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"I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together."

- Julia Roberts

I started towards her, two steps on the way and I was a fucking mess, palms sweating, heart hammering in my chest and I realised that I had no clue as to what I'll say to her.

I knew so much about her, asking questions, collecting random tidbits about anything and everything Bella, trying to know as much as I could about her through others but this was it, now I'll hear all her answers first-hand, be able to see all her reactions with my own eyes but most of all I was afraid that somehow she'll know of my obsession with her, it was more than just a guy taking fancy to a girl but I'm sure that wasn't going to sound legit, 'Hey I'm Edward, I've been following you around like a lost puppy and pining after you from the first time I laid eyes on you.' Cue a fucking call to 911. Yeah, gotta think of something less creepy and stalkerish.

I was on the verge of a break-down, my mind in Bella-overdrive, my eyes glued to her. I hadn't averted my gaze ever since I'd left the store to an angry and cussing Bella, trying with all her might to haul that big red piece of junk, seriously what person in the continental U.S. let alone a girl, drove around on a scooter. I was so absorbed in ogling her back then that I'd stumbled on the side-walk spilling all the loose change in my hands, as I looked up to her again trying to pick the yet clanking coins, our eyes had met for the first time, I wasn't one for mellow shit, but well I guess that's what she did to me, air charged around us and I couldn't muster the coherence to not stare, she had held my gaze for a while and broken free abruptly.

Lost in my thoughts I had covered half the distance between us, when she looked up again, freezing in her place as she saw me approach.

I tried to contain my smile as I thought about her reaction; this wasn't a tricky situation, what better way to hit it off with a girl than rescue her from a disaster. But well you see my girl wasn't the damsel that could be rescued from her distress; she rather said 'Fuck it' and tackled the proverbial bull by its fucking horns. See my problem, hard to take care of a girl that rather won't be taken care of at all. I had to tread very very carefully.

That's when I saw him approaching her, damn interruptions.

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