I'm sorry my summary sucks so much! I should really be working on Heaven Sent, but I got this idea into my mind and I found that I just had to wirte it.

So things you should know: this takes place in the present time (Except you know, in Autumn) and Ciel is female! I just love making him the opposite gender for some reason ^_^


It was brisk morning as Sebastian strolled along the cobbled path, his footsteps echoing off the castle walls that surrounded him. A particularly cold breeze hit the man, causing him to pull the black coat he was wearing tighter around himself. It was only November, but the weather was gradually transitioning from the lazy carefree days of summer to the bitingly cold, miserable days of winter.

Sebastian would often like to come to the Tower of London in the morning on weekends. There was something about the gruesome murders and torture that occurred in the Towers that piqued his interest.

But of course that doesn't mean that he wasn't alive at the time. No, he was very much alive at that time nearly a millennia ago. In fact, at that time he would have most likely have been in his adolescent years, although he was not in London at the time it was built. The demon had actually just come here only half a century ago, he had recently been in Germany, preying on the many distressed souls that had lost something because of the war. He smiled as he remembered the bittersweet memories that came flooding back to him. He had been much more carefree in his younger days, feasting on twisted and tainted souls, not even bothering to form contracts.

He was older now, and through his experience he had gained a better understanding of the benefits of a contract. But, true as it was that contracts were much more rewarding in the end, Sebastian would often catch himself thinking of his reckless adolescence.


Sebastian blinked as he was stirred out of his daydreaming by a small, high pitched voice. Looking around for the source that had rudely interrupted him from his thoughts, Sebastian's eyes landed on two small forms at the top of one of the towers. One was a boy of around 8, with soft golden hair that fell lightly around his face, and bright blue eyes that shone from underneath his bangs. The other, the speaker, was a smaller girl who looked to be about a year younger, with dark hair tinted slightly blue, and large cerulean eyes. The girl appeared to be watching the older boy as he was standing precariously on the edge of the tower.

Curious, Sebastian decided to see how it would play out. Humans, they never seized to amuse him so.

"Hey Robin, did you know, this is the bloody tower," the blond said gleefully looking out at the city's horizon, "where those two princes were ruthlessly murdered. Do you think maybe we would be able to hear their screams from here?" he added, probably trying to get some sort of reaction from the statement.

The girl looked unfazed at what the blonde had said, "You idiot. Get down from there at once." the petite voice shouted with authority, at the boy who was now placing one foot in front of the other along the edge of the tower's roof. Surprisingly there was no hint of concern in the girl's voice as her companion continued to walk along the risen concrete edge of the tower.

The boy laughed, looking back at the girl, "What? Afraid of getting in trouble for breaking the rules?" the boy said mockingly.

"Of course not, rules are destined to be broken if you want to survive in this world," the girl said as if this were obvious, "but if you continue to do that you'll wind up dead, not that I care, but don't expect me to be there to pick up your broken pieces."

Sebastian was slightly taken aback by the words that the young girl had spoke with such conviction. It was extremely unlike a seven-year old to not really care whether or not their friend plummated to their death, but it was also very strange the way she delivered those lines with such seriousness. Sebastian smirked, very much entertained by these strange children.

The boy then wore an eerie smile as he turned back towards the edge and lifted a leg as if to step on a patch of air, his body leaned forward with a gleeful smile as he was about to topple off the edge-

Frowning the boy miraculously caught himself and spun back around to face the girl, "You're so boring Robin, you wouldn't even try to save me?" the blonde said with a pout.

Crossing her little arms with a 'humph', Robin looked back at the boy with an emotionless expression, seemingly bored with the situation, "Why should I? It's your choice whether or not to hold onto that thread, you either fight for your world, or you lose it all because you can't keep up. That's all there is to it. Besides," she said leading the boy with her eyes to look down at her frail arm, which was held out, " I had my hand out for you to grab, had you wanted too."

The boy smiled a genuine smile at this, which soon turned into a mischievous one, "Does that mean you'll let me hold your hand?" the blond said winking playfully.

The girl scoffed at this, instantly dropping the outstretched arm, "Sometimes you disgust me, Alois." The boy, Alois, laughed at this, causing Robin to roll her eyes, but a faint smile could be seen on her face.

Sebastian started to chuckle at the two before catching himself, laughing at something as mundane as children's antics? He was realy not acting like himself today. He quickly turned his head away from the two, wondering why he had bothered to watch the conversation in the first place. Shaking his head at his strange actions, he continued to walk down the cobbled path before he did something else utterly riddculous (apparently he had stopped in his tracks to watch children. Sigh, how humiliating his actions were today).

The girl must have see his movement because she froze, staring at his form. Feeling the gaze on his back, Sebastian turned his head back around to see that the girl was intently staring at him. Feeling the pull of those deep, sea-blue orbs he locked eyes with her.

Time seemed to stop as they were trapped by others eyes, one set of demonic red, and one set of pure blue. Subconsciously the young girl started to move forward one hand slightly outstretched, as if to reach out to him.

The next second she was falling.


Robin looked back up at Alois in a daze. Seeing his facial expression she realised what was happening, and squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the end...

Only to land in Sebastian's arms.

"One should always follow one's own advice, especially when it's as wise as yours, mademoiselle," the young girl looked up and blinked, taking in the stranger's pale, unblemished complexion. His eyes were an odd shade of red and he had ebony hair that fell on either side of his perfectly structured, slender face. And then she did something rather peculiar,

she laughed.

Giggles spilled out of her pretty little pink mouth, the musical sound of her laughter bubbling up from her throat. Sebastian could only stare at the petite form in his arms, completely at a loss of words at the sudden strange reaction.

The girl raised her head to look into the strangers eyes, her lips still curved into a smile, a little mittoned hand covering the pink mouth to stop the giggles from spilling out, her eyes absolutely delighted. One would say that she looked utterly adorable.

"It's so very ironic," the little girl said happily, her beautiful blue eyes boring into his scarlet ones, "My parents always used to tell me that red eyes bring terrible misfortune, but a pair of red eyes just saved me from misfortunate!" she explained, giggling once again.

Before Sebastian could respond, her companion, Alois called out to her, "Robin! Robin are you alright!" the blonde said in a panic, concern etched into his face. The girl hoped out of the demons hold, brushing herself off, "I'm fine, calm down Alois. I was lucky enough to have this kind stranger to catch me," the girl turned back to Sebastian, locking eyes with him again and giving him a small smile, "Thank you for catching me, Sir, I'm terribly sorry to have inconvenienced you," she said politely.

Smiling genuinely, Sebastian decided that he liked this strange girl, "It was no problem mademoiselle, one would not be able to call himself a gentleman if he merely stood by as a pretty young lady such as yourself fell out of the sky."

The young girl just stared at him, head cocked, with a curious look on her face. She opened her small mouth, as if to say something but was cut off by her blond companion, "Thank you, sir, but you see we have to get going now, so if you'll excuse us," the boy said annoyed, grabbing onto Robin's hand and basically dragging her along with him. For some reason, even though that man saved Robin, there something Alois didn't like about him. He couldn't quite put his finger on the reason why, but it was probably something to do with the way he was looking at Robin. Alois felt like he had to protect little Robin from this man, the thought making him tighten his grip on the fragile little bird.

"Wait!" the little girl under her companion's arm chirped looking back at the stranger, tugging herself out his string grip, "You saved me, can I at least know your name?"

Sebastian turned back around to look at the source of the small voice, for a second considering giving the child a fake name, he wasn't one to give out his true name unnecessarily. Well, he thought, I've already done more strange things in the past 10 minutes than I have in centuries; I doubt I could do anything else more humiliating than what I already have.

Sighing inwardly at himself, Sebastian locked eyes with the small child's anxious ones, "My name is Sebastian, Sebastian Michealis."

The look of anxiety on the young girl's face was replaced with a pleased one, she smirked back at him still being pulled by her friend, "My name is Robin, Robin Phantomhive!" Her voice was faint because of the she was so far away, but Sebastian was able to catch the words with his heightened demon senses.

Sebastian stood where he was, watching the small girls form retreat into the distance, before turning around and continuing on his way. Robin Phantomhive, the name echoed through his head and he smiled as he walked along the cobbled path, he'd never been so entertained by one small child, I hope someday we meet again.

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