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Ten years later…

Being back in the walls of James River after all this time was definitely a bittersweet occasion for Nick. He remembered coming in and seeing this feisty nurse go toe to toe with him on anything that happened, and he remembered being impressed to say the least. The first time he'd been in the hospital for any reason was about 12 years ago, but the last was a little over three years ago, and it still made him clench with fear. He didn't mind being back to visit the newest addition to Steve and Bobbie's family, the third to be exact, but it was always once she was at home. This one time, he was asked to come along because they had to speak to him right away, and he couldn't help but feel anxious as he rode the elevator. He knew Bobbie was in good hands and in good health, it was the first thing he asked, but all he ever got was how happy they'd be to tell him all about it when he got there. He knew Christina was godmother to Bobbie's first two sons, Adam and Robert, and he was almost certain she'd be it again for Amelia Elizabeth Shaw.

As the elevator dinged, he was broken from his train of thought as he almost dropped his coffee as Kelly launched herself at him like she always did. In the years they'd come to know each other, she'd became very attached to him in a way much like the little sister he never had. She was forever jumping on him and rambling at an amazingly quick speed that'd he'd learn to decipher in the past nine and a half years. He'd seen her a few weeks ago, but apparently a lot can happen in that short amount of time.

"Nick Nick, did you hear? Well, obviously you didn't because I just got you at the elevator but if you did hear that means they lied and said we were the first to know, so I'm not sure how I feel about that but I guess it's ok since she's-"

"Kelly! Who and what are you talking about" He said as she guided him down the hall.

"Nick! I thought you always got what I was saying?"

"I usually do, when there are names and specifics occasionally thrown in here and there"

"Oh, right. Well, you know how Bobbie had her baby-"

"I'm aware"

"Well, they were just talking to Miles and Camille when Camille let slip to everyone that they were expecting! Can you believe it? We get to have another baby in a few months!" she exclaimed this, doing this odd happy jig as they made their way around the corner.

"It almost sounds like you're the one expecting Kelly. Are they inside?"

"Of course, where else would they be?"

"You're right, how obvious of me"

He smiled at her, remembering the years they bonded over babies and random things, and remembered that he'd have none of that if it weren't for Christina. Just the mention of her name made his pulse race after all these years. She was an extraordinary woman in every way, and he was still amazed at what she was willing to do for others. As he heard noise from the door ahead, he slowly turned the knob and poked his head inside.

"Anyone call the police?"

He got a round of smiles ranging from a tired half smile from Bobbie, an excited nervous smile from Steve, a hesitant but radiant smile from Camille, and a shy genuine smile from Miles. He'd seen these smiles to some degree on a combination of their faces, but the one that still took his breath away was Christina's. She had just handed the baby over to Steve, when he saw her turn and knew that the smile on her face was just for him. It was a genuinely happy smile like her daughters, but it widened as she made eye contact with him, and it seemed to make her eyes light up in a way that made her look years younger. He walked over and met her halfway, reaching out his hand to share the coffee he knew she'd appreciate. She sighed gratefully and drank as he congratulated Steve and Bobbie, kissed Amelia's forehead, and congratulated Miles and Camille. As he turned back to Christina the coffee was put down and she walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as his settled around her waist.

"Hey stranger"

"Hey Querida, miss me?" He asked playfully, gently squeezing her hip as her arms tightened around him.

"After all this time" she asked innocently, "Always"

"Hey lovebirds, can we talk godparents when you're done gazing into each other's soul" Steve said as everyone laughed, making them break apart as they steeped to the side of Bobbie's bed.

"We were not gazing Bobbie…"

"Uh huh, sure you weren't"


"You've been looking at each other like that for years; I didn't believe you then, and I sure as hell don't believe you now"

Everyone laughed at the truth in the statement, having all witnessed it themselves at one time or another. Nick and Christina had a tendency to be lost in their own little world, and the only ones who didn't seem to notice it was happening were them.

"Alright alright. Since my baby is having her own baby," she smiled tenderly at Camille and Miles, "let's get a move on. So Bobbie, go ahead"

"Well, Steve and I have given this a lot of thought, and we decided that of course Christina would be Amelia's godmother," she paused, reaching over to squeeze Steve's hand "and this time decided that she needed a godfather that wasn't going to leave"

Bobbie let the statement hang as everyone knew that Adam's godfather was Tom, who a few years back moved out of state and told Bobbie he was flattered but had to move on to a new chapter in life. Robert's godfather was Miles.

"We decided that along with Christina, Nick would be Amelia's godfather"

That alone was enough to make Nick smile wider than he thinks he ever has. He felt Christina squeeze his hand, and he nodded at them, touched that they were really making him a part of their family.

"Amelia needs people that will be there for her no matter what, and we couldn't think of two better people"

"Thank you guys; I'd be honored to be her godfather"

"Hey, you've been a part of the family for quite awhile, now we're just making it more solid"

"Well what do you say godfather, want to get going?"

"Oh sure, flaunt being able to leave" Bobbie complained playfully.

"Oh I'll remember that when you say 'babysit', and we say 'sugar fest'"


"Just kidding, but we do need to get going"

"Oh right, Nick isn't it your mom's birthday today?"

"Yeah it is"

"Well lucky Amelia, maybe it's a sign" she said sympathetically as we hugged everyone and left.

Everyone knew that his mother had passed a little over three years ago, and on her birthday he went to sit at her grave and tell her happy birthday, eating a piece of cake. Christina had been along every year, supporting him and being his shoulder to cry on.

They walked out to the car, standing and facing one another before they got in. Christina was trying to gauge his mood, and Nick was trying to remember why it is they always did this; they did it because it's what she would have wanted. She'd want to know about their life, failures and triumphs, and that they were doing just fine as she watched over them from a better place.

"Well Mr. Renata, ready to go have a party" she said gently, taking his hand in hers.

"Depends Mrs. Renata, what kind of cake would Ma have wanted this year?"

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