Title: Blood Flowers
Author: groffiction / Azriel
Rating: M
Fandom: Snarry AU
Summary: After Snape's death, and the destruction of the last Horcrux, Harry has one choice to change the past as well as the future. What happens if his choice causes not only himself to go back in time, but also to switch into a different reality? A reality that has Severus Snape the same age as him? And what's this? They are both going to Durmstrang? Eventual Snarry Slash Fic.
Disclaimer: Don't own anyone you recognize. Everyone you don't and the plot bunny is mine. Please do not sue! I am broker than a church mouse with no cheese.
Warnings/Notes: Due to all of the lovely reviews I have received for Slytherin Angel, and the fact that I just saw the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie, I got inspired to write another Snarry story. That being said, there will be eventual slash sex, oocness at first with Severus-the-boy (though I will attempt to make him as canon as possible in later chaps), violence, gore, mentions of abuse, neglect, and torture.

Further inspirations come from the moving dark lyrical song Bloodflowers, by the Cure. *Hence the title*


"Are you sure you wish to do this, Harry?" Dumbledore asked kindly as he sat next to Harry on a bench in the white of King's Cross station.

Harry was dead.

Or at least, that's what the young wizard figured. Either that or this was some sort of 'in between' stage. Despite the strangeness of all this, Harry was absolutely sure that he was indeed, talking with Dumbledore. How this was happening, Harry did not know, nor did he care at this point.

Harry regarded the older, wizened wizard and nodded.

"He did not deserve to die, nor did anyone else. I understand that death is something we all have to deal with in war, but why did HE, above all others get the short end of the stick? After one screw up, he had a life of hell, and then died at the hands of Voldemort." Harry stated calmly, though his emotions were anything but.

"There's more, isn't there?" Dumbledore smiled slightly.

Harry lowered his eyes and sighed. "I have a feeling that there is some sort of connection between us. And I figure Snape hated me because of it."

Dumbledore rested a gentle hand on the young wizard. "Snape did not hate you Harry. He had to fool everyone in order to protect you from Voldemort. If Voldemort had learned that Snape was a spy, and worse, protecting Lily's son, then he would have used Severus to kill you. And Severus could not handle that thought."

"I understand that. But, I do believe, he felt the same connection. I researched about it a bit when I was younger, after the pensieve incident. And every sign leads to one thing." Harry chewed on his lip.

"He's your soul mate." Dumbledore murmured.

"Yes." Harry breathed, feeling as if a huge weight had lifted from his shoulders.

"If you go along with this, you both could be changed forever. You might not see your friends again, nor might you have the same reality in which you had in this life. Do you still wish to do this?" Dumbledore asked, wanting to be sure that Harry was completely set on this.

Harry lifted his emerald eyes to seek out Dumbledore's. With firm determination, he nodded. "Yes."

"Very well. Goodbye, Harry. And good luck." Bright white light surrounded them both.

And then Harry felt like he was falling.

Falling, falling, down into the past. He saw flashes of memories go by. And soon, there was darkness.

Chapter One: The Rescue

When Harry opened his eyes, it was because of a heavy knock sounding somewhere below. He sat up and instantly wished he hadn't. His back burned as if someone had taken a whip to it recently, and his whole body ached with bruises, both visible and unseen. He shivered against the frosty room and sighed out a breath of steam.

He looked around himself, noting that his eyes had been fixed somehow, for there were not spectacles anywhere in sight. But, where was he? Confused and a little bit disoriented, Harry noted in the dim light that he was in a dark room, on a straw pallet that had definitely seen better days, and he was wearing basically rags.

Wondering if he was back in Surrey with his muggle relatives, he listened as the sound of raised voices permeated through the boards of his otherwise barely furnished room.

He tried to listen, even as he tried to get off of the itchy mattress. He weakly stood shakily on too skinny of legs, and wandered to the door, which was bolted shut. He looked down at himself, noting that indeed, he looked much like his eleven year old self. But still the question of where he was came foremost into his mind.

As he listened, he could barely understand the words coming from the raised voices. One was deeper, and the other was gruff.

Finally one, distinct feminine voice broke in, "He will not be going! We agreed when we took THAT boy in that we would NOT have him go to that bloody school! Or any school for that matter that teaches FREAKS."

It sounded like Aunt Petunia alright.

Did that mean that Hagrid was there? And was he really back in Surrey? Then why was he not in his cubby? Dumbledore's words came back to him as he listened more. That's right. This may be a totally different past, or a different realm. It made sense then that this might not be what he was expecting.

There was a darker voice that answered calmly, "Regardless of what you think, Mrs. Dursley, the boy must be taken to Durmstrang. It's for his own good and for yours. There, he will be away from Dumbledore. There, he will learn what he is meant to learn. And you both will be well compensated."

Harry's eyes widened. Why did that voice sound so familiar? It almost sounded like Lucius Malfoy! What in Merlin's name was going on?

"You are willing to pay us a hefty price for the boy? But why? He is worthless." Vernon's bellow rattled through the whole house. "Besides, what if Dumbledore finds out? We do not want to have to deal with that crack pot old wizard!"

"I assure you that given the circumstances, you both have little choice in the matter. The boy will be going. Take the money or leave it. I do not care. And don't worry, you will not ever see the boy again. Obliviate." The other wizard murmured softly.

Getting a bit apprehensive, Harry stumbled back from the door and made his way to the window, despite his injuries. He had dealt with worse even in his own past. He looked out of the window and saw nothing but snow. Snow? This early? It mustn't be quite August yet, surely. He looked at an old threadbare calendar and his eyes widened.

It was August 5th. Merlin's beard. He definitely wasn't in Surrey.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs and he looked around in vain for some way to hide. Finding nothing to hide behind, he regarded the window. He couldn't very well jump. So he was stuck.

He shivered as he heard a softer, more familiar voice, though it was very young. "Where is he, uncle?"

His eyes widened in shock. They widened even further when the other wizard murmured, "This way, Severus. I believe the muggles made sure he was locked up."

"What a horrible thing to do!" Severus exclaimed.

"Yea, well, what do you expect? They are muggles!" Said another familiar voice. This time it sounded A WHOLE lot like Lucius.

"Filthy idiots." Came another voice, which sounded like Draco.

How many were there present? Harry wondered this as he hugged himself. Feeling queasy at the thought of seeing both Malfoys, even with a young Severus present, Harry took in deep breaths. His stomach was cramping from hunger, which did not help things.

"Boys, calm yourself." The older sounding Malfoy murmured, and then did a spell on his padlocked door.

"How barbaric!" Severus hissed, though was quieted when the older Malfoy disposed of all of the locks.

Opening the door gently, they instantly spotted Harry.

Harry stared at the four in shock. There standing in front of him was a spitting image of Malfoy Sr, yet how can that be? And how could it be that there was not one, but twin eleven year old Dracos? When Harry's eyes fell on the young Severus, he all but gaped.

Severus was the same age as HIM as well!

Harry slumped to the floor and cradled his knees to his chest. When Dumbledore had told him that things might be different, Harry had figured he could handle it. But things were so different; could he really go through with all of this?

"Father, is he really the supposed 'Chosen One'? He looks weaker than a mouse!" One Draco said with a smirk, which made Harry want to punch his lights out.

Still, it was refreshing hearing normal attitude coming from the twin. But, Merlin's beard, Harry had had enough trouble defending himself against ONE Draco. How could he deal with TWO?

"Enough, Draco." The older Malfoy said, before advancing into the room. "I gather you'd look the same if you had muggles that raised you."

"Not all muggles are bad, Uncle Abraxus." Severus piped up as he rushed forward, around the older Malfoy.

Severus walked over to Harry and stated, "We've come to take you away from here."

Harry flushed slightly, not sure if he liked this friendly, open Severus. He was used to Snape being quiet, contemplative, and well… badass. Still, he had to act as if he had no idea who Snape was. Harry figured this would be the most difficult thing he'd ever done in his life: pretending that he had no memory of his past life. And he'd have to do it, until Snape was ready to be told, if he ever was.

"Who are you people?" Harry asked, knowing that he was supposed to not know magic.

Severus smiled brightly, causing Harry to flush again. Severus looked rather handsome when he was smiling, even as a boy of only eleven. "I'm Severus, Severus Snape." He gestured to his uncle, "This is my uncle Abraxus Malfoy, and my cousins Lucius and Draco."

Wow. Severus as a boy was awfully friendly. But, maybe that was a good thing? If they were soul mates, then maybe Severus and him could start off as friends. The idea was something getting used to. Just like the thought of Lucius being Draco's twin brother.

But, if this meant keeping Severus alive and his friends, then Harry was willing to go through all of this. You've always protected me, Snape. Now it's my turn, until you wish it differently. I owe you that much. Harry thought. Aloud, Harry said softly, "I'm Harry Potter."

"Harry? That's a terrible name!" Draco whined. "Father, why can't we give him another name? And who would want to have 'potter' as a last name? Seriously it's totally normal and painfully dull."

His brother rolled his eyes and nudged Draco, "Way to go, Dragon, insulting the most famous wizard of all time."

Draco flushed in embarrassment, but regarded his father curiously. "Actually, that may, indeed, be the best choice. Durmstrang is already a harsh place to go to school in. But, it would be even more difficult if Potter went in under his own name. There are still Voldemort supporters out there. It'd be best to keep Harry incognito for the time being."

Harry's eyebrows rose, noting that Abraxus' left arm was bare. Hmmm… this is very different. Harry thought, but decided to give up on comparing his past with his present. Take one step at a time.

Severus gaped at his brow, "Merlin's beard! You have it!"

Harry blinked, reminded by how Ron had acted pretty much the same to seeing his scar for the first time. "Severus, let the boy breathe for Merlin's sake." Lucius chuckled.

"Besides, we must leave here before his muggle relatives come to. I do not want to lower myself in dealing with either of their presences for much longer if I do not have to." Abraxus stated. "Come, Severus, help him up."

Severus tried to help Harry up, and noted the wounds on his back. "UNCLE! He's been whipped!"

Abraxus' eyebrows drew close together as his mood turned sour. "Those filthy muggles. How dare they even think about touching a wizard?" Still, Abraxus knew that they had to get out soon, before Dumbledore found out that the wards had been breached. He had used a most difficult spell in order to get through them without difficulty and without detection. Still, it only had a few minutes more leeway.

Harry winced as his back flared in pain, but dealt with it, if it meant getting far away from here. And the aspect of being with Severus, even if he was a child, was promising.

Harry looked up in shock as Abraxus said a soft healing charm to stop the bleeding on his back. He thought he'd never see the day that a Malfoy, young or old, would do something as humane as helping his back heal. Still, he had to remember that this was a different reality, and therefore a different past.

It was his present now, and trying to act in character, he gasped, "What did you just do?"

"Seriously, muggles are horrible at explaining things." Lucius stated, taking hands with his father and brother. Severus took hold of Harry and his uncle, and they all side along apparated.

Through the whole process, Harry passed out. Whether it was from the stomach pulling sensation, or just being exhausted from the lack of blood, he didn't know.

All he knew is that for the first time in several years, he had no dreams of Voldemort or dementors. It was refreshing to have a dreamless sleep for once.

When he came to, he was in a soft bed, in a room that was ornately decorated, but felt cozy. He blinked his eyes against the rays of morning sunlight filtering through a large paned window. He reached up and rubbed his eyes, finding that the wounds on his back were much better today.

He was also dressed in pajamas that reminded him a bit of the ones he had bought in Diagon Alley during his first year at Hogwarts. He heard a murmur of voices just outside his room and listened in, even as he sat up and yawned.

"But, Uncle, I don't want to go back there! He hates me. It's not like it is here." Severus' voice of desperation came through the door.

Curious, Harry listened some more, wondering if Snape was referring to his awful father. He hadn't just seen Severus dealing with James in that pensieve. Snape's father was an awful man, harsh, strict, and borderline abusive. Harry was just surprised that Severus-the-boy was still so cheerful and full of life.

It made Harry sad to think of Severus becoming so bitter later on in life. And even then, Severus had not ceased to care. True, Severus cared mainly for his vow on Lily's grave to keep Harry safe, but he had also felt that connection between them.

And though Severus might not have realized what that connection was, he still had let himself care.

"I understand that, Severus. But, your father wants to see you before you go to Durmstrang. He stated it was very important for him to spend time with you." Abraxus said softly, before he added, "I wish that it was not so, for I know that he is a very harsh man."

Snape snorted, which made Harry smirk in spite of himself. At least Snape's humor was still the same. Sarcastic to the T.

"You don't know the half of it, Uncle." Severus muttered softly.

"You have to go back, Severus, and there is nothing I can do about it. It's at least for only two weeks. You will be able to see us all soon enough. Now, let's check on Harry." Abraxus stated, opening the door.

Severus looked so downtrodden and miserable, all Harry wanted to do was rip that expression off of his face. Apparently he didn't have to, for when Severus spotted that Harry was now awake, he broke into a huge smile. "You're awake! Finally."

Abraxus moved out of the way as Severus raced over to Harry's bedside. Harry couldn't help it, he giggled. Severus-the-boy was way too cute. But, then Harry sobered, looking around curiously. "Where am I?"

Abraxus answered, "You are at Malfoy Manor, and you will stay here until you and my sons leave for Durmstrang, which will be in two and a half weeks." He then smiled, "You've been asleep for nearly four days. Severus was adamant not to leave your bedside until we all dragged him away to eat and bathe."

Severus blushed a bit and sat down on the bed next to Harry. "I can't help it! He looked so deathly ill!" He defended himself.

Harry rubbed his face and found himself bubbling over with laughter. He almost felt like saying, 'where is the real Snape, and what have you done with him?' Instead, he asked, "What… really… is going on?"

Abraxus regarded Severus a bit before saying, "I trust you will tell him all he needs to know, including his new alias?"

"Yes, Uncle." Severus nodded, making his longer hair flit this way and that.

The older Malfoy smiled and excused himself, gently closing the door behind him.

Severus started chatting away, beaming excitedly as he rattled away about magic, that they were wizards, and what school they were going to go to. Harry let the refreshing chatter wash around him, feeling calmer than he had in over seven years. It felt good to have someone happy talking to him about something. True, he'd had Hermione and Ron with him for so long, but their focus for the past few years was how to destroy the Horcruxes and what to do about Voldemort.

It felt humbling sitting there, listening to Snape's voice, even if it was heightened by excitement. "Now, I have heard that Durmstrang has four houses, just like Hogwarts and Beauxbatons. If I were to pick a house, I would be in Wyvernspire. From what I've studied about the school, that is the best house to be in!"

"Houses?" Harry asked, hating that he had to act like he had no clue about anything magical.

"Oh, Merlin's beard, I keep forgetting that you've been raised by muggles." Severus sighed with exasperation, before he hopped off the bed. "One minute. I'll be right back."

As he left in a hurry, Harry gave into letting a bemused smile grace his face. He had to admit, this energetic, happy Severus was likeable.

Maybe he wouldn't ever see Ron or Hermione or any of the others again, but at least he had Severus. And that was something he found he could take comfort in.

A few minutes later, after a house elf popped in with breakfast, Severus came bolting in with a huge book, looking like it weighed more than himself. He put the book down on the bed and turned it to a page half way through the book. "Here we are. Um… you can read, right? Those muggles at least let you learn that, right?"

Harry nodded and pulled the book up so he could look at it while munching on an omelet. Severus plucked a few grapes from the tray and popped them in his mouth, before pointing out some more information on the school they'd be attending in the fall.

Feeling as though he was sitting next to a person who acted like both Hermione and Ron with Snape-ish humor, Harry delved into the book, not noticing that Snape had fallen silent. Then he found himself drawn out of the book as he felt gentle fingers push back his untamed hair from his brow.

Harry turned to look at Severus with an arched brow, noting the way the other boy snatched his hand away in embarrassment. "What?" Harry asked softly.

Severus blushed slightly and mumbled, "Your hair has a mind of it's own, doesn't it?"

Harry laughed at that. "Yea, I can't ever seem to tame it."

"Well, now that you live with the Malfoys, I am sure they can figure out some way to get it to stay put." Severus pointed out before taking another grape from the tray.

"You really like grapes, don't you?" Harry smiled.

The dark haired boy nodded. "We hardly ever get these at home. So, I sort of splurge when I'm here."

"Do you spend every summer with the Malfoys?" Harry asked, curious.

"No." Severus' eyes turned shielded, and Harry regretted asking anything that would upset him. "Just this summer I was allowed to, since my father was away on business. Uncle Abraxus offered to take me in until school and my father agreed. But now father is back and wants to see me. I can't think why. He absolutely hates my guts."

Harry nodded, totally understanding that statement. "My relatives act that way too. They don't care whether or not I live, and yet they still want me there."

"It's so frustrating!" Severus bit out, and then sighed, his eyes softening. "When mum was alive he was nicer, if not strict. But, when she passed away two years ago…. Things got worse."

Harry reached out and brushed Severus' hair out of his face, marveling that it was so silky, and not slimy from potion fumes. "I don't want to go back." Severus mumbled, drawing his knees up to his chest.

Harry sighed and tried to think of something to say. "Just think of it as a vacation to Hell, and that you will be over it in a few weeks. Then you will be in Durmstrang with me and won't have to worry about your father for almost a whole year."

Severus smiled slightly and gave Harry a quizzical look. "You are one strange wizard, Harry Potter."

You don't know the half of it. Harry shrugged. "So, what's my new name going to be?"

"Gabriel Magnus Asher. Uncle has all your papers set and ready to go. What do you think?" Severus asked with a grin.

"Gabriel Magnus Asher. It has a nice ring to it." Harry returned his smile.

He couldn't help it. Severus' grin was infectious.

And so was his laughter.

*Ok, I know that Severus-the-boy is very happy, and very energetic in this chapter. Due to circumstances in the next few weeks with his father's abuse, Severus will slowly become more reserved and stoic. But, only around Harry will the thunderclouds over his head lift temporarily. I wanted to show how light and happy Snape could have been, had he lived in a different household, even if it was the Malfoys. I hope that explains things a bit.*