I was driving to school when I got a phone call. "Hello," I said turning into the student parking lot.

"Hey Tayuya," a tired Tenten said on the other line.

"Hey Tenten. What's up?"

"Ah…I was wondering if you could pick me up."

Before I could answer her I seen Sakura walking into the building. She looked like complete shit. "Um… why can't Temari pick you up?"

"Because she's in my room drunk. She's in no condition to drive."

"I can I guess," I said pulling out of the parking lot. "I'll be there in ten."

"Thank you so much!"

"No problem."

(twenty minutes later)

"I'm so sorry," Tenten said trying to give me dumplings. "I didn't know you were already at school. If you would have told me that I would have asked someone else."

"It's really not a big deal. I was going to spend most of my time sleeping. It's better that you asked me to pick you up or I might have been late to first hour."

"Well at lease take theses so I can feel better about it."

"I don't really like dumplings."

"What," she screamed.

I looked over to her quickly before turning back to the road. "I prefer fried octopus."

"Your kidding me right?"

I turned into the parking lot. "Not at all Buns."


I parked and turned to her with a grin on my face. "Yeah because you hair is in buns."

"That's so lame."

"Hey there is worst names Missy. If I was you I would be glad that I had a simple nickname."

"Yeah whatever you say."

I got out chuckling softly. "I'll see you in English."


I walked into Biology and for the first time this week I was here before a certain pink haired girl. "Morning," I greeted Tsunade as I walked towards my desk.

"Morning Tayuya," she greeted back. "You're here early."

"Ah…yeah. I wanted to talk to Sakura but it seems like I got up early for no reason," I grumbled at the lost of sleep.

"Well around about this time Sakura and Ino work out until it's time to go to first hour."


"The blond that you almost got into a fight with."

"Oh. So they have sex before class?"

"No, even though Ino would love to." I chuckled before laying my head on the desk. "Are you serious about helping Sakura?"



"I already told you why."

"What's the real reason?"

"My reasons are mine and mine alone."

"I'm just curious."

"You know what they say-"

"Yeah yeah yeah. I already know what your going to say."

As I finished the sentence Sakura walked in with a small smile on her face. "What got you in such a good mood," Tsunade asked grinning.

"I have no clue what your talking about," she chuckled as she made her way towards our table.

"Well was your work out good?"

"Yeah. Ino and I talked and for the first time in a very long time I think that we're making progress."

"That's good. Don't go running off and get married now."

Sakura rolled her eyes and sat roughly at our table. "Ino and I aren't going to get married!"

"You say that now but when she's face first in your-"

"Stop right there!" I couldn't help but laugh at those two. They were hilarious! "What are you laughing at?"

"You two!"


"Because both of you are hilarious. I haven't seen this much comedy in awhile. "


It was time for my daily smoke break. I brushed the cookie crumbs off of my hands and pulled out a cigarette. Before I had a chance to lit it here comes Sakura holding her head. I grabbed her by the waist and forced her to look at me.

"What the fuck happened ," I asked moving her hand away from her head.

"N-nothing," she stuttered.

"Bullshit! Your fucking bleeding."

"I'll be fine!"

"Once again that's bullshit! Your coming with me."

"So what? You can beat me up and toss me into the trash can too."

I scoffed at her comment before I picked her up and carried her towards my car. "PUT ME DOWN," she screamed.

"Yeah put her down," the annoying blond who happened to be named Ino growled at me. I glared at her before continuing to my car. "I'm not going to say it again!"

I turned towards her biting my lip so I don't bite her head off. "Look Sakura's hurt and I just want to take her to my dad to get her patched up. My dad's clinic is around the corner so she can get back to school before lunch lets out."

"How do I know your telling the truth and your not the one that did that to Saku," she questioned.

I rolled my eyes at her stupid question. "Because if I did do it I wouldn't be trying to take her to my dad's clinic. If it makes you feel better you can come too."




My dad finished the last stitch and walked to a drawer to grab something. "Good thing Tayuya brought you here when she did," he said walking back to Sakura. "If she didn't you would have an infected wound to deal with. And I don't think your mother would have been pleased with that."

"Um thank you."

"Well wait here and I'm going to get you some pain pills." My father looked over at me. I sighed and followed him out of the room leaving blonde with pinkie.

"She's cute," he stated pulling out a sheet of paper.

"Which one," I chuckled.

"The pink haired one."

"She is…I suppose."

"Don't say it like that. You took a liking to her."

"She's funny."

"Is that all?" I stuffed my hands into my pocket and chewed on my bottom lip. "Don't worry I'm just teasing you."



"Do you know why she is helping you," Ino growled.

"I don't know. She hangs out with Temari and Sasuke," I answered pinching my nose bridge.

"That's even more reason for her to stay away from you!"

"I agree but she's my bio partner and she finds Anko's little game amusing."

Ino snorted as she ran her fingers through her blond hair. Before she could say anything Tayuya and her father were back in.

"Well Sakura your going to have to take two ever four hours but besides that you should be fine to go back to school. I can write all of you a note for whatever class that your going to be late to."

"Dad I'm dropping them off and going home," Tayuya said looking away from both Ino and I.

"Sure thing sport." He turned towards us waiting for an answer

"Um actually think I want to go home and rest for awhile," I answered giving him a small smile.

"I'm going with her," Ino answered quickly as she glared at Tayuya.

"Okay, I'll call your parents and let them know what's going on." He turned to Tayuya and gave her a pointed look. "Are you going to take them home?"

"She doesn't have to, we'll walk," Ino said grabbing my hand and pulling me off the table.

The quick movement did not help my head condition whatsoever. I grasped the table tightly trying to keep myself upright.

"Yeah I'm taking you guys home," Tayuya sighed shaking her head and pulling her keys out.

"Fine," Ino said wrapping an arm around my waist to help me stay on my feet.

To say the drive was awkward would be an understatement . Ino glared holes into Tayuya's head while Tayuya cussed up a storm. I was in the back trying not to go to sleep but failing miserably because the pain pills were kicking my ass.

"Let me do it," I think Tayuya said.

"I have it under control," Ino said…I think.

"Look right now she dead weight and sadly I don't think you can pick her up. So let me do it or you can do it and end up hurting both her and yourself."

Seconds later I felt myself being lifted. The body was so warm. I snuggled into it as I finally allowed sleep to take over.

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