Hello dear reader's I've returned with another chapter on our favourite xeno and human.

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Anyway here's chapter 7

"This"- will stand for human speech

"This" -will stand for human thoughts

"This"– will stand for six's thoughts

"This "– will be hive speech

"This" -will be six's speech to the hive

Six tightly held Scarlette giving her his answer to her question to which she sighed in content.

"Thank you six you don't know how much this means to me" she said to him happily

"You don't know how much you mean to me" six thought in return.

"I know of a place we could go from here there's another colony outpost in the jungle somewhere" Six held her more tightly at the thought of being near more humans.

"No don't go there a colony means more humans they can't be trusted" he began letting out hisses of disapproval.

"It's the only option I have I know you distrust other humans but not all of them are bad please trust me" she said concerned at his hisses of protest.

"Please" she again said stroking his cheek affectionately, she new how to make him give up his protests.

"Does she have to be this difficult...I...I can't say no to her" six gave in to her request and reluctantly released her.

"Was that so hard and don't worry about other humans most of us are a cowardly lot" she reassured him.

Six slightly nodded at her in response but was still unsure.

"Have you collected all these things and brought them here" Scarlette caught notice of the various nick nacks around his den which included a variety of unrelated things such as a torch and a child's teddy bear.

Six hissed happily at her for taking notice of his possessions that he had found interesting. A thought came to him suddenly and he quickly went to find a particular item of interest he had found in the jungle coming over with the hive.

Scarlette who was busy going through his collection of various items felt someone nudge her back; she turned around to find a smiling six holding to her a brightly coloured red flower of some sort.

"Oh! Is that for me?"

Six nodded happily to her and offered the red plant to her in his black palms. Scarlette took it and inspected it closely; she smiled at the thought of him giving her something like this if anything he acted more human towards her than he did a xenomorph at least he tried to.

"awww thank you I..."

Before she could finish her sentence numerous screeching could be heard followed by the yells of the colonial marines outside, this worried Scarlette because the marines were getting closer and worried six because his family was drawing nearer.

"We need to move"

"We need to move"

Six scooped up Scarlette in his arms and leapt into his exit vent he would miss his den and its things but they were just objects his real prize for him was in his arms. He traversed the vents of the building his den was in until he encountered one vent leading outside, he was about to exit it when he paused at the scene playing out in front of him.

Bodies of both xeno and human were scattered on the dirt covered ground of the colony as a group of human and xeno fought each other. Six had to think of a way to get himself and Scarlette safely through the battle zone without getting noticed.

The only option he could think of was to wait in the shadows until one side was the victor or they both killed each other off it was to dangerous to make a run for it, sure his family would mistake him holding Scarlette as another potential host but if the humans spotted him they would most likely shoot at them and kill them both, he had seen what humans were willing to do to each other in order to not be impregnated. Suicide and killing each other was common.

"Are we just going to sit here?"

Six turned to the human in his arms and gave a nod in response to her question there wasn't much else they could do except wait. At least they had a show to watch a bloody one at that.

"Child why do you not fight"

Six froze his queen was speaking to him; he quickly diverted his gaze from Scarlette in fear that she could see what he was doing.

"what was that, what are you hiding from me?" six cursed his luck he hadn't moved fast enough.

"It is just an unconscious human. We are going to need hosts after the humans are dead aren't we"

"That may be but why is it not being used as a host now for future family" Six grew worried at his mothers tone.

"Its is too risky too move while those humans are there they will kill me and the host I should wait until my brothers kill them off" six said hoping his lie that Scarlette was a host would pay off.

"Very well but do not linger too long the humans may be foolish but they are not blind and most likely will spot you eventually"

Six silently sighed greatly relived that his bluff worked but he would have to act quickly if he wanted Scarlett to be safe not to mention shed be all his.

Some time later

The humans were counting their dead from their battle they had only just managed to win due to the advantage they had over the xenomorphs, they were in a wide open area and had the daylight to their advantage the xenomorph were more effective in close quarters and in dark areas.

"Darn" six cursed the warrior humans they had just managed to best his family in combat and were now cleaning up their dead at this rate he would never be able to leave with Scarlette.

Six looked down to her sleeping form she had long since drifted off in his arms due to the irritatingly long time they've had to wait.

"That's the last of them" six turned his attention back to the humans the last of their dead had been taken away in strange bags.

"Poor bastards" one of the marines dragged away the body of his fallen comrade.

"Poor nothing they got lucky now those things are gonna try their hardest to catch us instead of kill us and you know what happens if they do that" a marine closest to him commented.

"alright that's the last of the dead lets get the hell back to the drop ship I've had about enough of this place" the marine placed another dead human into a another body bag and began to carry him away.

"Good their finally leaving now I can make my escape" Six slid out of the vent which he had been stuck in for a while his sudden movements however woke up Scarlette.

"hhmhmm...what's happening...oh good we can finally leave" Six hesitantly let her go missing the warmth she had been radiating from her body.

"quick lets go we shouldn't waste anymore time here" Scarlette lightly tugged on six's forearm to coax him into leaving.

Six hissed happily and began to walk beside her, his tail continuously flicked around rapidly as he appreciated the attention she gave him no matter how small or unintential it may have been.

With their sights turned towards the vast green jungle in the distance the unlikely duo began their march towards the hopefully peaceful jungle colony.

As you lot can see this chapter is rather short but i decided to give you guys some sign that this story is still here with the school holidays coming up I'll be able to have more time to write for you guys. I don't intend to leave this story unfinished but as of recently my creative inspiration for this story has sort of dwindled a little I've been thinking of other stories to make in the future that at the moment have been nagging at me so you may see more of me in the future.

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with another chapter on our favourite xeno and human.