Towards a Different Future

Pilot Chapter: Re-discover

A tempestuous roar...

It was the last thing he had heard before succumbing to the darkness.

Madara had succeeded in collecting all the tailed beasts and summoning the Juubi, the said beast awakened at the presence of its fragmented chakra becoming one again. The moon that had held the body of the beast shattered as its legs and tails stretched and dug out of the moon's core. It gave a monstrous howl as Madara slowly ascended to where the ten tails was, giving off a chuckle as he closed in on the hundred year dream he had so long desired. As the chakra from the Kyuubi was slowly being siphoned from his mouth, the blonde ninja held on to the last remaining of his chakra, he forced himself to go out of the sphere of blue energy that enveloped him. He willed himself to move, as he knew his life was about to end.

With a muster of the remaining life he had left, being the new sage of Myobokuzan, he began to collect the energy of the world towards him as he held on to the statue's forehead, still being connected to the statue, he linked his nature chakra towards the heretic statue. Its ten irises began to constrict as the energy began to disrupt it, stopping it dead in its tracks. There would be no more senseless sacrifices here, no more deaths on the battlefield, no more Uchiha Madara. He would guarantee that this is the last time that the existence of the Jinchuuriki would continue. He would destroy everything that destroyed him, he would destroy the world's view on ninjas, and he would destroy their view on people like him.

His breath heaving as the nature energy began seeping through the flesh of the ten tailed beast, Naruto forced himself to look up from that roar, and saw the Juubi beginning to trash about as if it was in pain, it yelped and twisted in agony as its body became rigid, it looked down towards where his chakra was being collected and opened its single eye.

The gigantic hypnotic eye had the Sharingan tomoes on each of the ripples from the Rinnegan each line spun in opposite direction of its front. Before he knew it, Naruto could feel the contortion of the space around him, surrounding him in the space's liquefied state. Like wise, the effects of the natural energy began to turn the beast into stone as the said beast used its chakra to expend some entering his and somewhat stop the invasion of this foreign chakra within it.

As for Madara, as soon as the natural energy flowed inside of him, he didn't have a chance before it completely turned him into stone. The potency of the natural chakra didn't give him enough time to teleport out of the beam. He looked up before being completely consumed by the nature energy's backlash seeing the ten tailed beast succumbing to the same fate but not before spinning its lone eye on the ground below him.

The contortion of time and space meant Naruto was about to be banished to another part of the world. After all, the Kamui (God's wrath) was a jutsu that was meant to tear a fabric of space within this dimension. What he didn't know however that since natural energy is involved, it would be something completely different, and since this is the ancestor of all the bijuu, it would be something close to a cluster fuck.

Before he could succumb to what is believed to be his death, Naruto smiled as he had finally succeeded in throwing that wrench on Madara's plans. He had done it; it was as if nothing else mattered anymore. He could finally rest without ever thinking about what would happen the next day, there were no more wars, at least, not in the years to come, it had been painful to watch countless men die trying to protect him as the last vessel. He had enough; he didn't want to fight anymore senseless battles. This was enough, he didn't care if he didn't become Hokage anymore, what mattered the most now, was that he had saved everyone that had touched his life, one way or another, that he was able to let some of the people he had deemed precious to live.

Now, he would pay for his life, he was prepared from the very beginning, he knew he could die but at least, some of the people he knew and loved remained alive. It was enough. There were no regrets, he could rest easy, everyone was waiting for him…

Old man Hokage


His father

His mother

It was time to finally let this tale draw to a close. The struggle for their survival and freedom was over. He was going to see them again and be together with his father and mother.

As his eyes closed and the cold embraces of death slowly gripped him, he could only see the distortion of space before finally darkness utterly claimed him.

Tokyo, Japan:

Rain continued to pour outside as the skies darkened that mid-summer afternoon, as the small pellets of water continued to pelt the ground with its droplets, a blue haired young woman, finds an unconscious blonde man, riddled with cuts, bruises and blood everywhere, lied prone to the ground, wearing what seemed to be a very ornate and ancient looking Haori, orange pants with a khaki pouch and a giant roll of paper that looked like a scroll on his lower back. He looked almost taller than any boy she had met in school. Whisker marks were present on his cheeks as his lips looked pale. The girl kneeled down and tried to feel for a pulse, it was weakening.

With a startle, she immediately grabbed her mobile phone and contacted the local paramedics. As she began checking the man for any additional wounds, she tried to open the man's rear pouch to find any items like a first aid kit. What she saw frightened her a little.

Inside the man's pouch was an assortment of weapons, small kunai knives that seemed like new, and sharp enough to slice a single hair strand. Shuriken that were used as projectiles and looked like they were recently forged, explosives and strips of paper that were written in scribbles; from what she can see, it looked like the paper was nothing more than charms. To which she surmised that the boy looked like he was in to cosplay and that he was assaulted by a gang earlier on or he was a real ninja to begin with. A scowl on her face, the girl quickly grabbed the pouch from his back and flipped him at front to see if he had anymore weaponry in his person. Checking that there were none, she sighed in relief and put the pouch on her bag, completely burying it in under her notebooks and books. She wanted to know just how this person had obtained such ancient but somewhat well maintained weaponry.

As soon as the paramedics arrived, they quickly moved the boy into the stretcher, carefully checking if he had broken his neck.

As the boy was whisked away by the ambulance, Ami couldn't help but look absolutely confused as to who the boy was. He didn't look even remotely Japanese. Then again, that girl with the pigtails and the meatball hairstyle didn't look like one as well.

Juuban Hospital:

"Prepare 10cc's worth of Sodium Bicarbonate along with a shot of epinephrine if worse comes to worst!" Doctor Mizuno shouted. She could see that the boy was fine physically; a few small cuts and bruises here and there were all that she could see. But from what she heard from trying to get a pulse and a heartbeat that it was slowly fading.

The blonde was unresponsive to many stimuli that she had been giving. She was tempted to pronounce the boy as dead and be over with it. But she shook her head; the boy was roughly Ami's age, if not a bit older. Fate was cruel that day, for no one could find a card that the boy had for identification.

That meant no person to contact in case of the boy's death.

It was such a sad fate to befall the lad, not one person to mourn for him.

A loud beeping sound brought her out of her musings and thoughts as she saw the monitor telling her of the boy's erratic heartbeat. The Electrocardiogram gave off strong waves of different intervals. Doctor Mizuno instantly recognized the pattern.

"He's going into Ventricular Tachycardia, get the Defibrillator ready!"

The nurses assisting her scrambled to get the device, while some of the bystanders inside the emergency room were now looking at the scene that was unfolding. One person, a woman, closed her eyes from the horrifying sight of a boy struggling to live while one was looking with a pale face.

The nurses quickly closed the curtain around the scene for some privacy that they most definitely needed.

Dr. Mizuno watched as her nurses worked fast in setting up the machine and looked down at the boy who was currently struggling. She didn't know why, but looking at the blonde was like looking at her own daughter. Seeing her lying like that in the hospital, she could tell just how terrifying the thought was. Even more so, on this boy, who couldn't even be identified by anyone!

Her eyes narrowed down as she grabbed the two handles of the paddles from the machine. Her eyes darted from her nurses to her motionless patient that was struggling to stay alive.

This was somebody's child, somebody's offspring, a source of pride and joy. Just as Ami was her child, this boy was someone's as well. She would not let the boy die, no, not today.

"Clear the bed and check for any metallic substance touching him." She commanded and the two nurses that acted as her assistants did just that before she could say those words. Seeing them how they work in such a hectic environment made her somewhat feel at ease. She checked the pads to see if they were working and set the machine on charge before placing one just below the blonde's right collarbone and near his side

"Clear the area! I'm clear!" She clarified as did her assistants. "We're clear!"


Just then, the machine pumped with two hundred joules worth of energy, surged through the boy fiercely, shocking his system as his limbs somewhat shook from the delivery of that much energy entering him.

As the hospital staff struggled to keep the boy's life, Naruto himself was within the cusp between life and death. The boy looked on, seeing nothing but pitch black. Strange though, he could see his hands and feet just fine as if he was lighting up this dark place.

"Awaken from thy slumber, my heir."

Naruto's head snapped out, his eyes widening within the black void.

"You have done much, my heir. For that, a second chance shall be given. Thou shall only walk the stairs to the afterlife when it is deemed so."

To his surprise, a sillohouete of a man formed. White outlines began to take the shape of a human. But it was all the distinction he could ever see that it was human as the lines formed a person like some nebula contained and shaped like a human. The only thing that brought forth a unique image was the six Magatama jewels surrounding his collarbone and the eyes of the noblest of all doujutsu, the Rinnegan (Samsara Eye) staring back at him.

"Be free from the ties of the cataclysm, the beast shall no longer haunt thee. Thou art bound no longer."

With that, the person touched his forehead with an index finger, "My gift to thee noble heir, a piece of the monster thou has held. T'is nothing but power now, but use it well."

Naruto could feel the benevolent atmosphere that this person was radiating. It was strange. Never would he have once thought that he would have a chance to talk to the Sage of Six Paths. He simply couldn't speak in front of the person who established the way of the ninja. His very presence commanded that Naruto, for once in his life (or not) should sit quietly and shut up. The surrounding darkness soon changed to the cosmos and then to the whole universe, all of it was spinning around them as literally billions and billions of stars lit up the vast sea of nothingness.

The man then grabbed Naruto's right hand with both hands as he closed his eyes.

"In thy hands, thou have forged the way to peace. Now I ask for one thing and one thing only from thee."

Naruto looked at the man as he asked, "What?"


With that, Naruto felt like something pulling him back as he was tugged away from the darkness.

"Doctor, he's pulling through!" He could hear the voice say. It was obviously female from what he could tell.

Slowly but surely, his senses returned and the soreness of his entire body was met with full force with an aching groan coming from the blonde. From the smell of the antiseptic wafting his nostrils and the white ceiling above his head, he could tell that he was in the hospital.

"He's stirring awake!"

With that, a very beautiful woman with short blue hair wearing a white coat over what looked like formal attire leaned closer to him and asked, "Sir, you are in the hospital right now, can you tell me what happened or what can you recall as to why you were found injured in Juuban Park?"

Naruto wanted to speak and ask about where in the continent was Juuban and ask how the war went. He wanted to ask many questions but the only thing to escape his lips was the last place he had been in, at least they would have a clue to where he came from.

"S-Sangaku no Hakaba… (Mountain's Graveyard)"

Surely, with that clue they could make clear of what happened. The Fourth Great Shinobi War wasn't exactly a secret, after all. It was as clear as day as to what was going on. The war between Akatsuki and the Allied Forces wasn't exactly hidden from everyone. Madara and the Raikage made that very clear.

But to Dr. Mizuno, she didn't or simply couldn't understand what the blonde had meant. She wanted the boy to elaborate some more but the boy drifted back into a dreamless slumber. He was tired, too tired after fighting for his life. Dr. Mizuno simply let out a sigh of frustration as she went over to look at the boy's chart. It was fortunate that Mamoru, the intern, was with her on today's duty. That boy was studious and hard working, maybe she could let him deal with this boy once he's finally awake. She had a lot of patients to attend to anyway.

When Naruto awoke the next day, he was sitting upright in his bed. Still finding it unbelievable that he had a second lease at life, he looked at his hands; his right arm was laced with white micro pore tape and an IV canula was inserted on the back of his hand.

A small smile escaped his lips as it turned into a snicker and then turned into laughter.

He couldn't believe it! He was alive! He could still achieve his dream!

"I'm alive!" He exclaimed as his laughter soon died down, his smile never leaving his face.

"I'm alive…" He said once more, confirming his existence to the world.

Uzumaki Naruto's luck was never THIS good!

A knock on the door suddenly interrupted his thoughts as he saw a man wearing the same attire as that of the lady earlier, but seemingly a few years older than him, gave him a small smile while carrying a chart with his name on it.

"Hello there, I must say I'm surprised that you would be awake and this energetic after your episode yesterday."

Naruto simply nodded and asked the person, "Where am I? Where's my stuff?"

The man before scratched the back of his head all the while laughing nervously, "Are you talking about that giant scroll? It's here in your closet. Honestly, we didn't even know how or what it is, we assumed it's just some decoration or a cosplay item since we found you in some weird clothes, so… I-It's not like its bad or anything, your hobbies, I mean." That last statement meant that the person before him was a bit unnerved. Naruto had to admit though, anyone who saw a ninja would be unnerved.

Naruto simply raised an eyebrow at this and had to ask, "What are you talking about? That scroll isn't some decoration, Ero-sennin had that thing on him because it has something special written in them."

Mamoru's eyes widened at this, "That reminds me, those characters written in that scroll, those are pretty ancient texts. I saw some of those letters in a museum once. I couldn't understand any of them, though."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this, "What are you talking about? Those characters are written as seals for different purposes! I maybe an apprentice seals master, but I know what's written in them like its nothing!"

Mamoru looked astounded at this, "Oh! You can read those things? That's really amazing! You must be some kind of genius or something!"

Naruto looked completely confounded at this. Those characters written on the scroll maybe almost runic, but the sealing arts simply required the use of the alphabet taught to them in the academy since they were kids!

"It's nothing special, you know. Most of the characters there are taught to us ever since I was younger."

Now Mamoru looked much more interested in what Naruto said. What kind of highly advanced school teaches kids in using an already obsolete alphabetical system?

"And I thought Kanji was hard. Here, let me grab that scroll from your closet so you can look it over. Maybe you can guide me with what's written in some of them."

Naruto looked apprehensive as the intern went to the closest and hefted the large scroll by bedside, "Are you sure? A lot of what's written there are just gibberish and only meant to do something specific. Those are seals for a reason."

Mamoru rolled his eyes, "Like what, to exorcise demons? Which reminds me, you've yet to give your name, and the authorities found no records of you since you were sent here yesterday. Weird though, it seemed like you aren't registered in any place here in Japan. We couldn't find a single identification card on you."

"Well, I've got my registration card on my pouch bag. Why didn't you check that?" Naruto asked. Mamoru looked at Naruto as if the blonde grew a second head.

"Sorry, you don't have something like that when you were sent here. It was probably stolen. We'll just have to go by your statement, then. Just for the record, my name is Mamoru Chiba and I'm a clerk in this hospital."

Naruto nodded as he said his introduction, "Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha Ninja."

A pregnant silence was present between the two. Both of them were either waiting for a response or simply having a hard time believing the other.

This Naruto person was definitely a weird one.

Just then, thinking it was a joke, Mamoru chuckled and said between laughs, "That's rich, Naruto-san! I didn't know you could joke like that!"

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked, confused at the Mamoru's expression just now.

"You're a ninja? Naruto-san if I didn't know that you could read ancient texts, I would have definitely called you an otaku!"

"What the heck is an otaku?" Naruto was now more confused than ever.

Mamoru's eyes widened, "You don't know what an otaku is?"

"Well, I'm asking, aren't I?"

Mamoru had to shake his head at this. How could this boy before be so knowledgeable and still so ill informed about things like this?

"Well, nevermind that, but you honestly expect me to believe that you're a ninja?"

Naruto scowled at this and gave an indignant response, "Of course, I didn't earn my hitai-ite for nothing!"

"It's not about you being a ninja, it's about ninjas overall! I don't think I've ever met anyone like that in my life!"

Naruto was now scratching his head at the man's words, confusing him more and more, "The hell are you talking about? The Fourth Shinobi World War was declared months ago! There's no way for you not to know about ninjas! Where is this place and why don't you know anything about ninjas?"

Mamoru was taken aback by this, and worst of all, Naruto was looking at him like it was no laughing matter.

Mamoru sighed as he sat down; obviously, this conversation wasn't going to get them anywhere.

"Can you at least tell me the last place you knew when you were conscious?"

Naruto simply leaned back and answered, "I already told the lady I saw the last time I was awake."

"About that, what's Sangaku no Hakaba and where is it?"

Now Naruto's scowl deepened. At first he contemplated on what to answer to Mamoru when he looked over to his window. He was surprised when he saw a strange looking structure taking the scenery away from what seemed like a metropolis below it. For all of his travels, he would have heard of a tower like that somewhere along his journey.

It seemed like it wasn't the case though. Naruto stopped his train of thought. Where the hell was he? Why has this man never heard of the bloodiest and most horrifying war in the history of the shinobi nations?

Voicing out his concern first, Naruto had to ask Mamoru, "Where am I?"

This time, his voice was subdued, as if he was trying to process something. Without any idea of where he was, he wouldn't know how to get back.

"You're in Juuban, a neighbourhood in the Azabu district of Minato-ku, Tokyo." Mamoru answered. Naruto, however, didn't seem satisfied.

"Where is it? Where is Tokyo? Where is it on the map of the Godaikoku (Five Great Nations)?"

Seriously, was this guy for real? Mamoru raised his eyebrow while looking at the boy who was looking outside without as much as looking back to him. He had to tread lightly around the boy before he would…


Naruto had suddenly pinned him to the wall in a speed feat that caught him completely off guard. Naruto's right forearm pressed firmly on Mamoru's neck while the blonde's left hand carried Mamoru's pen. Its tip was pointing dangerously at his nose.

"I asked you. Where the hell am I?" Naruto's emotion then changed from disbelief to anger, impatience slowly rearing its ugly head from the blonde.

Mamoru then and there, for the first time, looked like he had to believe Naruto's statement earlier.

"J-Japan, and there has been no map records of a certain Godaikoku on the map."

Now Naruto's mind began running ideas a mile a minute, desperately trying to figure out where he was and what the hell happened to him. Naruto, out of frustration, threw the pen at the concrete wall on his right. The pen whizzed through it and planted itself on the opposite wall creating a small, almost bullet like imprint on it.

He let go of Mamoru who looked in surprise as Naruto began detaching the intravenous canula stuck in his arm.

"He-hey, what are you doing? You aren't cleared of off anything, yet!" Mamoru tried to stop the blonde from dislodging the IV fluid attached to Naruto's arm but he was too little to late.

The blonde made quick work of the offending object in his arm and detached the canula like it was nothing. He pushed Mamoru back and began muttering and performing the appropriate hand seal for his technique.

"Iu… inu… tori… saru… o-hitsuji…"

Naruto then wiped the blood from where the needle of the catheter was inserted earlier and shouted, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)!"

Mamoru watched as the smoke wafted from his hospital bed spreading outward. He looked in surprise as a small green toad with a black cape and grey hair for eyebrows and goatee had appeared before him. Normally, he would have been surprised and shouted out of pure shock. But for some reason, he couldn't. There was something about that frog that reminded him terribly about Star Wars.

"Naruto-chan, you're alive!"

And it talked. Mamoru had to slap himself to remind him that he wasn't dreaming. Yet the toad stood there on its hind legs, its forelegs were crossed over his chest as Naruto asked him.

"Pa, that should come in later, I want to know what happened after Madara extracted Kyuubi!"

And Pa talked, he talked about what happened after the war, how Madara's petrified corpse fell in ruin on the ground. How Konoha had gone and continued to search for him after that climactic end of the ten tailed beast. How his name was erased from the list of active summoners from the toad scroll. He didn't just disappear of the face of the planet, he practically vanished!

"With that being said, we haven't had a word with Tsunade yet, but come this week, we'll let her know of your current predicament." The wise old sage answered his summoner before looking through the window.

"I would have never guessed, however, that you would survive such an unlikely situation. If I had to take a guess, then I'd say you were blessed with the luck of the gods."

Naruto averted his gaze from the old toad and gave a melancholic smile.

"Somehow, that doesn't stem far from the truth yet, I feel absolutely angry about it." Naruto mentioned as he held his forehead with his right hand.

"Being in a place that I shouldn't be, living a life I shouldn't have, it all frustrates me that my blood is boiling." Naruto mentioned, clutching the white sheet of his bed with his left hand.

"I was supposed to die; I was ready to accept what comes after. Yet something pulls this on me to keep me from my happiness. Sometimes, I can't seem to know which is worse, dying or never seeing anyone you cared for ever again."

Fukasaku turned to the boy with but an understanding expression. In this place, he was nothing. He had nothing and nowhere to start. For him to be put into this place and no idea on how to get back, it must be mortifying to the blonde summoner. Reverse summoning didn't work, they had tried that. But no matter what they did, Naruto wouldn't appear and the toads were all losing hope. They simply had no link to their summoner and were ready to declare him dead. But with this saving grace, at least the boy is well within a better position right now.

"Naruto-chan, I'm disappointed in you." The old toad admonished. Naruto looked at the old toad sage as if he grew a second head.

"This is not the boy who Jiraiya-chan held so much praise." The old toad continued, and Naruto growled at it. It's not like he was angry at Fukasaku, but the frustration of having almost no possibility of going back, he might as well be dead.

"Then what should I do?"

Fukasaku looked at the blonde boy and then sighed, "That, Naruto-chan, will be all up to you. You are in a different place, where you have no expectations, no goal to achieve, no one to fight for. Your whole life, you have lived for the sake of others. Right now, you only have yourself. You have a freedom to choose now, Naruto-chan. To live a life far different from what you dreamed, a life where there are no expectations given to you, no burdens to carry except your own weight. In here, you can start a fresh life. Discover your own path, Naruto-chan. Until you can find your way home, I suggest you think hard, lad. You are still young and you will experience much more as time passes. Like what Jiraiya-chan had set his mind to, remember to harden your resolve for when the time comes, your heart will be your sharpest tool yet."

The old toad turned his back from the blonde, signalling his lecture to Naruto has ended. He was about to return to the plane of the toad realm but not before giving off one more instruction to their anointed one.

"Summon me once more in two weeks time. I will be in Konoha to gather notes from the Nidaime and the Yondaime in their understanding of Time-Space Ninjutsu. By then, you should have already found an answer to your own question."

And with that, Fukasaku vanished in a small cloud of white smoke, leaving behind a quiet Naruto and an awestruck Mamoru whose back is currently against the wall.

"W-wow... That frog, he looked like Yoda and..."

"You're Mamoru, right?" Naruto interrupted with that question, it was clear with that contemplating look on his face that he wanted to say something to him.

"You look like an understanding person, so could you leave me alone for now?" The blonde had finally said. The grimace that he showed while biting his lower lip indicated his frustration and possibly anger, so without as much as a word, the medical student simply left the room while giving off an understanding nod to the blonde

Mamoru gave a deep sigh as he went out, he felt his legs collapsing on him as he went out, and somehow the scene that just took place earlier took a lot out of him.

"Is that you, Chiba-san?"

The clerk turned his head towards the source of the voice and saw an exact carbon copy of Dr. Mizuno standing by the door with a rather concerned look on her face.

Finally acknowledging the daughter of one of his teachers, Mamoru stood erect from his position and asked her, "Ami-san, what are you doing here?"

Her expression did not change as she looked over to the door near the clerk as she said, "I need to ask something to the patient that was brought in yesterday."

Mamoru knew that it was Ami who had found the newly identified Naruto by the park yesterday. Still though, Mamoru had to uphold something for the patient for both the blonde's and Ami's sake.

"You know I can't do that, Ami-san. It's against our job to divulge any information outside of those concerned with the patient." Mamoru declined, he had hoped that she knew where he was coming from. This was Dr. Mizuno's child after all and he knew for a fact that Ami was a smart girl. Usagi was barely surviving middle school because of her and for that, he could at least be thankful for the girl. Besides, he doesn't know what the blonde inside the room might possibly do to her if she were to enter now.

"This is important because I have some of his possessions and it concerns something very dangerous." Ami replied. She knew that Mamoru was only protecting the blonde's privacy, but she needed to confirm something.

Mamoru, for his part, suddenly grew a cold sweat from that last statement from the bluenette. He flinched slightly, but it was enough for the girl to notice and she frowned.

"You know something, don't you, Chiba-san?" Ami asked while Mamoru inwardly cursed. He looked like his hand was caught in the cookie jar as he looked reluctant to tell more. But Ami was adamant in finding out just what was going on. The fact that she had been carrying an array of deadly weapons from a beige pouch clearly says her curiosity as to why the boy was carrying them and how pristine and sharp their condition was despite the era they were currently in.

So instead of keeping quiet about what she had found, Ami took the risk and handed Mamoru the pouch bag that Naruto was talking about earlier and his expression changed from apprehension to surprise as he took the bag from Ami's hands when she showed him.

Mamoru opened the bag slightly and was further surprised when he saw a set of well maintained kunai and shuriken and then a ream of fuuda seals just by the side.

Ami looked relieved when Mamoru had checked the contents of the bag and told her to not tell anybody of what he was going to say.

Ami would have called him a nutcase after he was done, but Ami was simply too tactful and considerate that she would not debase Usagi's boyfriend like that. But Mamoru knew one thing, that this was just one of the many things that proved that Naruto was indeed a ninja. Now that particular fact had been established and accepted, here comes the hard part of the whole thing, explaining and fabricating lies about Naruto. No way in hell would any of his peers and superiors believe what he had just found out. He was all for truth and all that, but the last thing he needs is either being labelled as a total nut job or a pissed off Naruto after his head for something so private to be revealed to the outside world.

Several days later:

Mamoru had suggested that he had to undergo physical therapy just so he could remain inconspicuous aside from his case of supposed long term memory loss. He had to shut up to anything that involved questions about his past and that 'Naruto' was a name he had suggested simply out of familiarity. That and because he had no civilian records anywhere nor relatives present, he needed to be extra careful about his situation. Add to the fact that he could be labelled as some sort of psycho, it was best to remain quiet about his whole thing. From what he understood, ninjas didn't exist here. They were either relics of an ancient past or just plain myth overall. That would explain why Mamoru was so surprised when he used his summoning or that he didn't know that there was a large war going on.

Furthering his problem was how he should adapt to this place. He currently has no idea about this place he was currently in. All he could see from the window of his room was literally hundreds of symmetrical blocks with barely any sight of lush green trees. That's was how much he knew about this world.

But he could ignore that for a while. That's because he has been thinking about the lecture Fukasaku had given him. With possibly no chance of ever going back to his home, it had essentially taken his whole dream away just like that. It had taken his purpose, and it served as a painful reminder how far away he was to his loved ones.

A knock on the door disturbed him from his depressing thoughts as a familiar voice made its presence known.

"Naruto-san, it's me, Ami. May I come in?"

Naruto responded with a yes and the girl entered inside, albeit wearily. Ami was the one who had been teaching him about what was currently outside of his room, teaching him about the world outside and the culture that exists outside.

As Ami sat down in front of him with a prim and proper posture, she began lecturing him about the town and the common everyday activities that surrounded a person. Naruto's attention slowly drifted from the conversation because he found it utterly boring.

Although Naruto found it boring, he had to remind himself that he needed to mingle with the crowd to remain anonymous and not have any more people snooping around his life.

"Naruto-san, please pay attention."

Naruto's attention, however, was not to the girl who was speaking to him but on to a shadow cast just outside the window.

Ami was about to ask the blonde just what it was that interested him outside, when Naruto grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her down as hard as he can to the floor with a powerful shout, "Get down!"


Then, she heard the sound of shattering glass. The blonde flipping the mattress above him with a reverse mule kick turning it over to whatever there was that shattered the window and immediately grabbing Ami and rammed himself to his door, all in his hospital wear of a simple white shirt and his green boxers.

Once he reached outside he held up his hand in a weird hand gesture that Ami had seen and soon, multiple loud explosions were heard inside his room as he carried the blue haired girl.

Naruto was tense throughout the whole thing as he stared back at his handiwork, thankful that he had set up those explosive notes under his bed just in case someone tried to attack him in his room. Although Ami had said that this place was relatively safe, he wouldn't take his chances just like that. Although his planned escape route had been the window where that… THING… Just came out of, he wasn't one to complain about having a compromise here and there. He wasn't worried about his things inside, they were on the opposite direction of the bathroom and he could come back to it later.

So without another glance, Naruto left his now destroyed room as he ran, pulling Ami and careful not to strain her while he did so.

"W-What's going on?" Ami asked, suddenly confused as Naruto pulled her away from the scene that just happened as Naruto explained without as much as a heave.

"Something just tore through my window and began releasing a large amount of killing intent. Right now, I'm taking you to somewhere safe before that thing catches up to us." Naruto answered, as clear and as calm as he could possibly can, mirroring his experience as a ninja throughout his life.

Ami's confusion and bewilderment turned to worry as Naruto pulled her along. She didn't know what the term 'killing intent' meant for the blonde, but to her it sounded just as bad. Right before she chose to decline and saying she was a senshi herself, Naruto pushed Ami towards one of the staff members before turning his back from the girl as he gave his orders clear, "Get out of here and stay safe while I deal with that monster!"

Right then and there, Ami had now pieced together that there was indeed a Youma present within the building. And just right on time, she saw the female like creature standing before the blonde, looking worse for wear as her body was literally covered with wounds and burns coming from the weird paper seals that somehow detonated right in front of her face.

"Arrogant human, you'll rue the day that you manage to anger me!" She shouted in fury, but before she could even make a move on her own, Naruto had already speared her away from the crowd as Naruto pumped chakra with his legs, increasing his speed and crashing through the window on the opposite side of the corridor. Ami and the staff members gasped in horror at what seemed to be the blonde's suicidal move of literally taking the monster out from the sixth floor.

Ami ran to the opposite area where they last saw Naruto and worriedly looked down, only to find a small crater and a standing Naruto just outside a smouldering crater just to his front.

By all accounts, Naruto should have broken his legs from the fall, but the sheer miracle (or is it?) from that lethal descent from where she was standing proved that indeed, she didn't just meet some boy on accident, but she just met someone who would influence her, one way or the other.

Down below, Naruto remained calm but his body was still tense. From his experience as a shinobi for most of his life, it taught him that unless he saw a carcass in front of him, it's not dead.

And true to his intuition, the monster rose from the destroyed ground it stood on. The blonde could now clearly see just what it is he had been fighting. He could easily tell it had wings because of it gliding from the window earlier although right now, it seemingly vanished. He could tell it had the figure of a female. The monster before him had very shapely hips and a sizeable pair of breasts if you squint hard enough. But apart from that somewhat attractive body figure, her skin was grey.

"Uzumaki Naruto, what the hell have you gotten yourself into, this time?" He asked to nobody in particular as the answer was the growl coming from the weird woman like… Thing… That he had stomped on earlier as they crashed on the ground.

"You will pay for what you did, I will make your end agonizing!" She shouted but Naruto's response was nothing more than a simple shift in his stance and a total and utter brutality of his job.

Chapter pilot: End.

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