How could this have happened?

I have three great choices but I can only have one.

But the choice is clear as day. Who is the one that makes my heart flutter with just one smile? Who is the one that I can make me laugh no matter the situation? Who will never leave me even when I do wrong because she realize that I'm only human?

But if the choice is so clear why can't I pick then?

A/N: Well I'm officially back and I thought that I would give you a story that I've been working on for about a year and a half I just kind of never put it up. And please don't be mad I'll be updating all of my stories in the next couple of days. Trust Me will most likely be done in no more then two weeks and Dusk will be in two months. Once trust me is done I will update Sam's little sister more often. Now everyone that has signed up for my next major project I will be getting in touch with you guys very soon because we will be starting with story one in about two weeks. So look out for a pm.

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