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Fancy is thy outside,

But the insides scream of a lighter pallet,

A smile is what lights your face,

When are you coming out of the daze?

The sun is settling but the skies are bright,

The woods are damp but the night shines.

I won't be lost for a long time now,

The path to the moon my love is calling.



"Will that be it?" the girl at the counter batted her eyelashes to me in a not so discreet attempt at trying to draw my attention.

"Yes, thank you." I had half a mind to let her keep the change to avoid this futile chase, but she had it in her palm already. She brushed her fingers against mine again in a 'to hell with subtle' manner and I cringed from her touch.

No matter what century we live in, there are certain things that were beautiful a certain way. Heavens, what happened to the days of the girly blushes, I smiled involuntarily as I thought of Bella and her exquisite blush, 'Not long, not long' I chanted in my head knowing that it wasn't very long from Saturday now and the eventful dinner that Alice had arranged that I knew would be an end of my misery and a start of Bell and I.

I was probably still smiling like a fool, lost in my thoughts as the counter-girl's eyes widened, probably expecting some reaction out of me finally, I retreated swiftly nodding to her 'catch ya later'.

Once outside I sighed in frustration, it's going to be a painfully long wait for the weekend.


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