Ok, hi everyone! So I've been obsessed with Baraju no Kiss since a long time ago and I've been meaning to write a fanfic with MutsukixAnis as a pairing since I love those two together.

This idea came to me one day while I was sleeping, and it's a story about Anis's life "married" to Mutsuki. Each chapter will have a title that starts with one of the letters from the alphabet.

I wanted to give this story as much of a chronological order as possible so the first few chapters are based on the past of how Anis ended up Blood Marrying Mutsuki. Since I want to concentrate on their "marriage", I just want to warn everyone beforehand that I'm not going to get into the action with the whole Rose Princess and Knights vs. Schwartz and Fake Knights. So there is going to be a time-skip after the first few chapters, ok?

And for the sake of this story, let's just pretend that Anis has already leveled most of her knight up to the third level, and that the Blood Marriage, like the True Contracts, is a ceremony that can be done by choice (even if the person doesn't completely want to).

So now that all that is clear, I just want to say that I'm not exactly a great fanfiction writer, and since English in not really my original language, I want to apologize beforehand for any mistakes I might have made.

Still I really hope you like this.

Disclaimer: Ok, so I think it's obvious I don't own Barajou no Kiss. If I did, MutsukixAnis would be CANON. So nope, it's not mine.

A-Z Blood Marriage

With Mutsuki, no matter what he does, I won't be scared. But what should I do in order to touch that very deep loneliness? Because I want to protect you. –Anis Yamamoto

D: Decisions

Anis was sitting on her bed, feeling as if she was going to throw up or faint any time soon. She felt ill, enraged, indignant, and completely and absolutely dismayed.

Trying to calm herself down, she took a deep breath, as she recalled all of the events from a few hours before.

Anis, her four Rhode Knights, Itsushi sensei and Ninufa had a reunion in the school's basement that afternoon. That meeting had was of great importance since they needed to discuss the current situation involving the Arcana Cards, the cracking seal, the fake knights and Schwartz. They had some vital decisions to make since all the recent events had pretty much left them on a position of disadvantage. Schwartz had in his possession the majority of the Arcana cards, and his fake knights had proved themselves to be quite powerful enemies.

The group needed to take a new course of action if they wanted to be the ones who ended victorious in this battle to protect humanity.

All of the Arcana cards that were needed to return the Devil's Seal to its true state of equilibrium had not yet been retrieved. Without all the missing fragments, the cracks on the seal had worsened, threatening to let free the devil trapped inside.

Anis and her knights currently had some of the cards, and there were still a few others left to search for. But despite all that, the worst part of their situation was that Anis's father seemed to have most of the Arcana cards in his possession.

With the cracking seal and the threat of an incredibly powerful enemy ready to be freed, at that moment everyone was in a state of panic. They knew they needed to take drastic measures in order to find the missing cards, defeat Schwartz and The Fake knights, and rebuild the seal soon, or else, the whole world would have to face the terrible consequences.

Throughout the whole ordeal on which Anis had sought the Arcana cards, she leveled most of her knights up, strengthening the bond between her and them. They had all gotten closer to her, each one on a different way. Whether romantically or friendly, the feelings they had for one another had helped them reach until the third stage.

Considering that fact, and the desperate situation they were in, Itsushi Sensei explained to them the most reasonable and beneficial choice they had at that moment. One idea Anis had been against ever since the time she completed the True Contracts:

Anis had to choose one of her Rhode Knights within the next two days to complete the Blood Marriage with him.

Of course, the girl definitely did not take the news well. As soon as Itsushi sensei dropped the bomb on Anis, she completely stopped moving and even breathing. A few moments after the initial shock, she pretty much whipped and nabbed everyone with her "deathblow briars" in her outrage, screaming it was all nonsense, that over her dead body she would do it, and cursing everyone all the while. She was definitely not going to do that with any them.

Despite the fact that Anis was pretty much strangling her knights at the moment, they all pretty much understood her reaction. Because of that, none of them protested.

And then suddenly, Anis felt the need to choke her sensei as well.

As if sensing the girl's threatening aura, the professor immediately began explaining to her that Blood Marrying was the best option they had if they wanted to stop the cracking seal and Schwartz.

It was the only reasonable solution. The only that could turn everything to their favor.

Not only would the seal stop cracking considerably by completing the Engagement, just as it stopped cracking when she completed the True Contracts, Anis would also have strengthened one of her knights to the maximum of his abilities, making him more powerful and skillful than any of their enemies.

It all seemed logical.

A while latter Anis left the school, mad and fuming, assuring herself that there definitely had to be better way to find the missing cards and defeat her father, than completing the Blood Marriage with anyone.

But after some hours of consideration and inner debate, Anis, defeated, came to the sad conclusion that indeed, her professor was right.

There was no other way to win this battle.

She couldn't believe everything had come to this point. It all seemed like some sort of insanity that had come straight out of a nightmare.

The whole thing seemed extremely rushed and absurd. She had only two days to choose whom she would marry and as far as she knew, as her teacher had explained, it was a life-bonding engagement that would most probably last for the rest of her life.

Just thinking about the implications and magnitude of such a commitment made her head ache.

She felt sad, angry and horrified that she had to do this for the sake of humanity. The destiny of everything and everyone she knew would depend on her actions and decision within the next few days.

Really she didn´t even know what to make of the whole situation.

All the stress she felt and the mess of thoughts in her head had left her feeling sick.

She kept on wishing for the rest of the day for it all to be a dream, and for it to simply end soon…

Latter that night, as Anis remained sleepless on her bed, even if it was all going to be completely against her will, she began to analyze her four options.

Tenjoh sempai had been totally out of the question ever since Itushi sensei proposed the Blood Marriage idea. She knew that the man would love her with all of his devotion, dedicate his entire being to her. But really, she could only take his flamboyance, egocentrism and overall creepiness in small doses, for short periods of time. She was sure as hell not going to be bound herself to him for the rest of her life. That would simply be gross and horrifying.

She shuddered at the thought.

Seiran was such a sweet boy who had showed her unconditionally how much he loved her and wanted her to be happy. He would probably do anything within his reach to ensure that she'd be content for the rest of her life if she were to "marry" him. She knew that to engage him would not be a bad idea, except for the fact that her feelings would not allow her to do so. She loved Seiran very much. Really she did… but not in a romantic way. What she felt for him only allowed her to view him as a friend or a small bother, not someone that she could be involved with romantically.

And then came her next choice: Kaede. He was very protective of her, and, despite the fact that they fought most of the time, he could be quite nice to her. If she was honest with herself, she could admit that she felt something very special for him. And she was almost sure that he felt something similar for her too. Maybe marrying him would not be that bad…? He seemed like the best and most logical option at the moment.

But then the definite issue came. She could level Kaede up, make him stronger than everyone else, but… would that really work for their purposes? He was really strong right now without having to reach the final stage. She knew they would have to fight at one point or another, but there was also the need at the moment to identify the location of the lost cards as well as the one's in possession of her father.

And it all led her to her last option: Mutsuki

She really didn´t know what to think of that.

Anis cared about the Dark Stalker in so many ways she couldn't even begin to count them. He was loyal, knightly, and even sweet when he wanted to be. He could easily make her heart pound, and, even if she wouldn't openly admit it, she knew that a part of her was inevitably attracted to him.

She knew the benefits of Blood Marrying him would be more than marrying anyone else. He was initially powerful just for the simple fact that he was a Dark Stalker. Completing the Engagement with him, would probably enhance his inhuman strength as well as his searching abilities to majestic proportions allowing them to find the cards and also put up a good fight, as he could attack and defend too solely using his strings.

And she liked him; really, she did. She was even attracted to him. But to tell the truth she wasn't sure attraction and care was enough to sustain a relationship with him for what could probably be the rest of her life.

She closed her eyes, realizing that all of her options only led to one choice.

And so in that instant… she made her decision.

She knew that she had two more days to think about this, but she also knew there was no other option no matter how much she pondered on it.

Anis sighed and placed her hands on her face, feeling the need to scream as loud as possible.

Ugh, why her of all people? She wanted to meet someone nice, whom she'll fall in true and pure love. Then have the opportunity to live happy the rest of her life with that person. She did not want things to be like this. She didn't to want to "marry" one of her knight just because she had to. She would have liked to bind herself to someone because she simply wanted to.

It all had seem as if her destiny and the rest of her life had been decided by throwing a coin into the air, and she didn't even have had the time to say which side of the coin she wanted.


This was all pure insanity.

If only this could be just a dream… a nightmare even.

All she wanted was just to wake up…

-End Chapter 1

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