Bedside Manners

Chapter Eleven: Compliance

Nowaki realized that while he was asleep, Hiroki had bound him with the restraints he'd still been wearing. Lying on his side as he was, the wrist of the arm that had been pillowing his head was now tethered to the head of the low platform that held the futon mattress.

Hiroki had wrapped the other leather strap in a rather complex fashion so that it now tied Nowaki's upper leg in a slightly bent position and his other hand was secured to the top of his thigh.

"So, Wa-chan, are you ready to play again?" Hiroki repeated. Nowaki shivered at both the challenge and the promise contained in Hiro-san's words.

"Demon-san?…" Nowaki's voice held a tone of uncertainty. He shifted and wiggled a bit in an attempt to get up. He would have resisted more strongly, but he was still spent from all their previous play.

Suddenly Nowaki felt a firm but gentle hand on his shoulder.

"No, 'Hiro-san', and be still," Hiroki rumbled.

As soon as he complied, Nowaki felt a gentle hand ruffle through his sex-tousled hair. Hiroki's nails lightly grazed his scalp sending a new wave of shivers down his spine.

"Good boy," Hiroki whispered into Nowaki's ear; he kissed its outer edge. "Yes or no, Nowaki?" Hiroki's breath feathered against the tender skin of Nowaki's neck as he nuzzled against it.

Nowaki paused a moment, suddenly unsure. "And what if I say 'no'?"

"Then I untie you and we go to sleep." Hiroki's growl was exceedingly gentle.

"And if I say yes?"

Hiroki offered a rare laugh at this question. He ran his hand not tangled in Nowaki's hair over his giant's lean thigh; his fingers traced their way around the bindings. He placed another hickeying kiss against a broad shoulder before answering.

"If you say 'yes,' then there's no 'lemon' for you this time. You'll just have to trust me."

Nowaki's balls hitched and his heart picked up its pace at these words. He knew he should say "yes" immediately, but then he'd never been tied like this either: he wasn't used to feeling so vulnerable.

Hiroki didn't say anything. He just waited.

He laid the underside of his chin over Nowaki's shoulder. The hand on Nowaki's thigh slipped up and his nails lightly scored the hollow of Nowaki's hip in languid circles.

Unsure of whether it was this touch or his reply to Nowaki's question that had brought a sudden tremble to his giant's lean frame, Hiroki murmured softly:

"Whatever you say, Wa-chan, it's your choice. There's no wrong answer here."

With Hiroki's chin resting on him as it was, Nowaki could feel the vibrations of the man's deep voice through his skin. This, and the words Hiro-san had just offered, soothed him.

"Yes…" Nowaki exhaled in a breath that was slightly shaky.

"Yes what, Wa-chan?" Hiroki pushed gently. The hand he had entwined in Nowaki's inky locks, turned the younger man's head slightly. Nowaki was startled when Hiroki shifted and leaned over his shoulder and captured his mouth in the tenderest of kisses.

Light nips and gentle sucks teased Nowaki. Hiroki brushed the corners of Nowaki's mouth making sure that not a single sliver it went unattended. His tongue licked across Nowaki's bottom lip.

Nowaki was hard-pressed to bite back a wanton sigh before opening his mouth and inviting in the velvet heat of Hiroki's tongue. When he went to respond with his usual assertiveness, Hiroki surprised him by pulling back just a bit. "Down, boy," he murmured into Nowaki's mouth in a tone that was both teasing and serious.

Despite his internal resistance at this silken order, Nowaki allowed himself to relax and soon he was carried away by sensation of all his lover's tender lingual explorations. He was shocked to realize in all the time he'd been with Hiroki he'd never allowed himself to be so defenseless. Even acknowledging this, Nowaki felt the familiar tenseness return to his body.

Hiroki recognized this immediately and adjusted his actions, entreating Nowaki with each whisper of his lips upon the younger man's to trust him.

Finally Hiroki ended their oral embrace. "Yes, what, Wa-chan?" he asked again returning to his earlier question.

"Yes… Hiro-san… I want you fuck me," Nowaki replied, his words thick, drunk on Hiroki's kisses.

"No," Hiroki said softly.

"No?" Nowaki was suddenly confused.

"Not 'fuck,' tell me you want me to make love to you, Nowaki."

Nowaki was surprised again when he found himself blushing at this direction stated so clearly by his Hiro-san. He knew that this shift in language should be easy, but instead he found his tongue tripping lamely over these simple words.

Seeing his lover's struggle, Hiroki offered some assistance, "Nowaki, say 'yes, Hiro-san'."

"Yes, Hiro-san," Nowaki whispered, gazing into Hiroki's eyes and awed by the tender power he saw there.

"I want you…" Hiroki whispered.

"I want you…" Nowaki echoed, suddenly feeling as he had years ago when Hiroki had so patiently worked with him on his English and realizing that this was in no small way a completely new kind of tutoring his lover was doing here.

"To make love to me," Hiroki growled softly.

Nowaki felt himself involuntarily quiver at these words. His cock was dripping with anticipation. More than costumes or hard passion, this was his deepest and most secret desire.

Nowaki felt himself stripped to his very soul that Hiro-san had somehow seen this. He couldn't help but close his eyes against Hiroki's intense gaze.

"To make love to me." Nowaki exhaled the words in a whispered breath that was barely audible. He could hear his heart pounding in his chest in the silence that followed. Then he felt the fingers of the hand on his head slip forward and lift up his shaggy bangs; warm lips pressed against his forehead.

When they withdrew Nowaki opened his eyes slowly, only to find Hiro-san looking at him with such warmth and a strength it made him feel as though his rampaging heart might burst.

"Good boy, Wa-chan" Hiroki offered a rare smile of approval. Then a little bit of his devil slipped into his expression. "Now then, where were we?" He tilted his head to the side pretending to consider this. "Oh, right, now I remember."

Hiroki leaned back down and captured his stunned lover's mouth again, beginning his profound reward to Nowaki for the successful start of their lesson.


*Never let your uke do any work! It's the uke's job to lie on the bed, it's YOUR job to make him feel good all night. (If your uke hasn't come at least five times, you're doing it wrong.) Taken from The Seme's Handbook by Dangerous Pleasures Scanalations.