?" he asked, looking confusedly at Videl. Videl made eye contact, and smiled awkwardly. Trunks grinned.

"IT'S VIDEL!" he shouted, running over to her as Goten followed. Videl grimaced and braced herself for impact. She inhaled sharply as two saiyans ran and attacked her with a huge hug, full force.

"VIDEL I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE HERE THIS IS AWESOM WE'RE GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FU—Hey why do you have Gohan's sweatshirt?" Goten asked, looking up at her, confused. Videl sighed.

"Because I didn't want to run into anybody I knew…"

"Oh, well good thing you saw us!"


"Hey, Videl, what's in your shopping cart?" Trunks asked, reaching into it and pulling out a pack of Always pads. Videl blushed bright red, and snatched the pack out of his hands, hiding it behind her back.

"Oh, uh, nothing!" Goten walked behind her and picked it up out of her hands, ripping the pack open. The pads fell to the ground, and Trunks reached down and picked one up.

"This is something, alright. And, it's squishy. What is it?" the purple haired boy asked. Videl looked at the spilled pads in absolute shock and horror.

Her little shopping expedition was going to take a lot longer than she had expected.

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