What if the the xenomorph known as "six" had a female scientist that cared how he was treated inside the weyland yutani laboratories which in return gave him strange new feelings towards her. human/xeno pairing

My story is based off of the AVP game for the PS3 (and xbox and pc) following the actions of the xeno "six". i noticed i couldnt see any stories on fanfiction about this alien in particular and thought i may aswell make one on him. this is my first fanfic so be gentle with reviewing. the alien "six" and other recognisable characters that i use belong to SEGA (i think) but my O/C'S are mine that i came up with. ill probably switch between third and first person while writing.

"this"- will stand for human speech

"this" -will stand for human thoughts

"this" – will stand for aliens thoughts

In the lower levels of the weyland yutani research labs a group of scientists whatched in anticipation as their "necessary victims" shifted and groaned in their sleep. One of the males began to wake and once he became aware of his surroundings began to panic.

"p p please s somebody help me!" he yelled as he fully became aware that he was strapped down and had a glass like canister suspended in front of his chest.

he glanced to his right and noticed his companion was making pained noises in his sleep and began to frantically toss and turn in pain. Suddenly in a burst of gore and blood an odd looking worm like creature had erupted from his chest and became trapped in the glass canister suspended in front of the man the same type of canister that was in front of him. He began to feel pinches within his chest and he gasped in pain as it gradually got worse and worse screams of pain soon began to come from the man as blood began to visibly appear on his chest.

"aarrgh ahh ahhhh nooooeyyaaaaarrrggghh" And with a final cry of pain and suffering his chest burst and the same worm like creature too squirmed out of the man and became trapped in its own glass prison.

the scientists watching through the two way mirror eagerly prepared themselves to retrieve the creatures they had succesfully captured.

"Thats the last of them commencing specimen retrieval" a scientist reported as he and another went to collect the creatures.

"Be gentle with them" a feminem voice called out to the two leaving scientists.

"you worry too much Dr. Jones" a wize voice with hints of slyness commented to her.

"They can endure so much more than being knocked around a glass container" the woman shifted her gaze from the creatures to him.

"There still babies Mr yutani"

"babies that kill" remarked a gruff voice next to her.

"Even so they should not have to suffer it "

Dr. Jones turned back to watching the scientists retrieve the specimens when she noticed something was wrong one of the containers was empty yet it clearly had one of the creatures in it a moment ago.

"uuhh what happened to specimen six" mentioned one of the scientists opposite the two way mirror.

Dr. Jones glanced at the body in front of the empty container as it twitched on its own accord she swore she could see something moving in the body's throught. Suddenly the missing creature lunged out of the body's mouth and let out a small screech.

"oooohhh your a smart one arn't we" she mentally thought to herself slightly proud that the tiny infant had already thought of a way to escape its prison.

however Dr. Groves didn't have the same praising thoughts as he lunged at a large red button designed to purge the room.

"NO" she yelled as she reached her arm out to stop him but it was too late the button had been pushed and the room with the creature and the two scientists began to fill with a white gas.

The scientists coughed and gagged as they banged on the mirror to let them out while the small infant creature screeched in pain. It hurt to watch the infant in such pain but that would soon stop as a hand yanked Dr. Grove's hand away from the button.

"NO doctor Groves i want it alive...i like this one" weyland released his hand and looked back through the two way mirror.

" Send in the combat androids...mark it up for the program" weyland decided after a quick moments thought.

"Dr Jones help look after this new one i can see great promise coming from this one" weyland said somewhat proudly as he watched two synthetic androids march into the now slightly gassy room and restrain the screeching infant with metal prongs. It was quickly shoved back into its container and taken away to be marked for weylands program which Dr. Jones knew would hurt it, at first it would be branded with the number it was designated as and then studied and experimented on for probably the rest of its life.

Dr. Jones follwed the combat androids as she knew where it would be taken. she followed the androids to a room where the screeching infant was forcibly clamped onto a machine which would burn a number into its head. she could only watch as a metal panel slid over its tiny head and smoke visibly rise from vents on the side of could tell it hurt it by the amount of pained yells it was giving off.

When the panel slid off of it she could visibly see the number six branded into its head, looking at the small infant in pain she couldnt help but feel sorry for it. The xenomorphs which where being studied in the laboratories were treated as animals yet she new they were smarter than that she never took weylands job application to turn the xenomorphs into bioweapons she had took the job as an oppertunity to get close to them and to help understand them better they truly were a remarkable species.

silently she moved to a cabinet in the room she was in after she couldnt bear the infants pain anymore she retrieved a small jar with a blue jelly inside it was generally used to heal severe burn wounds on humans but worked just as well on animals so she assumed it would help the xenomorph. As she neared the infant one of the combat androids halted her advances.

"stop civillians are to keep their distance from xenomorph specimens at all times" Dr. Jones quickly shot an angry glance at the synthetic human.

"I have been autherised by Mr. Yutani himself to aid in the care of this creature you have no right to hold me against my orders" the android stared coldly at her for a few minuits before deciding she was correct and allowed her to pass his programming would not allow him to interviene with her job.

The small xeno looked up at the advancing human and let out a small screech as a demand that it back away. He watched the human dip its fingers into a jar it was holding and withdrew its hand with a sort of jelly in its fingers. He began to squirm against his restraints out of fear that the human would hurt him but to his surprise the human gently rubbed the jelly into its burn on its head. He lightly cringed at the humans touch but the way it gently massaged and cooled his burn told him that it was of no threat to him.

"ssshhhhh its okay little one" the human softly said to the still fidgity xeno.

"no ones going to hurt you" the little xeno soon began to ease into the humans nurturing touch.

From the sound of her voice and physical appearence it was now obvious to the infant that this human was female he was now crooning at her touch enjoying the attention she was giving him and once she was done rubbing the jelly onto his head he realised that his burn no longer hurt she had helped him but as she drew her hand away he let out a small whimper to the female as if it was his way of saying to her "don't go" she hesitantly brought her hand back and brought it under his chin and neck and tenderly began to stroke.

Dr. Jones couldnt believe what she was doing after she had rubbed the burn jelly onto the small xeno it let out a sort of whimper to her as if it missed the attention she gave it. She slowly brought her hand back to it and began to stroke its chin and neck and soon it began to gently let out small hisses of delight.

"I wonder if it will remember me after it molts into its adult form" she thought but her thoughts were quickly cut as an intercom began to sound and she was called to meet with Dr. Groves regarding urgent matters.

The androids caught onto this and began to nudge the female doctor away from the xenomorph with the but of their guns.

"hey you dont have to push" the little xeno's head shot to the odd looking humans that were pushing the nice female away from him he began to let out screeches and small roars in protest as she was lightly shoved towards the door.

Dr. Jones looked back to the screeching infant as she was forcibly removed from the room "awwwwwwww it dosent want me to go" she thought to herself as she looked back but her view was soon obscured by the androids as they now fully blocked her view from the xeno and left the room with her.

The small xenomorph looked frantically around the room looking for the female that was taken from him he now felt cold without her warm hand touching him and alone as he let out small wails hoping she would come back. The door suddenly slided open and two other scientists came to collect the saddened infant he chose not to focus what happened next as he once again was stored into a glass container and moved to a small metal room surrounded with windows.

"maybe she would like me more if i was stronger" the small xenos thoughts suddenly began to come back to him as he examined the room he was no placed in. He could molt here he wouldn't stay in his small form for long and maybe if he was bigger he could keep other humans from touching his kind one. He soon began to wonder to himself why he wanted this female to like him more but his thoughts on the moment were focused on trying to get his body to change.

"what was i called here for" Dr. Jones said to doctor Groves slightly angry that being called away had seemed to hurt the new xenomorph that liked her.

"have i done something to anger you scarlette" said slyly to her

" no i was tending too the newborns...and dont call me by my frist name thank you very much doctor" slightly annoyed that he had called her by her actual name when he very well knew that she had a dislike for him.

"very well now onto the matter of why you were called here Mr. Yutani has decided to spearhead the archiological dig at those ruined temples and has asked me to handle the Xenomorph training program" he said as he looked over a sheet of paper on a desk that told him in great detail of what he now had to do.

"what does this have to do with me" Dr. Jones or scarlette as she was called said to him

"i'm a busy man and i cannot hold up to all of these responsibilitites i will need your help for some of them the most important one is the overall health and aid of specimen six i will need you to do this job for me" Dr. Jone's eyes were now fully focused on him as he taked about what she had to do with the particular xenomorph.

"i would gladly accept this position" she said happily that she would get the chance to see the xenomorph that had taken a liking to her and see how it would react when older.

"very good" he said after hearing her choice.

"you may begin working with the xeno after its grow to adulthood" he said "you are dismissed" he soon waved his hand to her to get her to leave his office and let him continue his now busy work schedule.

Scarlette left his office and soon found the holding cell for the xenomrph designated as six. Looking into its cell through one of its many windows she could see it had already started its metemorphasis to adulthood.

"now" she thought "the real work would begin".

that's chapter 1 done let me know what you guys think of it and give me any ideas on how i could improve this story i'm marking this as T because i dont know whether or not i'm going to include a sex scene or not in later chapters.