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"Alright, so things clearly didn't go as planned." Finn started as he walked up and down the lines his subordinates had formed. He was chewing on his bottom lip and had a distant look in his eye. "There has to be a reason we keep failing…" he thought out loud, mostly to himself, but allowing the others to hear it to get their minds working alongside his.

"So, what are we going to do then?" Santana asked half-heartedly as she glanced down at her nails, which she was filing absentmindedly. She flipped her shiny, ebony hair over her shoulder and slouched down in her chair; the only reason she had agreed to be in this stupid club was because Brittany thought it was "fun!", and Santana couldn't help but give into the bubbly blonde.

"Well, that's what we have to figure out, now isn't it, Santana." Finn rebuttled, his eyes narrowing, and his fists clenching tightly.

"Well, disguises didn't work" Artie offered, honestly trying to help.

"Yes, I think that's safe to say." Wes cheeked, elbowing David in the ribs playfully, earning himself a glare from the older boy.

"What? My disguise was flawless, he had no idea it was me. It was those two numbskulls." He pointed between Thad and Finn, both of whom were holding their mustaches in shame.

"Well, it might have worked…" Thad offered quietly, shrugging his shoulders and chewing at his bottom lip anxiously.

"Yeah, if we had gotten them drunk out of their minds." Puck interjected harshly; Finn shot a glance his way, which shut the rebel's mouth instantly, and he put his hands up as if to say, sorry, before looking back down at his hands.

"So… if we fail… when were seen." Sam started, his tongue stuck between his lips and out the corner of his mouth as he thought, "Then… all we have to do is make sure were not seen." He finished, a smile pulling at the corners of his supple lips, and lighting his face up brightly.

Quinn raised her brows and said, "Wait? Like surveillance? Like… stalking?" Her tone sounded incredulous.

"Well, I was thinking more like… um… more like… a stakeout." Sam corrected, nodding slightly, his eyes lighting up with the prospect of living out a real-life spy story, despite his date's unenthusiastic response.

"I have eyeliner!" Brittany chirped. The agency slowly swiveled around in their chairs and turned to glance at the blonde, who, up until this point, had remained silent. Santana shrugged and cocked her head, turning in her seat to look sideways at her friend.

"And… what are we supposed to do with that information?" She asked warily, not sure if she wanted to know the answer to the question she had asked.

"Here." Brittany pulled her bag up into her lap, and started rummaging around inside, searching the contents for her promised eyeliner. "Aha!" she echoed, pulling a black stick out and holding it up to the light to examine it.

"Right, that's fine and dandy, Brittany, but how is that suppose to help us?" Finn spoke back up, taking control of his meeting once more. He moved, rising to his feet and weaving through the sea of tables that were scattered around the restaurant haphazardly. He stopped short in front of the cheerleader and raised an eyebrow at her, obviously not liking his chances of getting a good explanation.

"Here, it's easier if I just show you." She motioned for the giant boy to duck and come closer, which he did, hesitantly. She made quick work of uncapping the makeup and smearing thick lines across his left cheek, then his right. "There!" She exclaimed jumping up, startling the group who were all watching her some bemused, some bored, but most apathetic. "The perfect look for a stakeout!" She added as she held up a mirror for Finn to catch his appearance in. He took it quickly and touched his cheek, keeping his eyes on his reflection.

"Well, if it gets everyone into the spirit of things…" He started, but was cut off by all the girls chirping excitement, and rummaging through their own bags and purses to find more eyeliner.

"This is going to be so much fun, Finn." Rachel exclaimed as she perfected her war paint.

"Um, yeah, sure…" Finn replied quietly. He wasn't sure if this was going to work, but his team seemed excited, although he was starting though think the girls were just in on this to wear outfits, instead of actually caring about Kurt's protection. Last time Finn checked it wasn't called the "Lets-Wear-Pretty-Clothes-Agency".

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