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Sebastian and Robin Meet- first chapter

2 years later - Robin's 'death'

CURRENT TIME -9 years after intial meeting, 7 years after Robin's death

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Sebastian watched as the blood trickled slowly down his fingers, tendrils of dark red liquid that left stains of scarlet on his smooth complexion, contrasting sharply with his pale skin. His lunch had been quite satisfying. Fey's soul was tainted with large amounts of fear, ignorance, and blind determination; he should be sated now for at least a couple of decades.

Although, that little bird's would have been so much more delicious, he thought sadistically with slight disappointment. It had been nearly nine years since he had the chance encounter with the peculiar child, and even with his enhanced demon skills he had yet to locate the girl. It so very frustrating, to think a centuries old, supernatural being with extraordinary strength and intelligence that humans could only dream of having, couldn't find one measly little runt. He had been able to track down the young girl's parents, but that was only because the Phantomhive name was so well known that you would have to be an imbecile not to know who they were. Yes, knowing where her parents were was all very well and good, but failing to find the girl with them after carefully planned surveillances of the estate was very irritating indeed. Oh the embarrassment, how all the demons would be laughing at him now. Pathetic they would call him,he would never be able to live this down in the demon world.

There was also the fact that about seven years ago the young girl had been proclaimed dead, a mysterious event that gave hardly any details about the child's death. The papers merely stated that it had been an unexpected illness, most likely a fever of some-sort, and that the child's frail body couldn't handle it. But something about the story seemed odd to Sebastian. Yes it was certainly possible for one to die from a fever, but coming from the wealthy family that the girl did, one would think that there would have been easy access to countless doctors that could have been paid with what they considered pocket change. There was another strange fact about the ordeal that Sebastian found quite suspicious there were no photos that went along with the articles. Even stranger was that when he tried to gather other articles and photos of the girl they had disappeared without a trace, as if someone were trying to erase the evidence that the child had even existed. Most puzzling indeed.

A large drop of blood hung precariously from his finger, the liquid swelled, ready to drop to the Earth far below. Sebastian swiftly caught the drop with his tongue, letting it spread across his tongue like a snowflake. Slipping his tongue back in his mouth, the demon's cruel face twitched into an eerie smile.

The fact that he couldn't find elusive bird didn't deter him from his search though. Oh no, it only encouraged him, drove him to find her. After being thoroughly mocked by the little brat, he would make sure that he did find her, by any means possible.

A young girl subconsciously twirled a pen around in her long bony fingers as she was completely absorbed in a textbook. It was relatively silent in the room except for the delicate click as the pads of her fingers meet the cheap plastic exterior of the pen.

...Thomas Young performed his famous double slit experiment which seemed to prove that light was a wave- (1)

The young girl was abruptly disrupted as the bulb in the desk light hat she was using flickered like that of a bug zapper whenever an unfortunate fly had the misfortune of running into it. Sighing she reached out a pale hand o adjust the reading lamp, only to quickly retract the hand when she failed to realize that the lamp would be hot as hell. Shaking out the injured the injured hand as she chastised herself for her stupidity, the dark haired youth reflected on why she had to resort to using the storeroom to read through her textbooks. Really, she should be reading the quantum physics textbook in the library, like the majority of society, but then she remembered that she hated the library. She found that she couldn't stand the place, it was always crowded with overly-enthusiastic scientists that milled about and pretended to be 'working', and every time she went in there for some peaceful reading the imbeciles tried to talk with her, as if she actually liked the cold-hearted bastards. To make matters worse the idiots didn't seem to comprehend that a library was generally considered to be a quiet place. You know where people of refined intellect and of which genuinely have a brain, went to attempt to enrich said brain with some interesting and rather insightful reading.

But apparently they couldn't quite grasp this concept.

Sometimes though, they would force her to go to the god-forsaken place, claiming that she was being an 'anti-social hermit' by hiding in storage rooms, which she didn't really see any problems with. Was it so weird to squat in the dusty corners of old, dimly lit storage rooms to read a good physics book or too? She hardly thought so, but that's besides the point. The point being that the reason she had ended up here is all because it was one of those days. Usually when the anti-social girl was forced to study in the library she sat with the awkward young scientist, whose name has escaped her this morning, as (fortunately) he didn't feel the need to fill up the silence with nonsensical babbling. Of course with her luck today she had been forced to sit with a group of scientists who were having a heated discussion about the cuteness of cats. I'm not kidding you, cats. Of course this then led to the blue-eyed teen promptly leaving the table without a word.

"Robinnn~!" an obnoxiously perky male voice sounded.

Oh Lord. Just what I need, another idiot, the dark haired girl thought grumpily. "Alois, I thought I told you stop calling me by that name,"

The blonde haired boy pouted as he walked over to the young girl, "But that name is so cute~" Alois whined. Dramatically lying in front of the irritated girl on the desk she was currently trying to use to study. The exuberant blond was also most likely aware of the scandalous pose that he was now making, that was completely suggestive and inviting. Long pale legs were draped across the plain wooden desk and practically shoved into the young girls face. The dark haired girl was virtually used to the young man's constant flaunting of his body, and proceeded to effectively ignore the insane antics of Alois.

"Robin Phantomhive is dead. The girl you once knew isn't here anymore and I implore you to except this fact and call me by my real name," said girl said rather fed up with the overly enthusiastic blond. Really. She had to remind the air head every time she saw him not to call her that name, which was often due to the boy's clingy personality.

Anger flashed in Alois' eyes, his mood instantly changing. The dark haired girl wasn't particularly surprised by this, Alois tended to be very bipolar, his emotions would fluctuate unpredictably. One minute he would be overly excited and hyperactive and practically dancing the tango, and next he would be angry and rather violent and ready to kill anyone on sight.

"Fine," the temperamental blond said venomously, puting as much distain as he could in the next word, "Ciel," but his emotions shifted again after using the name, his eyes glazing over with disconsolate sadness.

The azure eyed girl didn't need an explanation for the sudden change in emotion, she already knew the reason behind the young boy's despondency. Ciel was a name they had given her, after she had relinquished her former name. It was short for Complex Integrated Electron Limitor, Ciel for short. No last name. The dark haired girl always thought it an appropriate name, given the circumstances. It represented the experiment she had become, the fragile bird she no longer was, in that girl's place was an experiment, a machine, Ciel.

The soft sound of Alois readjusting himself on the desk brought Ciel out of her reverie. Shaking her head a little she finally turned her attention to the idiot lying on her desk. He was still attempting a seductive pose, in his usual Alois kind of way that the blond may not have even been aware of. Dear Lord, he probably does this in his sleep, the petite girl thought with disgust, daintily scrunching up her nose as if she caught a whiff of a particularly bad smell. Sighing, the small irritated girl decided she may as well ask the moron why he felt the need to rudely interrupt her from her studying.

"What is it that you want?" the girl asked bluntly, not even bothering to hide her annoyance with the psychopathic blond.

Said blond feigned a hurt expression, "What? Can I not visit my best friend without having an ulterior motive?" . Alois attempted to subtly move his legs closer to Ciel by pretending to stretch them out, a slightly devious look on the cheeky blonds face.

"You only ever barge in here when you want to bother me about something," the young girl said trying to focus back on the textbook she had been attempting to read earlier, but failing miserably as Alois' pale legs abruptly settled themselves on the physics book, "and for God's sake Alois could you put on some decent clothing for once? It's like I've got my own personal stripper over here!"

"Oh Ciel don't you worry," the devious blond said wiggling his eyebrows, "I will strip down for you anytime you want, just say the word and the clothes are gone"

Ciel felt her eye twitching in annoyance, this boy was entirely too much to handle, how the girl managed to stay sane after spending all of this time with him, she honestly didn't know.

"That will hardly be neces-"

"I'm totally serious,"

"And so am I," Ciel responded, pinching the bridge of her nose while feeling a major migrane coming on, "so as I was saying that will not be requ-"

"Fuck. Please say yes- Ahhh! Hey!" Alois scrambled as he quickly dodged the heavy textbook that was aimed directly at his head. Alois eyebrows shot up, completely shocked, " Holy shit you've got some arm there!"

Ciel huffed at the blonde's antics entirely fed up with the direction the conversation was headed in, "Could you just tell me why it is you feel the need to bother me at the moment?"

Alosi sighed, turning slightly more serious and looking a little uncomfortable about the matter. The blonde slowly swing his legs back down to the ground, lightly hopping off the table. His back still turned to Ciel, he spoke softly, "...They.." the usually loud blond became even quieter, so quiet that the young girl found herself having to lean forward to catch the rest of his words, "..They want to see you.." the blond turned his head back hesitantly to look at Ciel, sadness written all over his face, "..in the Procedural room," the forlorn boy said dejectedly.

Oh, Ciel thought in realization, this explains the stranger than normal behavior, which, when you're talking about Alois is basically equal to being completely insane. Ciel would never admit it, but she felt slightly bad for the gloomy looking blond, he was always so depressed when Ciel had to go through these types of things. Couple that with the fact that Alois also tended to get rather grumpy and violent and you had an extremely dangerous mental patient who decided to torture anyone that came near them. It was always so time consuming to try and stop Alois from stabbing someone in the eye with a fork. Literally. The unfortunate scientist now had to wear bandages over her eye after the incident.

Ciel said nothing as she emotionlessly turned on her heels and walked out of the room.

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