AN: Sorry It's been a while that I've updated. Anyway I wanted to say thank you to everyone, I hope you like this one. I was listening to 'Jar of hearts' while writing this, in case it helps.

It had been some months, time had passed in a movie like motion, some days passed so fast Darwin had trouble keeping up, while others passed by so slowly he longed for something, something more. He was back, and more lost than ever. He couldn't really teach like the others did, he had dropped out of school at the age of fifteen, and too much time had passed for him to try and catch up. He spent his days stacking books in the library, or walking around the school, which by his count, he had done over 126 times. There were days when he longed to find Alex and talk to him, it seemed that Alex was the only one not to ask him if he was ok, if he wanted to talk about. Everyone was fussing over him, he was still weak, but he hated that he was being treated that way. His head and heart never seemed to agree on anything. Alex seemed to make him forget about the past, he would listen with a willing ear, listen as Alex told stories of his years spent at the school. But nothing before that, nothing about what life was like as a child, or a teenager, nothing about what happened to them, about what happened on the beach. Every time he would bring the topic up Alex would give him a certain look; something between hurt, anger and... Sadness. Just by spending those few short months with him, he knew that there was a kinder, softer, nicer Alex deep down. But that it would never come up, and that the time he spent laughing and joking would be the closest he would come to that man inside.

That day was no different from any other, he had spent a few hours looking at books in the library, but grew bored as titles and covers became familiar, for a moment he wondered if Charles would consider making him the librarian but quickly dismissed the thought with a chuckle and a shake of his head. He ate lunch with the rest of the teachers, making small chit chat, that today seemed to be dull, filled with what student had excelled in training, or who had misbehaved. Like always, Alex was nowhere to be found. A couple weeks after sitting at the table he had politely asked a teacher next to him where Alex Summers was. The man had shook his head, a small smirk on his lips and said that Alex never ate with them, instead spent his lunch times outside, even in winter.

By the time the bell signalled to end the school day, Darwin was dragging his feet, boredom threatening to kill him, slowly. He had from one end of the building to the other, three times before he decided to visit Alex; maybe talking would cure him of the boredom, a boredom that to him meant something far greater.

4.25pm, it read on his watch, wrinkling his nose he walked up in the stairs trying not to make it look like he was rushing. Most teachers where a floor above the students, it made him wish Charles would add an elevator in, at least that way he wouldn't have to jog up three flight of stairs. Alex's door had become so familiar to Darwin, he imagined that if he closed his eyes, he would still be able to find it. About to knock on the dark brown door he noticed the already open door. Giving a small shrug he pushed it open, what he saw both confused and shocked him. All around the room where boxes, the pale cardboard a contrast to the usually dark room, clothes lay across the bed, books scattered around the desk by the window, in one corner where neatly stacked boxes, only a few, which he guessed where already packed full of things. At that moment Alex came out of the bathroom, a black marker stuck in his mouth and a box in his arm. The room was dark, mainly from the lack of sunlight, which in the passing months Darwin seemed to noticing missing from this room, but he could see the tired expression that seemed to weigh down Alex's usual composed face.

"What's going on?" Darwin finally asked out loud, surprised to find his voice a little unsteady.

Closing the door behind him he stood in front of it, his arms folded across his chest making the dark green shirt tighten around arms. Whatever Darwin expected, a room change, a yard sale, though he wondered how that one would work, he was beyond shocked, and somewhat angry at Alex's next words.

"I'm leaving" was all the blonde haired mutant said before placing the box on the pile in the corner, his gaze never once met Darwin's.