Rated M for...well, I'd hate to ruin what for, but if you haven't guessed from the ambiguity of the title and description, this is a Blake/Jayden piece of fiction.

Any attempt to add a plot to this would only result in an Excuse Plot for sex, so I took the route of not bothering :D But this takes place after Case Closed, with Blake and Jayden keeping in touch and eventually forming some sort of relationship.

I don't own Heavy Rain or any characters involved.

"Real fuck'n cute, Cartuh."

Jayden shoved himself forward fruitlessly, trying to wiggle his wrists out of the handcuffs connected to the bedpost. Blake's bedpost, to be more exact.

Said man grinned back at the profiler. His thoughts on the matter were the same, though he'd certainly not say it to the other man. Jayden had put up a pretty good fight this time around, once he saw the handcuffs in his hand. Blake could feel the swelling under his eye begin; the cost, among a few other bruises, of stripping the little shit down to his briefs and pinning him down to his bed.

He'll make it up to me, he thought with a smirk as he crawled closer to the younger man. He opened his mouth to put into words these very thoughts – humiliate the brat even more – when Jayden reacted faster than he thought possible. Blake doubled over in pain as his foot connected to his stomach. His watering eyes met Jayden's, shining with victory.

"Shoulda thought've that sooner," The younger man laughed harshly. The grin on his face faded quickly as Blake returned it. With a snarl, he shoved Jayden forward so his back smashed against the wooden frame of the bed, his restrained arms twisting painfully underneath him.

"Ow! Fuck, Blake, I didn't hit you that-" his words died in his throat as Blake continued to move forward to his face. To Blake's satisfaction, a flicker of fear temporarily plastered across the kid's face as he roughly moved it beside to expose his neck. He could feel the man swallow slightly as he pressed his bearded face against his throat- could feel him shudder as his hot breath made contact with his exposed skin. Fuck, but he liked when the kid put up a fight. It made winning so much more satisfying. Made the lesson of obedience stick a little longer before he rose up futilely again.

They'd been fucking for a while now – well, more accurately, he'd been fucking him for a while now. Blake was always in control of the situation. It only made sense, in his eyes; he was older, more experienced, and simply physically stronger than the brat. He was sure Norman acknowledged this; yet it didn't stop him from uprising so often. Blake would think that making the kid blow him would be the ultimate lesson of who was in charge – and sometimes, it was. Yet more often than not, Blake could feel control slipping away as the younger man pleasured him to the point where he had him begging to not stop. Literally fucking him wasn't much better in that regard either. He certainly got the brat begging, gasping and moaning underneath him…and that just gave Blake the uncomfortable, yet almost uncontrollable urge to touch him back. Stroke his sides, nibble his ears, lick down his neck…he usually gave in and did them. The actions seemed to embarrass the agent further, which certainly spurred him on; no problem there. No, the uncomfortable part was the awful realization that he wanted to pleasure the kid.

In that specific regard, he had only given in once. He usually didn't have to, to his amusement. Jayden didn't seem to have any problem finding pleasure in the situation, despite his better wishes. But one time, during a rather exhausting one of their "sessions", Norman had met his eyes (something rare in and of itself, as he usually tried to avoid eye contact out of sheer embarrassment) with an expression that was clearly asking for more. And Blake had complied; taking his dick in hand and stroking it rather affectionately. His eyes caught Norman's for a fraction of a second; just in time to see that annoying fucking glint of victory. How in the fuck anyone could find control when they were getting simultaneously fucked and jacked off was beyond Blake, but this little shit had. Jayden was insufferable for days after that; never bringing it up, but smirking ever so slightly when he looked at the police lieutenant.

The stupid fucking profiler had undoubtedly labeled that action as god knows what. Blake was certainly no psychologist, but after ages of trying to find a way to get around this undeniable urge to make the kid scream without submitting to him, he had thought of one – the one thing he had never even considered doing for him. The question was simply how to go about doing it. Blake wasn't the most creative of people, and certainly one for tradition. Which is why Jayden now found himself handcuffed and helpless to his bed. There was just one more thing to do before getting started.

Well, after he was done nibbling his neck.

"I have work tomorrow, you fucking asshole," Norman spat as he tried to move his neck away from him. "If you…" The mention of Norman's job sealed what Blake had only been considering doing. He grabbed the other side of his neck roughly and pushed it towards his face, biting down less gently to give him a nice, throbbing and large hickey. He leaned back with a grin before returning to kiss the man's ear. Jayden shivered slightly at the rather ticklish sensation.

"Have fun explaining that tomorrow then, Norman," he laughed in his ear. Jayden glared at him, then watched in surprise and confusion as the older man got off the bed with a sigh, fumbling through his top drawer.

"What are you doing?" he asked. Behind the annoyance, Blake could hear a tiny bit of uncertainty. It made him smirk slightly as he continued to move aside various clothes. He stopped only to give Norman a mocking smile.

"Aw, don't worry about it, Norm. Just sit tight." He watched in satisfaction for a moment, enjoying the slight blush across his cheeks, before returning to his drawer. Blake pulled out one of his black ties and returned, resting one knee on his bed as he leaned forward. Confusion was the dominant emotion on Jayden's face now as his eyes flickered between the tie and Blake's face.

"Stay still," Blake ordered in a bored tone, knowing full well he wouldn't comply. He wasn't disappointed as the profiler jerked his head away. With a small growl, he grabbed his soft brown hair and used it to hold his head steady as the other hand covered Norman's eyes with the black cloth. Blake released his grip on his hair as he tied the tie tight around his skull.

"…the fuck, Blake?" Jayden asked. Confusion had left his tone, dominated again by uncertainty. Blake grabbed his face, thumb pressing against one cheek bone as his other fingers pinched the other.

"Hm. I should gag this too…" He accentuated the "this" with increased pressure on Norman's face. Shame he couldn't fully see his expression under the tie; but his body had stiffened in response to Blake's musing, which was enough for now.

"…But then I wouldn't be able to hear you moan like a whore, and that'd be a waste," He finished with a smirk, releasing his face. He watched the younger man's face (what he could see, anyway) for a response before directing his gaze at the rest of him. It had been difficult to admit, but Blake had grown very attracted to his physique. To his expectations, the kid didn't have a lot of leg or chest hair. What he had was light in color, true to his head. He was far from a body builder, but the muscles were there; just toned instead of well defined. That was fine by him; it made for a softer target to grab. He did just that as his calloused hands gripped Jayden's sides.

He had been surprised, however, at how many bruises and scars littered the kid's back and chest; though Norman had admitted to him that most were from the Origami Case alone. One particularly long, though thin, scar went from his side and curved its way to his back; he had mumbled something about a katana and Shelby. It didn't seem to amuse the kid as much as it did him, so he dropped the subject. Usually.

Blake shook himself out of that line of thinking, just as Jayden had finally mustered a response to his earlier remark. To his great pleasure, it sounded more resigned than anything else.

"…go fuck yourself, Cartuh…" he sighed, trying to wiggle himself out of his grip. Blake smiled and increased the force behind his hold, making a small squeak escape from Norman.

"Aw…now why would I go and do that when that's what you're here for?" Without waiting for a response, Blake lowered his hands to Norman's briefs. In one swift motion, he ripped them off and threw them to the side, ignoring Norman's sudden protests. He tried to give him a warning look…only to realize his errors after the fact. He chuckled slightly and settled for putting a hand back to Norman's hip to steady his fidgeting.

"Calm down, kid…" he said softly, knowing his rather harsh voice would have the exact opposite effect. "…I haven't even started yet."

His eyes fell on Norman's dick, noting with amusement that he can't have been that annoyed at Blake's actions thus far. Really, despite his constant mocking of him, he was far from small. Though not quite the size or thickness of his own, Blake doubted he'd have much trouble pleasing anyone.

Well, that's a waste, he thought lightly as he kept his hand on Jayden's waist while moving his knees to either side of Norman, scooting down to be at a more comfortable level.Because he sure as hell isn't going to use it on me…and I'm sure as hell not going to let him use it on anyone else.

That possessive thought should have surprised Blake, but at the moment all he could think about was the task at hand. Taking a deep breath, he reached out and let his fingers lightly brush against Norman's member. Norman jumped; based on the look on his face, Blake would guess it was more from sheer surprise than pleasure just yet.

"What are you doing, Cartuh?" he asked, his voice slightly higher than usual.

For a minute, Blake contemplated exactly how to answer the question. This was the most important part; doing the action itself wasn't going to be hard…and he'd be lying if he said some part of him didn't want to do it. But making him see this for what it was - an effort to put him in his place – was crucial. He couldn't let Norman think this action was done out of sheer desire on his part, even if a fraction of the truth lied there. Blake wrapped his fingers around Norman in response, squeezing him softly.

"…I told you already," he responded as he began to stroke slowly up and down. Norman's breath hitched in his throat, followed by a soft moan.

"…I wanna hear you moan like a whore."

Apprehension washed across the younger man's face, and it was all Blake could do but not sigh in relief at his reaction. If he had smirked, laughed, or thrown some comment…Well, Blake hadn't even planned that far as to how he'd react. Yet Norman had reacted exactly how he had hoped; uncomfortably aroused and nervous, with a healthy dose of fear mixed in to boot.

See? Not the only fucking expert psychologist here, Jayden. Blake smirked slightly before returning all his efforts to the task at hand. As he increased the speed and grip of his strokes, he watched Norman's face for a reaction. He couldn't stop himself from laughing out loud; the younger man now just wore a stubborn look as he bit his lip back to stop himself from making a sound.

"Come on Norman, don't be like that," Blake laughed. " Just enjoy the moment while you can..." Norman didn't respond; whether it was out of a lack of a biting remark, or not trusting himself to open his mouth, Blake didn't know or care. All he could think of now is how to rise up to the little "challenge" he had so unknowingly given him.

What does he do to make me scream? Blake pondered this for a moment before he moved his hand down his shaft more to give himself more room for what he was about to do. He glanced up at Norman one last time – his stubborn look still remained as he took a deep breath out of his nose. Using this as motivation, Blake leaned forward and licked near the bottom of his shaft, where his hand still was gently moving up and down slightly. His tongue was pretty thick; having never done this to someone before, he wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

The action was rewarded by a sharp moan Norman apparently failed to hold back in surprise. Blake's eyes flicked up to his face; his cheeks burned with shame and arousal.

"Alright there, Norman?" he asked mockingly before returning to lick him more. He moved them forward and made them longer as he reached towards the head. There, he stopped for a moment, breathing hot air against it.

"I…fuck you…Ohhh…" he gasped; Blake had taken full advantage when he saw Norman's mouth opening to speak to put his own over his dick. Norman moaned in a way that sounded…defeated, and Blake instinctively knew he wouldn't try to hold himself back anymore. Blake decided to reward this submission by not holding himself back either as he took most of Norman in. The rest he kept stroking, steadily picking up the pace with both of these actions as Norman continued to squirm and moan underneath him. The handcuffs he had almost forgotten about were rattling widely as the younger man desperately tried to find something to grip.

He had to admit, the kid's reactions were cute. He had noted this before, but had been so focused on his own pleasure that they had remained a second thought; a small acknowledgement at best. But now, as Blake moved his tongue over his slit, poking it in slightly while increasing the speed of his hand stroking what his mouth wasn't covering, all focus was on Norman. Blake tried to shift aside a sudden realization; he had never been so focused on pleasuring another person before. He usually didn't have to to get the reactions he wanted; whether it was all the women he slept with, or Norman, he knew what he was doing in that department.

But these instances were always mutual during sex - or sometimes before, with the intentions of loosening a nervous girl up so he could go the whole way and sleep with them. He'd fucked Norman enough times by now to know this wasn't necessary to get him into bed.

Anymore of this fucking over analytical bullshit, and I can submit my resume to the FBI.

As if making the agent underneath him cum would somehow be spiting the FBI, Blake redoubled his efforts, taking more of Norman into his mouth and sucking harder. Norman gasped hard and squirmed; whether to get away, or to increase his own pleasure, Blake couldn't tell. He grabbed Norman's waist harder in an authoritarian sort of way to be sure.

"G…god, Cartuh…" he barely managed between shuttering gasps. "I'm…not…I…"

Blake had a feeling he knew what the kid was getting at. He hesitated a moment before keeping himself connected to the younger man. It was either this, or get it all over his bed, or…god forbid, his fucking face. Blindfolded or not, he wouldn't given Norman that satisfaction. Norman's hips rose forward, his whole body shaking. Almost teasingly, Blake sucked down rather hard one last time, pushing him over the edge as he came hard. It didn't taste as bad as he was expecting, but he quickly removed his hand and mouth from the softening member anyway with a slight grimace.

His displeasure vanished as his eyes met Norman's face. Still gasping weakly and shaking, his normally pale face was bright red with pleasure and shame. Blake smirked as he rose his arms to undo the tie covering his eyes. Norman looked away quickly, as if too embarrassed to meet his eyes right away. When his breathing steadied, Norman licked some moisture into his lips and looked up at the older man, his gaze even more unfocused and dazed than usual. For a moment that lovely, submissive look remained, but he quickly tried to replace it with a stubborn stare.

Blake laughed, finding himself not bothered by his defiance. Really, it'd be a shame if he did actually change after that; if he was with someone constantly submitting to his glares, he'd be horribly bored. So he'd tolerate it, for now, until Norman once again reached the put where he had to be pushed down again. He reached up and pinched one of his cheeks condescendingly.

After a moment of silence, Blake put his hand down and got up with the intention of brushing his teeth and otherwise getting ready for bed. A sound of protest stopped him halfway and he looked back at its source.

"Cartuh!" Norman called irritably, his voice still a little higher than normal. "You forgot the handcuffs…"

Those pale blue eyes called for him to come back, but widened slightly when they saw the expression on Blake's face. A maniacal glint far too evil to be called merely mischievous filled them.

"...No I didn't. "

Norman eyed the sleeping giant next to him with irritation, rubbing his sore and slightly scratched wrists. He had had to fucking beg the dirty old cop to let him loose. Never mind that he had to drive all the way back to work in the morning…and the still throbbing spot on his neck reminded him he also had to find a way to hide that.

Still, even full of annoyance and tired to the bone, Norman's analytical side was rearing its head. He couldn't help but try to dissect exactly what had happened. Despite both parties' wishes, something was forming between the two that neither wanted to put into words. Even now, he was laying down in Carter's bed – the first few times they had slept together, he was literally kicked off the bed afterwards and left to sleep on the couch. Assuming they fucked in his bed in the first place.

But now, it didn't even seem to register in the lieutenant's mind anymore. He could shower, leave for a while, and come back and crawl into bed and the older man thought nothing of it. Or at least, didn't voice any complaints.

Well, he didn't exactly mind touching me earlier…Wonder how far I can take this?

Every bit of Norman's vast intelligence told him what he was about to do was suicidal, but hey, experiments were part of psychology. Throwing caution into the wind, he scooted over to Carter's sleeping form. He was facing him already, sleeping on his side with one arm by his side and the other extended above him. With some satisfaction, he noted that one of his earlier punches had landed true. The forming of a black eye was becoming evident.

Have fun hiding THAT tomorrow then, Cartuh, mimicking his words from earlier in his head as he began crawling as quietly as possible to lie down on the extended arm.

Carter woke up at the motion, just as Norman feared; perhaps it was all his years on the police force, but the man was a light fucking sleeper. His still sleepy gaze took in Norman's close proximity and head resting on his arm slowly before raising his other one and absently shoving him away.

Norman tried to erase the slight disappointment off his face as quickly as possible. Judging by the mixture on amusement and annoyance on the cop's face, he doubted his success.

"…like a fucking girl," he insulted sleepily, raising the arm he had used to shove him seconds ago. Norman braced himself for another hit; yet Carter's arm kept extending beyond Norman's chest and instead made its way behind his back. With a single lurch forward, Norman felt himself being shoved towards the man instead this time. Norman's head fell on the man's arm once more as the other arm remained embracing his back. Within seconds, Carter was asleep again.

Norman grinned madly in victory as he shifted in Carter's grip to get comfortable. He was a little worried for the inevitable shit storm tomorrow morning when they woke up like this – because really, there was no way Carter would admit or even remember doing this - but decided to take the man's advice from earlier, and just enjoy the moment.