Title: Straight and Strapped
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Warnings: contains explicit adult content, mild dub-con if you squint.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, I just like to make them do rude things

A/N: This was written for the Merlin and Arthur Cheap Porno Fest on Livejournal here: mxamakeaporno(dot)livejournal(dot)com

Prompt: Merlin and Arthur meet doing something like this (the link is very very NSFW indeed):
Merlin needs the money for whatever reason; Arthur lost a bet. Doesn't have to be something where they're required to show their faces on camera. IMO, more believable that Arthur would do it if he didn't have to show his face.

Thanks to my fabulous friend Mina Violet for betaing this for me. If you like Twilight fic check out her stories!

Gwaine insisted on accompanying Arthur to the door and wouldn't leave until he'd gone inside, the fucker. Not that Arthur was planning on chickening out – a bet was a bet after all. But he could have done without Gwaine's obvious amusement as they lurked outside the seedy looking row of buildings, waiting for Arthur's appointment.

The narrow door was sandwiched between an iffy looking 'massage parlour' and a very run down establishment that called itself a night club. There were only three doorbells, the bottom two were unlabelled and the top one had a small card with 'Straight and Strapped' scrawled on it.

"So how much did they say they'd pay you anyway?" Gwaine had a shit-eating grin on his face that made Arthur want to punch him.

"Apparently it depends on exactly what I'm prepared to do," Arthur replied, shoving his hands in his pockets and scuffing his feet on the pavement. "They start at thirty quid for a wank. The guy offered fifty if I was prepared to show my face on camera, but I said no fucking way on earth was that going to happen."

Gwaine looked at his watch. "It's nearly four o'clock," he said with undisguised glee, "time for you to go and get your cock out on camera."

"Fuck you!" Arthur glared. "And you can sod off now. I don't want you lurking around outside waiting for me. That's just creepy."

"Okay, text me when you're finished," Gwaine emphasised the last word with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. Arthur flipped him the finger and turned to the door.

He took a deep breath and pressed a tentative finger to the top bell. A tinny voice on the intercom asked for his name.

"Gwaine," Arthur replied, grinning wickedly at Gwaine who was looking outraged. "What? I wasn't going to give them my real name was I? Don't worry I won't give them your surname."

The door was buzzed open. Arthur steeled himself and walked into the dim hallway beyond. As the door swung shut behind him, he paused for a moment to get his bearings in the gloom. He was in a narrow musty corridor that smelt of curry and stale cigarette smoke. There was a pile of unclaimed junk mail shoved behind the door and a ramshackle bicycle blocking the way to the stairs.

He squeezed past the bike and started to make his way up to the top floor. By the time he reached the landing his heart was pounding. He tried to kid himself that it was from the exertion of the climb but really he was shitting himself. Why the fuck hadn't he backed out? It was only a stupid bet; he could have just refused to do it.

The door on the second floor was ajar so he pushed it open and entered, walking straight into a hallway with a few doors leading off it. One of them was labelled WAITING ROOM. How efficient, Arthur thought. He could almost kid himself that he was at the dentist, or somewhere normal like that.

He set his jaw in determination and opened the door to the waiting room. The room was fairly grotty and in dire need of a lick of paint. It had a few chairs around the edge and a coffee table with some porn mags strewn on it. Arthur sat on one of the chairs and tried to breathe normally.

He jumped as the door opened and a dark, lanky boy came in. He nodded awkwardly to Arthur and took a seat on the other side of the room. Arthur gritted his teeth and fought the waves of embarrassment that threatened to overwhelm him. He could do this. It was only wanking for money. It wasn't much worse than being a sperm donor really was it?

A voice cut through his inner monologue. "Weren't you in my Biochemistry class last year?"

Arthur's head snapped up and he locked eyes with the boy opposite him. Arthur studied him properly this time. He was very slight and gawky looking. His skin was almost vampirically pale, contrasting shockingly with dark messy hair. His eyes were blue and intense and his lips were full and dark pink, dominating his delicate face.

"Probably," Arthur replied. "I did do Biochem." Fuck my life. He knows me? Could this be any more awkward?

"I thought I recognised you," the dark boy grinned, looking inappropriately relaxed given the setting, Arthur thought. "I'm Merlin by the way."

"Arthur," Arthur replied.

"So is this your first time? You look a bit nervous."

Arthur just wished he'd stop bloody talking, he really didn't want to have a conversation about what they were here for, but didn't want to seem rude. "Yeah it is... so have you... uh... done this before then?"

"A couple of times," Merlin replied. "My flatmate dropped out of Uni. I haven't found a replacement yet and couldn't pay the rent on my own." He spread his slender hands and shrugged, "so here I am."

"Oh, right," Arthur nodded sympathetically. "I don't actually need the money, I just lost a bet. Don't ask." He rolled his eyes as Merlin chuckled. "So what do they actually make you do?"

"Well," the boy began. "They usually make us sit on a sofa together..."

"Together?" Arthur's eyes flew wide open in horror. "What the fuck do you mean, together? I thought I just had to wank on my own!"

"Erm... no, sorry," Merlin sounded apologetic. "I thought you realised, we'll be in the room together. Didn't you look at their website before you came?"

"No!" Arthur snapped. "Watching other blokes tossing off isn't really my thing. I'm going to fucking kill Gwaine when I get my hands on him!"

"Honestly, it's not that bad," Merlin attempted to reassure him. "We just have to sit next to each other and wank. He will try and talk us into doing other stuff, but you don't have to if you don't want to..."

He was interrupted by the door being opened. A middle aged man with weird fluffy grey hair came in and nodded at them.

"Hi boys, I'm Gaius. I see you're getting acquainted," he grinned a little too enthusiastically for Arthur's liking. "That's great. I'm ready for you now." Arthur threw Merlin a panicked look. "Merlin, good to see you again... and Gwaine is it?" he looked at Arthur questioningly.

"Yep, that's me." Arthur nodded. Merlin shot him a knowing smirk when Gaius wasn't looking.

"Follow me then, lads."

Gaius led them out of the waiting room and through a different door. The room was sparsely furnished with a black leather sofa along one wall. There was a line of hooks on the wall and a shelf holding several boxes of Tesco Value tissues and a few bottles of lube. A camcorder was set up on a tripod, pointing ominously at the sofa. Arthur felt prickly and uncomfortable with nerves and a weird kind of anticipation.

"Okay," Gaius rubbed his hands together. "Get undressed and have a seat. You can hang your stuff up there," he gestured to the hooks.

Arthur reluctantly peeled off his t-shirt and toed off his trainers, as Merlin shrugged out of his clothes quickly. Arthur took his time with the buttons at his fly, not wanting to be the first to be naked. He had never felt so vulnerable. It wasn't as if he wasn't used to being naked in front of other blokes. Being so sporty meant he was used to stripping off in showers and locker rooms. But this was totally different.

"Come on Gwaine, get a shift on," Gaius said. "I've seen it all before you know."

Merlin rolled his eyes sympathetically as Arthur flushed. "He'll start telling you that time is money in a minute," he whispered with a grin.

Merlin finished stripping and walked over to the sofa. Arthur determinedly avoided looking at the other boy's arse, as he stepped out of his boxer briefs and hung them up with the rest of his clothes. Resisting the urge to cover his tackle with one hand – really, what would be the point in being coy now? He followed Merlin over to the leather sofa and sat as far away from him as possible.

"Right then," Gaius sounded business-like as he fiddled with the camcorder and adjusted its position on the tripod. "Gwaine, you don't want your face on camera, is that right?"

"Definitely not!" Arthur replied, "I don't want to be identifiable."

"Shame..." Gaius sounded disappointed. "The punters would love you. You and Merlin look great together too, a lovely contrast of looks..."

Arthur glanced sideways at Merlin, making sure to keep his eyes firmly up above waist level. He supposed he could see what Gaius meant. They were almost opposite types really. Merlin was all lean, pale lines and the dark hair on his belly contrasted starkly with his skin. Arthur was much broader and more muscular and his light brown body hair hardly showed against his golden torso.

"Okay, I'll start the camera in a moment," Gaius said. "Remember, the minimum is thirty quid for a wank and a cum shot, but we'll see how you go and take it from there. If you decide to play nicely then you might both be able to earn a lot more than that."

Arthur tried not to think too much about what Gaius might have in mind. Just a wank... he could manage that. Then he could leave.

"I need you to move closer together so I can get you both in the frame," Gaius instructed, Merlin moved over and Arthur shuffled towards him reluctantly, making sure that no part of them touched. "That's better. Right, the camera's rolling – time to get hard."

Fuck. Arthur tentatively cupped himself and pressed down. There wasn't even a flicker of interest. He held his soft prick and squeezed it gently with his fingers, teasing the head. Still nothing, apparently his cock had serious performance anxiety.

"Try thinking about the last girl you fucked," Merlin muttered, "it might help."

Arthur turned and glared at him. If Merlin had noticed that Arthur was having trouble getting it up, then he must have been looking. The dark boy smiled encouragingly, his cheeks were a little flushed. Arthur could see the rhythmic movement of his arm and was unable to stop his eyes from sliding downwards. Just out of interest, he told himself. I want to see what I'm up against.

Merlin's cock was already half hard and was quite impressive from what Arthur could see. It was surprisingly thick and the tip was dark red where his foreskin was pulled back. Arthur was transfixed as Merlin's slim fingers gripped it and slid up and down, the head emerging from his fist with each stroke. It got visibly harder as Arthur watched and he heard Merlin' breathing speed up. Arthur's own cock was finally taking an interest in the proceedings and had perked up a bit. Arthur experienced a moment of panic as he realised that he was staring at Merlin's prick and tore his eyes away, leaning his head back against the sofa and closing his eyes.

He tried to think about his last few conquests, attempting to pull up mental images of soft, round tits, wet cunts and long hair, but he was distracted by the rhythmic sound of Merlin's movements next to him. His eyes flew open again, as he felt Merlin's leg brush against his. He looked down and saw that Merlin was fisting his cock in earnest now and his legs had dropped open to allow his other hand to fondle his balls. Arthur felt his cock grow thicker in his hand and sweat started to gather uncomfortably between his skin and the sticky leather sofa.

"Looking good boys," Gaius's voice snapped Arthur back to reality for a moment. "Are you ready to take it up a notch? How about you give each other a hand?"

"No way!" Arthur reacted without thinking. "That's not what I agreed to. A quick wank, yes... but I'm not touching another bloke's cock."

"I'll make it worth your while," Gaius replied. "Double the money if you touch each other – sixty each."

"I could use the extra," Merlin's voice was hopeful.

Arthur felt trapped. His brain scrabbled for a compromise. "Fuck... okay," he addressed Merlin. "You can touch me, but I just can't... I'm sorry." He appealed to Gaius, "can he have the extra money if we do it that way?"

"Yeah, okay," the older man shrugged and moved back behind the camcorder.

Arthur bit his lip as Merlin leaned closer and pushed Arthur's hand away from his prick, wrapping his own hand round in its place. Just pretend he's a girl, it's a girl with her hand on my cock. Arthur closed his eyes and leaned his head back again, but his imagination failed him. He was painfully aware of the very male scent of Merlin next to him and his hand felt too boyish and rough. No girl had ever gripped quite like that, or flicked their thumb over the head of his prick – oh hell... just like that! Arthur clenched his fists and felt his cheeks burn hot as his cock hardened and began to leak in Merlin's hand.

"If you'll let him suck you, you can both have a hundred quid," Gaius's voice was smooth and persuasive.

Arthur turned to look at Merlin as his hand continued to move over Arthur's cock. The dark boy's eyes were wide, the pupils dilated. His prominent cheekbones were splashed with colour.

"Please," he whispered as their eyes locked. "I can make it good for you, and I really need the money."

Arthur's throat was dry and tight. He couldn't manage to speak, so just nodded. His eyes dropped to Merlin's ridiculous porn star lips as he ran his tongue over them and made them glisten.

Merlin released his grip on Arthur's cock and positioned himself between Arthur's knees. They waited as Gaius moved the tripod to get a better angle for the shot. Merlin was rubbing small soothing, enticing circles on the sensitive skin of Arthur's thighs. Arthur's cock reared up – curved, hard and aching against his belly. He fought the urge to touch himself again, now turned on beyond belief and past caring exactly what it was about this whole fucked-up situation that was making him so painfully hard and desperate to get off.

"Okay, boys," Gaius gave them the go-ahead.

Arthur opened his eyes, the need to see Merlin's mouth on his cock overriding any residual feelings of shame or mortification. Merlin's dark blue eyes locked with his. He continued to look up through his lashes as he lowered his head and licked a wet line from Arthur's balls up to the tip of his cock. Arthur bit his lip and shuddered. Merlin carried on licking him, gazing at him with those eyes until Arthur gasped and clenched his fists, fighting the urge to grab Merlin by the hair and push the head of his cock between those tantalising lips.

Merlin seemed to sense Arthur's desperation. Moving one hand from Arthur's thigh he gripped the base of Arthur's cock tightly, pulling back for a moment and licking his lips again, making Arthur's prick twitch. He then wrapped his stupidly gorgeous lips around the head of Arthur's cock. Arthur grunted and bucked his hips upwards, but Merlin held him down with one firm hand and hummed as he circled his tongue around Arthur's prick, dipping in the slit to taste him.

Arthur had given up trying to imagine that Merlin was a girl. The graze of Merlin's stubble on his soft inner thigh just made him get impossibly harder. Arthur refused to think about the reasons why – he was beyond coherent thought, giving himself up to the sensations flooding through his body. Merlin started to suck now, moving his lips up and down, his tongue pressing along the base of Arthur's prick. He moved his other hand to fondle and gently tug on Arthur's balls and Arthur was lost.

He forgot that he was in a seedy backstreet flat, being filmed by a creepy man. He forgot that this was going to be put on the internet for other people to jack off to. He forgot that he was straight. All he could think about was Merlin, sucking on Arthur's cock like he was born to do it.

Arthur's hands found their way to Merlin's hair. He slid his fingers into the dark strands and pulled, trying to be gentle, but probably failing. Merlin just sucked harder. Arthur heard needy moaning and realised that the sounds were coming from his own lips – but he didn't care.

Merlin finally released the base of Arthur's cock and Arthur watched as he moved his hand down and started tugging at his own wet prick – urgently, desperately. The sight of Merlin touching himself sent a shocking jolt to the pit of Arthur's belly and he tightened his grip on Merlin's hair. As he watched, Merlin's movements became jerky and he tensed, his cock shooting white streaks of spunk onto the black leather of the sofa. He whimpered around Arthur's cock as he came and that was all it took. Arthur's hips twitched upwards and he tried to gasp out a warning, oh... fuck... I'm going to... fuck! His vision went grainy and his whole body flooded with heat. He pulsed his release into Merlin's waiting mouth and Merlin's throat closed around him as he swallowed.

Reality came crashing back, like a swift kick to the bollocks, as Arthur came down from his orgasm. His body was slick with sweat and was uncomfortably sticky against the sofa. His hands were still tangled in Merlin's hair. He quickly pulled them away, as though he had been burned and looked down at Merlin, feeling his face flame as Merlin let Arthur's softening prick slide from between his lips. Merlin gave him a shy smile. He had a smear of Arthur's come on his lower lip and without thinking, Arthur gently wiped it off with his thumb, then blushed even harder.

"That was brilliant boys, you're total naturals. That will have the punters coming all over their keyboards." Gaius grinned as he passed them a box of tissues. "There you go, get yourselves cleaned up and dressed and I'll sort out some cash for you."

Arthur couldn't look Merlin in the eye as they rearranged themselves and began to dress. Thoughts were clamouring for attention in his head but he didn't know where to start. He caught a glimpse of Merlin's prick, heavy in its nest of dark curls and found himself wishing that he had touched it when he had the chance. What the fuck? He shook his head, trying to clear the image of Merlin wanking from his mind. I am totally going to kill Gwaine.

Once they were fully clothed, Gaius gave them each their hundred quid.

"So Gwaine, call me if you want to do this again yeah?" Gaius sounded hopeful.

"Thanks... but I don't think so." Arthur pocketed the money and turned for the door. He was desperate to escape, drink himself into a stupor and then find Gwaine and murder him slowly and painfully.

Merlin followed him out and Arthur was achingly aware of his footsteps behind him as they descended the stairs.

Arthur pushed open the front door and paused on the street outside. He breathed in deeply, inhaling the fresh air, trying to eliminate the lingering smells of sex and stale fag smoke from his nostrils.

"Arthur," Merlin's voice was hesitant. "Do you want to maybe... go and get a beer or something? I could do with a drink... or would that be too weird?"

Arthur met his eyes, and felt something twist inside him.

"It might be weird," he replied thoughtfully. Merlin held his gaze. "But d'you know what? Today has been so fucking weird already that I think I'm immune to all future weirdness. And a drink is exactly what I need right now."

Merlin grinned at him, warm and genuine and Arthur found himself smiling back. Maybe he wouldn't need to kill Gwaine after all.

End of part 1