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so without any further ado... THE KHPA





"Dad!" Kurt's voice drifted through the relatively empty house, his tone half-hearted. "Dad, are you still here?"

"No. He's not" Finn's voice piped in, and Kurt turned to see his brother standing with his back against the suddenly closed door. He wore a classic crooked grin, which Kurt had seen often before. The younger boy slumped slightly and cocked his head.

"Finn? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Why would you ask?" Finn replied, almost too quickly, as his eyes shifted to the left, then the right before he forced his smile wider. "I'm great." He added, stepping closer. "Better than great, actually." He added further as he rested a palm on the wall above Kurt's carefully sculpted hair. Kurt inhaled a deep breath, raised an eyebrow and slowly glanced up at his new brother.

"Finn? Are you sure you're okay?" Normally people couldn't make Kurt feel small, he had hit his growth spurt over the summer, and unfortunately he was taller than most of his peers now, including his new boyfriend, but Finn was the one person who was still bigger than the gangly teen.

"Of course, I'm more than fine. Definitely. For sure." Finn nodded once with every word he said, and when he was done he blinked a few times, the plastered smile disappearing for a second as the football player tried to decide if that seemed convincing. He furrowed his brow and forced the smile back on his face. "Cool." He added.

Kurt's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to speak, but his brain seemed to be filled with white noise. It was as if Finn's words had imploded his brain; maybe Finn really was a genius after all, and people needed to give him more credit. Kurt closed his mouth slowly then opened it again, feeling a lot like a fish.

"Shh…" Finn worded, his finger moving to press against Kurt's soft lips awkwardly. "Be careful, that's not a position that is safe to hold for very long…"

"Because of flies?" Kurt asked weakly, his eyes wide with shock, and confusion. Finn's smile widened and he forced an overly fake laugh.

"Oh, you silly boy. Why do you make this so hard for us?" Kurt cocked his head as he pulled his lips inside his mouth to avoid anymore contact with his brother's body parts. Finn's eyes widened and he backed away slowly, as if he had just revealed a secret that he had been hiding for a while.

"Never you mind…" Finn added, his eyes wide and shifty as he glanced over his shoulder and patted the younger boy's shoulder.

"Um, I didn't say anything though…" Kurt reminded his brother as he looked up into the face of poorly hidden paranoia.

"That's right; you just keep saying that…" Finn bit his lip and slowly backed out of the room, closing the door with a quiet snap, disappearing as suddenly as he had appeared. Kurt slumped his shoulders and shook his head, utterly bemused.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into…" the young singer crossed over to the window, resting his elbows on the sill and staring out into the slowly darkening sky. "At least it's a beautiful night." He mused, inhaling a deep breath of the crisp evening air and closing his eyes.

"You're damn right it is." Finn's voiced bellowed, as he slipped into place beside the startled teen. Kurt yelped and nearly jumped out of his skin. He stared to his left, where the beaming, wide grin stared back.

"Holy fuc-"

"Popcorn?" Finn interrupted shoving a bag towards the younger male, his smile never wavering.