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Chapter 2: The beginning of Ice

After five years of being a part of the guild Gray making her ice sculptures, Natsu, Happy and Lissana were playing with her, Levy shares her books with her, Loki is nice to her uh scratch that maybe too nice then flirting with her Erza shares her cheesecakes with her, Mirajane always asks for a fight but Erza accepts it and that all changed when that happened…..

Lucy ran to the guild soaking wet from the waterfalls where they went earlier before that happened blood stained her fingers and her dress she had cuts on her arms and legs and one on her left cheek her eyes were lifeless dull brown….

-At the guild-

"Where's Lucy? She should be here already!" Happy whined then a twelve year old replied

""Happy, you should learn how to wait well you know her father…"

"You know Gray's right… for once" Natsu said Gray snapped his head at his direction

"Wanna fight?"

"Sure anytime, anywhere ice freak!"

"Ash brain!"

"Droopy eyes!" Then they started to have their daily fight

"There they go again…" Happy sighed along with Erza

"I'm having a break on stopping them as always" Erza said as she went to the door surprised it opened by itself

"H-help me…." A shaky voice said the guild went quiet Erza's eyes then widened on what she saw

"W-what happened to you?" Erza shuttered as she held someone before it fell to the ground

"Erza what are you- AHHH! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?" Loki screamed pointing at Erza while running back to his spot a very deadly aura was surrounding her

"WHO DID THIS?" Erza roared as she held Lucy who was now half unconscious

"I'll get some bandages and medicines" Laxus said as he ran to get those things and escape the second demon

"Carry her to the clinic I'll ask her when she feels better" Makarov ordered Erza who just nodded and carried her

"W-what happened to Lu-Chan?" Levy asked with a shaky voice

"I don't know but I know you're all worried" Makarov said 'I think this is not good at all' he thought

-After a few hours-

"So Lucy can you now tell me what happened?" Makarov asked as he sat beside her

"Mother was killed by Father in the forest near the waterfalls, Mother saved me and gave me her power to me and Father tried to kill me too but I ran away before he did" Lucy said with an expressionless face half of her heart was warm and half was cold ice

"Don't worry we'll hunt him down and make him pay big time" Makarov said as he patted her shoulder "Rest now you should be alright by tomorrow okay?" he said as he went outside 'Layla, may you continue to guide over your daughter' he thought then he turned around

"Master what happened?" Lissana asked

"Is Lu-Chan alright Master?" Levy asked worried of what will happen

"I hope she will be…" Cana muttered

"She's kind of mourning from a loss right now but she'll be alright" Makarov said

"Really?" Happy asked

"Yes tomorrow she'll be alright"

-The next day-

"Master where's Lucy? I wanna fight with her!" Mirajane said as Lucy came out of the clinic "Hey Luce how about a fight?" Mirajane asked as she blocked Lucy's path

"If I was Mira, I wouldn't dare do that…" Makarov whispered to the children beside him

"Why?" Mirajane turned to face Makarov

"Get out of my way…" Lucy plainly said

"Huh fight me first!" Mirajane said as she faced Lucy

"Idiot…."Luc said as she grabbed Mira's arm then threw her across the guild some gasped, others jaws dropped

"Who knew bunny girl could fight?" Gajeel said crossing his arms

"Stop calling me bunny girl!" Lucy glared at him then he shivered

"Scary….." Gajeel said after Lucy left the guild her heart was half warm half ice cold she doesn't know why but for sure she'll have her revenge…

"Ugh, that was rough where'd she go?" Mirajane asked rubbing her head

"She went to search for her father…. Gary" Makarov said

"Why does she have to? Layla-san will pick her up right?" The children asked

"Layla is gone, Lucy's own father killed her in front of Lucy yesterday…" Makarov said with a sad look in his face

"WHAT?" The guild shouted in shock

"LET ME KICK HIS ASS! HE'S LUCY'S ATHER THEN HE… HE… HE'S JUST….. ARGHHHH I'LL KILL HIM!" Natsu screamed he was mad real mad because it was a father topic thing good thing Erza and Gray stopped him

"I can't find him" Lucy said as she came back to the guild

"Let her train so she can be strong… Laxus I want you to be the one who will train your sister" Makarov said as he smirked

"Sister? She's my sister now?" Laxus asked hiding how happy he is right now

"Yes now start training with her" Makarov ordered

"Then we'll be gone for about three years of training…" Laxus said as Natsu, Gray and Loki's jaws dropped open Laxus smirked

"But why so long?" They whined

"Just wait for us alright? We'll be back soon…" Lucy said grabbing her own bag pack and her own cloak

"When Lucy comes back you won't recognize her" Laxus murmured

"Lu-Chan I'll miss you" Levy hugged her as she cried along with the others

"Take care Luce keep this to remember us 'kay?" Gray said as he handed her a necklace like his but this one was gold

"Thanks Gray" Lucy said as she wore it on suddenly someone hugged her from behind her and whispered

"Promise you'll come back Luce, promise us…" Natsu whispered Lucy felt something wet for sure it's his tears

"Okay I swear I'll come back" Lucy whispered back she kissed each one of her friends on their cheeks before she and Laxus left the guild

"Take care my angel and come back soon!" Loki shouted as he waved

"I'm not yours!" Lucy shouted back then continued walking

"But someday you will!" Loki teased while smirking

"Never!" was Lucy's last words to him before she was gone

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