i was totally kaput. who would of thought that i had fallen for selphie tilmitt? of all people? it was something i didn't understand. but when i fell, i fell hard. whenever i saw irvine and selphie walking hand in hand, i'd be crushed. if i saw selphie worried, i'd worry for her. but by the time i was about to sleep, i was in disarray. and i thought, once again, i was totally kaput.

the next day i saw selphie running all over the place, as usual. she ran over to me and gave me that ever so beautiful smile. i didn't really catch what i was saying, but i have an idea that i was babbling. i felt my heart thumping so loud, i thought she could hear it too. after she left i kept freaking out.

what do i do, what do i do, what do i do?

i mean, what could i do? irvine is well...my friend... but selphie, man. i think about her everyday. it's like a disease. i just don't know what to do. there's only one cure for this sickness.

i'm gonna get her.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______

*beep* *beep* *beep*

"Argh! Stupid clock!" Zell groaned as he threw the alarm onto the floor.

"What time is it? SIX?! Oh my god, i set it for SEVEN-THIRTY!!" Zell slumped back into his blankets, but after a minute or two, unable to go back to sleep he got up. After examining himself in the mirror, he washed his face. When Zell got out of the bathroom it was already 6:30.

"Hmm.. Wonder if Selphie is up..."


"IRVINE!!," Selphie screamed. "I told you to stop looking at girlie magazines when I'm talking to you!!"

"Umm, what? What is it?," Irvine asked innocently while glancing back at the girl on page 12...

"I said, we should go outside for a picnic or something today. Squall said last night we should all do something together, and I think it's a very good idea and- IRVIIIINEE!!!!!!!"


Zell sat down to a plate of 5 hot dogs in the cafeteria. "Mmmm, delish."

Suddenly, Selphie stormed into the room looking awfully angry. She spotted Zell and walked over to explain her predicament all in one sentence.

"He keeps looking at girlie mags and he's getting lazy and he never listens to me and he's just totally getting on my last nerve and we were supposed to go picnicking with Squall and Rinoa and Irvine didn't even hear me he was just looking at those magazines and I don't even remember when this started to happen when all he could look at were those magazines!" Selphie breathed in a large breath of air. "So...what's up?"

Zell ran his hand through his hair as he tried to comprehend all of that along with what's up it was rather hard. "Um, I'd be happy to go with you to the picnic if you'd like."



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