Alex had always felt out of place, even in his 'family', If you could call them. what did you call a group of people that adopted you to fill the place of their dead son? Alex spent his days outside, away from people, in a tree, under bleachers, on top of roofs. He had little fear of things, besides himself. His greatest fear was losing control. To watch another person die because of him, it was to much. Every night the man's face haunted him.

Alex was a shy person when it came to talking about himself; he never spoke of his biological family the one and only reason being that he did not know them. He rarely showed emotion, never cried, and never once dared to tell someone when something was wrong. He just wasn't that person. A hard ass, jerk, cut, those where the words that people yelled at him. He shrugged it off with a bitter laugh.

But there was a side to Alex that people didn't know. The side where he longed to be in a family that loved him, that treated him with respect. Inside he was kinder, all he wanted was to be accepted, but from a young age he realised he would never be accepted into the human society. Mutants never where. Alex was smart, in certain area, he was hard working, he was willing to do whatever he could to get what he wanted. But this young man was so lost, so deep down, hidden behind a mask. And while it was a cliché it was true.