Something Different

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"Andy"Mrs.Carson called from the back.Where her and Jason her youngest son were talking.

"Ya mom"Andy replied as he gazed at the TV looking the interview were Andi had annoced to everyone that she was a girl and she was filling in for her brother after he had hurt his leg.A grin came to Andy's face his sister had always been there for him he was glad that she was there,but also glad becuase Andi still got the sponcership even after they found out her secret.

"Andy"Mrs.Carson called agian her voice louder then before."Come out here and meet are new neighbors.

"Ok"he replied "Hold on a sec.'Oh great' he thought 'probally some old farts that will always want me to cut there lawn I'll have to say yes or I'll get grouned and they'll pay me a dime and tell me not to spend it all in one place.'He said to himself as he walked towards the back yard.Andi tiptoed behind him. Then with a loud yell said"Were you going".Andy who was caught off guard jumped grabbing his heart.He turned around to see it was his sister.

"God Andi give me a heart attack" He said with a joking,angry voice.Looking straight at her since they were twins it was eye-to-eye.

She looked at him gave him a hug and said "I would never do that to my favorite bother.But then agian maybe I would."Andi said giggling."No but what are you doing." "Oh I'm going out back to see the new neighbors probally some old farts."He said thinking back to his earlier conversation with himself.

"Really sounds like fun I'll come with you".Andi said grabbing her brothers arm and dragging him to the backyard.He almost fell forward from the quick pull of his arm.As they reached the back yard Andi let out a sudden low screach.That only her brother and herself could here there standing on her backporch looking more handsome then he ever had was Dean.He looked at Andi and smiled as he said "Hi"."Hi"Andi said back trying to keep her cool as her knees started to buckle."Are you moving in next- door."No"Dean said"My cousins are thougth.Tiffany shes are age and Brian hes a year younger then Jason"."Oh"Andi said trying to hide her dissapointment.

"Were are they"Andy said wondering if he would be stuck next-door to a zit-faced geek or a beautiful swan princess.

"Oh there in the house unloading if you like you could go over and introduce yourself to them".A small sized women said she was tan,had brown eyes,she was also farlly skinny for a women of what looked like to be in her late 30's.She was standing next to a tall man that partically overtowered her he looked her age,his hair was blond with traces of gray in it,and he was very muscular."Sorry for I dint catch your name".Andi said trying to be as polit as she could."I'm Mrs.White and this is Mr.White"."Nice to meet you I'm Andrea and this is my twin Andrew"."Great to meet you"."Why dont you guys go over now"Mrs.Carson said."Ok nice meeting you"Andy said repeating his sisters earlier words.

They walked towards the the blue house when they reached the front gate Andy looked up and saw a tall not so slender girl that had blondish brownish hair,brown eyes with specks of green.She was wearing a oversized sweat shirt that was gray and had Cape Cod written across in blue letters and tight faded,flare jeans.The second he saw her he thought she was beautiful.She looked up from the boxes she said "Hi"as a smile came acrossest her face.

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