Towards a Different Future

Chapter Three: Re-Master

They say in order to change a man; he must first be disassembled to the core. Strip away his belongings, his upbringing, his social status, his identity, and his purpose and what is left?

It's nothing but an empty husk that takes a shape of a man; a moving, living, breathing hollow being with nothing in its mind, no purpose, a void of unending darkness, and a being meant to exist just because.

In order for that change to occur, the person stripped upon everything that made him unique must first discover his identity, then his purpose, then his will and all the rest of the superficialities that comes along with a man figuratively reborn from the ashes of his old self, a phoenix personified.

Uzumaki Naruto, former jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, survivor and last living host from the fourth ninja war, saw himself as someone who had seen his new purpose in life.

Perhaps a small, insignificant or even a self destructive path, but he couldn't care less, for his very purpose consisted of being there for other people. He was one to create and bridge bonds with multiple persons and many of his peers tend to agree.

Even if he was just something close to an alien to many of the people here.

For him, the feeling of isolation will never go away. Here he was, stuck in a place that he could describe as something close to his wildest dreams. Yet even though he looked, talked and interacted with the people here like he was one of them, there was still a sense of difference lingering within him, like he shouldn't even be here.

Such is the life of a ninja marooned somewhere he wasn't supposed to be.

But he knew that this existential crisis would have to wait. Because he had just started relearning the basics of Fuinjutsu, an art he had neglected ever since his return in Konoha not only that, due to the nature of his hectic schedule back then, he never got passed the title of 'novice' in the field (aptly named by Jiraiya) when he knew solving this problem heavily depended on the sealing for the advanced masters and above.

Naruto sat cross-legged as he was unravelling the scroll that Fukasaku lent him for the umpteenth time. He was reading it all in complete focus, hoping that at least he could have an idea on what to do next.

The old toad had instructed him to return to the basics, that he should first figure out what seal does what. The blonde had cursed his awful reading habits (there was little to none) and his inattentive behavior of the subject matter.

His mother and father filled their time and attention on the art and become famous for it, so why couldn't he do it?

Naruto growled in frustration as he hit his head on to the wooden desk in his room. All the material he was reading was entering his head and passing through his ears. He just couldn't do it well on his own!

The blonde sighed. The scroll that he was reading was only but the fourth chapter of the sealing arts that he had to study again. It wasn't as if he could just use Kage Bunshin in this place, he had to be careful in his secret. That and he had to locate for a marginally large space in the city to do that. He was still new to this town, and he had to check it out first before he could spam his clones and give them all the tasks that he had to do.

A warm sensation soon made its presence known to him as he looked to his window, the sun was already rising, and the all nighter he pulled could only help him retain what little information he had learned. So far, the blonde was mostly recalling all of the basics that Jiraiya taught him, what to do and not to do, what to retain and what to discard away as useless junk of information. Naruto now knew how clear cut Jiraiya's teachings were and noted that even though he was a goofy pervert, he at least knew what he was talking about.

A ringing sensation entered his ears as he looked at his Alarm Clock.

It was Six AM and he had to get to school by seven to register. Naruto groaned amidst his sagging eye bags. Although he was used to pulling an overnight watch, it seemed like going to school would be something of a bigger task than watching out for your back and keeping yourself alive.

"I graduated school to escape that place. Now I have to go back?"

Suddenly, the thought of him dying in a ditch somewhere might have not been so bad.

He got up, although rather sluggish. As if in a robotic trance, he grabbed his towel on and out he went from the door of his guest bedroom. He yawned as he went out, completely oblivious to what he was doing.

As he hazily went to the bathroom, he never noticed the voice of Dr. Mizuno warning him about walking around the house in his attire.

Naruto could care less. He was both exhausted and drowsy. He knew that a way to remedy that was to take a nice long cold shower. He yawned as he reached for the bathroom door and was suddenly met with a blue haired girl that was looking quite scared of him at that moment.

Naruto merely waved at the girl with a simple greeting of, "Hey.", before he became aware of the situation that he was currently in.

He paused, as his mind slowly caught up to his body and his eyes widened in both surprise and fear.

In front of him stood Ami, who was scowling at him, hiding behind a shower curtain and what seemed like a wooden stool that was flying straight to his face.

One loud scream later, Naruto, sporting a huge mark on his face, and Ami were now sitting by the table while Dr. Mizuno was shaking her head in exasperation.

"Let that be a lesson to both of you. Naruto, once you're awake please be sure that you are aware of what you're doing and walk around the house with a shirt on. I will not tolerate people strolling in the halls half naked. Ami, I hope that teaches you the lesson of locking the door once you're in the bathroom. Smart as you are, even you have your lapses in judgement."

Both of them nodded once as Ami kept glaring at the blonde who merely kept uttering apologies to her.

The two ate in silence and left as soon as they were done. Naruto, now sporting a pair of denim jeans and a blue semi-fitting shirt, followed Ami as they were heading for the train station. Ami looked over at their current live in partner and noticed how drowsy and exhausted he was. The day they came back from the mall's fiasco was the day that Naruto walked home with a lot of scrolls in his hands, four to be exact. She didn't know what they were and it seemed somewhat important judging from how Naruto had excused himself earlier that day before going home and carrying his bags, but she knew she had to open up that particular topic sooner or later.

Once they began the long walk to the train station, Naruto yawned loudly and slumped forward as he saw Ami walking ahead of him. His vision getting blurry, he requested the girl in front of him that they make a quick pit stop at any vending machine so that he could get a can of coffee.

Ami had noticed how tired looking Naruto was. Although she couldn't exactly leave Naruto's oversight alone earlier, she didn't want the boy to be doing so poorly in school at his first day as well. So with a sigh, she agreed to the blonde's request and watched as Naruto scurried off to find the nearest dispenser for his needs.

As he went and got his desired caffeinated beverage, Naruto's attention turned from his coffee to the small group accumulating not too far away. Naruto's blank stare turned to small scowl as he heard them letting out angry grunts and jeers as well as a wolf whistle.

'What the hell are these clowns cheering about?'

The sound of a woman yelling in the middle of the crowd got his attention once more as he emptied the can of its contents and drinking it in one go. Thinking that it was now clear of its contents, he began tossing it up in the air and catching it, waiting for the right cue for him to enter and disrupt the group's inappropriate merrymaking that was making him retch.

"What are you lookin' at, you fucking Ganguro?"


Naruto let the punk turn him around the shoulder so he could get a good look. With a toss of the empty can in the air, the blonde turned to the hostile man's face and with his hand moving like a viper, gripped the man by the throat in a vice like grip so fast that he didn't know what just happened before he felt his face smashing through something brittle as his head was shredded by shards of broken glass before Naruto retracted it from the vending machine and literally kicking the butt of the thug to the wall before falling down.

It was then that Naruto caught the empty can in the air with his right hand and in one fluid motion, threw the offending object straight at the crowd with one of them looking back to look for the ruckus that broke something brittle.

The man's face was hit. The mark of the aluminium can embedded itself on his forehead as it bounced unceremoniously into the air with a twirl before Naruto rushed with inhuman speeds and started causing chaos all around the gang with his can of coffee still spinning in mid air.

A brown haired girl standing in the middle of all the men around her took her chance and just like a fierce animal, she began attacking her enemies without remorse with powerful punches and very fast kicks. Thugs began dropping like flies when she saw a streak of blue and yellow blow by a set of thugs that sent them flying which way and generally causing havoc all around her.

Naruto seemingly noticed her fiery and very physical if, a little 'showy' in his eyes.

'Pink… Wow.' Of course, Naruto would never say that out loud or risk being smashed to the face with what seemed to be a very painful kick.

A textbook overhead toss later, the tall girl looked around and saw a blonde boy with spiky hair, catching an aluminium can of beverage from mid air without looking back and tossing it in the trash can before he wordlessly went away.

"Hey, you!" The girl shouted and pointed to the blonde, who merely turned around with his head with a bored look in his eye and looking back at the tall girl and asked her.


"You didn't have to help me! I could've handled it on my own!" The woman shouted while Naruto simply replied rather sarcastically at that.

"You're welcome for me trying to help out. Obviously, a large group like that couldn't have stood a chance against one lonesome you."

The girl's temper flared at that as he walked over to the blonde and pointed directly to his nose.

"Listen up, blondie, you don't bother people with their own problems, if you want a fight then go start one of your own!" The girl shouted and Naruto gave a childish raspberry.

"You can't tell me what to do, lady. Now buzz off, I'm going to be late for my new school."

The girl with the curly brown hair shuddered in anger at the insufferable blonde who simply turned around and walked away.

"Oh so that's it then? Well if you seem so gung ho about fighting for the weak, why don't you see what I'm made of and see if I'm just a helpless little girl you make me out to be?" The girl pointed a thumb to herself a haughty grin now escaped her features as Naruto simply ignored her coaxing for a fight. Ami and Dr. Mizuno would be mad at him if he instigated one on the first day of school.

'Seriously? If it were anyone else that statement could have gone out on a different context entirely.' Naruto thought about it and shrugged. The blonde dismissed the girl's statement as if it was an afterthought.

"Whatever, I've got something much more to get worried about." Namely, catching the train and not having to face another angry woman in the form of Ami.

The girl was shaking in fury as she stared at the back of the blonde haired boy. How this boy was able to disregard her like that? It was a good thing that she'll never ever see this disrespectful boy ever again! Or else she might have done something drastic!

Thirty Minutes Later:

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto and from here on, I'll be your classmate until the end of the year."

There was an audible sound of something colliding on something hard. Here was the boy she thought she would never see again, by now, donning the school uniform that she knew he wasn't wearing the first time she saw him.

Everyone turned their heads to see Makoto who had her head against her desk, before giving off a glare to the blonde who never even looked intimidated by her. The blonde must either be fearless or completely stupid for him to be completely unfazed by the woman's hostile look that she was giving to him making many of her classmates flinch. Makoto was not known in the school as someone who was gentle. Far from it actually, she had issues that had sometimes made her go to the principal's office on several occasions though that was rare.

"Ah, Kino-san, you look like you and Uzumaki-san had quite a meeting. And since I don't permit hostility in this classroom, that and I was already planning on it, Uzumaki-san will be sitting next to you."

As if there was nothing going on between them, Naruto obeyed the teacher's command and walked towards his seat with a disinterested look about his face. His peers all stared at him with astonishment as they saw him seat right beside Makoto who was still glaring at him like she was poring holes through his head.

All around them, the students all thought the same thing.

Who was this daring son of a bitch that would seemingly be unfazed by a glare from one of the most dangerous students in the school? Didn't he know Makoto's reputation?

As the class began, Naruto kept trying to ignore the brunette that kept staring at him like he was some convicted rapist or something. To which, he finally said in a whisper while not making any eye contact, "Do you mind if you stop staring at me like that? You're not even scaring me, you look like you're trying to think of something to say to flirt with the new guy in school."

To this, Makoto leaned back suddenly with a blush on her face as well as a look that told him she was clearly mortified.

"D-Don't try to be full of yourself here, newbie!" She said this in a hushed tone earning a look from the teacher before going back to the lesson. She fell in silence at that but resumed whispering again to the blonde with utter contempt.

"When this is over, I'm having a few words with you." Makoto said this ominously. The students around them flinched, 'A few words' to Makoto meant a sizeable number of fists on something organic.

In this case, Makoto's veritable human punching bag was turning out to be the new blonde student.

"Is that an invitation to a date?" Naruto mentioned it this time, with a grin overcoming his features, his teeth accentuating his confident smirk. Of course, acting a little like Sasuke left a bad taste in his mouth, but seeing someone whom he didn't even know squirm around him made him feel amused.

Oh, he managed to hit a nerve alright, now with a flustered Makoto turning back to the lesson and Naruto answering the teacher with an uninterested tone thanks to his above average hearing and a mouthy classmate two rows ahead of him, the class went on without a hitch.

At lunch time, Naruto was quick to take the door and get out as he saw that Makoto was going to leave something unpleasant in areas he wished he never knew. Not that he was about to back down from a fight, he just didn't want to deal with this woman that looked like she was going to murder him.


Makoto pointed to the blonde with her index finger that was several centimetres away from his nose. The blonde simply replied, "No."

With that, Naruto stood up and left the room followed by an equally miffed Makoto that kept challenging him.



This exchange of words continued on for several minutes with Makoto tailing the blonde all around the campus and even passing by the teachers' office.

Naruto looked back and saw Makoto still behind him as they walked around. This girl just didn't know when to give up!


"For the last freakin' time, no!" Naruto replied, now getting more annoyed than ever. Honestly, this woman couldn't take a hint? Why won't she shut up about this whole fight business?

"Why would you want to fight me anyway? You've got nothing to prove to me, I don't see you as any different as the last time I saw you toss bodies left and right, I only did what I thought was right. So what's the point of smashing my face in to the ground?"

To this, the brown haired girl replied, "Because my pride as a fighter is on the line here! A help from someone like you is an insult to my pride!"

"You people and your sense of self gratification…" Naruto commented as he shook his head in disapproval. In his home world, pride was only secondary to survival in their reasons for battle. Fights were almost synonymous to death matches and it culminated a mindset of a dog-eat-dog world. If you were weak then you will never survive to stamp out your legacy to the world, you will wither and die, and you will never have any amount of worth for the country that you fought for.

"Where are you going? Aren't you going to at least entertain the thought of having a match with me?" Makoto asked and Naruto looked back at her, giving a melancholic smile.

"Sorry, Makoto, I'm not like you, I don't fight unless I'm forced to or I want to. Maybe back then, when I was a little younger, I could have. But right now, I'm a different person." Naruto mentioned this as he waved the girl a silent goodbye and went back to the classroom with both hi hands in his pockets.

Makoto stopped dead in her tracks as she thought of the blonde as being both weird and probably a bit mysterious. Though being a new student doesn't excuse him from being so damn cocky!

"I'm not done with you yet." Makoto replied, but not as loud as what she had done earlier, but more like a small whisper, as if she was talking to herself but more like a vow.

Naruto turned into a corner and his impassive face was replaced with a small smile.

'Kino Makoto, what an amusing girl.'

Later in the afternoon:

As soon as the bell for the end of school for the day, Naruto grabbed his bag from his seat and headed out faster than anyone could blink. Ami wouldn't be able to go back with him; she was busy with her reviews for her entrance exams. That and Naruto had other agendas to attend to.

He didn't have a chance to scour the town to see any areas with no settlements. Right now would be the perfect time to do the things he needed to do without all of the unnecessary distractions (school) that plagued him and get started on re-learning and mastering Fuinjutsu to an extent greater than the Second, Fourth Hokage and the entire Uzumaki lineage combined.

After all, when has he not defied the odds before? One thing he had never forgotten was to see through oaths that he had sworn and kept. He wasn't one to take them back and a man should never back out from his words. It wasn't pride that made him that way though; it was his honour that he laid down when he swore that promise with blood.

It would probably take him till' nightfall in discovering a training ground he could claim on his own, but the blonde knew where he was supposed to go. Ami left a note on directions on how to get back to their house.

Naruto shrugged, the girl could have simply said that he go back the way he came to the school, it wasn't as if the entire building was going to move itself into another area.

As Naruto turned to a corner and into a small alley, he looked sideways and at the back, his expression turning from boredom to a frown. With bag still slung on his back, the blonde bounded from wall to wall and reached the rooftop with as much ease.

Naruto then gestured his hands to a simple hand seal, the seal of the ram, and a cloud of smoke surrounding the blonde soon appeared. When the smoke cleared, the blonde emerged with the same motorcycle helmet that he had used a while ago, the same gear and apparel he had worn and used against that yoma they faced in the mall.

It was then that he bounded from rooftop to rooftop and with his body in top physical condition, he was able to fully execute and time his Shunshin no Jutsu as he jumped.

A small structure connected near the town's small forestry soon caught his interest. From what he could tell, the place looked the same like the shrines back in his place.

The white ivory slabs of stone made up the stairs from the foot of the small hill up to the top, rough and easily breakable from the elements along with the red shrine gates at least ten meters tall that were lined straight and going up, to indicate that the place that people were about to enter to was sacred ground. He landed on trees and silently stayed in the background, careful not to be seen by any unsuspecting civilian.

Naruto looked down intently and saw girls that had the same uniform as Ami who were giddily walking away carrying small red charms all the while talking to each other.

From what he could hear of their conversation, it sounded like it was a charm for love. The blonde sighed, no, this place wouldn't do. People come here frequently even if it was heavily surrounded by trees. They will notice him if he were to do his assignments here. Just the students here would indicate that he was in no position to consider this one of his hiding spots for training.

The blonde was about to turn away but not before hearing something that caught his interest.

"Have you heard? Lately, there have been reports of people missing after they leave this shrine." One of the girls commented.

"They say that the missing people disappear around the time of six o'clock. I think it has something to do with those charms that were given to them from the shrine itself. Talk about scary!"

Naruto turned around, and frowned beneath his helmet. Rumours often held some form of truth in them, and sometimes the supernatural can be nothing more than a well orchestrated prank. He has done enough practical jokes that revolved around the subject or at least something similar to it.

In this case, people turning up missing would be nothing short of abduction or kidnapping. The blonde jumped down, forming a simple hand seal that replaced his current attire to his school uniform. When he reached the ground, three teenage girls were startled as Naruto dusted himself off.

"Sorry about that, I was hiding from some whacked up thugs that are pissed at me." The blonde apologized as he walked upwards and adjusting the bag he had at his side.

When he was getting closer to the top, he could hear a loud voice very familiar to him.

'Usagi? What's she doing here?'

Instead of reaching the top, the blonde hopped to his right and scaled the hill side slope before leaning against a tree to see what the dango head was up to.

He watched as a cheerful old man began pestering Usagi and her friends that resulted in a girl wearing a shrine maiden's outfit who slapped a fuuda on Usagi's forehead, pushing the girl backwards and falling back first, showing her panties to the world.

Naruto was shaking his head at this all with a blush along his face. Although that shrine maiden's handiwork on fuuda made him curious about her expertise in the subject. Maybe Fuinjutsu isn't a foreign art here as he had thought!

'Still a man, after all.' The blonde commented on himself as he could have sworn that he felt like he was peeping on himself.

' Ugh, that's a thought I never want to cross again.' It was at this time that Naruto decided to show himself. Getting a few heads turning across his way.

Naruto, being a boy with an incredible physical background, had a stature that many women would find eye catching. His uniform didn't do anything to accentuate his rippling muscles, but many women can tell by just how he stood with his posture. He wasn't slouching, nor was he exactly lanky. In the time he spent during his childhood crossing to being an adult, the blonde had grown tremendously in terms of height. Right now, he stood at an already impressive Five foot Eight. Two inches taller than he was about the time he arrived back in Konoha from his training trip with Jiraiya. Had the old pervert lived long enough for him to see Naruto become Hokage, the blonde ninja would have towered over him by then.

The blonde gave a casual wave at the group of girls and the old man as he asked, "I'm new around this town so I decided to explore around here. Can I have a moment's rest in your temple, first? I'm very much tired from all the walking I've been doing."

Rei was looking at the blonde intently and the blonde kept staring all around him to survey the area. It was as if he too was investigating something. But that couldn't be, he just stated he was new to the town, right?

To her side, Usagi's friends were already whispering at the sight of Naruto who was approaching them with a small grin on his face.

Naruto had then volunteered to help the shrine maiden carry Usagi as he felt he should do it instead of the miko who looked terribly exhausted from something.

As soon as they placed Usagi on the bed, Naruto requested for a glass of cold water and then asked something to the shrine maiden.

"Those seals that you have, I'm curious as to what they are. Can I have a look at just one?"

Usagi's friends were blushing all the while as Rei handed Naruto some of her seals. Naruto eagerly accepted one from her hand.

Rei looked at Naruto with wonder; did the boy have some sort of curiosity over mysticism and divination? It was rare for a boy like him to be interested in this kind of stuff at this day and age.

"Hmm... Looks like your standard repellent seal, if you ask me. Normally, this would work in disturbing energy and preventing a forceful entry that isn't exactly human to begin with. It's standard, but it's very well made, above average in fact."

Repellent seals were used on prison doors back in his home world too. Anyone that didn't have a recognizable chakra on the seal, it would reject any forced entry.

The blonde grabbed his bag and dug through his own set of fuuda that he had stashed in it.

Reis looked shocked about his statement on her fuuda. A boy like him, with just a glimpse and feel of the fuuda in his hands, he could already assess the purpose of the fuuda given to him!

"I've been learning seals for quite some time; my old master taught me the basics of sealing for two years. He's a pro at it." Naruto seemed to have answered her unasked question. The blonde then grabbed the fuuda he had in his bag and gave it to Rei.

"Here's some of the fuuda that I've made since a few days ago. I've made two types here. The yellow one is one that suppresses the cha- I mean, the energies that a person normally puts out and the red one well... Let's just say that you need a good distance for it to be safe. Just a warning though, it takes ten seconds for this to trigger, so once you place that seal, be sure to run."

The blonde then handed over two sets of seals to her, one in yellow paper while another in white that had a red outer lining on each side of the paper.

Rei had noticed the intricacies and the designs that the blonde gave her simply astounded her. These writings, they weren't the standard fuuda that she was used to! These were different, rare to say the least! And the writing system looked like it dated back before the Shogun eras! This looked WAY too advanced for someone claiming to be a beginner! Even she couldn't recognize this type of seal if he didn't say anything about them!

Before the miko could have a chance to question the blonde's prowess in sealing, their attendant with the same blonde hair as Naruto walked into the room and handed over a trey with towels and a glass of cold water that Naruto had requested.

Naruto remained silent as the man was clearly avoidant of staring at them and showing his eyes.

The blonde stood silent, a frown crossing his face as he drank his water, all the while looking around Usagi's friends who were awestruck with the man's beauty.

As soon as the man left, and with the mention of the word cute, Usagi looked like she had a spring on her back and toppled over her pet black cat with a crescent shaped scar on its forehead.

"Cute? Where? Huh? Naruto, when did you get here?"

Her classmates were surprised that Usagi knew such a hunk!

"I got here by the time you were warded off." He mentioned that last part with a muffled laughter earning a mean look from the other blonde and then a blush of embarrassment from the shrine maiden.

"Anyway, now that I'm properly rested, I should be on my way, I've got some stuff to do and I need to do it as soon as possible." Naruto stood up and stretched his back before craning his neck and walking out.

Usagi looked curious at this, "What are you going to do exactly?"

Naruto looked at him with a mischievous grin and replied, "That, Usagi-chan, is a secret!"

With that, he waved goodbye at the group of girls and closed the door behind him.

"How do you know him, Usagi?" One of her friends demanded while the said girl leaned back from the questions bombarding her.

"He's a friend of Ami's! I swear, I just met him a few days ago and that's it!"

And the questions kept pouring.

Once Naruto was out of sight, he again transformed into that helmet wearing shinobi. He jumped away from the temple and began surveying the area around him. From the looks of things, the temple had nothing to do with the missing people, at least, not directly.

Something clearly did not add up.

"The event occurs around exactly six pm. Ami said that buses are these large transportation vehicles that carry multiple people, so should I be searching for something long or something wide?" Naruto asked this to himself as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop. Still being new to this world, he has had nearly no experience in dealing with traffic and those horseless carriages they called, cars. To him, those things freak him out. How do they even manage to run?

The blonde landed on a sturdy power line as he looked down. From what he had gathered, the small district had a lot of bus stops since this place is a major commercial centre, meaning, if it was like Konoha's market, then the area is a major hub for shops and small businesses. And right he was. The bustling district had numerous shops to offer, from basic necessities to entertainment shops.

The blonde then crouched down and began looking everywhere his eye could see. With a simple breath, he took closed his eyes and entered into a deep trance.

It had been a while since he had used sage mode, heck, it was his first time using it here. He could feel the energy, culpable. Everywhere around him, it circulates. It was weird. It felt like chakra and it acted like chakra at the same time. It was different, yet the same. With a tug of that energy from the air around him, the sudden invigoration of the energy swept his entire being like electricity.

It was different. The flow of the energy was different. Usually, the natural energies would only mix with the flow of Physical and Mental energy so as to give a tremendous boost. But this, not only did it mix it also merged and sustained his chakra. The flow of the energy was both warm and soothing. It felt like the earth itself was nurturing one of its heralds.

He looked at his hands and removed the gloves that covered them; somehow, his skin was slightly luminescent. He could feel much stronger than he was, indicating his state entering into sage mode. Naruto jumped from the electrical pole and landed on to a rooftop and removed the helmet. He gazed at his reflection of his helmet, he could still see the red outline over his eyelids as to indicate the true markings of the sage, but what shocked him was his eyes.

They weren't like a toad's anymore, no, the color of the iris, the shape of the pupil, they remained the same, round sapphire orbs as opposed to golden ones. But what got his attention was that they were actually glowing along with his skin! This energy, the properties were much too different yet the behaviour is basically the same!

He wanted to test drive this new discovery as soon as possible, and soon, he felt a sudden indication of a different nature. Near the shrine, he could feel the sudden listlessness of the very energy itself, as if it was rejecting whatever it is that made its way around them.

Naruto soon arrived at the bus station that had been bothering him and saw Ami, pulling Usagi who was grappling the bus stop sign like her life depended on it.

"Usagi, this is no time to be afraid! You're making this harder than it should!" The bluenette said this as she pulled the moon princess over and over while the said girl remained stubborn (scared) about the whole thing.

Naruto landed on the sign, his arms crossed and in a squat. Naruto, then in his hand, was a small shuriken that the blonde threw at one of the charms, the throwing star's blade connected as the charm fell down on the ground, snapping one of the women out of her funk and looked rather scared as she was about to board the six o'clock buss.

"Get out now!" The blonde shouted as he reached out to the girl before the woman in the bulky uniform grab hold of her target.

Naruto let go of the girl on the ground, too shocked to move than anything else as the blonde ninja could hear the sound of the engines roaring to life. The blonde turned around as he looked back and saw the bus going away already. With as much as he could muster, the blonde ran after the bus with a speed many would consider beyond simple physical conditioning. Getting ahead of the said vehicle and empowered with the strange energy he had yanked away, the blonde forced the incoming bus to a halt when he pushed back against it and the bus failing to overpower the blonde.

He could tell that the energy flowing in him was going mad and erratic all around him as he saw the figure inside staring at the helmet wearing ninja in shock.

How could a puny human just stop and overpower a bus like that? That was stupidly insane!

The bus driver gritted her teeth and switched the bus' acceleration to high gear and Naruto began skidding back slowly from the force that the bus was pushing against him.

Naruto exerted much more force this time as he tried to push back the said vehicle while the energy within him was still present. With gritted teeth, he declared with strong conviction against the driver,

"You're not going anywhere!"

The blonde's figure was slowly making a mark on the bus, his body bending the metal surface and engraving the blonde in it.

Then, something happened.

His supply line of nature chakra was suddenly cut off, and the full weight of the bus slammed into him at maximum force sending him crashing towards a metallic lamp post. The said object, because of the force of Naruto's crash, bent forward, the sound of creaking metal was heard and the blonde's world was suddenly oriented to excruciating pain.

'What the hell just happened?' Naruto thought about this and saw the bus now levitating upwards and going to a portal that caught his eye. It did not however, relieve him of his pain.

'That thing almost broke my spine!' The blonde said this as he tried to get up and blood was now trickling down from his forehead.

From what he was feeling, it was probably a minor contusion and moderate skin laceration if the flowing blood was to be believed. The blood seeped out of his helmet and it showed, dripping from his cheek and falling down to the pavement.

'I'm sure glad that I can still heal fast enough to recover from this.' The blonde thought, he could feel the wound closing up, the blood hardening and flaking as he righted himself up.

Naruto looked to where the bus suddenly disappeared to. That small black portal opened something, and that something caught his interest. To him, this was his biggest find on this world. Portals, from what Jiraiya had taught him about the description of the Hiraishin no Jutsu; create a direct line from one point to another, by figuratively punching a hole through time and space. The Yondaime's prized jutsu essentially worked in the same principle as portals do, as in teleportation.

Seeing a portal like this, manifesting and disappearing before his very own eyes literally oozed out a certain desire within the blonde.

'I may get to find my way home sooner than I thought.'

The helmet wearing shinobi then leapt from his area, leaving behind an astonished duo that kept staring at the sight of the ninja that had suddenly stopped (and failing) a supposedly haunted bus.

"Where's he going?" Usagi asked while Ami kept frowning as she answered the blonde girl,

"It's probably to look for answers as well."

"That's great! I'll leave all of the fighting to him from now on then!" Usagi uttered cheerfully, at last, a person who was willing to take the responsibility off her! And this person seemed reliable on the matter as well! No need to go out risking her neck like that in one way or another!

The black cat with the moon scar on its forehead replied to the girl, "Usagi, don't be silly! He may be a much more competent and reliable person than you, but protecting the people here is YOUR responsibility!"

That somehow managed to hit Usagi where it hurts.

"H-Hey! I can be reliable too! I just don't want to fight!" Usagi argued and the cat simply scoffed it off.

"Be that as it may, your responsibilities are your own. That person may have his own motives and not one to be completely trusted. For all we know that person may just be waiting for the right time to strike. And that includes letting your guard down. A person like him, without us knowing much about him, should never be trusted so suddenly. He's a wildcard."

Ami seemed to have slightly frowned at that. No matter how right Luna was on her assessment, she had not personally met the ninja and it irked her that they would rather consider him a hostile rather than an ally. Naruto may be trained as an assassin, but he was a boy with pure intentions at heart. Luna wasn't there when a Yoma wrecked havoc at the local mall!

"Look, Usagi, we'll try this again tomorrow. So until then, toughen up your nerves and warn Rei that the rumors regarding the bus are true."Ami advised. She had to go to her review center and this was already dampening on her study time.

"Whaaaat? I have to climb that set of stairs again?" The rabbit haired girl replied, obviously disappointed that he was off the hook in this whole thing and had to climb back up the steep hill.

Naruto landed to one of the treetops near the shrine and quickly dispelled his henge. He landed down and quickly did a double take in order to make sure no one saw him. When the coast was clear, he began walking casually around the temple, careful that no one was detecting him.

'That incident had something to do with this temple. People come here but once they get out, they're met with that weird bus. I know it isn't just coincidence that this was the temple that started the disappearances. There's a connection here, I know there is, and something or someone is sabotaging this place. Plus that portal...' Naruto's thoughts were cut off when he was met with a very curious face. He took a step back slightly as the old man gave a huge grin and ushered a welcome within his temple.

"Ah, welcome to the temple youngster! I don't usually meet people from this side of the temple! Are you perhaps curious about the structure inside the temple? Well, how about a tour? Maybe you'd want to work here too!" The old man offered. To which Naruto suddenly had a bright idea.

If he had to find the culprit, that meant he had to infiltrate the entire temple for every nook and cranny that this place had. The temple priestess would have had to disagree and would most likely be offended if he went out and talked straight to her about his intentions, so he needed an excuse to get inside the temple and do a little exploring.

"I don't know old man. Your granddaughter sounds like she would object to the idea. I hear she can have a really nasty temper if she gets angry." He replied, trying to egg the old man on. He fell to the blonde's bait,

"That granddaughter of mine can understand. Besides we need helpers around the temple from time to time, I'll even pay you and bless you with lots of good luck!" The old man urged the blonde. Naruto acted as though he was thinking it hard. He was always good at hiding his emotions and displaying faulty ones.

"Add in a date with your granddaughter and we'll call it a deal." Naruto added as a joke to that old man, but the old man seemed much too eager not to let someone like him slip past him like that.


Naruto stood surprised just like that, he never expected for the old man to take his joke seriously! His mouth hanged agape with him staring at the old man as he dragged the blonde ninja along.

'Well, at least I can get inside the temple itself.' The blonde replied as he grabbed his bag and stealthily pulled out several fuuda from it.

Thirty minutes later:

Rei had just sent out that dango haired girl out of the temple after the tongue lashing she had given her.

"How dare she accuse the temple after I nursed her back to health? My charms are the cause of the disappearances? I've never heard such absurd things in my life!"

"So I said, 'The book sucked!' and my master went to sulk for week after reading his work!" The voice said as Rei heard a familiar laugh coming from behind the temple.

Turning to her back, she saw the blonde, a little banged up with small blood trails falling from his head that dried off and a few stains on his locks. To his shoulders sat her grandfather, laughing hysterically all the while carrying an orange book in his hands.

"What happened to you? I thought you were leaving a while ago!" Rei remarked as Naruto looked at the blood flaking on his cheek and his hair before looking up at the old man.

"Well, I was supposed to go back down, but then I accidentally tripped and hit my head near a tree so I went back up to ask for some first aid, but your grandfather decided I should take the tour when I got lost and decided, hell, I'll just help myself once I'm inside and agreed to the old man."

Rei was not so irritable after that when his grandfather stepped out of the blonde's shoulders and landed on the ground, shaking the blonde's hand with a grin and said, "That was the most fun I've had in a while, boy. I haven't laughed so hard like that in ages. Are you sure you don't want to help us out here, though? A little extra pair of hands would definitely be welcome, and you seem like you could attract a lot of attention here, if you know what I mean."

The old man added that last part with a wink and a nudge, earning an elbow drop from his granddaughter and a nervous laugh from Naruto.

"Sorry, old man, I've got lots to do and I live in some other part of town a little far away from here. That and my adoptive family are a little strict when it comes to studying. I don't think I could ever have the time to help out in the temple." The blonde answered and began to walk away before turning back and adding, "Besides, with your granddaughter working hard as she has, it's in capable hands!"

With that, the blonde went down the stairs as the old man waved at the boy.

"Thanks for the present! I'll treasure it!"

'Now that I've set up array seals around that place, it's only a matter of time when that person comes and uses whatever jutsu he has that involves those portals.'

Naruto looked back at the temple over his perch on to a concrete electrical pole as he watched the temple.

'I just hope that I'm right about this for once.'

The next day:

Naruto just received word from Dr. Mizuno that a certain university was interested in him about his prowess in the Japanese language and his ability to read ancient texts so seamlessly. The good doctor said that they were going to meet him at school and that Ami should accompany him. The girl, nevertheless nodded and obeyed her mother wordlessly as they went out of the house and headed to school.

Ami, however, looked rather distraught as the words of the cat lingered in her mind. Naruto had disclosed some facts about his past when he was hospitalized, he told her the event that had happened prior to his marooning on this planet and how he was sure that he should have died back then. He told her how terrifying his situation was, down to the last of his kind, forced to do battle to a person who was ready to extract his power along with his soul to be part of something much more sinister.

He told her how much carnage he had seen throughout the entire war, how many of their soldiers had died, how people of multiple legends were brought back to life as creatures of the undead and how much devastation it took his world during the course of the war.

So why was she doubting him? Didn't he save his world? Surely a hero like him would never come to destroy something that is similar to his home!

"Naruto, can I trust you?" Ami asked, all of a sudden, earning a look from the blonde who stopped drinking his iced coffee and looked back at the girl.

Where did this come from all of a sudden?

"Where did this come from all of a sudden?" The blonde voiced out his curiosity.

"Nothing, just, a question that's been lingering in my head. I want to know if I could really trust you." Ami replied, unsure of what to say. Naruto simply turned his head upfront and stopped, his voice, much more serious than it was before.

"Well then, are you willing to trust me?" Naruto asked back, Ami seemed taken by surprised by the blonde's reaction.

"The question is mutual too, Ami. Are you willing to trust me? Someone who you don't even know, someone who you have questions for that needs answers, can you really take the risk of trusting a trained assassin who can't even deliver straight answers? Better yet, can I trust you about my identity as a ninja? Can I expect you to at least keep it a secret from everyone and that includes your mother and Usagi?"

Now that stopped Ami in her tracks, unlike Naruto, she had no need to worry about her identity as Sailor Mercury, Luna said something about their magic being able to forget their faces once they power down.

Naruto didn't have that luxury.

What's worse, with what she could deduce from his stories, is that his powers were exploitable.

"My past and background is questionable, I never really told you anything past the important stuff. All you know was the Fourth Shinobi War and nothing else. But here's something I have to tell you, I don't want to talk to you about my past, my childhood has been surrounded by secrets, secrets that if anyone outside my home knew, it would have been devastating for me. I've been wronged, unjustly by those secrets, but I was saved. I've been betrayed, left out, and even almost killed by my best friend thrice. I have seen true evil, Ami, seen what it can do, how horrible it can get and how much you can't turn your eyes away from it. I've seen how much a man can change depending on the choices that we make. I know Ami, I've been there, believe it."

By now Naruto crushed the can from his hand and continued, "I'm fighting the Youma because it's the right thing to do, because I have a debt to this town, because I have seen evil, and because I was born as a protector. That's all there is to it."

Ami stopped in her walk as he answered her, Luna's words vanishing from her thoughts, a smile escaping her lips.

'Someone like Naruto, who has risked his life for everything but himself, I shouldn't have doubted him.'

Once Naruto and Ami arrived at school, he pushed Ami lightly to the side and ducked quickly as a kick went past to where his head should have been suddenly with a brown haired girl landing to his front and snarling at him.

"Uzumaki Naruto, fight me!"

"Hello to you too, Makoto..." Naruto's instantaneous reply as he swerved side to side from Makoto's punches and added quite gleefully seeing an eyeful of white panties, "No violence in school, remember?"

"Uzumaki! Kino! What is the meaning of this?" A teacher asked as Makoto suddenly felt a chin down her spine.

"You two! At my desk, now!"

At the teacher's faculty room, their advisor began yelling at them both as he hit both Makoto and Naruto on the head with his Harisen.

"This school has never been known for that much violence! You two should seriously consider yourselves lucky!" The teacher said, Naruto looking unconcerned while Makoto looked like she was sorry. The brown haired girl looked to her side and saw Naruto looking some other way, as if he wasn't listening to what the teacher said.

The boy never said anything about him not saying anything to provoke her, heck he didn't even looked fazed by the teacher's lecture. All she saw was he was unconcerned.

"As punishment, you two are going to clean the classroom for a whole week!"

Makoto just stood agape while Naruto simply sighed. This girl was so much trouble for him. He wondered what it would have happened if he hadn't helped her from the beginning.

"You can get back to the classroom now. As for you, Uzumaki, stay here, a certain someone would like to see you. Since it's just Japanese in your current period, I think you wouldn't need it with this thing going around. Or so I heard about it from Dr. Mizuno." The teacher announced and Makoto got out, curious as to what their teacher was talking about. Putting that aside, he had to talk to Naruto later. The boy had never really said anything prior to their talk with the teacher. He never denied in being part of the fight nor did he give out any provocation in there that should have warranted a punishment.

As she entered her classroom, he heard a certain rumor going about.

"Have you guys heard? They say that someone from Toudai took interest in one of the students here in school!"

"Yeah, I hear it's from the archaeology department! They say that some kind of prodigy here can read and understand ancient texts so fluently, that they're thinking of funding a scholarship for him once he reaches college and chooses their course along with an immediate spot in their faculty and team!"

"Hey, isn't that a bit overkill?"

"It's all true, I heard from one of the sensei's that they're willing to go that much to have him learn at Toudai."

"N-No way! Toudai is like, the best university in Japan!"

"I know, right?"

Makoto didn't care though. She simply plopped back to her seat and listened to the class. If anything, her mind was on something else.

Back with Naruto:

Naruto was sitting idly by his advisor's desk as he waited for this supposed professor to come. When he heard the door clicked, he was surprised that Dr. Mizuno was there along with a tall man with gruff looking appearance and wearing a small pair of glasses approached him. Behind the man was another girl, slightly older than him, who had hair, dark green, coloured like a good amount of moss had been living in it while her eyes were as scarlet as her earrings and ribbon.

Naruto looked in awe of the girl, no, woman's beauty before him as she gave him one graceful yet beautiful smiles he had ever seen in his entire life.

"Ah, so you must be the boy that Dr. Mizuno was telling me about." The old man said and Naruto nodded.

"I wanted your evaluation done in school since this will make you late for your next class. I told Professor Kawahara of your strange skill and he became interested to the extent of how much you knew about your 'current skills'." Dr. Mizuno mentioned and the professor lightly gave a laugh.

"Oh, Dr. Mizuno, the boy here is simply gifted. If he could understand and write such a complicated writing system that even the best of my colleagues find hard to do, I would say that this boy has what it takes to answer the questions that I'm going to give him." To this, the professor ruffled the Naruto's head who suddenly asked, "Wait, what's this about questions?"

The girl was the one to answer for him, "It means the professor is going to give you a simple test on how much you know about the ancient language. It's fairly short and probably won't take you more than ten minutes to finish."

"That is, if you can understand the texts inside your exam that I'm about to give you of course." The professor said handing Naruto the paper while the blonde grabbed a pen.

"Before I forget, you should also answer the test with the same writing style that I've used."

The blonde nodded and looked at his test paper once more, his eyebrow was raised.

'Are you fucking kidding me?'

Naruto felt like he was in the first year of his academy when he was answering the questions. Questions that he could answer without a second thought!

'What is your name? Write it legibly on the blank provided with the same writing style.'

The whole test was one fucking joke to him!

'What is your favourite food?'

The blonde looked annoyed at the test as he answered them one by one. It looked like some of the questions he answered were meant for that small book that Sakura and Ino had when they were kids, a slam book.

Once he was done, he gave the answers to the professor and was surprised that the boy had finished the entire test in just five minutes.

The boy had just answered the whole test without problems at all!

"Hmm, quite a boy we have here, Dr. Mizuno, I think he'll fit in fine in Toudai once his tenure in High School is over. He won't be needing tests to get into the school anymore."

"He's that good, huh?"

"I say the ancient language he learned is something even I can't put into words. He's beyond the reach of the teachers here when it comes to the standard curriculum of Japan in Niponggo. I'd say exempt him from every exam in the language past graduation, it would be useless to even try to put him in the same league as the students." The professor said, earning a look of disbelief from Dr. Mizuno. This boy is a diamond in a sea of rhinestones.

The professor then turned to the young boy and stretched out his hand, "Well, young man, or should I say, Naruto-kun, congratulations in passing the test with flying colours. I'm sorry, me and my assistant haven't introduced ourselves properly. I am Heishiro Kawahara, Dean of the College of Archeology in Tokyo University, and this is my assistant..."

"Setsuna Meioh, currently a Physics Student and assistant to the dean of archaeology in Toudai." The pretty girl added earning a small laugh from the blonde.

"We will be eagerly awaiting your entry into our college, Naruto-kun, your unique set of skills will be very interesting to see in the future."

With that, the duo gave a bow to the blonde and to Dr. Mizuno before leaving. The good doctor then turned back to Naruto and gave a smile so wide that the blonde thought it was going to tear her face apart.

"If your parents are here right now, Naruto, they would surely be proud of you. But since they aren't right now, let me be the one to show that pride for a boy that I could treat like a son. I'm sorry that I described your skill set as more of a hobby than anything else"

Naruto blushed from Dr. Mizuno's comment earning her a smile of his own.

"Thanks... Dr. Mizuno."

With that Naruto walked back into class, with the current period over, the teacher just nodded to the blonde's arrival and left. The students were staring back and forth to the teacher and the blonde who looked unfazed as did Makoto before they all erupted into a synched expression of surprise.


Later that afternoon, as the students dispersed from class and their questioning of the blonde, Makoto approached the blonde boy with a question of her own.

"You never said anything about not provoking me and attacking you suddenly like that. You should have said something to defend yourself!"

Naruto looked at Setsuna then back at the desk he was cleaning as he replied, "I'm not one to leave a person behind. I wouldn't be cool if I suddenly left someone behind and suffer."

Makoto blushed suddenly at Naruto answer and instead of asking further questions, she instead went back into sweeping the floors and a haughty reply, "W-Whatever! Quit trying to act cool, anyway, it doesn't suit you!"

"Sure." Naruto replied offhandedly as he began clapping the board erasers together to get rid of the chalk dust that had been accumulating in it.

When they were about to finish, a sudden spike made its presence known to the blonde.

'The seal arrays were triggered!' The blonde mentally shouted as Makoto approached the blonde.

"Hey Naruto, we're just about done here. Can we please go outside and leave these to the janitors to clean up?" Makoto asked and Naruto didn't answer. The brunette went to the blonde to see if something had happened and what she saw made her step back a little in surprise.

The blonde, looking half interested all the time at school, now looked serious. A sight Makoto had never seen before. And his silence, quite frankly, it was scaring her.

"I'm sorry Makoto, I have to go; something just came up. We're done here anyway. The staff can do the rest." With that, Naruto ran from the classroom at speeds Makoto never even knew he could accomplish and vanished from sight as he approached the stairs.

"I said that a couple of minutes ago, you dunce!" Makoto shouted before leaving the classroom, her nose held high from Naruto's sudden departure.

Naruto had reached the school rooftop and immediately, pressed his hands together for a hand seal and began pumping chakra to his feet.

He squatted down slightly, as the rush of the chakra pumping in his feet earned a small updraft that made his hair dance wildly at the wind.

"Shunshin no Jutsu!"

With that, Naruto bounded from the school rooftop and headed towards the other side of town, to the Hikawa Shrine.

With Rei:

"So you were the one responsible for this whole thing! You were the one that kept giving those dud charms and spiriting those poor girls away while this shrine serves as your scapegoat!" Rei went for one of her fuuda but was surprised when she grabbed the yellow one that Naruto had given her.

Rei looked at the fuuda apprehensively but decided to try it nonetheless. With that, she hurled the Fuuda straight to the man that caused her so much grief these past few days and the fuuda stuck to him like sticky paper.

The man struggled but found his movements stunted by the fuuda that was placed in his chest. He felt like he was paralyzed and every movement in his body were gone.

"W-What did you do to me?" He asked, struggling and enraged at the same time. A little girl was able to bind him and sealed his movements so quickly? Unacceptable!

"I sealed your movements with that charm. Now you can't do anything and I'll exorcise you from this world, vile demon!"

Rei began her chant as she grabbed a white fuuda from her kimono and began her divination ceremony.

"Rin, Pyo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Chin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!"

The fuuda then glowed into a luminescent white light, engulfing the paper as the writing made itself appear before her as the paper swayed from the divination that Rei performed.

"Such petty tricks won't work on me!" The man shouted and the seal in his chest suddenly tore off, Rei was suddenly thrown back by an invisible force as she was introduced in a world of pain.

'The seal... Didn't work? But how?'

Her question would never be answered as she was suddenly hurled into a vortex that the man created who smiled wickedly at her.

"You have lost foolish miko."

"Unfortunately for you, she's not the only person you have to fight."

Jadeite turned around, and suddenly saw a sole of a shoe flying straight to his face and with him having no chance of evading it whatsoever.

The helmet wearing ninja slammed his foot on to the man who was thrown back with such force that he was embedded to the wall.


Naruto cracked his knuckles and looked down on the ground, seeing the fuuda that Rei used earlier, the seal must have been too weak to hold this one back.

"Let's start with round one!" Naruto said as he kicked the man once more who tried to get himself out of the wall but soon found out that he was nailed to it once more. Naruto then punched him in the gut before giving the man a jarring uppercut to the chin. Naruto then proceeded to jab the man's face several times before giving off a right and left hook to the man's temple.

Jadeite struggled, bloody, battered and bruised; he kicked the blonde at the stomach in a desperate attempt to counter as the ninja jumped back and rubbed the area where Jadeite hit.

"You hit like a girl, and you look like one as well, why don't you become a drag queen instead? You obviously suck at fighting. An old lady back home would have pounded your face in like mush in seconds!"

Jadeite rubbed the green blood away that was falling from his lips as he gave Naruto one nasty glare.

"Shut up. I am one of Queen Beryl's most powerful soldiers! A weak human like you cannot possibly fathom the power that I wield!" With that, Jadeite created another dark portal as Naruto grinned. This was his chance. With a simple raise of his hand, Jadeite pulsed his energy at Naruto who anchored his feet with chakra as he charged at Jadeite who looked surprised that the helmet wearing ninja was able to resist his power like that.

"Your army and queen must be pretty weak then, if you're one of her strongest minions!" The ninja replied as he grabbed Jadeite by the throat, the Youma general glared in contempt at the blonde as his green eyes drew in rage from the ninja's taunts.

"Don't ever talk down upon her majesty that way!" Jadeite then kicked the blonde at the chest once more as he pushed the ninja towards the portal, but not before Naruto creating a clone and dragging him along with the ninja.

"Don't even think you can get away from me!" And with that, both of them were sucked into the portal.

Once they had arrived at their destination, Naruto once more saw the sailor senshi, and this time with another one looking like the miko from the shrine as they were struggling to fight against their monster of the week.

Jadeite soon followed, struggling to get up, that masked boy's punches on him really took a toll on him.

"Having trouble, girly man?" Naruto taunted once more, earning another look of contempt from the general as he snapped his fingers. The busses that were floating around were now lining up beside him and the blonde scowled. This guy fought just like Pain. However, unlike the man with the god complex, Shinra Tensei was much more devastating.

Jadeite didn't reply as he simply began throwing the buses at him. The blonde gave a wicked grin, and placed his hands in a seal he was all too familiar with.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Mass Shadow Technique)!" Soon, hundreds of clones popped into existence. He knew just what Jadeite was up to now.

"Now you just pissed me off more!" The clones each acted as a human cushions as they all forced to stop the wave of buses being hurled at them. Some of them right out went to Sage Mode without thinking of the scenario yesterday and tore off the roofs of every bus that they could reach and rescuing every single girl on the bus.

The real Naruto had been scaling up towards the general as he jumped from bus to bus. From a roof, to a chassis, Naruto expertly and remarkably climbed his way up with perfect agility, agility that no human could ever possess. With as much speed that Naruto needed, the ninja threw a pair of shuriken to the general who aptly evaded it in time, only to be met with another Naruto behind him, with his hands carrying loud whirling vortices in the shape of a ball.

"Rasenrengan! (Twin Spiralling Spheres)"

Jadeite had no intention on being hit by such a weird technique as put all the energy he can muster in repelling the blonde away from him.

Naruto was pushed back, the energy sending him flying and crashing to the ground below with his technique dispelling.

With his honed reflexes, Naruto was able to land on his feet, crouching and staring up at the Youma general with a look of disdain. The blonde stood up as the man gritted his teeth in frustration. This is, by no means, a mere human. He could fight and show strength like in ways that he never could dream of. This person just managed to make him, one of the generals of Queen Beryl's army, was nothing more than a mere plaything in his grasp.

"I'll remember you, boy; I'll remember to kill you slowly once we meet again. Tell me your name boy, and I'll be sure to put you as my number one target next time, so that I will instil fear into your heart from this day forth!"

The boy beneath the helmet merely smirked and said with as much defiance, "I am Hokage, the shadow of the flames that burn bright in the darkness! From now on tell this to your comrades as you cower away that I will be your executioner!"

Jadeite didn't like the boy; he was not someone who could be taken lightly. Aside from being able to manifest multiple copies of himself, he had quite the reflexes, the strength, speed and agility to fight like no other human.

He also fought dirty. He used sneak attacks, backstabs and pinned people down without a chance to fight back.

He didn't fight honourably, he fought with a brutality one could expect coming from a war veteran.

Naruto then pointed to the general as he faded.

"I let myself get pulled into this vortex to see just what it does exactly, and I was right, it can pull people to another dimension, the same technique as that of one of my greatest enemies. If you can do that, that means you have the means to travel through dimensions."

'And one day, I'll be able to get that information from you or your associates. Once that happens, I'll be able to go home. Until then, enjoy your sense of superiority, because I'll be the one kicking you and your kind to the curb once I'm done.'

Naruto then looked back, hearing the sound of a functional bus waiting for him to get on board.

"One day, I'll be able to get home but until then, I'll be sure to stop you all." Naruto said this as he jumped on to the roof of the truck and sailed towards the light and out of this warped dimension. He saw the one who was banging the horn at his front, wearing what looked like an expensive piece of a suit and top hat partnered with a white mask and a black cape. Damn did he look much too different from the rest of the heroes here!

As all of this was going on, Sailor Moon managed to talk with Sailor Mars, "He's one of our friends! He beat a youma up back in the mall a few days ago! We should go say hi to him once we get back!"

But they never did have a chance to introduce themselves or thank the boy properly as when the bus landed back to earth, the ninja vanished in a plume of smoke without as much as a trace.

To be continued...

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