A.N: This is not about the lion king at all. I was hoping I could just put it as one of my stories but not display it on the main page. It is a poem I wrote about my friend who commited suicide.

Poem for Hunter

You were always yourself,
You never complained or cried,
You remained true,
No one ever should've bullied you,
You didn't deserve this,
Nobody does,
Especially you,
Just because you were different doesn't mean it's okay,
Those people that did this to you are cruel,
I'm sorry hunter, for the things people said,
You weren't worthless, you were the opposite,
You were just you,
And that's all that matters,
This world can be cruel,
Family matters can be tough,
And there is nothing we can do but to stop bullying others by ourselves,
I thank you hunter for being my friend. Goodbye, Hunter.

A.N: Three weeks ago my friend Hunter Olson committed suicide. His motivation was his family matters and bullying at school. If you read this poem, I simply ask you please not to bully anyone. I would also appreciate any prayers for him if you pray.